Sasha Velour's One Dollar Drags | "Pirate Jenny"

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • "Pirate Jenny” is the first installment of One Dollar Drags, a six-part anthology of short films that celebrates drag in its many forms, with each standalone short filmed in a different genre.
    "Pirate Jenny” is a drag adaptation of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s 1928 song of the same name from The Threepenny Opera.
    Writer/Director: Sasha Velour
    Co-Director: Drew Bolton
    Director of Photography: Cory Green
    A House of Velour Production in association with Nite Fix Productions and Mattioli Productions
    Producers: Jose D. Alvarez and Aj Mattioli
    Executive Producers: Sasha Velour, Johnny Velour, and Olive d'Nightlife
    Sasha Velour
    Chris of Hur
    Divina Gransparkle
    Merrie Cherry
    MiscAllaneous DomTop
    Miss Malice
    Pierretta Viktori
    Rify Royalty
    Untitled Queen
    Olive d'Nightlife
    Diego Montoya
    Nancy The Girl
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Comments • 760

  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 3 days ago

    Sasha Velour is just everything there ever is and was.

  • Aidan Atreides
    Aidan Atreides 6 days ago

    *I C O N I C*

  • Jorge Abundis
    Jorge Abundis 14 days ago

    Pure perfection!

  • Keira Roberts
    Keira Roberts 15 days ago

    My baby Sasha can sing?!! ...Why am I not surprised? Her voice is so damn silky, and some of these little giggles she makes are just so sexy.

  • george🤙🏼
    george🤙🏼 16 days ago

    sasha is best drag queen don't even try and argue

  • Steve Pixie
    Steve Pixie 16 days ago


  • Emily Clark
    Emily Clark 19 days ago +4

    I really hope these short films are continued because I was really looking forward to the glorious drag saga that was promised. I still can’t get over how beautiful this version of ‘Pirate Jenny’ is. Sasha is just something else ❤️

  • Paulo Neto
    Paulo Neto 20 days ago +1

    Well, here we are: last day of december and I still waiting for "Rainbown" comes out.

  • Catharina Leig Bengtsson

    she is such a good singer as well... is there something she can not do to perfection?

  • Lorenzo Mauro
    Lorenzo Mauro Month ago

    I need more shit like this, drag art at its finest.

  • Here Comes Matthew
    Here Comes Matthew Month ago

    Why don’t I hate this

  • Theatre squad 2003
    Theatre squad 2003 Month ago

    Absolutely gorgeous Sasha ! I’m in love with your voice . So dramatic yet so silky.

  • Feline Power
    Feline Power Month ago


  • Brandon J.
    Brandon J. Month ago +1

    What happened to these? Weren’t there supposed to be more? I need them!

  • chief
    chief Month ago +2

    this opened my third eye

  • Robert L
    Robert L Month ago

    It is all wrong, nature will never accept wannabe. Freaks of nature is a small segment that won't survive. It is a dead end to humanity

  • Eddie Parker
    Eddie Parker Month ago

    SASHA! We want more! Give us more!

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself Month ago

    I think my life is complete now. I love her so fucking much

  • andrés。
    andrés。 Month ago

    This was so fucking gooooooood

  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans Month ago


  • Renee C
    Renee C 2 months ago

    Will there be another one ? 🥺

  • Alexander Pohl
    Alexander Pohl 2 months ago

    I love Brecht, I love Sasha...this is perfect

  • Lisa Craig
    Lisa Craig 2 months ago

    Sasha velour my goodness you turned it out girlfriend what a beautiful song truly mesmerizing just amazing God bless you honey keep on doing what what you do cuz you are topping Notch love Lisa from Boston

  • Eddie Parker
    Eddie Parker 2 months ago

    SASHA! Bring us more! ❤️

  • David Camacho
    David Camacho 2 months ago

    This is so fucking incredible holyshit
    And of course it is. You're Sasha Velour!!💞💞

  • Planet cabello
    Planet cabello 2 months ago

    *Why in the world doesn't this have more views?*
    It's absolutely amazing!!😍

  • Divas Ultimate
    Divas Ultimate 2 months ago

    The true diva 😍 the best drag ever... luv u so much Sasha... U inspired me so very much... Luv u babe 💓💞

  • Liam McCarthy
    Liam McCarthy 3 months ago

    0:22 literally me when I’m with somebody that is next to me

  • Ray *
    Ray * 3 months ago +1

    Remember in season 9 when she said she couldn't sing??? And did more of a spoken poetry version?? LIES

  • Shen Nung
    Shen Nung 3 months ago +1

    Wow! You're aesthetics is amazing! You are a high quality, artistic and grotesque Queen! You know about ART.

