Every Californians Ever (Part 1 of 2)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Watch the drama and driving directions unfold in every Californians ever aired on Saturday Night Live. The story continues in Every Californians Ever (Part 2/2). Watch now: thexvid.com/video/xzZkaqBmH-s/video.html
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Comments • 1 954

  • Nadia Janssen
    Nadia Janssen 10 minutes ago

    Amjaaazing. I'm yur broooooooooooooooooooooooo bro.

  • 800 beatz
    800 beatz 14 hours ago +1

    Request: chicagoans

  • Taste of Twenty
    Taste of Twenty 18 hours ago

    How do you know where he lives? How do you know that? Take the 405. Take the 5. What are you doing here? hahahha

  • mellisa r
    mellisa r 20 hours ago

    22:15 when he's trying to keep it in after all this time of being serious

  • MrChavaIV
    MrChavaIV 21 hour ago

    Tha fuck is wrong with me? I’ll watch this mofos non stop

  • Casper Side Winder
    Casper Side Winder 23 hours ago

    We know that are ignorant, they vote for Democrats, and worship the dirt.

  • Love's Higher Mind

    Like, I hahv tu watch thusth agan an agan Lol like uh mulliin tiumzth

  • Robina Forrand-Adams

    As an orginal Valley Girl...this is frickin hilarious!

  • 11 SZORLOK
    11 SZORLOK Day ago


  • Koya Moon
    Koya Moon Day ago

    Christina Applegate is so good!!!

  • Frank's world
    Frank's world Day ago +1

    We do not sound like this.

    SLICEandDICE 2 days ago +2

    I love how Bill Haders accent gets more cartoonish the more he plays this role

  • Aesthetic Trump
    Aesthetic Trump 2 days ago

    Sick people

  • mysoulwaits
    mysoulwaits 2 days ago

    Now that it's out... How about an episode where the Californians meet the Mandalorians? Could be interesting...

  • andrewthezeppo
    andrewthezeppo 2 days ago +3

    These sketches started a few years before I moved to Los Angeles and I still find their directions shockingly accurate

  • Jaime Chavez
    Jaime Chavez 2 days ago

    Snl is complete garbage now. It’s painfully hard to watch.

  • Marcus Conn
    Marcus Conn 2 days ago

    The ultimate binge watch of "The Californians..."

  • Meegan
    Meegan 2 days ago

    11:05 R2D2?

    ALEX GUERRERO 2 days ago

    Definitely the Southern Californians lol

  • Spin & Fly Guy
    Spin & Fly Guy 2 days ago

    My all time favorite recurring skit. Just hilarious.😄

  • Light of Ryga
    Light of Ryga 2 days ago

    So no SNL writer has ever been anywhere in CA other than LA. Good to know.

  • aleksandra-diana dovžan

    I'm pretty sure each one of the actors has a secret goal of ''How many times can I make my co-actors break in a sketch?''

  • wavsunlimited
    wavsunlimited 2 days ago

    I cringe every time they bring in a movie actor.

  • Desert Rose
    Desert Rose 3 days ago

    OMG the driving directions are so true. My husband always tells me the complicated route he's going to take to avoid the brush fires, accidents, road closures, and construction. Speaking of which, they are missing the OMGs. I love how, according to the directions, they live in a different city in every vignette.

  • LaGuan Hayes
    LaGuan Hayes 3 days ago

    I fall into this positive biofeedback loop of laughing hard at Fred Armisen then laughing harder at Bill Hader trying not to laugh at Fred then laughing harder at Kristen Wiig for just being herself then laughing harder at Hader still trying to keep it together then laughing harder.....

  • Dani Marie
    Dani Marie 3 days ago

    These particular SNL skits embarrass the crap out of me because I'm from here. Specifically Orange County, CA. IN Orange and have lived here and have been to these parts of LA 1000x. And the way we speak.. I swear.. Its true. I even do it unintentionally and I can't help it!!! And our freeways... EXACTLY how it is. I drive the 405 and all that all the time. Lol
    In fact... I drive the 91 and the 405 and 605 and 57 and 55 and 15 and 60 and all... Hahaha. Ive driven down PCH (OC) and Laguna Beach (OC) and Huntington Beach (OC) and Long Beach (LAC) and thru Venice Beach (LAC) and Beverly Hills (LAC) and Hollywood (LAC) and so many more places.
    I wanna say theyre making fun of us too much but... Its pretty close. Lol

  • Michael Castro
    Michael Castro 3 days ago

    Can there be one of Texans ha

  • Ann S
    Ann S 3 days ago

    I'm Californian and half the time I can't even understand them. XD

  • Thelise Moore
    Thelise Moore 3 days ago

    Wait, who's the guy in the pink jacket at 9:17

  • micdogg187
    micdogg187 3 days ago +3

    I live in California is this 100% how we talk when getting on the 405 to the 101 and exiting Hollywood blvd

  • 1seansouth
    1seansouth 3 days ago +2

    who, like, plaaays the maaaid? I'm like, totally, into her right now.

