Gordon Ramsay's Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

  • Published on Nov 25, 2020
  • As it's Thanksgiving in the USA, here are some delicious recipes, including two Turkey recipes!

    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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    VTS VTS Year ago +927

    I’ve been making Ramsay-style turkeys for years. And every year they come out awesome. Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!

  • Andrew Last

    I've made this turkey for five years running and each year the crowd gets bigger. Once people start eating all you hear is yummy noises and "please pass the turkey" or "please pass the gravy". It's just a fantastic recipe that I follow word by word, extract every last drop. Thank you, Chef Ramsey, your recipe makes me look good.

  • slowmotion Milk
    slowmotion Milk Year ago +2

    I could imagine this being made for a christmas episode like 10 years ago, but they just uploaded it to youtube as a thanksgiving recipe

  • Elena Rotestan

    I made this turkey a few years ago and it was a hit at my Thanksgiving dinner, only the bones were left. 😋

  • clay harper

    Just made this for my mom for Canadian thanksgiving, she loved it and the bacon was weird but man was it good also in the gravy. Thanks Chef Ramsey you did me well keep it up I have learned a lot for watching your shows.

  • Kant Sleep
    Kant Sleep  +467

    Turkey Recipe:

  • Black Crow
    Black Crow Year ago +106

    The passion Gordon Ramsay has for cooking is astonishing . My one dream is to meet the guy irl and have a bite of his food after watching him cook. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  • Keldio
    Keldio Year ago +1

    I could imagine this turkey in heaven bragging to his friends that he got cooked by Gordon Ramsay

  • Positively SIMful

    Okay I have been making my turkey for years with butter + olive oil + stuffing onion, garlic & fresh herbs in the cavity + putting bacon strips on it and using that for the gravy, and letting it rest for a couple of hours. Everyone always raves about my turkey. I feel like I got a Gordon Ramsey seal of approval, my method is so similar to his.

  • Onilda Licona

    Imagine chef Ramsay being your dad, and waking up everyday with amazing food 🤤

  • Dark Guardian

    It was my first time to cook Turkey and this came to my feed in Pinterest I’m telling you all this is the best recipe and I followed Chefs step by step and it was perfect! I love how the bacon made the skin crispy and meat so tender and not dry thanks chef! My first Turkey attempt was a huge success and still this day my only recipe I use every thanksgiving

  • Bettina Ortiz

    Love ,Love Love this recipe! Thank you Gordon for this incredible recipe and hands on teaching instructions. You are my cooking Guru xo!

  • The Best of Bluegrass
    The Best of Bluegrass Year ago +68

    I made this today for Thanksgiving!! My family laughed when I told them I was making our Thanksgiving this year. They took one bite and about fell out of their chairs! And I earned so much food credit with my family!!! Thanks, Gordon!!!

  • Sussan Janice Sanchez

    I've been making this turkey recipe for 3 or 4 years and all my family love it, it is so good, super moisture and flavorfull, greeting from Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Liz Singleton

    I made this today for Thanksgiving and let me tell you I was nervous at first. This was the first time I had turkey that melted in my mouth. There wasn't a piece left. This was the best Turkey and gravy recipe I have ever had. Thank you and I was the star of the show with this dish.

  • Tony Huynh
    Tony Huynh 21 day ago

    This is 3rd we are making this! It’s always came out AMAZING! The gravy was the most amazing thing ever 😋

  • Rita Duran

    Thank you Chef for posting this easy, delicious recipe. We had two turkeys, one which was prepared by our family member who was a restaurant owner, and the bnb other by mre. My family quickly ate the turkey i made. When the second turkey was carved, my family was still asking for leftover crumbs of the one i cooked. Thank you again for sharing this recipe as it will be recorded and kept in the family recipe box . Blessings!

  • Steve Trivago

    My brother made this for Thanksgiving.. Unfortunately I had to work this year so he sent 3 days worth home… I ate it all in one sitting .. just couldn’t stop…. Definitely the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve had in 50 years.. There is no way Gordon’s could’ve been better… 🙂

  • Jiggly Wiggly
    Jiggly Wiggly Year ago +26

    I love Gordon. Even if I don’t follow the whole recipe he always has a pointer that makes a huge difference

  • Anonymous one

    The care and respect Gordon shows for this turkey (and all food he makes) is absolutely beautiful. He shows so much respect for the life given so that we may have life sustaining meals. That reverence shines through and THAT is why I think he is able to naake such delicious meals. God Bless All of US this Thanksgiving and Christmas. 🥰