  • Zack !
    Zack ! 3 months ago

    I get nightmare before Christmas vibes

  • redanarchy baby
    redanarchy baby 3 months ago

    amazing enchanting

  • Gertrude die Rüde
    Gertrude die Rüde 3 months ago

    Grand performance, great attitude, swell cinematography. Made it to the list of my favourite "Pirate Jenny" performances: Marianne Faithfull, Hildegard Knef and - souvereign: Georgette Dee.

  • Jennie Eliud  Cacho Calderon

    Bravoooooo!!!! Braviiiiiisiiiiiimoooooo!!!!

  • Jordyn Bacon
    Jordyn Bacon 3 months ago


  • Val
    Val 3 months ago

    Love to hear your voice!

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller 3 months ago


    FZ SADAF 4 months ago

    Boring as fuck go home

  • Anthony Rule
    Anthony Rule 4 months ago

    Replayed 6:10 so many times; her eyelashes perfected that sinister moment!

  • Slightly Sleep Deprived

    *all of them*

  • Ana Souza
    Ana Souza 4 months ago


  • christian gomez
    christian gomez 4 months ago

    Sasha literally sounds like Jack Skellington 😭😭😭 she needs to do a cover of What’s This

  • Eva Auz
    Eva Auz 4 months ago

    Can we talk about that low note on 3:36?

  • Bodil Soldeberg
    Bodil Soldeberg 4 months ago

    Nina is quacking!

  • Michelle Samson
    Michelle Samson 4 months ago

    I come here everyday to check every views. Hahahaha I'd love to see everyone support Sasha's creativity.

  • Alek
    Alek 4 months ago

    Sasha looks absolutely... enticing. She just looks so amazingly beautiful, other than her features, there's just something in her eyes. wow.

  • Adam Manuel
    Adam Manuel 4 months ago

    Wow wow. Actually made me speechless.

  • jerilynburnsify
    jerilynburnsify 4 months ago +1

    the vagina coat is giving me LIIIIFE

  • Don English
    Don English 5 months ago

    Simply stunning. I bet danny elfman would love this. I was mesmerized the whole time.

  • Raul Cadell
    Raul Cadell 5 months ago

    Whenever I need to feel inspired I find myself coming back to watch this!❤ #queerandproud

  • Emilia Nieminen
    Emilia Nieminen 5 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous. Sasha, you are a fashion icon and I adore the film noir feel. Can't wait to see the rest of the anthology!

  • awkwardly silenced
    awkwardly silenced 5 months ago


  • awkwardly silenced
    awkwardly silenced 5 months ago

    Yes!!! I love love love this!!! please don’t make robot music ever, even though we both know you’re better than most people and wouldn’t do that. I love your art. You are both the creator and the creation and the creation inspires the creator. Woah, that shit got deep for 10am.

  • Eddie Parker
    Eddie Parker 5 months ago

    SASHA! We want more! When is the next one?! ❤️

  • alejandro gonzález
    alejandro gonzález 5 months ago

    this is about the revolution right?

  • peeblestheowl
    peeblestheowl 5 months ago

    It's been months and I'm still not over this honestly

  • Sebastian Romero
    Sebastian Romero 5 months ago

    Fucking amazing

  • thelittlewildkat1
    thelittlewildkat1 5 months ago

    Love ❤

  • Lucia Endo
    Lucia Endo 5 months ago

    Angel we´re still waiting for the second part ♥ You're absolutely amazing

  • Lucian Corrvinus
    Lucian Corrvinus 5 months ago

    So....Observation? Commentary? Warning? Wishful Thinking?. Excellent of course, but you'll KNOW what they are gonna say. Dag on ladies, Drag On

  • stxrdustsubs
    stxrdustsubs 5 months ago

    we stan art. 💕

  • Jazerious
    Jazerious 5 months ago

    4:25 Ok White Shay Coulee, COME THROUGH!!!!!! Got the clothes, the walk, AND the sass!

