I found an Ikea Bird in Minecraft! - Part 17

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • We find a parrot and panda in the jungle of minecraft
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  • Raysha Bintari
    Raysha Bintari 4 hours ago

    Sven: don't do anything
    Felix: GOOD JOB SVEN!!

  • Russ matthew Cimafranca

    Nooooo boat cooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Russ matthew Cimafranca

    Maybe sven will be survive forever

  • John Arkins
    John Arkins 7 hours ago

    Use button instead of lever it will close itself after 3 sec

  • Lyanne Morris
    Lyanne Morris 18 hours ago

    Sven litterly survives so many creeper attcks like how is he still alive tho?

  • William Grubb
    William Grubb 18 hours ago


  • Janeth Moskeda
    Janeth Moskeda 19 hours ago


  • Kaleb Pullen
    Kaleb Pullen Day ago +1

    14:14 shampoo? you cant make shampoo with bamboo

  • Hallie Lucille
    Hallie Lucille Day ago

    he should've put the panda in a boat!

  • Thetrubbishgang
    Thetrubbishgang Day ago

    “This video was sponsored by ikea eagle”

  • Andrew Watts
    Andrew Watts 2 days ago +1

    RIP boat cow

  • Dodo Internet
    Dodo Internet 2 days ago

    Can u please use torches

  • MrTolgos
    MrTolgos 3 days ago

    You are mean to cows not boat cow they are brainless.

  • Imperial Guard
    Imperial Guard 3 days ago

    Felix: Dude, can we talk about how I'm fully diamond?
    *3 Months Later*
    Felix in Mine All Day: I'm fully stacked diamonds, I'm fully stacked diamonds, you won't see me crying, I'm fully stacked diamonds

  • First Shooter
    First Shooter 3 days ago

    When you allways make me a bit emotional

  • Casual Viewer
    Casual Viewer 4 days ago

    The meatball is leaving a shadow, which is generating mobs in the darkness.

  • Sly_kostya_2007 Idk
    Sly_kostya_2007 Idk 4 days ago

    pls reply pewdiepie

  • Jaminator
    Jaminator 5 days ago

    23:32 That sounds so wrong

  • John Hackett
    John Hackett 5 days ago

    When Felix saw bamboo he was very ‘bamboozled’

  • Luis Jimenez
    Luis Jimenez 6 days ago

    Ikei bird coppes the sound of mops if there the mod are near by you

  • Ines world
    Ines world 7 days ago

    When you got control than you get faster

    GOD IS DEAD 7 days ago

    Boat cow was my favorite stop pouring character of this anime

  • Cocakesto
    Cocakesto 7 days ago +1

    Jusr remember, Dinnerbone is out there somewhere . . . waiting for Pewds to arrive 😔

  • Alyssa Valenzuela
    Alyssa Valenzuela 8 days ago

    p e w d i e p i e , i w o r s h i p y o u a s a g o d.

  • Gabriel Osorio Pineda

    12:35 you leave a temple :u

  • R34l1ty
    R34l1ty 8 days ago

    Did you all see the white Ender man

  • AlanTheSAVAGE12
    AlanTheSAVAGE12 8 days ago


  • AlanTheSAVAGE12
    AlanTheSAVAGE12 8 days ago


  • Eline De vuyst
    Eline De vuyst 10 days ago


  • Libby’s Layouts
    Libby’s Layouts 10 days ago +1

    0:09 when he says why are you near my meatball you attract ally of bad people but he built it for water sheep and water sheep talks to spider

  • Declon Thomas
    Declon Thomas 10 days ago +1

    What's in the background at 20:26? Albino enderman

  • Kacper Michalski
    Kacper Michalski 11 days ago +1

    Hello my dear Lil Peep why you kill boat cow are. You weird????!!?!?!!? That's so disgusting!!!!!!!! Why don't you think about her family?????? Where is your honor??? Trzymajcie mnie bo zaraz padnę!!!!!!! PewdiePie na pewno byłeś odpowiedzialny za tą strzelanie w kościołach!!!! Maybe are you za pisem? How dare you to kill animals, why don't you vegan? Please think about nature, mother nature, she's so sad....PS. Jebac pis

  • Supreme Chandler
    Supreme Chandler 11 days ago +1

    My cat literally died when I hit it once accidentally with a freaken stone shovel!
    And svens just over here livin his best life.

  • Kaipi
    Kaipi 11 days ago +2

    rip mr puffer fish

  • Kawaii Kayra
    Kawaii Kayra 12 days ago +1

    You should make a protection around your City so Anyone cant escape from your City

  • Seth Tech
    Seth Tech 12 days ago +1

    Sven is a bloody tank😂

  • B B
    B B 12 days ago

    Pewds was pissed at everyone the whole times

  • Keirra Sargent
    Keirra Sargent 13 days ago

    I Love you're Vidios

  • Keirra Sargent
    Keirra Sargent 13 days ago


  • reymon suitela
    reymon suitela 13 days ago

    Pewdipie:What is that?
    Me:That's a white enderman.
    Pewdipie:oooo it's the coco beans that im searching. If you want to see the white enderman is at 20:26 and is there a 2020?

  • 22Tman22
    22Tman22 13 days ago


  • Marleigh Parker
    Marleigh Parker 13 days ago


  • Dollar
    Dollar 13 days ago +1

    Smurgen, purgen, do it for Jöergen

  • Exputz RAD1
    Exputz RAD1 13 days ago +1

    Pewds: I'm so low on steel and I have too many diamonds!
    DJ Khaled "Suffering from success"

  • Ronja Nilsson
    Ronja Nilsson 13 days ago

    Felix: have been playing Minecraft for a few weeks and is a master at redstone

    *I have been playing Minecraft for 8 years and don't know anything about it*

  • Aidan Jones
    Aidan Jones 13 days ago

    4:47 thats what my gf told me about my balls.

    RALTSIVERSE ! 14 days ago

    Creepers stalk sven 21:10

  • sanjeevi radhakrishnan

    Ikea tower should be more big!!!!!!

  • *•_Mercury Gacha_•*

    The four horsemen of the apocalypse
    *Jörgen #1* *Water sheep*

    *Boat Cow* *Ikea bird*

  • Sweet SkyLøL
    Sweet SkyLøL 14 days ago

    My new favorite fighting defense:

  • Timmy Hillmedo
    Timmy Hillmedo 14 days ago

    Who js watching in 2020?

  • Timmy Hillmedo
    Timmy Hillmedo 14 days ago

    Felix leaves the pen for jouagon open. Comes back tons of cows are in there me your dumb felix why js there cow in here

  • Milla Gietema
    Milla Gietema 15 days ago


  • JcPlayz
    JcPlayz 15 days ago

    Pewdiepie: *inside in the stable cows and Joergen*
    Also pewds: Finally peace and quiet, I've been listening to those *sheeps*

  • Nathan Kolb
    Nathan Kolb 15 days ago +6

    Felix's logic:
    All wolfs = Sven
    All horses = Joergen

  • Klāvs Balsers
    Klāvs Balsers 15 days ago

    23:34 😂

  • Spadez Animations
    Spadez Animations 15 days ago

    sven is literally immune to creepers

  • Christa Gamino Larson
    Christa Gamino Larson 15 days ago

    First 2 water sheep then 2 water chicken AND NOW BOAT COW

  • sehan seyam
    sehan seyam 16 days ago

    20:26 white enderman

  • The letter M
    The letter M 17 days ago