There's no way Nikola Jokic is a lot better than Joel Embiid - Paul Pierce | The Jump

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Paul Pierce react to the 2019-20 NBA survey, in which the LA Clippers were picked to win the title, over "best team" candidates the Milwaukee Bucks and Denver Nuggets. They also talk about Nikola Jokic being chosen as the best center, by a lot, over Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid.
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Comments • 896

  • Siccontyre de Fiddiutz

    Jokic just killed Embiid with a 21 pt 4th qtr come back. Think thats pretty definitive.

  • 2k Ma-tricks
    2k Ma-tricks 27 days ago

    Media &NBA community put sm Respect on ma men Nikola Da Beast Jokic....this men ball since the last year without a break.(Playoffs and then World Cup China)...& stop saying Embid and A.D are the best C...Jokic is here also ,jokic is a Winner he hit the Target when he need to...this is the difference AD and Embiid .are not like jokic..,A champion mentality

  • Alll Beee
    Alll Beee Month ago

    All Jokic can do better than Embiid is pass.. that’s it. Embiid is better at everything else.

  • John Boy
    John Boy Month ago

    I genuinely believe Jokic to be the better player, but I can see why someone would say Embiid. No issue with that. But Embiid is perpetually sick or injured. He then takes time recovering/plays sub optimally. So you get maybe 60% of games played at a superstar level, the rest he's either not there, or not playing up to his standard. As players I think it's a pick em, but as a commodity. As in who would I draft, I don't think it's close, because of health, I'm taking Jokic every time. True to form, Embiid was out with an injury last night.

  • king _ape
    king _ape Month ago +1

    Smh do people really think jockic is better becuase he passes more if you look at the stats and only the stats your wrong embiid had a pg that didnt shoot do you think jockic needs a double team when hes unathletic and if jockic can play more minutes thats the only reason he has more assists🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Robbie Adetunji
    Robbie Adetunji Month ago

    Embid is better because of defence

  • Luka Calov
    Luka Calov Month ago +2

    Paul Pierce went off the rails
    Hahahaah this is insane
    From legend to meme

    RASTA GOD Month ago +1

    The hunky or nugga .. Who cares 😆

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Month ago

    Just cuz he's a fat white boy that can't jump... I sense some jealousy?

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Month ago

    Joker be like... Hold my beer

  • Curtis Ota
    Curtis Ota Month ago

    Embiid is just a better rim protector at the moment. However, besides that, joker matches embiid or excels further in every other category.
    Neither have perimeter d, but jokic has the pass, shot, mind, defensive iq, touch, instinct, intangibles, etc. he’s better

  • Bendover III
    Bendover III Month ago

    Jokic>Embid. Jokic is 3 level threat with elite playmaking skills which is a nightmare for any defense to counter. His ability to draw out opposition centers from paint and freeing lane for his teammates to exploit that is pure gold.

  • SEPuffy - Fortnite
    SEPuffy - Fortnite Month ago

    If Jokic was a good defender, this wouldn’t even be an argument

  • BearOnUnicycle
    BearOnUnicycle Month ago +1

    Jokic doesn't get the credit he deserves because he's not black

  • Deniz
    Deniz Month ago

    How all of EU fans and whites hugging Joker and Doncic like they are their last hope on earth is funny to me...

  • Deniz
    Deniz Month ago

    I wish Embiid was playing against Poeltl and Enes Kanter in playoff too. Fucking Jokic shills think that Embiid can't do the same thing if he played against them. He dominated the Nets which has Allen who is better defender than both guys Jokic played against. But who cares right? You guys have to dickride Jokic so hard you don't even look at the context. Sad...

  • Drew Lindsay
    Drew Lindsay Month ago

    Blazers are the best team now. They have had the same team for 3-4 years and they were fiery hot last season and the season before

  • Se Vang
    Se Vang Month ago

    Paul forgot what position he play

  • Metal Mint
    Metal Mint Month ago +1

    I'd take Jokic over all the centers

  • Master Of The Craft

    Embiid > Jokic

  • Flame Ryu
    Flame Ryu Month ago

    They're the same offensively?

  • Cha Frey
    Cha Frey Month ago

    Its close but embiid is the better player.

  • Fran Batista
    Fran Batista Month ago

    Giannis the best player in the NBA? This Paul Pierce is nothing related to "The Truth"

  • Kabir Rathore Muthu
    Kabir Rathore Muthu Month ago +1

    I'm a Portland fan but man Jokic was the beastiest player, he just has soooooo much skill! But Paul Pierce obviously was the better center.

  • Emmanuel Enyinwa
    Emmanuel Enyinwa Month ago

    Of COURSE, he is. By FAR.

  • Xander Sanders
    Xander Sanders Month ago +5

    25.1 PTS 13.0 REB 8.4 AST 1.1 STL 0.9 BLK 59.6 TS% 29.6 PER 11.8 +/- .149 WS/48
    20.2 PTS 10.5 REB 3.4 AST 0.7 STL 2.3 BLK 55.9 TS%
    21.8 PER 4.6 +/- .263 WS/48

    • Deniz
      Deniz Month ago

      Write down who they played against! Jokic cocksucker.

    • Ty Robinson
      Ty Robinson Month ago

      I just wanted to see per 36 because we all know Embiid had less minutes per game. I wont try to change anyones mind about who is better. To me Jokic is clearly a superior offensive player mostly because of his playmaking ability, but Embiid is a superior defender and offensively isnt so far behind

    • Xander Sanders
      Xander Sanders Month ago +1

      Ty Robinson and in my opinion the Marginal value of Jokic’s playmaking outweighs the difference in their defense. As Jokic was a better scorer and rebounder in the playoffs

    • Xander Sanders
      Xander Sanders Month ago +1

      Joel bridges the gap a lil bit, but PER, Win Shares per 48, and True Shooting are not counting stats. So Jokic is putting up comparable stats per minute while playing more minutes and being more efficient

    • Ty Robinson
      Ty Robinson Month ago

      Can you do per 36 stats?