  • Mare Bear
    Mare Bear 4 days ago +4

    As a Californian, I can attest this is what we sound like. 100%

  • Hiddy B Goode
    Hiddy B Goode 4 days ago

    Lol when mick jagger came on

  • Lena R
    Lena R 4 days ago +1

    Being Californian, yes, this is how some white people talk. But thank God I don't hear that accent as much here in San Diego, CA

  • Nate-Box The One And Only

    is this really our stereotype?

  • Demian Luper
    Demian Luper 4 days ago

    The ones from Califonia are the ones who do the accents the best: Andy Samberg, Jeremy Renner, Christina Applegate.

  • Autumn Davis
    Autumn Davis 4 days ago

    I enjoyed this😊.
    God is good.

  • Sabuhi Gurbanzada
    Sabuhi Gurbanzada 4 days ago

    13:25 it is

  • AEG Mama
    AEG Mama 4 days ago +2

    I feel like Jimmy Fallon should have appeared in an episode. Reminds me of his voice in “Ew”

  • D. Mills
    D. Mills 4 days ago

    Is Fred Armison a regular on SNL or was he a guest this night? I'm addicted to Portlandia. Wish they were still making those, there's SO much to satire out there.

  • blackmore4
    blackmore4 4 days ago

    I'm English and I've only noticed this Californian accent more recently on TV and films. Has it always been like this? Or is the extremity of it a recent development?

  • Frank's world
    Frank's world 5 days ago

    Was that. Christina applegate?

  • Sandy Cheng
    Sandy Cheng 5 days ago

    I live in Beverly Hills here and there and lived in Westwood. This is so accurately funny, friends that I talk to like to throw out freeways and names of areas when they arrive at their destination. I’m familiar with a lot of their directions, at the same time still learning.

  • matty
    matty 5 days ago +8

    "It's almost Long Beach, man!"
    as someone who lives in Orange County, i felt that 😑😂

  • Emory Holley
    Emory Holley 5 days ago

    I can't believe how good Mick Jagger looks....

  • Bro Fest
    Bro Fest 5 days ago

    Can't believe I'm about to watch this,,, and like it.

  • Justin Garfield
    Justin Garfield 5 days ago +1

    This is so much funnier now that I live in California lol

  • JustDerek
    JustDerek 5 days ago +1

    Took me awhile to realize it was Bill hader saying "next time on the Californians"

  • Jerks
    Jerks 5 days ago

    405 goes south to Irvine. Come on now....

  • SharonP64
    SharonP64 5 days ago

    Maybe this is LA area but this is NOT SAN DIEGO!

  • CLuv
    CLuv 5 days ago +6

    7:18....for a second I thought that was John Mulaney in a suit

  • CLuv
    CLuv 5 days ago +1

    Wha wha wha Who are you?

  • Charsept
    Charsept 6 days ago +6

    I'm from California and this isn't totally ridiculous

  • Eleanna Bozonleos
    Eleanna Bozonleos 6 days ago +40

    I live in southern California and this is mildly accurate

    • DreSully
      DreSully 3 hours ago

      @sgtmunoz 😂😂😂

    • sgtmunoz
      sgtmunoz Day ago +4

      Agree. But we only fly east of the 405.

    • bizmonkey007
      bizmonkey007 2 days ago +6

      The accent they use in the skit gets me. It definitely sounds SoCal-ish, like a garbled mix of Valley Girl and Surfer Bum. I didn't hear enough "For sures" though.

  • Wilma FistFit
    Wilma FistFit 6 days ago +1

    Bill haders mouth lol

  • REBX
    REBX 6 days ago +4

    Too real. But should be called 'The Angelenos'

  • reving19
    reving19 6 days ago +3


  • Gregory Jeung
    Gregory Jeung 6 days ago +30

    I'm just gonna greet everyone "eeuyah whahhyeuhyudoinerre?" from now on.

  • bellopinedaj
    bellopinedaj 6 days ago