Tour de France 2019 Stage 15 Highlights: Prat d'Albis Summit Finish

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Although today’s stage of the Tour de France lacked an HC category climb, it had a vertical gain of close to 5000m and finished atop the steady climb to Prat d’Abis. With the rest day tomorrow it offered riders the chance to attack for stage glory and to take time on their rivals. Don’t miss the highlights from this gruelling stage. This isn't a livestream but it's the only Tour Highlights you'll need #TdF2019
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    Do you think Alaphilippe can survive the Alps? What do you think of Geraint Thomas's chances now? Will Pinot be able to take back more time? Let us know your thoughts on the race and where you're watching from.
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Comments • 151

  • GCN Racing
    GCN Racing  Month ago +24

    Do you think Alaphilippe can survive the Alps? What do you think of Geraint Thomas's chances now? Will Pinot be able to take back more time? Let us know your thoughts on the race and where you're watching from.

    • Lubos Murin
      Lubos Murin Month ago

      what a great year for tour. there is no team that dominate french can finally win but as bora fun i wish it will be buchmann. although pinot looks super-strong. anyways many winners would do it for me this year. first french rider after so many years, first Colombian ever or first double for bora.

    • Andres Moreno
      Andres Moreno Month ago

      Nairo quintana?

    • Mgoblagulkablong
      Mgoblagulkablong Month ago

      Important question: Which riders do well in the heat? Does anyone know? That could become a deciding factor.

    • Jedizine Juan
      Jedizine Juan Month ago

      I think JA should just follow Geraint if he wants to survive the Alps. Geraint Thomas has the best chance to win the Tour and Pinot can also move up based on how strong he was today. Ineos will be making their moves starting stage 17 and mount a continuous attack on the GC leaders on Stage 18, 19 and 20. I really think Geraint Thomas would win the tour, though its ok if Pinot and Alaphilippe in top 3 and Kruijswijk as the dark horse. lol, oh and also Mikel Landa. This year's race is really tight it might come down to the last mountain stage. Watching from the Philippines..

    • michael martin
      michael martin Month ago +1

      I think that JA, (Alaphillipe) will lose time in the alps. After watching Ineos sit back today and let DQS do most of the work, which then left JA stranded on his own this will be the telling factor in the crucial 3rd week. I like Tibot as an outside chance to win as he attacks more. Thomas and Bernal are the men most likely to win they have the 3 week winning experience everyone else does not.

  • huroncyclist
    huroncyclist 28 days ago

    I just noticed that Alaphillipe looks a bit like Lloydie.

  • RollinRat
    RollinRat Month ago

    This race is still up for grabs. Pretty close in the top 6 or so. Alps have longer, higher, smoother roads and more gradual climbs. Those might favor a different sort of rider.
    Maybe well see some longer attacks. Exciting stuff!

  • Name Name
    Name Name Month ago

    Alaphillipe needs to get support from his team to win the Tour.

    • Name Name
      Name Name Month ago

      @Ian CunninghamSo now Alaphillipe is in Yellow their coach should hurry up to craft a strategy to keep the Yellow jersey on Julian's shoulder.

    • Ian Cunningham
      Ian Cunningham Month ago

      Based on the team they brought, it seems like the original goal was a few stage victories, with Alaphillipe free to join some breaks in the mountains. I do not believe they were expecting to be defending yellow at the second rest day.
      Should be a great third week.

  • Citizen Shane
    Citizen Shane Month ago

    Alaphillippie looks like he chooses a g string over briefs for under wear, especially with dat gotee tho

  • Àmïř ĶÁĶÀŔ
    Àmïř ĶÁĶÀŔ Month ago


  • wilburt moreno
    wilburt moreno Month ago

    I wonder how many hours did they complete the whole stage?

  • Drew Cama
    Drew Cama Month ago

    So Simon Yates wins another stage impressively, but where is he in the overall? oh I guess I'll have to surf away to find out.
    52 79 ▲27 Simon Yates GB Mitchelton-Scott 1:17:48 behind! Obviously he had been doing some resting. lol

  • Chilam Balam
    Chilam Balam Month ago +2

    Pinot is looking good now but I think he's played his cards too soon, perhaps too eager to give the French fans hope. He and Alaphilippe will fade in the Alps while Thomas will overtake Alaphilippe for the win. I'm watching from Belize.

  • silved01
    silved01 Month ago +2

    I just love gcn
    Your summary is simply incredible

  • Fergus N
    Fergus N Month ago

    Would you consider spinning out the different language options into their own channels? I won't subscribe at the moment because my feed gets filled up with videos in other languages that I won't watch.

    • GCN Racing
      GCN Racing  Month ago +1

      Something we're working on Fergus, we have GCN Italia, GCN Japan and GCN en Español already for those. Thanks for bearing with us!

