Mariah Carey Breaks Down 17 Looks From 1991 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

  • Published on Dec 22, 2021
  • “Would I consider myself a diva? Absolutely not! Why would you even ask me that question?” Mariah Carey takes a look back at some of her most famous looks, from the red Santa outfit in "All I Want for Christmas Is You," to her iconic "Rainbow" album cover.
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    Mariah Carey Breaks Down 17 Looks From 1991 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

Comments • 3 317

  • Patrícia Suzart

    She is DEFINITELY a DIVA. And a funny person,I love her.

  • Magdalena Pulgar

    She is WAY more iconic than people give her credit for

  • ModelMaterial09

    It is very sad hearing her say so many of her iconic looks were stolen! She is literally a living legend, her clothing archive should be on display to the public, if anything.

  • Unfriendly Blk Hottie

    Her coming to the realization that she wore an outfit twice was hilarious 😂

  • StayBeYOUtiful16

    Not everyone realizes her humor … but she’s funnier than people paint her out to be … on top of being incredibly talented, which is well-known.

  • angelicaaltaf

    You can totally see how her style has influenced Ariana, Riri, Beyonce. She’s just legend 👌🏼

  • D M
    D M  +7

    Looking at her 90s outfits I see people dress like that now. She is an underrated fashion influencer

  • nadia m
    nadia m 28 days ago +111

    When I was 16 in 2003, I met Mariah at her after show party (my mum was her concert promoter and took me along).

  • German Dimplez

    Poor Mariah. Her next album should be titled “Stolen”. Her clothes, fashion, music (yes JLo I’m looking at you) 👀. I must say, I came here ready for her to throw shade, and she absolutely did not. I love her even more for it. ❤️

  • Ewan Oxborrow

    “Everything should be an evening event” - Ladies and Gentlemen… the incomparable

  • Casey F
    Casey F  +74

    She’s the reason why some of these younger artist have a career. Respect is more than due.

  • Memo
    Memo  +97

    They should’ve included the outfit she wore for the cover of ‘The Emancipation of Mimi.’ It is, in my opinion, one of her best looks

  • Cooper Unkle

    She is one of the only celebs that has me cracking up constantly. Her humor is underrated and rare dahling!

  • watchinvidz watchinvidz

    "I can't tell anyone how to wear their slit"... That was hilarious Mariah. She is just herself & yes she is a Diva. The real Divas don't know they are the actual Divas.

  • Jessica Truesdale

    Mariah epitomized the blueprint of mid-90s, early 2000’s fashion!

  • Bebs1675
    Bebs1675  +98

    Mariah: Am I a Diva? No! Whay would you even ask me that?

  • herpaderp9284

    I don't know why people say she's so diva. She comes across so down to earth but real. I love many things about her. But the main thing I love is how real she is. I'm proud to be named Mariah after her. Such a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • BillyBee
    BillyBee  +47

    I’ve seen her close up in person, and I have to say she’s one of the most beautiful and angelic-looking people I’ve ever seen. She has an aura about her. Even better, she’s earned her keep in her profession. A true once-in-a-lifetime, talented diva.

  • keztokelotro

    The fact that she named Whitney Houston before her, says the quality of person she is, and the respect she still has for Whitney as an artist.

  • One Dollar Bleach

    I love the looks in here but I really wished they showed more of her high fashion looks like her 1993 vogue shoot. That would’ve been iconic