Will Johnson Sell The NHS To Trump? - TLDR Explains

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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    Corbyn has spent a lot of time talking about Johnson's plans to sell the NHS to the US. However, Trump and Johnson have both denied this. So in this video, we look at the 'incriminating' documents that Corbyn has presented and discuss what it really proves.
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Comments • 1 739

  • John Nicolson
    John Nicolson 9 days ago

    Boris is a liar and we all know it.

  • andrea inzaghi
    andrea inzaghi 13 days ago

    Boris Johnson will under-fund the NHS, period. He does not need to dirty his hands by selling it, he is a liar but he is not stupid. He will chunk the NHS into pieces to be taken over by corporations, he does not need to sell the NHS. This video is pretty naive.

  • Scott Gibson
    Scott Gibson 24 days ago

    The CONSERVITSELF 2012 Heath Act is the worst NHS damadging act.

  • Jacquelynn Booth
    Jacquelynn Booth 26 days ago

    Yeah, and Trump, who campaigned by invoking Julian Assange as a hero and a great man, also now says he “know(s) nothing” about Julian Assange.
    Do not trust the United States. The US treats Britain like a colony; British leadership does what it’s told to do by US “leaders” and their handlers.

  • Stewart Reid
    Stewart Reid 26 days ago

    If he dares, selli the NHS, their will be bloody riots. People in the UK, have seen what has happened to our Railways & Utilities. Overcrowded dirty & trains & very poor meals. Utility bills steadily rising frequently.
    Private Health Care is fine, providing people working dont lose, their well paid jobs later in life and end up being impoverised, like what has happened to many middle & working class people in the USA, who have been forced to sell their houses & cars to pay for their very expensive medical bills!

  • martin manifold
    martin manifold 29 days ago

    The EU already infest our NHS health service with EU private companies . Healthcare is classed as an EU economic activity and all healthcare supply and provision etc must be put out to private tender ....the labour gov of 1997-2007 laid the groundwork for NHS dismantling and privatisation ( health act 2006/7) ....and considering the biggest drug making firms are in america ...the USA is already supplying us with medicine

  • Jose Caballero
    Jose Caballero Month ago

    If you want your health care to get fukt up like the u.s. yeah go ahead,let greedy american insurance companies get a hold of it.

  • Deryk Lister
    Deryk Lister Month ago

    B-but I thought this channel was BiAsEd!
    I don't trust the Tories with the future of the NHS, frankly (simple matter: it's the #2 priority, #1 is Brexit) but this kind of dis-ingenuousness by Corbyn is what lost him the election IMO.

  • pinkie perky
    pinkie perky Month ago

    The reddit document Corbyn came up with came from russian sources, the UK and US's patent laws on medicine are closer to each other than made out in terms of patent length. Anything is on the table until one side takes it off the table, its that simple. Competition to lower drug prices can only be a good thing

  • Sean McLean
    Sean McLean Month ago

    the only thing making me think the tories are planning on selling our NHS is how they redacted all the files, if it really was just something the US had asked for that they never hoped to receive then I don't see why the Tories would have to be so secretive about it

  • wayne conway
    wayne conway Month ago

    The trade war with China started when Trump repeatedly asked to privatise all of China's state owned services with big American companies. When they said no he threw a hissy fit and ramped up his countries tax rate if they delt with China. And now once we're out of Europe we we'll head into massive talks with Trump. So yes I'd be worried. Especially when he is quoted as saying everything will be on the table.

  • the business handler

    Who cares if the UK buy drugs from our companies lol

  • the business handler

    What does that even mean sell the nhs to America what a stupid thing to say

  • Alex Kerr
    Alex Kerr Month ago

    He better not or there will be the mother of all riots .Which the like of this country has never seen

  • Luzia Dominguez
    Luzia Dominguez Month ago

    another video that demonstrates that tldr news is not that bright. seriously they may post a video about nhs privatisation a week or so after it's been done, but never before

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia Month ago +4

    We Americans don't want to pay for the British NHS.

    • Steven Garcia
      Steven Garcia Month ago

      @JustStuff. But I don't get it though. So you mean to say that part of your health care service is nationalized??? We just have different cultures. Like we have Medicaid and Medicare which are government agencies but all their services are provided by privately owned companies.

    • JustStuff.
      JustStuff. Month ago

      Steven Garcia, British people have been concerned that a free trade agreement between the UK and the US would result in parts of the UK's National Health Service being sold to American corporations, who would in turn, sell expensive, American style health insurance to the British people. This video is just going over a series of documents that are said to *prove* the current Prime Minister plans to offer the NHS to American buyers in order to secure a good trade deal with America, although it seems that this will be unlikely.

    • Steven Garcia
      Steven Garcia Month ago

      Buying what though??? You're pharmaceutical companies??? Are they nationalized in the UK??? I mean we could buy your guy's companies, like usual it'll be subsidized by American taxes and turn them a profit. But if your companies were previously nationalized what makes them any good or better than other non-nationalized companies???

