Half in the Bag Episode 150: Comic Con 2018 Trailers


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  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

    you know i was thinking.... how come pokemon has the market share it has being an independent entity from the base production firm nintendo and has the most episodes of any show ever and the most consistent sales of their products in comparison to disney properties?
    the pokemon company keeps all their productions about at the same budgets and make about the same amount of increase yearly with the same growth rate as a developed nation's tax collection agency.
    the movies and show are not particularly well reviewed, and when they are its niche and particular for whatever subjects they throw on the screen, and they base it all on selling games and toys. somehow the honesty with their production studio comes through though and they gross 80 billion dollars total over 20 years with a varying 1.9% increase of holding every year.
    disney puts billions and billions on their live action movies and animated properties to an astounding 0.7% annual loss of their tyrant-like business.
    it goes to show that when something is modest and has lots of ways for the consumer to interact beyond the visual imagery you can make gold from what would otherwise be another garbage fire. the pokemon co understands the frugality in film budgets and show budgets to their advantage by making astoundingly good accompanying interactive media outlets. this gives a bit more weight for fans and outsiders to enjoy and mess with at their whim without dropping the sales figures.
    i think they simply went the more challenging and varied route than throwing all their cash into big budget 2 hour snorefests with shit tons of CGI recycles and high paid actors, and threw small amounts into shorter more contained media with a bigger world that connects everything.

  • John Riddle
    John Riddle 2 days ago

    Ooba Jooba is one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. That joke made me laugh.

  • francis santos
    francis santos 2 days ago


  • anewchaplin
    anewchaplin 4 days ago

    did they really have a booth at the con?

  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern 5 days ago

    Rich Evans should be the next Joker

  • Luke Rojas
    Luke Rojas 8 days ago


  • El Pony Alfaro
    El Pony Alfaro 9 days ago

    My favorite Comic Con Trailer is DragonBall Super Broly Movie!

  • Konkoly
    Konkoly 9 days ago

    I wonder if the RLM guys know the BlameSociety/Welcome To The Basement?Chadvader guys. Both are middle ages dudes reviewing movies on youtube and based out of the same city.

  • James Merrick Cook
    James Merrick Cook 10 days ago

    The Shazam movie is basically BiG (Tom Hanks) with a Shazam logo over it. Same concept. Fish out of water. A boy passing as an adult.

  • Albert Labriola
    Albert Labriola 11 days ago

    "This is the power of math, people!"
    How the gravity of cringe didn't fall in on itself and form a black hole on set was a miracle.

  • the mouth of Sauron
    the mouth of Sauron 14 days ago


  • gj Beaudry
    gj Beaudry 15 days ago

    I love you Rich Evans!!! (Sorry I'm a dude) but I LOVE YOU nonetheless!?! I love you as well RED LETTER MEDIA(sorry I'm a dude)!!! Thanks for brightening my life!!!

  • Aaron Blanche
    Aaron Blanche 15 days ago

    Neil Breen! The ultimate twist ending!

  • CreativeGuy
    CreativeGuy 15 days ago

    You need to come to Dragoncon :D

  • Michael Marple
    Michael Marple 18 days ago

    I loved the part where Dick Grayson Robin shouted "Who am I? What am I?!", so powerful.

  • M Oczakow
    M Oczakow 19 days ago

    Shazam is the new BlankMan.

  • Matt Krause
    Matt Krause 20 days ago

    Jay should have went to ComicCon as Infinity war Cap/Nomad

  • MrBoBoTom
    MrBoBoTom 23 days ago

    Most fans separate The Clone Wars series from the movies.
    They are better. You ignorant fuck.

  • langerlord
    langerlord 24 days ago

    (((I CANT WAIT)))

  • pickle tarts
    pickle tarts 25 days ago

    I wish you’d time stamp your videos in the description or comments,
    for those of us who want to skip the skits (which are awesome) but at least we have the option to get to the review(s) or even like one of the commenters who time stamped all of the rich evans parts.
    Cheers and I love listening to you guys. Thank you

  • Are you upset?
    Are you upset? 25 days ago

    I have the exact same feeling you have about good trailers to sequals.

