Conor McGregor's dreams of winning the 170lb belt can turn into a NIGHTMARE fast,Kamaru Usman

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    Ali wants an opponent for Makhachev,
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Comments • 80


    fair fight
    1:37 🖤🥊🧡

  • JaŚöN KíNg
    JaŚöN KíNg Month ago

    Does anyone you know where this ball hugger clothing they’re always trying to sell on here?
    I mean,...I’m a fan but I sure as fuck don’t want to brand myself as a hugger of any one of these guy.
    Maybe it’s just me,...but I’ve NEVER seen anyone wearing this shit.
    Other then a UFC event,...that is? Anyone?

  • Radosław lki
    Radosław lki 2 months ago

    everyone pointing out at Conor making fun of him, while majority of them would get knocked the fuck out if only they fought Conor at his prime, kinda makes me laugh

  • Nicholas Frey
    Nicholas Frey 2 months ago

    Conor McGregor will beat him

  • The All Power Team
    The All Power Team 2 months ago

    McTapper needs to fight Usman and get destroyed, Masvidal and get destroyed, Colby and get destroyed, Tony and get destroyed and then get mauled by the Eagle once more for a last good measure.

  • Spoony Pizzas
    Spoony Pizzas 2 months ago +1

    JUST when you think it can't get any worse than *Tyrone Woodley & Kamaru Usman* along comes this guy 1:52

  • the derpy sandwich
    the derpy sandwich 2 months ago

    I think the reason the ref saw him and stoped the fight was because of Overeams lip

  • winn htun
    winn htun 2 months ago

    Usman, unfortunately, isn’t a marketable champ. The matches where he is involved in sells depending on his opponents. Sad reality. He doesn’t the charisma, so to speak. He lucky the challengers in his division are poplular fighter who knows how to sell fights. Him alone... I don’t know...

  • goldiggah15
    goldiggah15 2 months ago

    Holy crap Corey Anderson is a dumb fuck

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank 2 months ago

    9:34 Cowboy taking a dive mark my words hes been paid!!! Then all these guys talking shit will be told take the big money fight and move on and let Conor, The UFC and his new opponent keep making money until hes champ on 170. You think Money hungry Dana will let this man lose knowing how much money will be lost if he does. smh

  • Christian Faith Manalo
    Christian Faith Manalo 2 months ago


  • Kageryu
    Kageryu 2 months ago

    MMA fans to Tyron Woodley: "Don't get too delusional"

  • Sir Pavon
    Sir Pavon 2 months ago

    I feel a little sorry for conor ... not for his bank account, but to think that he could have been a great fighter for much longer than he was. Now he is a meme that is beating old men in a bar (old people who do not flinch) and not too much more, because Cowboy is going to break his ass easy.
    And I hope I'm wrong because this man, Conor, makes this sport more fun, but I don't see him winning a single fight anymore. It was fine while it lasted I guess.

  • Kageryu
    Kageryu 2 months ago

    Jones ain't ducking you Corey don't flatter yourself. You beat Johnny Walker. Goody-goody Gumdrops.

  • Don't Fear The Reaper
    Don't Fear The Reaper 2 months ago

    I'd pay top dollar to watch pussy trump grab a weapon and go to war

  • Gutierrez Silva
    Gutierrez Silva 2 months ago

    5:15 7 rings

  • Octav Udrich
    Octav Udrich 2 months ago

    The truth is,,there's a long way for conny entering other weight divisions,,he has NOT even wiped out all the top contenders in his division and then being humiliated by khabib?,,so there's no room for him for much bigger opponents.

  • Tim NJ
    Tim NJ 2 months ago

    He will not beat Jan lol 😂

  • JTinners
    JTinners 2 months ago

    Jesus titty fucking christ......when will Woodley just fuck off?
    Still self proclaiming as the welterweight GOAT! SMFH dude, maybe you scrape top 5 but in my opinion, the most boring, non-entity of a “Champion” I’ve ever seen.
    Fucking retire already.....PLEASE

  • B Elliott
    B Elliott 2 months ago

    Perry is just not good

  • Janice Greene
    Janice Greene 2 months ago

    😂😂😂 Conor is coming for you Scared Racist Uswoman 😂😂😂

  • mark roberts
    mark roberts 2 months ago

    That piece of trash from Africa Kamaru Usman needs to keep his mouth shut if he didn't knock Colby out in his last fight in the last round he would have lost a decision you can out box and outpoint him and he acts like he is some kind of dominant fighter Jorge Masvidal will take him out

