I'm a Celebrity...2010 - Bush Tucker Trial - Alison and Kayla - The Dentalist

  • Published on Jan 7, 2012
  • Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins' trial. Including Alison's interview. For preservation purposes only. I do not own the rights to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
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  •  3 months ago +2

    when kayla says "come on just get in my mouth" i wish she was talking to me

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 5 months ago +1

    I would do that but only if I had to

  •  6 months ago

    يمه 😭😭😭

  •  6 months ago


  • Harrison T
    Harrison T 7 months ago

    Kayla Collins has probably held worse things in her mouth than a few insects! 😏

  • Bruce The Dachshund
    Bruce The Dachshund 9 months ago

    I wish that olly murs would go on this show

  •  9 months ago +6

    (puts in mouth)
    me: ahhhhhhh!
    them: ok done
    me: how!
    me:(sees a tiny spider on wall)
    me(runs to another room)run tu nu nu nu nu nu tu nu nu nu

  •  9 months ago

    She the second girl is soooo brave

  •  10 months ago

    3:57 reeee

  •  10 months ago


  • Corinna Harris
    Corinna Harris 11 months ago

    I hate all bugs in general so I’ll cru

  •  11 months ago


  •  Year ago

    How bout i put mu dick in your mouth

  • Keisha Callum
    Keisha Callum Year ago

    Wasn’t fair

  • Iahnna McNealy
    Iahnna McNealy Year ago

    6:44 Now she gotta eat booty 😂😂😂😂

  • Sophia Astrologo
    Sophia Astrologo Year ago

    Don't watch it while eating. like if you agree

  • ρєω ρєω ρєω ρєω ρєω

    I love this show

  •  Year ago

    I had a McDonalds advert before this

  • AbI GaMeR
    AbI GaMeR Year ago

    2018 any one

  •  Year ago

    November 2018 anyone

  •  Year ago

    So basically they killed a cockroach for nothing

  • K P
    K P Year ago

    My name is Kayla 😂😂😃😃😀

  •  Year ago

    I had to look away on the spider it was to big

  •  Year ago


  • Yoshi_Person
    Yoshi_Person Year ago +2

    I felt bad for the cockroaches even though im scared of them

  •  Year ago


  •  Year ago

    You really brave

  •  Year ago

    Oh my God

  •  Year ago


  •  Year ago

    Nenhum br aqui? Bora dominar o youtube tbm

  •  Year ago

    Credo gente

  •  Year ago

    These people can't be serious

  •  Year ago

    What if someone died because of this show people shouldn't be taking that kinda risk

  • taa tam
    taa tam Year ago

    i am only ok with the lobsters

  •  Year ago

    I probably would have threw up because of there legs squiggling in my mouth

  • hi ilb
    hi ilb Year ago


  • Jess
    Jess Year ago +2


  •  Year ago

    이런걸 왜해

  • Glowing Sparks
    Glowing Sparks Year ago +1

    What if u swallow it? 😫

  • eolhc
    eolhc Year ago

    I love kayla's lips lmao

  •  Year ago

    Bunlar delirikkkkkkk😁

  • eolhc
    eolhc Year ago +3


  •  Year ago


  •  Year ago

    I want to do it

  •  Year ago

    I wish I was a celeb and I could go to “ I’m a celeb get me out of here” 😂

  •  Year ago

    Iiiiiiiiiyyyu 😨😨😨😨😨😫😫😱😰

  •  Year ago


  •  Year ago

    fuck you

  •  Year ago


  • Chibi Chan
    Chibi Chan Year ago

    Poor animals really being used as a game show while their alive...

  • Eiehwnvdh
    Eiehwnvdh Year ago


  •  Year ago

    Hey those guys are from AGT or Britans got talent i forget

  • Live Life SPINKlLES
    Live Life SPINKlLES Year ago +1

    The spider tho 🤔😐😑😑😑

  •  Year ago

    While watching this i was not swolling at all

  •  Year ago


  •  Year ago

    The white is is such a nimrod

  • jocelynn
    jocelynn Year ago


  •  Year ago


  • banna squad
    banna squad Year ago