  • aserta
    aserta 26 days ago +1

    Oh, Teen Titans, with the hooker, right.

  • Cock Nostril
    Cock Nostril 27 days ago +1

    I don't know why this made me laugh so hard 25:29

  • Grogzerk
    Grogzerk 28 days ago


  • wasteman
    wasteman 28 days ago

    Rich Evans reaction channel please

  • Jay Somerville
    Jay Somerville Month ago

    I love ya Jay but ‘Colour Pallet’? I was taught that it was Colour Grade and Grading. However I fear yours and Mikes roth so Colour pallet is fine with me dude.

  • the clay carl
    the clay carl Month ago

    4:04 "We held hands"

  • Daniel Rocha
    Daniel Rocha Month ago

    After careful consideration I've come to the conclusion that you people are the only YT channel dedicated to movies that is worth following

  • Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis Month ago

    I clapped when I saw all the Vampire Assassin dvds in the background

  • jameseglavin4
    jameseglavin4 Month ago

    Ah-kuh man

  • MandosGTIAllDay
    MandosGTIAllDay Month ago

    curious...who's this rich guy? i've seen him before. where!???

  • Bobby Jankins
    Bobby Jankins Month ago

    Shazams the dark horse for DC how ironic

  • Erica the red head
    Erica the red head Month ago

    I am sad by your comic con booth photo. I'd visit you guys, but would never venture into the abyss that is comic con. I mean, do you do a happy hour at a place called Slick Willies? Literally any bar called Slick Willies, regardless of location would be ideal...

  • L 013
    L 013 Month ago +2

    I'm just imagining some kid smoking weed out of a fucking Godzilla toy

  • Brix Alive Studios
    Brix Alive Studios Month ago

    13:18 UUUUUUHHH excuse me!! that "funny looking robot creature" is black mant- and everyone's gone... I need friends..

  • DanteKinkade
    DanteKinkade Month ago

    Gotham is an amazing show all together and it is very dark at times. But this seems to be the only one they managed to do a good job with and it has nothing to do with anything else tv or movie related.
    But they at least cast the characters really well so they fit the characters to a T. Not to mention the original characters tend to be comic characters and you don't see the twist coming until it happens, like with Grundy.
    So at least DC has one thing going for them.

  • Greg Gregory
    Greg Gregory Month ago

    This is good content for when youre depressed :)

  • Maximilien Robespierre

    The ironic thing is that a Red Letter video on TheXvid makes more money that the films they review :)

  • LyleVSXyle
    LyleVSXyle Month ago

    Ant-Man and the Wasp was actually a lot better than the first Ant-Man.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams Month ago

    I need to get a copy of Godzilla 1985.... And a Job....

  • Fermented Cinema
    Fermented Cinema Month ago

    26:30, Mike at his best

  • 2s2bs
    2s2bs Month ago

    At 35:54, I had a Reptar toy from Rugrats that did that. Dayum.

  • massivereader
    massivereader Month ago

    I can't believe people still don't know better than to catch an STD.

  • EXbob
    EXbob Month ago

    I love MoS and BvS. Would have loved to see a fully Snyder version of JL but it is what it is. Aquaman looks boring as shit. Shazam looks stupid and fun.

  • McCarthee
    McCarthee Month ago +2

    I found the jokes in Deadpool 2 eye-rolling. Fourth wall breaking jokes didn't land like they did in the first. It was just obnoxious.

  • j p
    j p Month ago

    Deadpool 2 was meh for me.

  • Daniel Gilbert
    Daniel Gilbert Month ago

    Counting Disney out will be a mistake IMO, TFA made way more than it should of, and TLJ still made 1.33B (made less than TFA, which is usually what happens with sequels), the animated shows have mostly been loved by fans. Solo just didn't look good the people that liked TLJ didn't even want solo film without ford, I am curious how ep 9 will do.