  • Daniil Nguen
    Daniil Nguen 2 months ago

    i only tune into this channel to get updates on Tyron Woodly

  • Nvidia Powah
    Nvidia Powah 2 months ago

    Lol tyron dreamer

  • Franco Lust
    Franco Lust 2 months ago

    10:22 Usman McGregor

    KING MUFASA 2 months ago

    Corey ain't shit shut up

  • Htx457
    Htx457 2 months ago

    Corey look like an overweight John Jones

  • Mario Balazs
    Mario Balazs 2 months ago

    I liked him before but he turned to dickhead of nightmare!

  • Mario Balazs
    Mario Balazs 2 months ago

    I hope that usman boy will loose his belt in short time!!!!

  • Eric Abinoha
    Eric Abinoha 2 months ago

    Both hall of fame fighters, but this shouldv been justins fight he just beat cowboy n cowboy comn off 2 Ls

  • Neeto Lemutant
    Neeto Lemutant 2 months ago

    Ah man, this ending 🤣😂😂🤣

  • Jeff Fries
    Jeff Fries 2 months ago

    Every one of mike Perry vids are a waste of time.

  • Angelgunzny
    Angelgunzny 2 months ago

    Usman would get knocked out by McGregor if he goes for that title

  • Rick Jefte
    Rick Jefte 2 months ago

    I felt that last part of your video thank you

  • kelvin john
    kelvin john 2 months ago

    Does anybody care what Woodley says?

  • brian Roach
    brian Roach 2 months ago

    Harsh Times. Bale's best role.

  • flybobbyfly
    flybobbyfly 2 months ago

    Can you just stop with the woodley vlogs? I used to be a fan but I'm tired of hearing his shit at this point

  • DaLeadBull
    DaLeadBull 2 months ago

    lol Tyron is a comedian at this point.

  • 420 Monster
    420 Monster 2 months ago

    Fuck Woodley!

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 2 months ago

    Woodley= Dillusional💯💯

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 2 months ago

    Ain't no one taking jon jones belt no time soon💪💪💯💯

  • Eddy S. Razor XP
    Eddy S. Razor XP 2 months ago

    Wrong Cejudo saved all the little guys anyone thats a fight fan should pay to see him. Again if your fight fan pay t watch him without him shitloads of fighters would be unable to support their families. Not to mention his shit is awesome to watch.

  • Stoney
    Stoney 2 months ago

    Corey sounds like a child from little rascals 🤣

  • futainokiwami521
    futainokiwami521 2 months ago

    Gosh I’m so sick of hearing Tyron Woolley talk about top competition...dude, go win a fight already

  • Azz McMilly
    Azz McMilly 2 months ago

    Doesn't matter how many seconds was left in the fight, 1 more shot to Overeems lip and his entire face could have peeled off. JR seen the damage before the referee, that's why there was a delay. The second the ref would of seen the damage the fight would not have continued. Shouldnteven be a debate this

  • Mlg Quickscoper
    Mlg Quickscoper 2 months ago

    9:37 usman talk

  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 months ago

    anyone else think kamaru snoozeman is on the juice taking steroids?

  • Victa Nguyen
    Victa Nguyen 2 months ago

    Lol covington, t Woodley and usman would stomp da fk outta McGregor. No contest what so ever nigga

  • LordBattleSmurf
    LordBattleSmurf 2 months ago

    Fuck Tyron Woodley he's not even the 3rd best welterweight currently active in the UFC. You ain't getting no rematch for the belt unless you earn it first you race baiting pussy quit dodging

  • BMM - Ix3U
    BMM - Ix3U 2 months ago

    people always talking about jones ducking them lol BRUUUH KEEP that dream high

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic 2 months ago

    the ending about WWIII LOL :DD

  • Tech Gadget Reviews
    Tech Gadget Reviews 2 months ago

    tryon is fucking delusional if he thinks hes the greatest welterweight of all time...cuz its GSP

  • Drew Hawk
    Drew Hawk 2 months ago

    Corey Anderson would beat my ass but he straight goofy. You're supposed to be the initial and strongest role model for your sons' observance. Get in that cage when Bones if you want to...

