If I Paid for This, I'd be PISSED...

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
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    The Red Hydrogen One took forever to build, is insanely expensive, and already is outdated... Can its camera possibly be good enough for it to compete with other flagship phones?
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Comments • 5 691

  • Hayaz Hafiz
    Hayaz Hafiz Hour ago

    I actually liked the pictures taken on the Red

  • Noah Greenfield
    Noah Greenfield 3 hours ago

    Brandon and I*

  • AircraftMechanic
    AircraftMechanic 4 hours ago

    I’ve worked on their Bombardier Global corporate aircraft many times over 4 years ago. Had a cool paint job. Look it up.

  • William Edmeades
    William Edmeades 5 hours ago

    6:40 can we just appreciate that slider stopped at 69 😎

  • Alex Burton
    Alex Burton 16 hours ago

    What do you mean? I love the Red Hydrogen One!

  • OpLapDancePikachu69
    OpLapDancePikachu69 20 hours ago

    7:48 who the girl

  • Mr. Chapa
    Mr. Chapa Day ago

    You gays got paid off, as far as I'm concerned you a nazi

  • john Pitts
    john Pitts 3 days ago

    Why do you always talk to the viewer as if we just ate a bunch of paint chips

  • Rui Guo
    Rui Guo 4 days ago

    i think the biggest issue here is the price, i will be a interesting phone for $500

  • Synaris
    Synaris 4 days ago

    NGL I kiiinda like how it looks though..

  • alilsouthosanity
    alilsouthosanity 5 days ago

    hmm how does it stack up to the ONE PLUS 6T mclaren? and the upcoming 7?

  • NeaR-_- LigHtz
    NeaR-_- LigHtz 6 days ago

    More like linus tech rants

  • Jack C
    Jack C 6 days ago

    uhhh, the hydrogens pictures were clearly far superior, what are you smoking?

  • károly zenkovics
    károly zenkovics 7 days ago

    I tried of this shit....half of this phone feature is just speaking not showit just that f*cking camera.

  • JonManProductions
    JonManProductions 8 days ago


  • Yunz06
    Yunz06 8 days ago

    Should have started humble tbh

  • Tyser Khan004
    Tyser Khan004 8 days ago +1

    My dad bought this phone, and it looks amazing. I love it.

  • Jorge Wetter
    Jorge Wetter 9 days ago

    I have to admit iPhone HAD good cameras, but it seems they stopped developing. Pixel 3 looks the best from all honestly

  • Kawaii CookieKun
    Kawaii CookieKun 9 days ago

    Just like hydrogen
    It’ll kill you

  • David Daivdson
    David Daivdson 9 days ago +1

    What are they gonna call their next phone? The red Helium? The red deuterium? The red fuming nitric acid?

  • Deacon Taylor
    Deacon Taylor 10 days ago

    i did not ask for that

  • Kanu Pandit
    Kanu Pandit 10 days ago

    older sister:
    *well in my day, phones had headphone jacks... Kids these days with their airpods...*

  • Wipsplash
    Wipsplash 10 days ago

    Wish they had a 250 buck phone out there that gets great reception, big clear screen, battery life that lasts all week, phone jack, expansion slot, usb c and great speakers. I wouldn't care if it was 3/4" thick. Oh and at least 250 GB built in storage. Water proof and a really really fast multi core processor. I also want a next level hot model hold it for me while I dictate important information into it's stereo mic. She can hold the phone too if she likes. Seriously though, phone prices are crazy for what you actually get.

  • Sushant Sardeshpande
    Sushant Sardeshpande 10 days ago

    So does it look something like the 3ds but way better resolution?

  • mick
    mick 11 days ago

    Who fuckn cares! We're fuckd people fuckd!

  • aGaTHoS5
    aGaTHoS5 12 days ago

    I think this phone is cool and not you. Also you probably illuminati and gay.

    • VLight
      VLight 5 days ago

      You’re probably stupid and desperate

  • Phillip Nunya
    Phillip Nunya 12 days ago

    "Okay, so you know when you're at a friend's house..."
    I'm sorry, you've lost me. What is a friend?