  • Two Nuts
    Two Nuts Month ago

    Don't ever bring that little F*cker, Rich Evans BACK on the show EVER..!! Thanks.

  • managarm1349
    managarm1349 Month ago

    god i cant fucking wait to watch the 2nd season of star trek discovery.
    it´s gonna be fuking gloriousess!!!
    i cant fucking wait
    to hatewatch it

    DUNDOM5 Month ago

    Fuck Star Trek

  • Liam Ward
    Liam Ward Month ago

    How to talk like Mike:
    the FORCE awakens
    a TEEv show

  • VoidisVirtue
    VoidisVirtue Month ago

    Why? What’s wrong with the last jedi? Do you hate women?
    Absolutely...(continues talking, no hesitation) I love it.

  • Eric Swenson
    Eric Swenson Month ago

    I need you guys to watch the new Ant Man because the editing was so insane, I felt like I was missing chunks of time

  • Gordon Slamsay
    Gordon Slamsay Month ago

    Asuka not OobaJooba

  • Subzwari1987
    Subzwari1987 Month ago

    Disney Star Wars = White trash winning the lottery
    That is, by far, the best analogy to describe the shitshow that is Disney Star Wars

  • Aaron Brewer
    Aaron Brewer Month ago

    I had one of those Godzilla figures whose back comes off, and I never once knew what that slot was for...

  • cjdeist
    cjdeist Month ago

    RE: Aquaman's plot - they're essentially just adapting the "Throne of Atlantis" story from the comics. It's a pretty accessible Aquaman story with a lot of worldbuilding, so makes sense for a movie.

  • Astra Moon
    Astra Moon Month ago

    I only know Clone Wars from a DS game I got years ago. Worst game in existence (who would have thought! XD). It's like a phone game (tapping the screen constantly) but then with a hard plastic pencil/stick and it slowly destroys your touch screen while playing. LOVELY!

  • apollonious egronious

    5:17 boba thicc

  • retrovideogamejunkie

    aquaman, then lobo?

  • Zesty Smith
    Zesty Smith Month ago

    I hate women too pal

  • Caleb Cornelius
    Caleb Cornelius Month ago +1

    It's a shame you guys haven't actually watched through Star Wars TCW. Dave Filoni actually knows what makes Star Wars great and has managed to keep making good SW all the way through Rebels. He's an excellent writer and creator. I think Mr. Plinkett might even agree! Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to TCW season 7, especially after the way the sequel trilogy has gone.

  • Polybius11
    Polybius11 Month ago

    do akira or end of evangelion

  • Willz __
    Willz __ Month ago

    Wait, how long have movie's been doing comic cons/video game conventions in the way of releasing all the trailers at once just to shove as much shit as they can so it can all be forgotten about, great strategy.

    • Willz __
      Willz __ Month ago

      Fuck that Teen Titans shit in any way, anime kids show or cringe TV show. Shazam looks fucking dumb in that we had Kickass and Deadpool. Fucking Hollywood.

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon Month ago +2

    Deadpool 2 is pretty good and honestly I was looking forward to a half in the bag

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +1

    I can see the desperation in your eyes.
    Nice vid, thumbs up'n shit.

  • Kanji Klub
    Kanji Klub Month ago +2

    We need Mr P last Jedi review.

    • Fera Flauna
      Fera Flauna Month ago

      +Kanji Klub-I'm actually okay with them holding off on a Plinkett Last Jedi review at the moment. They rushed too fast to make a Force Awakens review because enough of the fans demanded it. ..but. . .at best, they didn't really have a whole lot to say, especially anything that wasn't touched on before in the Half in the Bag review. That review was way too long and overbloated. So, if they do an (eventual) Last Jedi review, I want them only to do it if they actually have something to say about it. That they want to do it, "need" to do it, not for anybody else but because THEY want to.

  • Barclay Bower
    Barclay Bower Month ago

    I love you guys, been watching you for years now. But holy shit sometimes your cynicism really bums me out. Deadpool 2 was one of the absolutely funniest movies I've ever seen. Amd while Aquaman is lame, the story of war with his brother is the most important story to tell to introduce him in cinematic form. It is why Aquaman is who he is. So not a blatant ripoff of Thor. If anything Thor ripped off Aquaman 1st.

