Open Goal: On The Road with Amy MacDonald | #DriveSmart

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • We are delighted to introduce you to a brand new feature on our channel with Open Goal: On The Road in association with Road Safety Scotland!
    Our new 9-part series will see some of Scotland's most recognised names from Sport and Entertainment give Si Ferry a lift around Scotland to chat cars, football and some of the biggest highlights from their careers.
    Kicking us off for our first show is Scots rocker and musician, Amy MacDonald and she hasn't come light-handed as the 'This Is The Life' singer picks us up in none other that a Ferrari 458 Speciale! Enjoy the ride!
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Comments • 69

  • Hookyold Yip
    Hookyold Yip 8 days ago

    Lovely girl ...if carlsberg did wife's/girlfriends lol

  • Neil Jamieson
    Neil Jamieson 11 days ago

    Brilliant ! Shes a nice down to earth lassie

  • Klumpi FPV
    Klumpi FPV 14 days ago +1

    Could listen this accent for hours.. after her first interview at top gear, Iam just in love with her voice 🥰

  • ChickenGuyLoadedFries
    ChickenGuyLoadedFries 18 days ago +4

    Am I the only one watching this and can’t get the image of “Fake Driving School” out my head.

  • stevie 1
    stevie 1 19 days ago

    amy so cool,

  • Andy Gordon
    Andy Gordon 20 days ago

    The fk are you doing with that GoPro? 😂

  • Chris Boyle
    Chris Boyle 21 day ago +2

    Wee darlin

  • Baza H
    Baza H 21 day ago

    Im sure she is now cutting about in an aventador.. girl after my own heart. My mrs hates cars. 🤣

  • Frederick Yamstam
    Frederick Yamstam 21 day ago +1

    Smooth legs mate

  • Ya Wee Jobby
    Ya Wee Jobby 22 days ago +1

    Man she has the most amazing eyes what a true stunner

    MYEVILTWIIN 23 days ago

    “I don’t know who’s office it was, but probably left it an absolute shit tip” 😂😂😂

  • Kenjo
    Kenjo 24 days ago +2

    Good looking Amy

  • Vadim Russobotov
    Vadim Russobotov 24 days ago

    might take up the singing

  • gazzaboy
    gazzaboy 25 days ago

    Classie lassie

  • Frankie McConalogue
    Frankie McConalogue 25 days ago

    What a lass

  • honestman9
    honestman9 26 days ago

    Yer da watches Antiques Roadshow

  • Jamie Plimmer
    Jamie Plimmer 26 days ago +6

    That accent man😂 weegie accents are the nippiest acceent going like!

  • Big Red
    Big Red 26 days ago +2

    Brilliant interview, seems a lovely down to earth girl with all her success, Alan McGee thought Rangers only had Wet Wet Wet 😂 and Celtic had all the top talent, well they do but you know what I mean 🍀🎶💚 and good luck to her man Richie on his pursuits, can’t be easy wakening up next to gorgeous millionaires every morning and then looking at Tommy Wrights dial...

  • Alice Sutherland
    Alice Sutherland 26 days ago +2

    " OH YES " " LOVE IT " 😃

  • Jamie Meechan
    Jamie Meechan 26 days ago +5

    Si's attention span is class haha. Amy is mid conversation and hes waving his go pro "gary tank comandor " hahahaha

  • Mike Dive
    Mike Dive 26 days ago +1

    Love the car and nice getting to know you more!

  • snooker man
    snooker man 26 days ago

    Tidy af

    Alan JOHNSTONE 26 days ago

    Yassss well in Si. Good blue nose is wee Amy 🇬🇧🤘🏼

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 26 days ago +2

    Jesus she’s perfect

  • Allan Blackshaw
    Allan Blackshaw 27 days ago +3

    What's the speed limit on cathcart road . Shes gorgeous

  • My logic is a force to be reckoned with.

    Amy has a HUGE pair of...