  • Divyaraj Rathore
    Divyaraj Rathore 2 months ago

    That ending though 😝😝😂😂🙏

  • Brett Jones
    Brett Jones 2 months ago

    Corey Anderson what language are you speaking?

  • Jackson Chennault
    Jackson Chennault 2 months ago

    Conor is out of his fucking mind

  • Stephen Cahill
    Stephen Cahill 2 months ago

    Best Fighter in the World ? Usman just had his way with you. Go easy

    JOE CIOCCO 2 months ago

    As much as Yan is right and Aldo really shouldnt get that Henry fight, I want to see Aldo get it. The guy deserves it at this point in his career. Lets stop playing around, he beat Marlon and everyone knows it. If anything, put him in there with Yan and lets see whos got the goods.

  • Matt Naslund
    Matt Naslund 2 months ago

    Hey Corey... I think its much more plausible, that you aren't even on JBJ's radar, bruh. And if he is ducking you, its probably for your best interest. Shooting snuff, is illegal in the US.

  • Nate Clark
    Nate Clark 2 months ago

    Can we not cover Woodley again till he fights he’s not even entertaining

  • Orozco Family
    Orozco Family 2 months ago

    Woke up in 2020 saying is Woodly still fighting?😂

  • Chetan K
    Chetan K 2 months ago

    Rosentriek clearly knocked him up ....he could not get up ..with torn lip ...what you wanted him to die ???

  • SuperJohn313
    SuperJohn313 2 months ago

    Yo i haven't fought or won any fights since losing my belt but i believe i am the best at 170 - Tyron "The Delusional One" Woodley

  • Jeremiah .A
    Jeremiah .A 2 months ago

    LOL!! @Tyrone.

  • Dylan Mac’s Bluesic
    Dylan Mac’s Bluesic 2 months ago

    Perry’s boxing looks bunk, he should maybe try a few boxing classes

  • john smoot
    john smoot 2 months ago

    That guy you know talking like this after one shot**
    1:54 Corey Anderson 😂

  • Benjamin Floors
    Benjamin Floors 2 months ago

    Connor should rematch the guy he lost to

  • Mikka
    Mikka 2 months ago

    Usman wants to fight Conor wayyy more than Conor wants to fight him. So idk why Usman out here acting cocky. He’ll beg to fight Conor, just like everyone else. It’s 3x the paycheck of any other fight they’ve had.
    Yet everyone calls McGregor a «has been» smh...

  • Dawut Adam
    Dawut Adam 2 months ago

    Waoov i hate this bitcjley tyrone stfu and fight. Somebody just somebody

  • Anthony Jonas
    Anthony Jonas 2 months ago

    John jones and john Walker looking in the mirror crying right now.

  • Peter Dembowy
    Peter Dembowy 2 months ago

    The only person more boring than Woodley is Corey Anderson.
    Corey, please stop posting selfie vids and let your fighting do the talking.

  • Rahshan Hayes
    Rahshan Hayes 2 months ago

    Tired of Woolley talking. I just want to see him fight! If he beats Edwards, then he is still at the top and should get a rematch with Usman!

  • Peter Dembowy
    Peter Dembowy 2 months ago

    Tyron Woodley is officially the laughing stock of MMA.

  • Rya N
    Rya N 2 months ago

    Damn Corey makes kamaru seem cool

  • Marion Frasier
    Marion Frasier 2 months ago

    That Corey A. dude is a straight bitch ass fuck boy for trying bring up Jon Jones past after he done cleaned his self up and got back on a good track. that shit does not have anything to do with Jon Jones kicking ass again and winning his belt back. If i was Jon Jones i would not fight him or give him a chance because of the low blow hating remarks. Straight bitch move junky stunt by that bitch hoe Corey A. dude

  • soulballer69
    soulballer69 2 months ago

    Mike Perry is allergic to head movement. 🤣

  • Sickof Idiots
    Sickof Idiots 2 months ago

    Mike Perry vs Chuck Liddell in a catchweight spelling bee.

  • mickspawn
    mickspawn 2 months ago

    Woodley is always talking himself up yet isn't fighting anyone

  • Sickof Idiots
    Sickof Idiots 2 months ago

    Mystic Rapist is bulking up so after the L he can go straight to WWE.

  • Gargola18
    Gargola18 2 months ago

    I tasted connors wisky and it isnt bad, but it taste cheap af