  • Nathaniel Drake
    Nathaniel Drake Month ago +4

    "Lucasfilm is in full-on "How can we salvage this disaster?" mode"
    *Disney releases the Star Wars: Resistance trailer a few weeks later*
    I'm starting to think Disney actually hates Star Wars and its fans.

    • Nyarlathotep
      Nyarlathotep Month ago +1

      A lot of this "nerd culture " has been infiltrated by people who hate the fans and want to change the industry. It is happening in movies, games and comics. They are hiring creators who despise the people who buy their products.

    • Nathaniel Drake
      Nathaniel Drake Month ago

      100% accurate and I couldn't agree more. I wanted a story that would respect and further the mythology that came before it, but instead I got 2 pandering, vacuous cash-grabs and a 3rd likely on the way (admittedly, the spin-off films have been slightly more enjoyable...)
      There's nothing in terms of direction over there at Lucasfilm, and it's a joke that Kathleen Kennedy hasn't been replaced yet. Whether people like Marvel Studios or not, their movies stand on a solid foundation that began with a vision, and to this day that vision serves as a through line for all of their films. Kevin Feige at least cares about those characters and the stories being told...The fact that they didn't have Episodes 7-9 vaguely mapped out before filming meant they fucked up right out the gate.
      I look forward to watching how ineptly Disney handles 20th Century Fox properties once that gets going...

    • Fera Flauna
      Fera Flauna Month ago

      +Nathaniel Drake-I think hate is too strong a word. More bluntly, they just don't care. At all. If anybody thought somehow, things were going to be different after George Lucas-a senile narcissist, traded away the franchise to the "highest bidder" (figuratively but it was worth a pretty big fortune. . .)-a cold, callous corporation, I think Disney has been smug enough by THIS POINT to prove just how much they really care.
      They never did. Star Wars is just YET another property in their arsenal they can milk and scrape "beyond the (bare) bones." It's JUST a property and ONLY a property to them, and nothing more-and there is very little love and care left in this franchise. Fans are to be used and manipulated for hype-and after that, fans are expendable. Guillable, naive, stupid-according to Disney. They expect, KNOW they don't have to give a shit, let alone try at all with this franchise, or so they assume. And they'll continue doing whatever the fuck they want until this "train" crashes to the ground. . .and if that ever happens. . .they'll just pick it up at some point and do it all over again. . .
      Is that incredibly depressing? Oh yes. I get no joy out of the fact these "movies" exist. I definitely don't get any joy with having these abominations that call themselves Star Wars movies-the whole experience is joyless and utterly robbed of heart and soul. But we're just at that point where Disney knows they've got all of us throttled at the wallet so after The Last Jedi, they've finally (and for me, maybe "mercifully") dropped any and all pretense that they were going to do things differently and that someone does care this time. . .

  • Harry Willmore
    Harry Willmore Month ago


  • J Do
    J Do Month ago +3

    I hope Shazam does well. It looks fun and goofy. Like a breath of fresh air after all the grit.

  • Dapstart
    Dapstart Month ago

    why would two schlubby VCR repairman have a booth at comic con?

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill Month ago

    I like this new Richard Evans person. I hope he's in more videos.

  • Joaquin Paez
    Joaquin Paez Month ago +3

    Is David F. Sandberg replacing Max Landis?

  • TheCheese06z
    TheCheese06z Month ago

    the Godzilla one is exciting to actual Godzilla fans RODAN IS GETTING A COMEBACK

  • R. Harms
    R. Harms Month ago

    28:22 "lets talk about CAN(N)ON" ..............i was really hyped up for a moment there.....now THAT would be awesome

  • KuroBatora
    KuroBatora Month ago

    Aquaman look downgraded

  • Paul Golyer
    Paul Golyer Month ago

    I just noticed the Alien 3 VHS tape

  • ZGoten
    ZGoten Month ago

    Oh god, the Shazam guy does the shit dance from Destiny and Fortnite. I can't watch this.