  • Xander Sanders
    Xander Sanders Month ago +1

    In the modern nba, yes there is

  • GuessWhoNot
    GuessWhoNot Month ago

    The Truth lives by his name this time.

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis Month ago

    NJ is a great player but you watch Jo play and you know he is the best player on the floor every night. He dominated Kat and AD when they play head-to-head (and everyone else). I get NJ is healthier but that like taking Adrian Dantley over Shaq because he plays more games...c'mon man.

  • d m
    d m Month ago

    Nba racism at peak

  • E&D Media
    E&D Media Month ago

    Nikola Jokic missed games over last three seasons - 18
    Joel Embiid missed games over last three seasons - 88
    Best ability is availability.

  • KillerB86
    KillerB86 Month ago

    Contrary to the title if this video what Paul actually said was, "I'm not so sure Joker is better than Embiid."

  • John Coychi
    John Coychi Month ago

    Joel is way better jokic only runs the offense passes like nash ,his iq is extremly high defense strategies against him not anyone else on the team.he plays good positional defense he dont go for blocks and boxes out..yeah embid is much better cause he gets blocks and dunks the ball real hard and has q excellent slow set up shot

  • John Coychi
    John Coychi Month ago

    Remember peirce also said boston was going to sweep toronto .uncredible

    SUKISUKIxSF Month ago

    Paul pierce, Ryan hollins, and molly need a show about who can say the dumbest things.

  • InfiniteCaliber
    InfiniteCaliber Month ago

    Cause jokic is white pre much smh

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    Pierce never picks a white guy over a black guy when it comes to anything. Prove me wrong

  • local joker
    local joker Month ago

    There's no way jokic is better than embiid when he got schooled by boogie cousins last season when he played for golden state

  • Suga Will
    Suga Will Month ago

    Paul .... "Your the best" "The Truth"

  • Nana The Destroyer
    Nana The Destroyer Month ago

    Jokic no contest. Embiid will not last 60 games

  • Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball

    Paul Pierce is smoking rocks to think the Bucks are better than the Nuggets. Nuggets were 2nd in a tough Western Conference despite no playoff experience or consistency at SF. They got Giannis? That's all they truly have.

  • Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball

    Nikola Jokic scores at a better percentage, can pass the rock, can shoot the 3 more efficiently, can stay healthy, plays better in the playoffs despite MVP caliber numbers though the regular season, was 1st team All-NBA last season, and finished 4th in MVP voting last season.

  • End Boss
    End Boss Month ago

    Denver easily the deepest roster in the league but I'm not convinced it will be enough to win it all.

  • Rayn D
    Rayn D Month ago

    Jokic offense beat Embiid defence; Jokic brain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Embiid brain. So who is better?

  • James M
    James M Month ago

    Paul Pierce jaded hard

  • FOM FamilyOverMoney
    FOM FamilyOverMoney Month ago +2

    Joker is definitely better! Paul pierce just hatin

  • Ken Bolden
    Ken Bolden Month ago

    I 👀 team white skin n they feelns. Can anybody name 10 white guys that where 20+ scorers 10yrs of their NBA careers?

  • Anakin Cloutwalker
    Anakin Cloutwalker Month ago

    Cut the nonsense Embiid is the most talented C in the league since a prime Shaq . Dude not even in his prime yet and almost beat the defending champs last year . No way the nuggets push that raps to 7 games

  • MV G
    MV G Month ago

    Jokic is better than Embid

  • Michael J. Giuliano

    No one thinks Jokic is a lot better than Embiid but Jokic is definitely better. Jokic can sustain a full season and he is an amazing playmaker. Embiid is obviously more athletic and a better defender but Jokic is overall a slightly better player

  • MarkraM
    MarkraM Month ago

    This time, im gonna agree with paul rather than this indian dude. 😂😂

  • proxactual
    proxactual Month ago +124

    "Who is better: Jokic or Embiid?"
    Paul: *"oh that's easy, that's me!"*

    • TinnieTa21
      TinnieTa21 Month ago

      Bruh, I know that this is a common PP meme now, but it still made me laugh. Thanks.

    • Chase Rogers
      Chase Rogers Month ago

      This dude really is full of himself though.

    • Good But Better
      Good But Better Month ago +4

      Cristina Haro to you

    • Cristina Haro
      Cristina Haro Month ago +1

      That's not funny

  • Jesus Vasquez
    Jesus Vasquez Month ago

    I think that while Embiid is more talented, Jokic has a bigger impact on his team.

  • JaM EvolvE
    JaM EvolvE Month ago

    If you think Giannis is the best player after what happened to him last year, you’re an idiot. LeBron is still the best btw, not a POM.

  • William Greer
    William Greer Month ago

    How come ;he was consistent all last year not really injured and carried his team

  • Santiago Lopez
    Santiago Lopez Month ago

    Embiid cant even stay healthy and as their best player he didn't do anything in the playoffs.. Jokic had a crazy stat line in the playoffs and makes a bigger impact with his basketball IQ on offense. His defense also got better last year.

  • Xrex O
    Xrex O Month ago

    Jokic not Joker though Paul!

  • Xrex O
    Xrex O Month ago

    Saying the Bucks are the best team, because of their regular period record, is like saying the Atlanta Hawks are the best team after that goo season they had a few years ago. Complete stupidity, and this is also true for teams that exist only on paper, like the Lakers and the clippers.

  • irGuilty
    irGuilty Month ago +1

    More reliable

  • Christian Dela Pena

    Theres no way Joel Embiid is better than the MVP candidate