  • LarsonFX
    LarsonFX 12 days ago

    Linus has small hands????? :(

  • digitalemotionfilms
    digitalemotionfilms 12 days ago

    A Vlog shot on a RED.....? Really.... ? U need an 8K camera to capture a vlog..... ?

  • aditya shubham
    aditya shubham 13 days ago

    From 9:25 to 9:29 Linus sounds like GRU.

  • Poplistical 101
    Poplistical 101 13 days ago

    But you did buy it

  • Twink
    Twink 13 days ago

    What's a pound, something like 453.xxxx grams, right? I have trouble with incoherent systems of measurement.
    Since 1965 Imperial units have been legally defined in metric terms in England but not America; why bother using such an antiquated unit of weight. A British pound isn't even the same as an American pound, which only America, Myanmar, and Liberia follow.
    Lets just stick to the coherent metric system perhaps?

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 14 days ago

    Holo has to start somewhere
    We need the holodeck!

  • ashtar assadi
    ashtar assadi 14 days ago +1


  • Should_A_ Sed_Dis
    Should_A_ Sed_Dis 14 days ago

    Linus: What do you pay for exactly? 8 K Cameras? Oh yeah you pay for equipment you REALLY NEED!!!!!

  • Sam Turner
    Sam Turner 15 days ago

    is the phones color correction rec 709?

  • Forrest Kimmel
    Forrest Kimmel 16 days ago

    No, I am definitely NOT asking for your sponsor! I think that "twerking" videos is an underhanded way that advertisers use to get around and negate the main reason I subscribed to TheXvid premium. Now, it has been rendered useless. I bought "premium" to NOT see ads. What a crock of CRAP.

  • cubeover
    cubeover 16 days ago

    A guy who's high on garish OLED displays feels that natural color reproduction is "missing life"? Not surprised.

  • Lascha 2nd
    Lascha 2nd 17 days ago

    sadly, you got being PISSED because you buy it.

  • gewinnste
    gewinnste 18 days ago

    Who's the girl at 7:40?

  • Heath Perry
    Heath Perry 18 days ago

    lmao was that Sarah Jessica Parker in the beginning skit?

  • Nikki M
    Nikki M 18 days ago

    lbs though? i was expecting grams for some reason..

  • Jonus R
    Jonus R 19 days ago

    @LinusTechTips how can I get one of the phone you reviewed from you?

  • Bob van der Valk
    Bob van der Valk 19 days ago

    As you said:"The lack of experience really shows..." Why on earth didn't they let an experienced company (in my opinion Samsung would be the best partner) produce the phone and just add a few gimmics and their own design.... I am sure Samsung is capable to outperform the Note series for the right price. And if they outperform it really convincing, the $1300.- pricetag would be fair. But after seeing this video i would even prefer a $150.- Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro over this monster. Because that phone (which i bought after some custom rom flashing going wrong on a HTC U Ultra) really amazed me for what it does for such a low pricetag. Okay, The bloatware.... yeah, but also a massive and clear HD+ screen, really nice camera and a 635 Snapdragon, 4gb of RAM and 64GB (nowadays the 64GB is about entry level, i know... but for a few bucks more you can get 128gb) and it runs most of the heaviest games with eaze.... So, Better a cheapass chinese phone which outperforms most low and even mid-range phones tan a really bad 1300 buck unit.

  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch 20 days ago

    Small hands 😂

  • Volve
    Volve 21 day ago

    My earphones .are jam in my ears .I think I fused with it .
    AH that hurt

  • Imsadduck
    Imsadduck 21 day ago +1

    What about the souljiaphone

  • Chandler
    Chandler 21 day ago

    Wait did I really hear him say he got tired of holding the phone 😂😂

  • man damn
    man damn 22 days ago

    Linus is a selfish imbecile

  • Steel Beams
    Steel Beams 22 days ago

    Dayum, the Pixel 3 flexing on all the other phones' photos

  • Patrick VonHorn
    Patrick VonHorn 22 days ago

    Linus I don’t like the background music while your talking

  • cody king
    cody king 22 days ago

    I love how everyone complains about the iphone x being $1000 but this is terrible and its $1300...

  • Paul Madsen
    Paul Madsen 22 days ago

    I own this phone. You're so full of crap your eyes are brown.
    How much did Apple/Google/Samsung/LG pay to sponsor this review?