  • Vok Shlappin
    Vok Shlappin Month ago +2

    I'm so sick of superhero movies.

  • Cornelius McMuffin
    Cornelius McMuffin Month ago

    so neither of them know anything about star wars clone wars or teen titans, but one of them has heard of Touhou. how even tho.

  • Stefan Raeburn
    Stefan Raeburn Month ago +2


  • Big Guy617
    Big Guy617 Month ago +1

    Titans looks like crap

  • fointnikfraudulant
    fointnikfraudulant Month ago

    Jesus....Mike sure is a miserable fuck, isn’t he?

  • t3rt3l
    t3rt3l 2 months ago +2

    I think the discrepancy of views between the Shazam trailer and the Aquaman trailer is a simple factor of name recognition. Or something.

  • Dustinirons
    Dustinirons 2 months ago +2

    I cannot believe Bambi meets Godzilla was referenced

  • TriviaBot
    TriviaBot 2 months ago

    Wish I had a Godzilla toy with a hidden drug compartment like that.

    KOUROSH JALILI 2 months ago +5

    I hate how RLM is rushing to keep up with marvel they should have given rich Evans his own movie rather than cramming him into Half in the Bag : dawn of AAAAIIIIIIDDDDDSSSS

  • Zaius Ex Machina
    Zaius Ex Machina 2 months ago

    Did they actually go to Comicon? They used to go to cons and I loved those episodes. Thye were always dripping with hate and misanthropy, more than the usual episodes. Would be fun to see more of that.

  • Matt K
    Matt K 2 months ago

    Why are Mike's hands so red?

  • RagsTheGoat
    RagsTheGoat 2 months ago +1

    funnily enough, all the DC films have been financially successful. and i get the RLM guys are cynical but holy shit did they blow so much smoke up disney's ass.

  • Eatable Bread
    Eatable Bread 2 months ago

    There was two twist endings in Split: The first is it being a Unbreakable sequel, the second being that it wasn't a shit movie.

  • Vic Sage
    Vic Sage 2 months ago

    Lol you guys hit it on the nail glad I’m not the only who feels fatigue over Star Wars and DC puts out shit I really don’t care about aquaman looks boring and Captain Marvel looks like a lot of fun and it’s lighthearted and dumb I’m excited about it.

  • Gary McMichael
    Gary McMichael 2 months ago

    Dear Half in the Bag, consider that each successive video discussion you produce is akin to a sequel of your best stuff. After a while, at some point, perhaps soon, your followers begin to look at these the same way you guys look at sequels.....”eh, I don’t need more.” Just some food for thought. Gotta keep making each successive spicier and more exciting, otherwise, meh.

  • Earthbjorn Nahkaimurrao

    glad yall stopped reviewing movies, ......that was going nowhere

  • Jakob Rogers
    Jakob Rogers 2 months ago +1

    You guys should go see Mission Impossible Fallout. It's probably the only film worth watching in theaters at the moment.

  • goonsgoons1
    goonsgoons1 2 months ago

    Deadpool 2 is waaaay better than the first, recommend

  • Golgi Apparatus
    Golgi Apparatus 2 months ago


  • david yao
    david yao 2 months ago +1

    I honestly liked Rebels and the Clone Wars better than the new movies. They do a bit of pandering, sure, but it's honestly what I want out of the star wars franchise -- exploring an established world with new characters. It's like really above average fanfic and I love it

  • Patrick Doherty
    Patrick Doherty 2 months ago +1

    I totally agree with Mike's trailer trash analogy, but Disney don't.. or shouldn't make such bad decisions. They obviously have experienced marketing people and make decisions based on research and data. They didn't rush out a frozen sequel. They're still milking that, but they knew not to push out part 2 very quickly. When they have special property like Frozen, The Incredibles, Toy Story or Finding Nemo they generally tend to take their time. With Star Wars they just went fucking nuts! It's totally out of character.