Our Cats :3

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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  • lee williams
    lee williams 2 hours ago

    Hey theoddonesout you never really talk about your dad that much?

  • Evan Griffin
    Evan Griffin 2 hours ago

    I see Tails from Sonic the hedgehog!🦊🦔

  • Destroyer85 010203
    Destroyer85 010203 3 hours ago

    My pup chewy ran away when I was four

  • Unicorn Aliya
    Unicorn Aliya 3 hours ago

    Who is Russian?

  • Michaela Deamicis
    Michaela Deamicis 3 hours ago

    I like both too

  • Michaela Deamicis
    Michaela Deamicis 3 hours ago

    I like cats but I just don’t have them

  • Cron
    Cron 3 hours ago

    178,000th comment. 👌

  • •Gacha noodles•
    •Gacha noodles• 3 hours ago +1

    0:42 - 0:55 is da tik tok sound

  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 3 hours ago


  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 3 hours ago

    R I P georgie

  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 3 hours ago


  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 3 hours ago


  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 4 hours ago

    Poor cats

  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 4 hours ago


  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 4 hours ago

    We never got another cat again UNTILL

  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 4 hours ago

    ”There war no more cats” UNTILL THIS CAT CAME

  • Luca Cristian
    Luca Cristian 4 hours ago

    Am i the only Romanian looking at the "Numa Numa" 14 year old joke

  • G Z
    G Z 4 hours ago

    6:27 Breaking the fourth wall

  • Puc
    Puc 4 hours ago

    Well i hate cat people, not cat people but cat people exactly. still not get it?
    I meant "furries"
    I hate furries because you just doing some important thing but then they said something and said it again which was the word "meow" in a high pitched voice. I hate people who do that infront of me pretending to be an animal. Bitch why don't you turn into an animal instead of a fucking human?

  • No Name
    No Name 4 hours ago +1


  • Jesus_Matters
    Jesus_Matters 4 hours ago

    Too many puns

  • Mr . Crab
    Mr . Crab 5 hours ago

    My dogs name is pepper

  • Krazy Gamer
    Krazy Gamer 5 hours ago


  • Musicallys Tiktoks
    Musicallys Tiktoks 5 hours ago

    UNTIL ONE.......

  • Musicallys Tiktoks
    Musicallys Tiktoks 5 hours ago


  • cure
    cure 5 hours ago

    7:29 Pepsi eyes are green xd

  • That Guy
    That Guy 6 hours ago

    rip geogergee

  • Cameron Windsor
    Cameron Windsor 6 hours ago

    I love both but I like dogs a little bit better

  • Monica Williams
    Monica Williams 6 hours ago


  • Foxald Frump
    Foxald Frump 6 hours ago

    Sooo... My really old 15 years old cat called Lulu. Died. So. Yeeeaaah

  • Spiderstriker 2099
    Spiderstriker 2099 7 hours ago

    This video reminded me of my dog thunder he always pertected me when I was born he passed a few years ago and I will never forget him.

  • Less Help
    Less Help 7 hours ago

    Rip Georgie

  • Less Help
    Less Help 7 hours ago

    Rip Luna

  • Less Help
    Less Help 7 hours ago

    Rip Shady

  • Llama Today
    Llama Today 7 hours ago


  • I Animate
    I Animate 8 hours ago

    I have a cat named lunna is she an alien or a cat

  • Julian mendoza
    Julian mendoza 9 hours ago

    My friend has 16 cats

  • William Hensley
    William Hensley 9 hours ago

    R.I.P my cat (Tennessee is his name) who died a gruesome death (he got ran over) 2012-2015

  • Declan Fitzpatrick
    Declan Fitzpatrick 10 hours ago

    Why is one of peppers ear was missing

  • Carolyn R
    Carolyn R 11 hours ago +1

    My name is luna

  • David Gold
    David Gold 12 hours ago

    I have 4 cats

  • Lucy Bunton
    Lucy Bunton 12 hours ago

    Noo not the dogo

  • Nathaniel Carolan
    Nathaniel Carolan 12 hours ago

    Jax, like Jaiden’s brother????

  • Terrible gacha
    Terrible gacha 12 hours ago

    Wait by sexual?

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 12 hours ago

    I would nuke and fire burn your house fuck cats

  • Tania Sandoval
    Tania Sandoval 12 hours ago

    2:03 oh my god

  • Michelle Kimberlene Ko
    Michelle Kimberlene Ko 13 hours ago

    I think Georgie gets along with the cats

  • PyroWolf
    PyroWolf 13 hours ago

    James: I'm gonna name them-

  • Brandy Shurtz
    Brandy Shurtz 13 hours ago


  • Jadyn Kibble
    Jadyn Kibble 13 hours ago

    1:26 he has Nike

  • Bela XOX
    Bela XOX 13 hours ago

    She named her Pepsi. I was more of a *coke* person. 🥁

  • ThatDeviousClub
    ThatDeviousClub 13 hours ago

    Odd1- I'm Bisexua-
    Me: *about to be triggered*
    Odd1 for animals
    Me: *extreme rush of relief followed up with extreme laughter*

  • hadlee landis
    hadlee landis 14 hours ago

    I'm allergic to cats and dogs and other animals and my cousins have the meanest cat in the world soooo I'm not a cat person

  • Missy Citty
    Missy Citty 14 hours ago

    All of them- Beautiful!!
    Losing a pet is always tough. :(
    My kitties are my babies.
    I'd truly be lost without them.