    • Paul Madsen
      Paul Madsen 11 days ago

      +Kem Meryamun I love it! It's screaming fast and butter smooth, goes a couple days on a charge, or a full day with extremely heavy use, the screen is very good, and because it's LCD you can leave it on all day at full brightness without worrying about burn in. The screen is not curved (Thank GOD!), and doesn't have aspect ratio of a ruler like most of the other phones, so it's much nicer for reading web surfing, etc.. Compared to my old Note 8, the screen has dramatically better color. It's not quite as bright at full brightness though, and viewing from the sides at sharp angles doesn't work as well as on the AMOLED displays. But it's really quite good. The cameras are fantastic dispite what this reviewer says. He says the colors are flat, but there's actually a saturation setting in the camera app, which lets you adjust the color in your pictures up or down however much you want, WITHOUT post editing being required. And it REMEMBERS the setting so all the pictures you take will have your custom saturation setting. This is actually HUGE! You can take pictures with extreme colors, ordinary, or black and white or anything in-between. No post editing required. It also has simulated depth of field that works so well it's almost as good as using an SLR with adjustable aperature. Unfortunately, I don't think this reveiwer bothered to learn how to use the camera app at all. The cameras are excellent. All I can figure is the reviewer had the saturation set low when he took his picture samples. That's not the camera's fault, that's operator error. I have taken pictures that are literally bursting with color from the moment they were snapped.
      Also, Red has cool online forums, that the CEO actually participates in. The company support is astounding. There is also a feedback support app. The company actually listens to its users and fixes problems and adds features through frequent software updates. You wont get that kind of support from any of the other manufacturers out there.
      There's also an exclusive 3D picture social media app, that's kind of like instagram, but for 4View (3D) photography. Very cool, and unless you have this phone, you can't experience it.
      I can't even express how much more I love this phone than the Note 8 which I came from. My only complaint, the headphone volume doesn't go as loud as I'd like. But at least it has a jack! I have also requested through Red's feedback app that they increase the max volume if possible. You never know, it might be software limited and could be fixed with an update... Botom line, go to your carrier store and test drive one. I think you'll agree, it's the most impressive and exciting phone out there. At the Verizon Store, playing with this phone in person, I felt like all the other flagships in the store were boring and plain. You can barely tell them apart. The HYDROGEN, however is really cool looking, and was faster and smoother than the other phones I tested, despite not having the latest Snapdragon processor. I don't really care, this phone simply runs better than the others, and that's what matters.

    • Kem Meryamun
      Kem Meryamun 19 days ago

      Paul Madsen What do you think of this phone? Thinking about buying one.

  • Gamblor
    Gamblor 23 days ago

    So many faults in this review...
    You know where to find me.

  • N8 DoubleYou
    N8 DoubleYou 23 days ago

    I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

  • Luigi Clatine
    Luigi Clatine 23 days ago

    ALL CELLPHONE S CAMERA..HAVE AJUSTMENT ...you need to use the ajustment

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous 24 days ago

    i love mine.

  • Devon Farmer
    Devon Farmer 24 days ago

    Reminds me of that old HTC 3d phone

  • lostaerie
    lostaerie 24 days ago

    ever since the tmobile sidekick with android became too slow to bother with ive just been buying used phones. I have no interest in giving any phone company money if they cant have a full hardware keyboard. Typing on the screen is ass.

  • rexxed757
    rexxed757 24 days ago

    id rather have a note than this

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63 24 days ago

    I remember seeing this phone back when it was like first shown, and I was thinking... "Well... This thing will be a flop." And... It was. How did anyone expect it would do what it claims.

  • Kyle Porter
    Kyle Porter 25 days ago

    If you want to be even more disappointed in this phone, watch the jerry rig everything breakdown video of this phone.

  • Kabooki San
    Kabooki San 25 days ago

    @6:40 vtec just kicked in yo!

  • michael chang
    michael chang 26 days ago

    My god pixel 3 shots are amazing tho

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVid 27 days ago

    HTC EVO 3D ..was neat but just a gimmick.

  • Kayla Smith
    Kayla Smith 28 days ago

    I saw another review of this phone, and believe they said the 3D effect on the phone is a lot like the 3DS.

