The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis (Miracle Documentary) | Real Stories

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • Alex Lewis, father of one, came down with a common cold in late 2013, which quickly developed into septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome. With less than a 3% chance of survival, doctors fought to save him. From arriving back at his family home and readjusting his relationships, to taking his first steps, this film delves into some of the raw moments that shape his days.
    Starting just days after he lost his last limb, the film follows Alex’s incredible journey as he seeks his purpose in life, rebuilds his relationships and reinvents himself.
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  • franck tchouanking
    franck tchouanking 18 hours ago

    perd pas espoir mon frère DIEU t'aime. ne regrette surtout de rien, car vaut mieux souffrir sur cette terre et être bien au ciel. vraiment beaucoup de courage pour toi que Dieu te bénisse

  • The Life
    The Life 20 hours ago

    May triple gem bless you and take all the sins away from you

  • Ploynicha madamain
    Ploynicha madamain 20 hours ago

    Fighting 🤗🤗🤗

  • Ploynicha madamain
    Ploynicha madamain 20 hours ago

    I'm gonna cry😭😭😭😭😭

  • Shylah White
    Shylah White 20 hours ago

    Omg this made me cry ur beautiful inside and out

  • 。 cinderella
    。 cinderella 20 hours ago +1

    Yes you family are over comming everything.Love you
    Family and bless you.🇯🇵

  • Terane Rzayeva
    Terane Rzayeva 21 hour ago


  • هراتيهاي هامبورگ Hamburg Hrar Amiri


  • Айнура Эркебаева


  • Gajendra Andrew
    Gajendra Andrew 23 hours ago

    Tears trickle down

  • Collin Tatton
    Collin Tatton Day ago

    imagine a jeffery star liquid lip on those, stunning

  • Ameera Trady
    Ameera Trady Day ago

    Can we have a ggs in the chat

  • Tian Xia
    Tian Xia Day ago

    I'd rather be dead than live life like this.

  • Maria Mercedes
    Maria Mercedes Day ago

    Dios..cuida a esta familia!! Gracias

  • T spiegs
    T spiegs Day ago

    I am praying for this man, his wife, and loved ones. Please god give him some relief, comfort, and peace. Amen

  • Alliyah Roper
    Alliyah Roper Day ago +1

    Omg I'm so sad I'm crying

  • Ryosima
    Ryosima Day ago

    Im only 15:31 in and I had to stop and comment that I have been feeling this man's struggle and I am routing for him to have the life he deserves back. I hope he understands that he is loved.

    • Ryosima
      Ryosima Day ago

      Its over. And I wish him the best.

  • ara teo
    ara teo Day ago


  • John Doughboy 214

    God bless u brother 😥

  • Bryce Timothy Alicea

    Damn I feel for him😢

  • LittleBone
    LittleBone Day ago

    wow, this makes me feel very grateful. I hope that he feels better, and that his son finally realizes that its still his dad, and he still raised him.

  • Aksinia Fuchs
    Aksinia Fuchs Day ago

    Так а что с ним случилось?

  • mohammed yaqoob
    mohammed yaqoob Day ago

    Oh Allah, Grant Health to my body, Oh Allah
    Grant health to my hearing, Oh Allah,
    Grant health to my sight

  • Marli Grizzon Borges


  • Viki Demos
    Viki Demos Day ago


  • DarkKnight Gamez

    Stay strong man I never been this thankful god bless him 🙏

  • Fittt
    Fittt Day ago

    ptmdre y yo me quejo de webadas dios perdoname por desperdiciar esta preciada vida :(

  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller Day ago

    Poor dude

  • Alexandre Le Grand

    J'ai vu la miniature j'ai cru au film Joker 🤣

  • The Travel Commander

    This will happen afterlife when you refuse God, Never giving back to poor people, and always arrogant attitude .

  • Evelyn biron
    Evelyn biron Day ago

    I feel really really sorry for Alex:): (

  • Theo MusicCover
    Theo MusicCover Day ago +1

    This man is incredibly brave, I admire his determination, it must not be easy every day❤

  • Flame _Gacha dream
    Flame _Gacha dream Day ago +1

    Aww :3 never think ur ugly :3THATS A FACT!

  • Diakite dian
    Diakite dian Day ago

    Hooooo my god

  • Infinity Foufoufrfr

    Je m'incline devant cet homme très courageux cette vidéo ma toucher vraiment je baisse mon chapeau et tout mon admiration va à cet homme et sa précieuse famille bravo

  • mara louna
    mara louna Day ago

    incroyable on lui a jeté un sort on l'a maudit ou il c fait empoisonné par un ennemi redoutable

  • Liat Lev
    Liat Lev Day ago

    საცოდავი რა ვაშკაცი იყო

  • Jinzo
    Jinzo Day ago


    Who asked?

  • Татьяна Божко

    Такой классный пацан у них 🧡терпения, здоровья и крепкой любви этим людям 🔥❤️💞

  • White Fang
    White Fang Day ago


  • Sana Ahmadi
    Sana Ahmadi Day ago


  • Peppy Pepper
    Peppy Pepper Day ago

    1:26 Kylie Jenner lip challenge syndrome 😂

    • Joseph
      Joseph Day ago

      Why is it so funny? Thats just disrespectful

  • Audi skytrooper
    Audi skytrooper Day ago


  • хайп игри


  • Manha Khurram mansuri

    I feel so bad for Alex

  • Unfortunately Existing

    I dont like kids but that one is the sweetest i ever saw hes so cute and happy omg

  • Erwin syahe
    Erwin syahe Day ago

    😭😭😭 hatiku menangis melihatnya😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ran Azor
    Ran Azor Day ago

    ماهو مرضه

  • szabojo90
    szabojo90 Day ago +1

    "If you want your life, you will go out and get it". Very strong words

  • chriszelda isethe

    What a lovely wife he's got,loyalty 🤞🏽

  • Shreya Jain
    Shreya Jain Day ago

    He luked better before surgury. What doctors did to him

  • Miralda Kikas
    Miralda Kikas Day ago +2

    i am crying because when he sayd that his son is afraid of his face and his... wife she is a angel

  • time bomb
    time bomb Day ago +2

    If I be this guy, i'll kill myself in yesterday. . . "my son don't wanna kiss me"

  • Jiacheng Fang
    Jiacheng Fang Day ago

    what a f**kin' mouse

  • grace wangare
    grace wangare Day ago

    this is the sprite of not giving up👍

  • Mafosi Channel 95
    Mafosi Channel 95 Day ago +1

    Trying hard to hold back my tears, but I can't

  • Maily Bühring
    Maily Bühring Day ago +1

    Oh wie traurig😢

  • すあ
    すあ Day ago


  • Flaymi Tv
    Flaymi Tv Day ago

    We wants good clothes,iphones ,and this man wanted just normal arms and legs.