10 Microwave Hacks that will Make Your Life a Whole Lot Better! DIY Ideas by Blossom

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • Check out these awesome microwave hacks that will make your life a whole lot better! For more DIY ideas, subscribe to your channel!

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  • Blizardstar1200
    Blizardstar1200 2 days ago

    Stopped being microwave hacks halfway through. Commit to your title. Put the rest in a different video.

  • Jessica Rosenfeldt
    Jessica Rosenfeldt 4 days ago

    Omg... What kind of monster doesn't fully drown the oreo

  • Samiha Fardin
    Samiha Fardin 10 days ago

    How can i make oregano

  • Stony Van Den Steen
    Stony Van Den Steen 11 days ago +1

    Can you Guys make a No Microwave video im very sick (please don’t ask il cty for real😭🤒) and i can’t have things that are Made in the Microwave THX😘😘😘

  • Rosie Walters
    Rosie Walters 12 days ago +1

    I ain't have no micorewave

  • Kamogelo Mholo
    Kamogelo Mholo 16 days ago

    Someone pls show me where the part of making eggs in the microwave is?

  • Eğlence tv
    Eğlence tv 17 days ago +1

    Hepiniz gevursunuz allahın gevurları türk olan beğensin

  • Shahad Rashed
    Shahad Rashed 19 days ago

    most of them is FAKE

  • Jeykumar Nattamai
    Jeykumar Nattamai 19 days ago

    I tried that bread hack I am pretty sure I did it wrong put then mine became soggy🤔

  • Radiatun Zidnee
    Radiatun Zidnee 20 days ago

    But sadly I don't have a microwave oven.

  • I like chocolate
    I like chocolate 20 days ago

    Best part

  • space. rose
    space. rose 22 days ago +1

    The music is soo soothing❤

  • Aakarshita Tiwari
    Aakarshita Tiwari 25 days ago

    Super fake

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco 25 days ago

    2:55 *

  • meriem fatmi
    meriem fatmi 27 days ago +1


  • Tommy Tan
    Tommy Tan 28 days ago

    Gordan Ramsey will be disappointed...

  • Diana Yusupova
    Diana Yusupova 28 days ago

    blossom who is gonna find a frickin vanilla bean? they cost like 17 dollars!

  • Naima Irfan
    Naima Irfan 29 days ago

    Subscribed. Amazing video.

  • Hatice ASHKAR
    Hatice ASHKAR Month ago

    It's very delicious

  • جوجة جوجة
    جوجة جوجة Month ago

    WOW good jop😻

  • Usla G
    Usla G Month ago

    Я русская это раз, два они самыеклассные

  • Lissy the Queen
    Lissy the Queen Month ago

    Very cool

  • amma vantillu
    amma vantillu Month ago

    I appreciated this idea amazing nice keep it up our ladies good god bless u 👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Camille Duterte
    Camille Duterte Month ago

    I love you channel!!!

  • Roz Maheshwari
    Roz Maheshwari Month ago

    so quiet and intelligent,
    well-done give your Website addresse if possible

  • Afua Semanu
    Afua Semanu Month ago

    How many times do that they have to put in stuf in the microwave?!

  • DANCE-CO 101
    DANCE-CO 101 Month ago

    I tried the brownie won and it just melted😓😓😓😥

  • Sura Cakir
    Sura Cakir Month ago

    I dont have a microwave

  • Cuppy The Cup
    Cuppy The Cup Month ago +2

    Can I get a like cuz Im a lil derp?

  • Xavier Vulpine
    Xavier Vulpine Month ago

    2:01 isn't smoking and cooking weed is illegal?

  • Asha Banee
    Asha Banee Month ago

    ireally love your video's 😉😉😉😉✌

  • Cyn Cas
    Cyn Cas Month ago

    For Christ sake! Stop doing that to tortillas!!!

  • Lia Dunham
    Lia Dunham Month ago

    Yes, because beyond 3:29 are microwave hacks

  • P M
    P M Month ago

    microwaves moves particles around super fast thus heating up your food (good eats) it dose not take out the water in the basil to dehydrate.

  • Мотильда Летюшова


  • Color Hayati
    Color Hayati Month ago +1

    the tomatoooo the tamatooooo THAAAANK YOUUUU😙😙

  • XENZAIN hd
    XENZAIN hd Month ago +1

    you are getting better and better you have more subscribes and likes on your videos i like your videos soooooo much please be better and make more videos every day and i like your channel to be more better.
    this is the real channel people this are the best videos.

  • Aryaman Sharma
    Aryaman Sharma Month ago

    Fact: - putting basil leaves in your microwave turns it into store bought dried basil.

  • Soy Vania :v
    Soy Vania :v Month ago

    2:41 queriéndole copiar los tacos a Mexico jajaja

  • Nora Asfoury
    Nora Asfoury Month ago

    This is Ella, one like makes her a year older

  • WyndhamRoss
    WyndhamRoss Month ago

    Love Blossom!❤️❤️😂😂

  • Glynn Pietersen
    Glynn Pietersen Month ago

    I tried the condencemilk one and my microwave exploded

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  • Cheyenne Smith
    Cheyenne Smith Month ago

    Thumbnail at 0:56 and 5:15

  • Yen Hoang
    Yen Hoang Month ago

    0:2 dirty

  • JB Farley
    JB Farley Month ago

    5:05 You stole that from So Yummy! 😠

  • Simrah Islam
    Simrah Islam Month ago +2

    Who watches the diys but never does them

  • Rubina Ayub
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  • Hala Bahnasawi
    Hala Bahnasawi Month ago

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  • yassine Ilove you
    yassine Ilove you Month ago

    i love beautiful

    PESTR HD Month ago

    8:28 Bake for 6 HOURS? FOR WHAT?

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago

    For all of you whose dog died
    for all of you whose birthday is today
    for all of you who are feeling down
    for all of you who miss someone
    It’s ok❤️ Don’t worry, everything will turn out in the end, and you’ll look back and be proud of yourself.

  • ملاك ملاك
    ملاك ملاك Month ago +1

    العراق Iraq

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    Viny Dias Month ago

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    Claudia Natilla Month ago

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  • unicorn_ ifigeneia
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    randomly min93 Month ago

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  • Achintya Saha
    Achintya Saha Month ago +4

    Stale bread......🍞
    Blossom - Let's microwave.and reuse it...
    Me - Let's throw it and get a new one..

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    Sailaja Mudedla Month ago

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    Katie Safriet Month ago

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    Lilli Johnson Month ago

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