If I Paid for This, I'd be PISSED...

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
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    The Red Hydrogen One took forever to build, is insanely expensive, and already is outdated... Can its camera possibly be good enough for it to compete with other flagship phones?
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Comments • 5 806

  • H H
    H H Day ago

    So it’s a expensive 3ds

  • finepot
    finepot 2 days ago +1

    considering red is a cinema company, wouldn't it make more sense to use the camera in video comparison as well instead of just photo for the phones?

  • Meir kivelevitz
    Meir kivelevitz 3 days ago +1

    The 3ds is only 200 dollars

  • Razi Shaaban
    Razi Shaaban 3 days ago

    I can't believe this.
    69 grams is a big difference on a smart phone. Wow

  • Perry das Schnabeltier

    Am i the only one annoyed by the background music? This 'bing-bing-bing-bing" sounds like an alarm for a truck moving backwards (trucks are oblieged to have an alarm which turns on while they´re moving backwards for safty-issues).

  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 9 days ago

    Linus ftw,, almost drops phone after video lol

  • TotemoGaijin
    TotemoGaijin 11 days ago

    So, like a 3DS but with practically zero support, huh?

  • Thisistrueart
    Thisistrueart 11 days ago

    This is unacceptable it only has two selfie cameras we need seven hundred million

  • Kellogg
    Kellogg 12 days ago

    Looks like Sony Xperia.

  • zen
    zen 13 days ago +1

    This phone is for Red fanboys/fangirls, because they're the only one who can forgive these horrific shortcomings.

  • Black Magic Film School

    The True Kamera Quality Of The Hydrogen One thexvid.com/video/n_zJ5G0-Ur8/video.html

  • D Kabanek
    D Kabanek 17 days ago

    your hand got tired when holding this phone? come on guy - time to put on your big boy pants

  • Rarzwon
    Rarzwon 20 days ago

    While this may have been a huge disappointment, especially given the company and their reputation, I really hope they try again after knowing exactly what not to do in a second generation. Doesn't hurt to have more competition out there, after all.
    Thanks for the review.

  • M_C _GAMER
    M_C _GAMER 22 days ago +1

    6:39.....VTEC kicked in, yo

  • sign543
    sign543 24 days ago

    These types of videos are definitely targeted towards insider consumers...serious filmmakers, etc...because most of this...I just don’t get. Most of the photos that were shown just looked “good” all around. If I saw them individually, I might’ve said, “Oh, that’s nice.” But that’s because I’m the average consumer. So, again, cool video, but I’m def not the target audience for this type of video. It is a cool looking phone, though. :)

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 24 days ago

    That’s very educational

  • FunnyBwos
    FunnyBwos 27 days ago

    What a segway! 9:20

  • Nathaniel Connolly
    Nathaniel Connolly 27 days ago

    It’s funny how RED produces some of the worlds best and industry leading cinema cameras but they built a phone with the screen yanked straight off a 3DS

  • Actiminium
    Actiminium Month ago

    Didn't know cameras have VTEC

  • mourad mrabet
    mourad mrabet Month ago


  • hexlgaming
    hexlgaming Month ago

    I love how seemingly there is no real case for that phone, so you're basically forced to use it naked; there just isn't even the option to put on a case, even if you wanted to...

  • FOXD Plays
    FOXD Plays Month ago +1

    cross dressing Linus XD

  • Cuckus Norris
    Cuckus Norris Month ago

    well, you bought the camera, so in a sense you did pay for that phone, in that you paid the company to develop it thought the profits on camera sales, so all the millions that went into that phone could have went into lower pricing or better camera R&D, so everyone that bought that phone thanks you for helping develop it.

  • Ferni Mendez
    Ferni Mendez Month ago

    Was horrible experience

  • Victorian B3D
    Victorian B3D Month ago

    What is with the pictures of an LDS temple?

  • Hagi
    Hagi Month ago

    Having a charger is nice thing of a 1300$ phone, lol

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    I loved the appearance and the ruggedness, but the price is atrocious. I wish so much some company would make a less finicky cellphone, it could be plastic and have a smaller screen, a thicker body... But something I could grab and move around with confidence. While also having a good camera. The camera is not bad, but for the price it really disappoints.

  • Eric Joseph
    Eric Joseph Month ago

    I'm going to have nightmares of Linus in drag tonight.

  • G-MAC Johnson
    G-MAC Johnson Month ago +1

    The red hydrogen one is to high price for $1,300 I'm not interested in this phone. I've I would rather by Samsung S10 plus at least I would know I did not over pay the phone

  • The Badass Bassist
    The Badass Bassist Month ago

    I work in a phone refurb warehouse. We get these phones every now and again, and if you're truly wondering what the "3D effect" looks like.... It's basically the same as a Nintendo 3DS. Just slightly higher res. Very slightly, with less viewing angle

  • BrainSeepsOut
    BrainSeepsOut Month ago

    >sells phone that's supposed to take and view 3D pictures and video
    >the two cameras are so laughably close to eachother the parallax effect is nigh unnoticeable.

