How To Finely Chop An Onion - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Nov 15, 2013
  • How to finely chop an onion - with no waste and no fuss. Let us know any tips or techniques you'd like to see.
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  • The frog
    The frog 9 hours ago

    I do it quickly and its over with.

  • shrey chauhan
    shrey chauhan 11 hours ago

    Almost orgamsed 😌

  • dylan gatin
    dylan gatin 11 hours ago


  • M Fredi
    M Fredi 12 hours ago +1

    No shit! Next time show us how to boil water

  • Zaenab A
    Zaenab A 14 hours ago

    A good onyo is a heavy *OÑO*

  • Afterfall 81
    Afterfall 81 16 hours ago


  • andi fucka
    andi fucka 18 hours ago


  • Barismo K
    Barismo K 21 hour ago

    But you don't have to cut the Onyo halfway in.

  • Lola To'lqinjonova

    How to sharpen your knife tutorial would be great

  • DarkStorm 97
    DarkStorm 97 Day ago

    That's a good *ONYO*

  • Wreck Tard
    Wreck Tard Day ago

    Ffs he made this look so easy when I tried this I nearly set the house on fire

  • KO KO
    KO KO Day ago +1

    Imagine Gordon cut his finger. It would be amazing

  • Huerta Cero
    Huerta Cero Day ago +1

    You have to do things with love, then I invite you to see
    the video:
    With a sharp knife, chop garlic quickly and with Love ♥♥♥ (video with subtitles)

  • Moody GhannaM
    Moody GhannaM Day ago

    *How to dice an ONYO

  • ResTrO
    ResTrO Day ago +1

    15mln views how to chop an onion lulz

  • Konstantinovich1

    Let the staff cut the onion!

  • rockyfosgate
    rockyfosgate Day ago

    Try doing that with my knife Ramsey!

  • Novocrine
    Novocrine Day ago

    Gordon must be the best chef

  • LardjAR-14/wingedzombie909

    Gordon Ramsay kills shrek (colorized 2013)

  • Vitaly Greddy
    Vitaly Greddy Day ago


  • Bethany Scobbie
    Bethany Scobbie Day ago

    Gordon has his way .. with ..ze onion .. lol

  • WhackableMole
    WhackableMole 2 days ago

    Gotta be honest, I was expecting a great deal more fucks...

  • Loic Jackotin
    Loic Jackotin 2 days ago

    Thanks bro.

  • No Nonsense Johnson
    No Nonsense Johnson 2 days ago

    Just wear swimming goggles. Eat your heart out Gordon

  • Naeem Aurangzeb
    Naeem Aurangzeb 2 days ago +1

    😢Thanks for the video.

  • Sean P. O'NEIL
    Sean P. O'NEIL 2 days ago

    You need to go to Pat's, or Genos. In Philly. That's a steak sandwich.

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr 2 days ago

    Y los tacos wey?

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 2 days ago +1 Dicing an Onion by Chef Jean Pierre, Chef Jean Pierre disagrees, this is a better way to dice a ONYON!!!

  • Josh350
    Josh350 2 days ago

    Woooo, that's a good Onyo

  • Bob Love
    Bob Love 2 days ago

    Wasted step. There is no crying in the kitchen. That was the most un impressive knife demonstration by a Chef I have ever watched. I need to get off the shit watchin this nonsense.

  • Harry Nguyen
    Harry Nguyen 3 days ago

    You have no idea how helpful this video is

  • Eduardo Virgen
    Eduardo Virgen 3 days ago

    Onyo or onion?

  • Matthew Blazer
    Matthew Blazer 3 days ago

    Seriously, how to cut a f#*#*n onion.

  • Iceman
    Iceman 3 days ago

    There is huge difference between fine chopping an onion or just chopping an onion. This is chopping an onion. Fine chopping is something completely different. Go find a video where his mentor Marco Pierre White explains how to fine chop a onion.

  • Еламан Казбеков

    But it's RAW!

  • Abhay Nambiar
    Abhay Nambiar 3 days ago


  • Avster 101
    Avster 101 4 days ago

    We caught him slipping up it’s DICING and onion

  • I can't think of any name

    How to cut an *ONYO*

    oops wrong vid

    BORDER WALL 4 days ago

    Kids, this is what a healthy role-model looks like

  • This freakin Guy
    This freakin Guy 4 days ago

    It’s RAWWWWWWW!!!!

  • Ricky p Perez
    Ricky p Perez 4 days ago +2

    He's left-handed just noticed that

  • kolibric903
    kolibric903 5 days ago

    Did u mean onyo?

  • Jesse Hofman
    Jesse Hofman 5 days ago

    Jean Pierre did it better, onyo

  • Liam Axton-hall
    Liam Axton-hall 5 days ago

    If stick your tongue out whilst chopping you won’t cry

  • Aayush Das
    Aayush Das 5 days ago


  • freedoire
    freedoire 5 days ago

    It's raaaww!

  • Trust me I am a bird

    What the heck did I just watch?...

  • I Just Fell Down
    I Just Fell Down 5 days ago

    Ill go fuck myself for you gordon thanks.

  • Burn It Down Productions

    Why didn’t I think of that? 😂

  • GameloverYT
    GameloverYT 5 days ago

    That’s a BIG onyo...shit wrong chef

  • Am I Wrong?
    Am I Wrong? 5 days ago +1

    This was what Namjoon needed at the time.

