I found an Ikea Bird in Minecraft! - Part 17

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • We find a parrot and panda in the jungle of minecraft
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  • PikachuPlayz 1
    PikachuPlayz 1 2 hours ago +1

    Felix:Get em Sven
    Sven:* does absolutely nothing*
    Felix:Good job Sven

  • kria allison
    kria allison 2 hours ago

    did he just predict his pig army 5:09

  • Santos Balleza
    Santos Balleza 4 hours ago

    U miss a dessert tepple at 12:34

  • Hailia Sunflower
    Hailia Sunflower 4 hours ago

    Felix: iM pOoR
    *has 64 stacks of emeralds and a lot of diamonds*
    Felix: iM sTilL pOoR

  • • ꧁Lol꧂ •
    • ꧁Lol꧂ • 5 hours ago +2

    7:03 wait that's illegal

  • Fel1x 109
    Fel1x 109 5 hours ago

    It is so cute

  • Xox LunaXox
    Xox LunaXox 6 hours ago

    After 3 Episisodes Later

    Me:i HaTe YoU fElIx!!!!
    Also Me Again:YOU FRICKING MONSTER!!!!

  • Alyssa Harvie
    Alyssa Harvie 7 hours ago

    felix: can we talk about how rich i am
    felix 2 secs later: DAMMIT IM POOR

  • The Dankest Unicorn
    The Dankest Unicorn 9 hours ago

    I feel like no one remembers the despawned pufferfish in a bucket. Fs in chat

  • Via
    Via 9 hours ago


  • Pachabelly Roblox
    Pachabelly Roblox 9 hours ago


  • Marcy Ghost
    Marcy Ghost 11 hours ago

    Current mood

  • Charzilla2007
    Charzilla2007 11 hours ago

    I like how he put the bell he used to abuse water sheep with is now on his grave 😂😂

  • Parkway Drive
    Parkway Drive 11 hours ago +1

    guys my mum said that i can get my first lesbian pride flag 😃 😊

  • Nerii Fox
    Nerii Fox 12 hours ago +3

    Named my new Minecraft horse smörgen
    And I have a roof sheep xD
    No idea how it got there, but I'm letting it stay

  • Just Mars
    Just Mars 14 hours ago

    BOAT COOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!! Nuuuuuu

  • Samuel Nelson
    Samuel Nelson 14 hours ago

    When he dropped the bucket of pufferfish and left it I died a little on the inside

  • A Guy
    A Guy 14 hours ago

    Not even a single soul:
    Pewdiepie: melon = cactus

  • Ander Hunt
    Ander Hunt 14 hours ago


  • محمد شهرکی
    محمد شهرکی 15 hours ago

    16:24 guys lock on third tab in browser there pewds searched why my penis small

  • Gavin Sadler
    Gavin Sadler 15 hours ago

    in settings you can mute/lower the volume of animals

  • Melle van Vilsteren
    Melle van Vilsteren 16 hours ago

    did he seriously not get the secret treasure from the jungle temple?

  • Noah Landis
    Noah Landis 16 hours ago

    How is he better at redstone than me

    FRKN CHCKN 16 hours ago

    Pewds: Nice Job Sven!

  • Yash Sonis
    Yash Sonis 16 hours ago +2

    There's a secret chest in the Jungle temple with good loot that's what the levers were for
    Like so Pewds can see this

  • Ricardo Salazar
    Ricardo Salazar 16 hours ago

    ¿Por qué los subtítulos no salen?😔

  • vivek philip
    vivek philip 17 hours ago

    Can you make a family for sven I bet it will be very cute to see it pewdiepie if you make a video about this I will tell all my friends to subscribe to you

  • johnley macalanda
    johnley macalanda 17 hours ago

    Pewdiepie I think yorgen is kissing you

  • timothy cella
    timothy cella 18 hours ago

    pewds needs to look behind the three levers cause there is a chest

  • vex
    vex 19 hours ago

    You killed boat cow... what a horrible person

  • SomeGaymerNerd
    SomeGaymerNerd 19 hours ago

    I can't believe BoatCow died

  • awqwerty
    awqwerty 19 hours ago +2

    I've seen no comments on this but the background music is really fun bc I remember Minecraft being very quiet at times and the music really enhances what's going on

  • Elvira M K
    Elvira M K 19 hours ago

    Back when Dinnerbone was still sane & a normal horse

  • Grayson Davis
    Grayson Davis 19 hours ago

    Pewds: I’m so rich
    Pewds five minutes later: damn I’m so poor

  • Kristian Thorsen
    Kristian Thorsen 19 hours ago +1

    It was very cool, can u put carpets on redstone to cover up?