    • Sean McLean
      Sean McLean Month ago

      @Steven Garcia nobody's talk about the US paying for the UK to get treatments, it's the US buying things off the UK and keeping them

    • Steven Garcia
      Steven Garcia Month ago

      @Sean McLean well someone had to have said that otherwise they wouldn't have a made an entire video about it.

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago +1

    You cherry pick your "facts" I see

  • doc214
    doc214 Month ago

    How is allowing American companies to bid on NHS contracts “ selling” the NHS? If the American companies product or service is the most attractive they win the business. If not they don’t. Most aren’t actually American companies anyway, they are global companies.

  • Kyle James Catterall

    A fun reminder that the only party currently to have privatised the NHS is the Labour Party on the 25th November 2010. This lasted until March 2015.

  • Oliver Hindle
    Oliver Hindle Month ago

    So Corbyn's a liar that's not surprising

  • Tayyib Shah
    Tayyib Shah Month ago

    This video doesn't explain how the US still wants data from our NHS. private data, from private lives, worth private prices that are kept from the public

  • Sam david
    Sam david Month ago

    And that is how we'll pay for Medicare for all.

  • Lucy Jean
    Lucy Jean Month ago +1

    You sound like mr hegarty

  • Scottish guy mckay
    Scottish guy mckay Month ago

    I don't think you can believe anything Johnson or trump says when discussing the NHS after all if they are interested in selling the NHS to the American pharmaceutical company's there not going to tell you of course they'll say its not true

  • EnnioSabata
    EnnioSabata Month ago

    Great video TLDR News. Very balanced. May share this!

  • Ricky 69
    Ricky 69 Month ago

    As far as i see it the governments of the world need a complete overhaul . When the bible said four horsemen it never said ,trump,johnson may and sturgen oh boy a need a copy eh that book. ask how much is there bursary just for the morning in downing street is. See if they will give up any comforts its a job like everyone else infact they argue in the commens and house of lords then sit back while the other sibe do there dance ending up sitting on there fat arse while everybody else still woking hours after there away home breaking there back either working for a jobseeker payment or getting sanctioned off some areshole with a hitler complex. thats scotland in a nutshell who paid for the champaign for the after party. Just sayin?

  • Allan McDigger
    Allan McDigger Month ago

    Now that was a very handy add break right when Jeremy Corbyn was confirming the un-redacted document contents about the buffoon selling off the NHS, now call me cynical but that was too much of a coincidence.

  • Michael King
    Michael King Month ago

    Forty, not fourth...

  • Doug Beaton
    Doug Beaton Month ago

    The entire argument is beyond ridiculous and a demonstration of how easily passion can assist propaganda. The NHS is a nationally run health service. How can a nationally run health service be "sold"? The NHS could be affected by access to drugs, medical equipment, and services from the US. So, what? Access to a new market for potential savings is hardly a sell-off. Might as well say that the US is "selling" the US car industry to Japan by allowing Honda inside its borders.

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor Month ago

    So although Johnson wasnt at any of the minuted meetings that doesn't change his views on privitising the NHS and handing it over to the Americans does it?
    Once again another Tory - blog bye bye biased TDLR

  • Aiden
    Aiden Month ago

    How do we know this document was real? For all we know it could've had Corbyn's porn history.

  • the21stsergeant
    the21stsergeant Month ago

    Let him sell it, it might function better.

  • Kathryn Williamson
    Kathryn Williamson Month ago

    I really prefer Ben Blissett narrating!

  • Haebris
    Haebris Month ago

    If the NHS is put on the table then the us embassy in london will be attacked. That's how strongly people feel about this issue.

  • Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart Month ago +3

    "We want to hear about NHS blah foo" - But only if you say it's true. The bots are really out on force on this one.

  • Average Advice
    Average Advice Month ago

    As a political party who will seek to be reelected.... What would be the point in privatising the NHS. Would be political suicide for the conservatives. Its most Britons pride possession....

  • John Delaney
    John Delaney Month ago

    Pro Tory TheXvid channel

  • Tony O
    Tony O Month ago

    I don't like Boris, but Corbyn is not a plausable choice. Labour needs a new leader.

  • 自由British Hong Kong

    he used to be American so i’m not surprised if he would sell it but he would be greeted with Riots at Downing street

  • Hermumbles
    Hermumbles Month ago

    There's a Tory mp up on radio in the UK today encouraging people to buy private healthcare - the Turkish voted for Christmas! 😂

  • Scott Berg
    Scott Berg Month ago

    What does "sell the NHS" even mean? So are we going to pay for it , move it the the US and use it to treat Americans? OK, I see why that would piss off the UK.

  • Hendrikjandespeelman

    As if that toddler in the white house has any idea about the concept of truth. Or that toddler at no 10, for that matter.

  • W Mc17
    W Mc17 Month ago +14

    If they sell the NHS their will be a civil war

  • Nick 3
    Nick 3 Month ago

    Well the people spoke - Goodbye Corbyn!!!

  • lee hamlin
    lee hamlin Month ago

    Could you do a video on the Naylor review please. Page 10 talks of selling Estate buildings. Possible asset stripping to buy Equipment (mri scanners for example)
    The review was commissioned 2017 but Theresa may has mentioned it since her resignation from No 10.
    Great videos, Thankyou.