  • Tony Quinn
    Tony Quinn Month ago

    at the expense of sounding like a bitch... id suggest not telling youtube you got tired from using a phone cus it was "too heavy" lol

  • Jeffrey Wong
    Jeffrey Wong Month ago

    This is a good Best Buy display phone.

  • Jay Fox
    Jay Fox Month ago

    Can't get through a single video without dropping something

  • Gintokisama TheLEGEND

    1300? LOL i could build 2 gaming pc with that budget this is just the biggest slap in the face ive ever seen

  • Pieter Van Der Walt

    It looks awsome

  • Swizzlerz
    Swizzlerz Month ago

    so how many mega pixel is this camera cause on the red website they dont even list its specs.

  • SaatanaKettu
    SaatanaKettu Month ago +1

    "let me tell you about our sponsor"
    *Skips 10sec"
    *Intro plays*
    Thank you linus.

  • Loli Pop
    Loli Pop Month ago

    Woah wait a sec, I thought night pictures of the Eiffel Tower were illegal

  • 7843956
    7843956 Month ago

    Is he wearing makeup

  • Dan Archer
    Dan Archer Month ago

    i have to wonder if its got anything to do with the software used vs the cameras themselves or their firmware tuning, would be interesting to see all these phones using Open Camera, that would be great.

  • Crazy Reebro
    Crazy Reebro Month ago +1

    **but can it run ios 12?**

  • burnalive91
    burnalive91 Month ago

    Well u did pay for it 😂

  • Robert Rush
    Robert Rush Month ago

    HTC 3D EVO had the holo lens effect about 10 years ago --I had it at release. The Red is somewhat outdated/legacy in feature and software support; read an article about "how to not produce legacy code" last night (odd). Definitely and sadly must agree with the review. Hope that Red can overcome the phone's current limitations...

  • Mirsab Hasan
    Mirsab Hasan Month ago

    I love butternut squash

  • Timeless Fox
    Timeless Fox Month ago

    lol even the Motorola phones are better than this

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy Month ago

    Does it Djent.?

  • Erik Olofson
    Erik Olofson Month ago

    your sale piches are fuckin hilarious

  • Lawrence Dona
    Lawrence Dona Month ago +1

    Pixel 3 has the best camera of them all

  • Darkstar Mobile
    Darkstar Mobile Month ago +1

    And yet, another review from an individual that is, quite honestly, afraid of the Hydrogen One. This fear comes from not fully grasping what the device actually is. It also comes from the fact that it is not made by a brand like Samsung. Long story short, if you're afraid to color outside the lines, do not get this device. Why? It will scare you because you are obviously too timid to step out of your comfort zone. And to answer the question, yes. I do own one and I use it every day. I'm never going back to anything from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Asus, Huawei, or LG.

  • Alex Razzano
    Alex Razzano Month ago

    Hm pixel 3 camera is really nice

  • Glenn Gould
    Glenn Gould Month ago

    Linus looks great as a his mother.
    Anyone agree?

  • Rex U.
    Rex U. Month ago +1

    the pixel's camera is so good damn

  • Kyle F
    Kyle F Month ago

    If it had a wide angle lens and a better processor I'd be all over it....

  • Who? Me?
    Who? Me? Month ago

    This phone looks like it can cut you with all that edge

  • The Death Twins
    The Death Twins 2 months ago

    1:57 is that an Apple Watch that I see??


  • Jezza
    Jezza 2 months ago

    Why is no one pointing out Linus at 0:08?

  • caleb fink
    caleb fink 2 months ago

    Favorite candy bar: "gushers"

  • citoxic
    citoxic 2 months ago +3

    Press da button

  • msi
    msi 2 months ago

    Imagine a case on this thing lol

  • msi
    msi 2 months ago

    So ugly, so expensive...

  • Faze Rug
    Faze Rug 2 months ago

    Thank you for listening

    • RGBushido X
      RGBushido X Month ago

      ...sooooo...? I can't think of a reason a swedish dude should automatically win to an indian dude(?). Like from India or do you mean a Native American??

  • Abraham Dionne
    Abraham Dionne 2 months ago

    5:05 what is with the LDS(mormon) temple?

    SHANE DICOCHEA 2 months ago

    so you think the red phone is garbage ,heres my thought on your vid ,i get it, that all smart devices are different or have features other smart phones dont have ,but that doesnt mean that their garbage ,all smart phone have a use for some one as as far greatness your missing one thing ,think about if smart phones didnt have a camera or a way to tak pics then where would the world be ,smarts phone are designed for communacation along the way they have been reinvented ,what im tring to is the red phone was pretty much made to be used to take pics ,because thats what it was designed for and it does it well ,now their are many people that just dont know how to operate the red phone ,and it blows away most smart phone on the market today as far as camera use goes and features of the camera oh yeah fyi ,do more research rather than talk shit about something you dont know enough about .