  • Vaati 52
    Vaati 52 21 hour ago

    You should break the levers in the temple and enter to their mechanism there is a chest there

  • Eula Mae O.
    Eula Mae O. 21 hour ago

    16:19 EATTTT!

  • Vaati 52
    Vaati 52 21 hour ago

    First Joergen then watersheep and now boatcow

  • IanTheHippy
    IanTheHippy 21 hour ago +1

    Does anyone know the sad music he uses?

  • Pry LordZ
    Pry LordZ 21 hour ago

    I'm kinda not triggers because in the jungle temple the lever puzzle you can solve or mine through the levers to earn a chest with gwed inside

  • Peacock bass Fishing
    Peacock bass Fishing 23 hours ago

    Boat cow

  • Techno Wasted
    Techno Wasted 23 hours ago

    There is white enderman at 20.26

  • szymon Łabacz
    szymon Łabacz Day ago

    R.I.P Water cow

  • Max Harvey
    Max Harvey Day ago

    How come ur dog survives a million creepers and my dog dies from one

  • Logan
    Logan Day ago

    Make a cookie, and feed it to IKEA bird.

  • Arquie Android
    Arquie Android Day ago

    Also try slabs to hide redstone wires

  • Arquie Android
    Arquie Android Day ago

    T series: He is so childish.
    Pewdiepie: At least I didn't use a bunch of subbots

  • pixel drop248
    pixel drop248 Day ago

    When pewdiepie’s child gets hurt
    “AAHH EAT!!”

  • Riaan Zakarna
    Riaan Zakarna Day ago


  • Boat Cow
    Boat Cow Day ago +2


  • Halima Bawa
    Halima Bawa Day ago

    Roughy was the

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Day ago

    7:04 Pewds why did you frick that cow ?

  • Oscar Cheng
    Oscar Cheng Day ago

    Use a button on the horse door

  • Brodstar07
    Brodstar07 Day ago

    Boat cow noo

  • dancing parrot
    dancing parrot Day ago

    ლ(・ω・)ლ ლ(・ω・)ლ

  • Trash
    Trash Day ago

    The hell is dat at 20:25 - 20:27 look in back

  • -Zooming Astro-
    -Zooming Astro- Day ago +1

    no one:
    Pewds: We’re in the endgame now.

  • -Zooming Astro-
    -Zooming Astro- Day ago +1

    Felix, there was another chest in that temple if you broke open that lever combination with your pickaxe, LIKE SO HE CAN SEE PLS

  • Jaden Potts
    Jaden Potts Day ago


  • Boat Cow
    Boat Cow Day ago

    *Ikea Power*

  • April Rose Chavez


  • Ryan Yang
    Ryan Yang Day ago

    Sven:Takes half a heart

  • Professor P
    Professor P Day ago

    You should use a pressure plate for the piston gate so it automatically closes when you leave and automatically opens when you step on it

  • Gomez :v
    Gomez :v Day ago

    Pewds: Can we talk about how rich I am?
    Also Pewds: Damn it! I’m poor

  • Skol Rooster
    Skol Rooster Day ago

    26:14 one day we'll tame a kyaaa~

  • Chobane
    Chobane Day ago

    parrots imitate nearby mobs so it is kinda like a warning and that is so fucking cool

  • Goat Cub
    Goat Cub Day ago

    20:28 there is a white enderman at the right side AHHHHH

  • Ayden Espinoza
    Ayden Espinoza Day ago

    0:11 nice captions 😏

  • Owen Sullivan
    Owen Sullivan Day ago

    Noooii bout cow

  • Blue Blurp
    Blue Blurp Day ago

    I’m not gonna lie

    The panda looks really cute eating the bamboo

  • Moozshee
    Moozshee Day ago +4

    This is how many times Sven survived a creeper

  • Caden Palomar
    Caden Palomar Day ago

    When he said , "Wouldn't it be cool if there were villagers in the jungle", he sounded like Will Ferrell.

  • Sokyu No
    Sokyu No Day ago

    Rip the puffer fish

  • Sokyu No
    Sokyu No Day ago

    Care about your animals.. okay buddy haha

  • Adam McAbee
    Adam McAbee Day ago

    latest reaction ever at 13:26