  • SquirtlePWN
    SquirtlePWN Month ago

    Rip Jack

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago

    This so called proof (sheats of blacked out paper) could have been made by labour with a printer that redacted document is not proof is a trick to get u not to vote torys. Labour will lie just as much as all the other party's will. Makes it worse that the media take things out of context and explode it out to the public to confuse us

  • monstersince
    monstersince Month ago

    trump lacks the authority and credibility to step outside whilst under investigation. johnson was remarking on trading drugs not selling the NHS

  • ash vella
    ash vella Month ago +1

    Can you do a video about the conservatives manifesto pledge for parliament to exist beyond scrutiny of the courts. I mean surely this would be an absolute constitutional crisis. Which for the current government seems to be just another day at the office.

  • ash vella
    ash vella Month ago

    To say the NHS is for sale is such vague terminology anyway. I could definitely tell you the NHS wasn't for sale whilst privatising lots of parts of it because the whole isn't for sale. We've heard these kind of lines from politicians this election on other topics. Either way the free market ideology that the Conservatives have followed religiously for decades and their years of underfunding the NHS does make me very sceptical about it being in their hands.

  • thehumburger
    thehumburger Month ago

    Well this should be the end of TLDR if and when Johnson gets elected and then sells off the NHS which anyone with a pulse and a couple functioning brain cells knows is a very good possibility.

  • Finnbarr Martin
    Finnbarr Martin Month ago

    In this video you've left out vital historical context, and failed in your responsibility as analysts. The following is rather pertinent to the issue...
    1. Boris Johnson MP called for the break up of the 'top-down monopolistic' NHS in 2002. Jeremy Hunt co-authored a book called 'Direct Democracy' calling for the privatisation of the NHS. Thatcher's 'Central Policy Review Staff' drew up plans to privatise the NHS bit-by-bit, and replace it with mandatory private insurance.
    2. The conservative government has already sold off chunks of the NHS to Bain Capital, Virgin Healthcare, Amazon - and more. Johnson has always voted for further privatisation and lower public funding. Johnson is a devout Thatcherite, so this isn't surprising.

    When you fail to historicize your videos in this manner they become actively damaging. You are doing an absolute disservice to people who listen to you in good faith. Do better.

  • Geo oor
    Geo oor Month ago +2

    This is a hoax. Every labour leader has said this at every election and it never happens. This argument is getting a bit thin now

    • Madrockon
      Madrockon Month ago

      The thing is. It happens slowly over time. It would be disastrous to do it all in one go. The real issue with the ongoing and growing privatization on the NHS is that it prioritizes profits over patient care. Patients will not get the quality care they once did in a nationalized NHS as a result. The rich companies like Virgin Healthcare care for example, that run parts of the NHS Would use pure efficiency to get patients out the door. Caring for patient and helping them feel near 100% comfortable will cost too much money in the eyes of these companies. Another thing that lies in future of our NHS, Brexit and the ongoing aggressive privatization of our healthcare system would be the possibility of a tory government being free and open to slowly swapping over to charging for a insurance based system to get different levels of care and treatment. This would be different from a fully privatized healthcare system like America's but it would be a step closer in that direction. It hasn't been said this particular approach will happen, but the fact that Brexit and the privatizing of the NHS will eventually allow for it to happen should be a voice of concern to everyone who uses the current NHS system at the least.

  • simon gooden
    simon gooden Month ago

    Watch The Great NHS Heist..Questions answered..

  • what the flying fuck ...

    0:52 video begins

  • abhimaan desai
    abhimaan desai Month ago

    The documents do mention US wanted the EU santitary and phytosanitary standards to be gone.... Paves way for their chlorinated chicken. 😕

  • Daegog The Wyrdmake

    I feel bad for the UK, HOWEVER, if you voted for Brexit, you should fully expect to see your friends and loved ones die broke.
    All they have to do is defund the NHS a bit and you have NO CHOICE but to seek meds and aid elsewhere.
    Also, expect some laws that make it harder for you to buy your meds from the EU, the US is big on that.

  • yourview
    yourview Month ago

    no he cant be blamed for selling the nhs. and neither can the tories.... the last labour goverment already done it !!!! they allowed any company within the eu to bid for work within the nhs.... labour done it !! why do you think hospitals are so dirty, they have private cleaning companies, who dont give a s***... eu companies paid to build hospitals, and then agreeing to pay them rent !!!! its madness what they done !!! it goes on and on.....

  • kris Glencoe
    kris Glencoe Month ago

    honestly not that surprised. Corbyn is laterally under constant fire by everyone literally everyone, of course he is going to try and fight back somehow. I mean the only thing they do in news, media and programs is say "Corbyn is Anti-semit Boris isn't" "Corbyn eats babys johnson doesn't" "Vote tory, if you vote labour your are a Nazi" of course he is gonna get desperate

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    Its plainly obvious to see that this nasty treacherous piece of work is not to be trusted on ANYTHING!