  • Spill the Tae
    Spill the Tae 6 days ago +2

    *RM needs to take notes*

  • Sergio Muñiz
    Sergio Muñiz 6 days ago

    Meanwhile I got onion all over the kitchen 😕

  • Neji Niisan
    Neji Niisan 6 days ago

    Chopped my fingers

  • Mirco Hesse
    Mirco Hesse 7 days ago

    i worked in the kitchen and can tell you this method is as stupid as they come.
    it invites you to cut yourself, costs more time than necessary (where you gonna fight tearing eyes, too), and is basically just for showing off

  • Starkiller
    Starkiller 7 days ago +1

    ONYON !!!

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 7 days ago


  • Abdullah Puncture wala

    Onyo Anyone ????

  • J Pecco
    J Pecco 7 days ago

    F sake however did we cope with food before these dingbat chefs came about., their self importance is staggering 🤨

  • Haf
    Haf 7 days ago

    Title should be

  • Nefarious Nektarios
    Nefarious Nektarios 7 days ago

    But is it a good onyo?

  • ø& ýəá& ýəá&
    ø& ýəá& ýəá& 8 days ago

    Whi is this in Alan Walker's unmasked section......

  • Nandini Bhatia
    Nandini Bhatia 8 days ago +1

    *namjoon has entered the chat*

  • DMC
    DMC 8 days ago

    I use a mechanical chopper smash the hell out of it ..

  • Joseph Wright
    Joseph Wright 8 days ago

    He isn't no comedian why he try so hard to be hes not even funny stick too cooking

  • rust in peace
    rust in peace 8 days ago

    Blender anyone and no tears 👌

  • Brody Miller
    Brody Miller 8 days ago

    T H I S
    I S
    M E
    C U T T I N G
    O N I O N

  • marilucia oliveira
    marilucia oliveira 9 days ago

    just watching the onions are getting eyes watery

  • Meditation Man
    Meditation Man 9 days ago

    looking like a white tit with nipple

  • Fables 47
    Fables 47 9 days ago +1

    A Good Onyo
    Is a Heavy Onyo

  • grxzl park
    grxzl park 9 days ago +1

    Namjoon should see this

  • cristina lexy
    cristina lexy 9 days ago +1

    Even Gordon Ramsay cry cutting onion ?

  • Miss Marples
    Miss Marples 10 days ago

    Aaaaand now I have no fingers!

  • trainlover 16
    trainlover 16 10 days ago

    Is that a 6 pound onyon?

  • Rukeya Rafia
    Rukeya Rafia 10 days ago

    👍 nice .

  • Sb kj
    Sb kj 10 days ago

    This video should be called „How to make an excuse to cry“

  • GRGplays
    GRGplays 10 days ago

    But I want to know how to dice an onyo

  • Prubbs
    Prubbs 10 days ago

    And here I was letting the hammer do all the work this whole time.
    Thanks Mr Ramsay

  • Briana Staples
    Briana Staples 10 days ago

    Gordon is my internet boyfriend

  • dead1zer0
    dead1zer0 10 days ago

    wheres the ONYO tho

  • Aronza Brown
    Aronza Brown 10 days ago

    What!! No salt 😆... He must be out of salt then,

  • Preacher
    Preacher 11 days ago

    What if the onion Isn't fine!!!

  • adnan alam
    adnan alam 11 days ago +2

    I know a better technique of chopping onion than ramsay.

  • Hilary Little
    Hilary Little 11 days ago +1

    Thanks dad

  • Richard Atkins
    Richard Atkins 11 days ago

    I know hes a pro chef but there is no need to do the 2 inward cuts it makes absolutely no difference to the finness of the onion as they are in strands ,have a look when you cut the onion next time, it's one if those chef myths like not washing mushrooms.

  • Mr Bill
    Mr Bill 12 days ago

    Now that is just plain sad 15 million people didn't know how to slice an onion wow

  • jigsaw jigsaw
    jigsaw jigsaw 12 days ago +3

    Clearly Chef Ramsay hasn't seen the *THAT'S A HEAVY ONYO* video

    • Leo the Cat
      Leo the Cat 8 days ago

      @jigsaw jigsaw well oof

    • jigsaw jigsaw
      jigsaw jigsaw 8 days ago

      @Leo the Cat No, you were right, I was just messing with you

    • Leo the Cat
      Leo the Cat 8 days ago

      @jigsaw jigsaw oof I'm blind or you changed it.

    • jigsaw jigsaw
      jigsaw jigsaw 8 days ago

      @Leo the Cat what're talking about bro? It's spelt right 😂

    • Leo the Cat
      Leo the Cat 8 days ago +1


  • Cerise Jones
    Cerise Jones 12 days ago

    Needs more onyo...

  • Aidan :
    Aidan : 12 days ago

    i thought you always have to get rid of the first layer of the onion?

  • when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers

    How to finely chop an ONYO

  • Omagari Toshi
    Omagari Toshi 13 days ago

    What’s the point of side slice? The natural structure of onion should take care of that automatically.

  • ironic elm
    ironic elm 13 days ago

    Finally some good fucking recommendations

  • Azazel
    Azazel 13 days ago

    I prefer the slap chop

  • Kany
    Kany 13 days ago +5

    I need to finely chop my homework!

  • yali brennan
    yali brennan 14 days ago

    i cryed 😢

    FLY HIGH 14 days ago

    Useless tips..

  • scareyaf
    scareyaf 14 days ago

    That's gotta be a six pound onyo!

  • Kundan
    Kundan 14 days ago +7

    A heavy onyo is a good onyo.

  • Emiliano Bernal
    Emiliano Bernal 14 days ago +2


  • Sharmaine Holmes
    Sharmaine Holmes 15 days ago

    That’s what I do already. So why do people continue to tell me I’m doing it wrong?