  • Brody Bowers
    Brody Bowers 14 hours ago

    I'm the only person that can make bad puns

  • Anton Delva
    Anton Delva 14 hours ago

    Alex vs James

  • Jessica Mecca
    Jessica Mecca 14 hours ago

    My mom almost died form a cat

  • Gacha Moon
    Gacha Moon 15 hours ago

    Meh love Sailor Moon! Luna was a good name for the cat!

  • Emilee Hoffman
    Emilee Hoffman 15 hours ago

    Right now I have 24 cats😑😑😑 help

  • LPSperfectlife
    LPSperfectlife 15 hours ago

    EXACTLY! why isn't there a third type of person?!? I'm a dog AND a cat purrson as well BTW great video James!:)

  • Reva Leekha
    Reva Leekha 15 hours ago

    my bestie LOVES sailor moon

  • Pussy boi Gamer
    Pussy boi Gamer 15 hours ago

    I’m allergic to bees

  • DontAsk ThatQuestion
    DontAsk ThatQuestion 15 hours ago

    It's ok james, I'm bisexual for and too.
    Also his puns remind me of chat noir.

  • Cozyfox gacha
    Cozyfox gacha 15 hours ago

    I don’t like cats
    My uncle had one and I when to see it and it scratched me and my sister

  • TheOfficial_Mac
    TheOfficial_Mac 16 hours ago

    welp its official, James is a cat lady

  • Kiri the Neko
    Kiri the Neko 16 hours ago

    "Cats Im-PURR-ove our lives!"
    *Eyebrows aggressively go up and down like a meme face*
    "God I think he's turning into a furry...."

  • Bossladyy.x is The best streamer ever M

    I like cats and dogs

  • Andrew V
    Andrew V 16 hours ago

    Yah but he’s so cute tho 😂

  • Puppy Cake
    Puppy Cake 16 hours ago

    Luna is actually is actually cute

  • Tania Marquez Hernandez
    Tania Marquez Hernandez 16 hours ago +1

    I got a pet sematary add while watching this

  • Ÿûí :4
    Ÿûí :4 16 hours ago

    Im allergic to for real thats why i have dog

  • jonah vanhoeven
    jonah vanhoeven 16 hours ago

    i hate cats. once around them for too long, i am no longer able to breath. (allergy)

  • TMeister2008
    TMeister2008 16 hours ago

    5:49 that's why u don't let cats outside... Mines an indoor cat.

  • taiwo olagunju
    taiwo olagunju 16 hours ago

    The puns

  • Dylz Dylz
    Dylz Dylz 17 hours ago

    Wait... The Thumbnail Proves That James Is A Furry

  • Joseph Carmona
    Joseph Carmona 17 hours ago

    Who got the reference 1:58 and 2:03

  • jacket hat chat
    jacket hat chat 17 hours ago

    I strangle cats

  • Pumpkins Place
    Pumpkins Place 17 hours ago

    James mom: can we keep it?
    James dad: *no no keep walking keep walking*

  • Pumpkins Place
    Pumpkins Place 17 hours ago

    James: I think I’ll name them..
    James mom: *NO*

  • Pumpkins Place
    Pumpkins Place 17 hours ago


    • Pumpkins Place
      Pumpkins Place 17 hours ago

      *im watching this with one of my cats. He likes it*

  • Tamara McNamee
    Tamara McNamee 17 hours ago

    Your mom let to many cats in your backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tracy Newsome
    Tracy Newsome 17 hours ago

    My dog died but I have one more

  • Mad Dog21312
    Mad Dog21312 17 hours ago

    Had a cat that ran into my house after getting off work a few weeks ago and its been chilling ever since

  • Lia Rose
    Lia Rose 17 hours ago

    : 3 ha ha

  • Kiddy Cat Adventure
    Kiddy Cat Adventure 18 hours ago

    My brother:big brother hates cats

  • Nerdy Kitty
    Nerdy Kitty 18 hours ago

    I have a dog, a cat, and Im going to get goats! I LOVE ANIMALS!!

  • grellaphent pasword
    grellaphent pasword 18 hours ago

    It was shit

  • dog lover 860
    dog lover 860 18 hours ago +1

    I hate cat in games my username is cat hater 860

  • EthonianOnion
    EthonianOnion 18 hours ago

    I’m allergic

  • Pizzawars236 2
    Pizzawars236 2 18 hours ago

    I freaking love cats

  • The Qwertian Cheese
    The Qwertian Cheese 18 hours ago

    cant wait for Our Cats :4

  • Sofia Hurtig
    Sofia Hurtig 18 hours ago +1

    We own a cat and a dog💖

  • The Lit Life With Jesus

    2:18. Wait monsters aren’t real. :(

  • lil yeet
    lil yeet 18 hours ago +1

    *aww uwu*

  • best roblox Splatt
    best roblox Splatt 18 hours ago


  • best roblox Splatt
    best roblox Splatt 18 hours ago

    7:05 that face DOH

  • Terlik63style
    Terlik63style 19 hours ago

    Azula boy wtf avatar is a lie?????

  • gachagalaxy vloging
    gachagalaxy vloging 19 hours ago

    Rip Georgi we loved her

  • Ging
    Ging 19 hours ago

    Wait James I was in your class

  • Victoria Lopez
    Victoria Lopez 19 hours ago +1