    Carbon foot prints, that's a lot of primitive engine vehicles.

  • moto-gte
    moto-gte 27 days ago +7

    She knows her cars and is a Ger does it get any better!

  • Lynsey Mclaren
    Lynsey Mclaren 27 days ago +2

    Your one jammy basdard!HH

  • gordon tait
    gordon tait 27 days ago

    Amy is so down to earth and such a star.

  • Craig Sutherland
    Craig Sutherland 27 days ago

    Class we man

  • ian taylor
    ian taylor 27 days ago

    Think you were lost for words a few times there Si

  • Gary_R1872
    Gary_R1872 27 days ago +19

    Amy’s a national treasure, everyone commenting on her looks but she’s got an awesome voice too. Not like these other singers who sing half naked to mask the fact they’re talentless

  • Robert McClymont
    Robert McClymont 27 days ago

    Si ferry is some guy

  • JacobiteBhoy
    JacobiteBhoy 27 days ago +1

    Belter, Amy is a good listen.

  • thenewvoice8
    thenewvoice8 27 days ago +3

    superb new feature! (also, as an ex-pat, great to see Mount Florida and Govanhill out the window!)

  • Lucas Duncan
    Lucas Duncan 27 days ago

    Fucking love Open Goal!

  • J M
    J M 27 days ago +4

    A fine wee lass a bonnie wee lass 💙

  • Buzzy Chilled
    Buzzy Chilled 27 days ago +48

    No many Dundee boys been in a Ferrari without a blue light behind them :)

  • William Kirk Wilson
    William Kirk Wilson 27 days ago +1

    Good one Simon .

  • Alan Lindsay
    Alan Lindsay 27 days ago

    Brilliant well done Si

  • The Bat
    The Bat 27 days ago +17

    James Corden has lost a bit of weight..!!!

  • Luke McGrory
    Luke McGrory 27 days ago +6

    Needty do wan of these with slaney and big kevin🤣🤣 open goal is class

  • William Gardiner
    William Gardiner 27 days ago +1

    A nice Scottish bird

  • robert anderson
    robert anderson 27 days ago

    Not really big on the directions si. Good interview with a lovely lassie.

  • Chris Vallance
    Chris Vallance 27 days ago +2

    She's perfect.

  • Steve Hearn
    Steve Hearn 27 days ago +1

    Wow 😍🇬🇧

  • Stephen hopes
    Stephen hopes 27 days ago +1

    Super hot Amy loves her cars great value didn’t need to do much interviewing there Si

  • Derek Mccracken
    Derek Mccracken 27 days ago +1

    Great idea si , will enjoy these

  • cameron hynd
    cameron hynd 27 days ago

    Great video and interview questions 👍

  • Stephen Graham
    Stephen Graham 27 days ago

    Amy mcdonald is hot as fuck

    GERARD KELLY 27 days ago +10

    Absolutely Klasss! 🤣🤣🤣 missed a trick not bringing Slaney though 😂

  • Celtic Fans
    Celtic Fans 27 days ago +13

    Enjoyed that. Could watch open Goal everyday. Doing well YOUNG man.

  • Aldo Kerr
    Aldo Kerr 27 days ago +3

    Class. We need more podcasts like these

  • Campbell
    Campbell 27 days ago +5

    She's absolutely stunning 👀

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 27 days ago +39

    look at him with his little Go Pro.

  • RFCNC72
    RFCNC72 27 days ago +10

    Announce carpool karaoke with Slaney and Kev

  • Sean Connor
    Sean Connor 27 days ago +4

    Many a right turn was took.

  • Mr
    Mr 27 days ago +2

    Quality GoPro work from tommy gravesens lifelong secret Santa there.

  • dazzibhoy paterson
    dazzibhoy paterson 27 days ago +8

    bet shes got more money than rangurs lol

  • broxi2
    broxi2 27 days ago +12

    She is so hot and a bluenose 😍🇬🇧