  • King Rocky
    King Rocky 2 months ago

    ahh your hands tired oh nooo

  • Dalton Wells
    Dalton Wells 2 months ago +6

    Somehow Linus has a way of adding sponsor ads without making it feel forced or dull

  • Austin Noriega
    Austin Noriega 2 months ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else see the picture of the Mormon Temple around 520


    Did he just... pull a 69

  • ExAstris- 3130
    ExAstris- 3130 2 months ago

    Look at those eyebrows....

  • win2008workstation
    win2008workstation 2 months ago

    Just hit VTEC yo

  • win2008workstation
    win2008workstation 2 months ago

    All the proof you need this phone is a flop.

    @2:23 Just look at the rear camera. It's LITERALLY making a face like this ----> : |

    Enough said.

  • Should_A_ Sed_Dis
    Should_A_ Sed_Dis 2 months ago

    Guy that shoots youtube videos with 8k cameras... if this was the red camera phone only camera you had it would be fine. People make films not cameras...., smh

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 2 months ago +1


    • Scorch428
      Scorch428 2 months ago


  • Airborne T_E_C_G Gaming & More

    Wow if only we mixed pixel and iPhone together we’d have a godly phone

  • Brett Augustine
    Brett Augustine 2 months ago

    So can you download games/apps from Google play store ..or just their proprietary store or whatever ..

  • Saved By His Grace
    Saved By His Grace 2 months ago +1

    I was thinking about purchasing it, till I watched some reviews. NOBODY recommended this phone. Lol!

    • tv321123
      tv321123 Month ago

      For the retail price, hell no. But they are going for $500-$600 brand new on the open market so for that price.....

  • Hayaz Hafiz
    Hayaz Hafiz 2 months ago +4

    I actually liked the pictures taken on the Red

  • Noah Greenfield
    Noah Greenfield 2 months ago

    Brandon and I*

  • AircraftMechanic
    AircraftMechanic 2 months ago

    I’ve worked on their Bombardier Global corporate aircraft many times over 4 years ago. Had a cool paint job. Look it up.

  • William Edmeades
    William Edmeades 2 months ago

    6:40 can we just appreciate that slider stopped at 69 😎

  • Alex Burton
    Alex Burton 2 months ago

    What do you mean? I love the Red Hydrogen One!

  • OpLapDancePikachu69
    OpLapDancePikachu69 2 months ago

    7:48 who the girl

  • Mr. Chapa
    Mr. Chapa 2 months ago

    You gays got paid off, as far as I'm concerned you a nazi

  • john Pitts
    john Pitts 2 months ago

    Why do you always talk to the viewer as if we just ate a bunch of paint chips

  • Rui Guo
    Rui Guo 2 months ago

    i think the biggest issue here is the price, i will be a interesting phone for $500

  • Synaris
    Synaris 2 months ago

    NGL I kiiinda like how it looks though..

  • alilsouthosanity
    alilsouthosanity 2 months ago

    hmm how does it stack up to the ONE PLUS 6T mclaren? and the upcoming 7?

  • NeaR-_- LigHtz
    NeaR-_- LigHtz 2 months ago

    More like linus tech rants

  • Jack C
    Jack C 2 months ago

    uhhh, the hydrogens pictures were clearly far superior, what are you smoking?

  • károly zenkovics
    károly zenkovics 2 months ago

    I tried of this shit....half of this phone feature is just speaking not showit just that f*cking camera.

  • JonManProductions
    JonManProductions 2 months ago


  • Yunz06
    Yunz06 2 months ago

    Should have started humble tbh

  • Tyser Khan004
    Tyser Khan004 2 months ago +2

    My dad bought this phone, and it looks amazing. I love it.

  • ChosenFate
    ChosenFate 2 months ago

    I have to admit iPhone HAD good cameras, but it seems they stopped developing. Pixel 3 looks the best from all honestly

  • Super Nova64
    Super Nova64 2 months ago

    Just like hydrogen
    It’ll kill you

  • David Daivdson
    David Daivdson 2 months ago +1

    What are they gonna call their next phone? The red Helium? The red deuterium? The red fuming nitric acid?

  • Happy Fone
    Happy Fone 2 months ago

    i did not ask for that

  • Kanu Pandit
    Kanu Pandit 2 months ago

    older sister:
    *well in my day, phones had headphone jacks... Kids these days with their airpods...*

  • Wipsplash
    Wipsplash 2 months ago

    Wish they had a 250 buck phone out there that gets great reception, big clear screen, battery life that lasts all week, phone jack, expansion slot, usb c and great speakers. I wouldn't care if it was 3/4" thick. Oh and at least 250 GB built in storage. Water proof and a really really fast multi core processor. I also want a next level hot model hold it for me while I dictate important information into it's stereo mic. She can hold the phone too if she likes. Seriously though, phone prices are crazy for what you actually get.

  • Sushant Sardeshpande
    Sushant Sardeshpande 2 months ago

    So does it look something like the 3ds but way better resolution?