  • Introvert [That’s Why I’m Watching Youtube]

    Truly legendary. 😍😍😍

  • j o
    j o 5 months ago

    i think im in love

  • broadwaymelody33
    broadwaymelody33 5 months ago

    Apparently Sasha Velour is trained in opera?? She interned at Staatsoper?? My queeeeen

    HOELEC2 5 months ago

    Such artistry !

  • xena wallace
    xena wallace 5 months ago

    F ING magnificent

  • David Parker
    David Parker 5 months ago

    Simply put, this is brilliant.

  • Ángela Li.
    Ángela Li. 5 months ago


  • Hi
    Hi 5 months ago

    Not gonna lie, when I heard Sasha start singing I was like "Oh no..." but she actually has a pretty decent singing voice. Anyways, this is so amazing and inspiring

  • Heiko Lietz
    Heiko Lietz 6 months ago


  • Art Chachki
    Art Chachki 6 months ago

    Now who's after Peppermint?

  • Smalltalk Level Zwei
    Smalltalk Level Zwei 6 months ago

    this is literally the only reason I want to visit the united states.

  • Jzzalf
    Jzzalf 6 months ago

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  • Aranza Sabina
    Aranza Sabina 6 months ago

    Amazing 💗💗💗

  • Dhm Dhm
    Dhm Dhm 6 months ago

    How is the hell this did not pass million view ?

  • Picky Bitch
    Picky Bitch 6 months ago

    If I could ever ask Sasha a question, I'd love to know if she worked on her own take on the song herself? Such a clever twist on the original lyric, losing none of it's pith, venom and darkness.

  • Yenna van Eeuwijk
    Yenna van Eeuwijk 6 months ago

    This is the most Sasha thing I've ever seen and I'm in love with it.

  • Don Camillo TuMadre
    Don Camillo TuMadre 6 months ago

    this is super creepy. it is EXACTLY the kind of Drag I want to make.
    She also has the name I thought of, Velour.
    Now I feel like a faker...
    Wish I've done my research...

  • Mortiis Fem
    Mortiis Fem 6 months ago


  • Bell Quinn
    Bell Quinn 6 months ago

    Te mega súper amo !! ❤️

  • gamerguys i/r
    gamerguys i/r 6 months ago +1


  • Daniela Baez
    Daniela Baez 6 months ago

    viendo esto literalmente lo senti en el pecho

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 6 months ago

    No puedo creer que Sasha Velour sea real

  • henriqueacabral
    henriqueacabral 6 months ago


  • Leonora Alonso
    Leonora Alonso 6 months ago

    Look at this sasha doll made by the artist Hextian. You have to see it its completly amazing!

  • Fabio Leal
    Fabio Leal 6 months ago

    wonderful and amazing

  • Dana Zubatá
    Dana Zubatá 6 months ago

    Wonderful. She's so much talented. Now I got high on her beautiful voice and need more. More. MORE!!

    JBL NYC 6 months ago

    WOW! Amazingly well done and executed!!!

  • Charlie Bridger
    Charlie Bridger 6 months ago

    Art, art art, art art, art, did somebody say art?

  • cecilia crijnen
    cecilia crijnen 6 months ago

    Exquisite, superbe.

  • Thwoorp Thwoorp
    Thwoorp Thwoorp 7 months ago

    Adored Sasha throughout her season and i am even more in love with her now. Her drag esthetic is on point, she's smart, gorgeous (in and out of drag) and also has an amazing voice. Her verse of Category Is gave me so many feels then she comes it with this. So in love with this queen and everything she stands for that i physically don't know how to react other than to listen to this repeatedly

  • Jess Bubbles
    Jess Bubbles 7 months ago

    2:15 to 2:34 is all you ever needed to bless your entire life

  • cixmix
    cixmix 7 months ago


  • gardener
    gardener 7 months ago

    OMG this is incredible. Look out Andrew Lloyd Weber.

  • Lizard Quinceanera
    Lizard Quinceanera 7 months ago

    When is the next one coming out!!?

  • Giulia Dondoli
    Giulia Dondoli 7 months ago

    it gave me chill

  • derlaurenz
    derlaurenz 7 months ago

    Oh my God, I'm living SO MUCH. The "Dreigroschenoper" ist THE Berlin play. I see her performing that in a smoky cabaret club set in Berlin in the 1920s.

  • Harriet Swann
    Harriet Swann 7 months ago

    Whatttt I didn't know Sasha could sing so wellllll