  • RectalDiscourse
    RectalDiscourse 28 days ago

    I don't know if it's cool or sad that at this point in time the main selling points of a phone are how well it can play video games, music and take pictures and not on the quality of making phone calls. Doesn't anyone use anything that way it was made for anymore? Now if you'll excuse me, after i'm done *writing* on the internet with a phone, gonna go break out the typewriter and listen to some old music albums.

  • Nighthawk7x20
    Nighthawk7x20 28 days ago

    If anything, this video made me want a pixel 3. Holy shit that camera is badass

  • V3ry H1gh
    V3ry H1gh 28 days ago

    The 3D sound is meant to be enjoyed on psychedelics - duh

  • Isaac Elliott
    Isaac Elliott 29 days ago

    So 2011...

  • bekod I.
    bekod I. Month ago

    thanks for using metric

  • Banoodles
    Banoodles Month ago


  • James Lyons
    James Lyons Month ago

    1,300 dollars for a android phone? WHAT

  • Super Duper S.P
    Super Duper S.P Month ago

    2:30 *Apple leaves the chat*

  • Captaincool Name
    Captaincool Name Month ago

    But you did pay for it

  • ariel jumawan
    ariel jumawan Month ago

    Youre slowly turning into Micheal Bolton

  • DarylHarder
    DarylHarder Month ago

    the new HTC is a masterpiece compared too all those phones

  • Ranked Epic
    Ranked Epic Month ago

    The 3ds had better holographic technology

  • Gabriel Krivian
    Gabriel Krivian Month ago

    6:00 Is that the Draper mormon temple?

    • B10 Outdoors
      B10 Outdoors Month ago

      I think it's Vancouver....
      Crazy story Though..... I was married in the Draper Temple! Haha

  • d1001more
    d1001more Month ago

    .16 pounds heavier...... generation snowflake....

  • Baby Tech
    Baby Tech Month ago

    Damn Linus, you're a image quality snob. That's a -1 for you man. It's a phone...

  • Gabriel Guerrero
    Gabriel Guerrero Month ago

    Gettin' Bill Nye vibes here

  • Noah's Ark
    Noah's Ark Month ago

    This video just makes me want a pixel 3 for those amazing quality shots compared to the others

  • BSB Forum
    BSB Forum Month ago

    your thumbnails made me unsub and stop watching 80% of your videos. Not because they are bad, but because I do not want to support this development and change in youtube. Sorry

  • Harnando Disoto
    Harnando Disoto Month ago +1

    9:01 Speaking of Which, what camera model camera are you using for this video right now + in general for the videos you make. I was hoping in investing in some to make some TV/Movie -esk Scenes that doesn't look like they were filmed from a cheap android J7 Camera.

    • hrobi97
      hrobi97 19 days ago

      They use RED cameras. $50000 RED cameras.

  • CmdData
    CmdData Month ago

    Hey don't knock it. USB C, Headphone jack and no notch!

  • Retro Is Better
    Retro Is Better Month ago

    The gba sp is still superior, even if it doesnt have a headphone jack

  • Connor Reynolds
    Connor Reynolds Month ago

    The VTEC slider going to 69 gave me a good laugh. Somebody at LMG is a car guy and they know what’s up.

  • shaprepenr
    shaprepenr Month ago

    We need to give Linus a drag name. ASAP

  • G Perrin
    G Perrin Month ago

    never underestimate the value of Pedigree

  • Mac McRae
    Mac McRae Month ago

    linus's wife kinda hawt tbh

  • Colorfull storm
    Colorfull storm Month ago +1

    your the best

  • nakanight
    nakanight Month ago +1

    wow the pixel 3 looks superior for photography

  • Hein Coonen
    Hein Coonen Month ago

    Rappers delight lol

  • ElevationEddie
    ElevationEddie Month ago

    5:54 where my exmos at!?

  • Lee Designer
    Lee Designer Month ago

    You got tired lifting up a mobile phone? Oki doki.

  • Famon Iza
    Famon Iza Month ago

    I never find a video on this channel which isn't sponsored.

  • Bartosz Baranowski
    Bartosz Baranowski Month ago

    Well, Armor 3 clocks at 370g.

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall Month ago

    Featured pictures Vancouver British Columbia mormon temple? Wasn't expecting that