  • Francis Morillo
    Francis Morillo Month ago +1

    Thank you for a detailed and comprehensive news of the Tour. I have been switching different channels to get Tour de France updates but your channel shows the excitement and perhaps, a human side of Alaphillipe, which I had the impression that he might be doping. Looking forward to tomorrows news and updates. Best regards from the Philippines.

  • Torp
    Torp Month ago

    This is going to go to the last day in the Alps. Then it all up for grabs between five of them. If Pinot holds up I think he may edge it.

  • milo scoopy
    milo scoopy Month ago +1

    Supporting Egan Bernal fm Indonesia. Legend in the making! 22 yrs old, stronger than G Thomas in the mountains.
    Hope the ineos will let him loose to attack!

  • Mr Scrofulous
    Mr Scrofulous Month ago

    I'm surprised there is no comment on the death of the breakaway. I've not followed the TdF before, but over the last 2 weeks, it's become obvious that many riders have worked out that if you are not in the break, you won't win, so the size of the break has grown rapidly to be self-sustaining, and not reeled in due to fatigue. 36 riders today was not a break, but proof that there is now a winner's peleton and a loser's peloton, and no-one wants to be in the latter.

  • T Onizuka
    T Onizuka Month ago +2

    Paris: Pinot or Buchman #1 / #2 calling it

  • Mgoblagulkablong
    Mgoblagulkablong Month ago +1

    Important question: Which riders do well in the heat? Does anyone know? That could become a deciding factor.

  • David Collis
    David Collis Month ago +3

    As long as Ineos don't win I'll be happy.

    • Tanis Leach
      Tanis Leach Month ago +1

      Chris Froome comeback story would be amazing though if it ever happens. I will make an exception for that.

  • Yonas Sbhatu
    Yonas Sbhatu Month ago +2

    The French man is 🔥. Thanks!

  • pobg
    pobg Month ago +1

    Dan is a grey presenter.

  • c-record
    c-record Month ago

    @6:36 long live the Knights Templar! vive les templiers!

    LAFA'S VLOG Month ago

    Go geraint thomas

  • Riding Home
    Riding Home Month ago +1

    Well done Simon Yates, another great victory, it's only one leader in the MTS squad. Time differences between the top 6 are narrow, and one must expect the unexpected in the final week of the race.

  • Darron Charlesworth

    40C they should be cancelling the stage. Not safe for racing.

  • dimsoneill
    dimsoneill Month ago +1

    Pinot’s dealer came through with the big stuff for him today, Alaphillipe....not so much😉

  • Luis Rosano
    Luis Rosano Month ago +2

    Amazing effort for Alaphilippe!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  • PL MacFitz
    PL MacFitz Month ago +2

    Thanks for a great race recap. Happy for Simon Yates taking another stage win.

  • filmon mesele
    filmon mesele Month ago

    The attack of Simon Yates was extremely hard to believe

    • John M
      John M Month ago

      If, in your expert analysis, you think he is doping then go ahead and say it.

  • C Island
    C Island Month ago

    Does anyone know the name of the château at the beginning?

    • Christian Karl
      Christian Karl Month ago

      That castle is called "Le Chateau de Puylaurens" according to what i saw in the German TV livestream

  • Mulish
    Mulish Month ago

    3:23 Simon using motorbikes for the attack

  • Panos peterpan
    Panos peterpan Month ago +2

    Pinot is on good drugs

  • Mr P
    Mr P Month ago +2

    I appreciate how you guys make these highlights assuming the viewer didn't watch the actual stage
    #HighlightsForCyclingFans by #TrueCyclingFans and an ex cervélo test team rider ;)

  • thurthrice
    thurthrice Month ago

    Can you write which language is which is the video title? It's often tricky to pick the English one.

    • GCN Racing
      GCN Racing  Month ago

      Hi. There is a flag on the top right corner of each thumbnail to denote the language. Dan.

  • Bruno Vallon
    Bruno Vallon Month ago +8

    Buchmann is so strong! But still nobody talks about him. I think that‘s gonna change in the alps...

    • Regis Occansey
      Regis Occansey Month ago


    • Frédéric Jung-Plan
      Frédéric Jung-Plan Month ago +1

      TBH that's the best that could happen to him! Nobody takes him too serious, he's flying under the radar, but with his continuous good results on the important stages he keeps the door wide open.

  • Ron White
    Ron White Month ago

    Welcome back, Dan. Best coverage of this year's Tour.

  • Malek Dery
    Malek Dery Month ago

    Man i miss when contador and Andy were climbing like beasts ..........

    • Melissa Flick
      Melissa Flick Month ago

      & contador attacked the yellow when he dropped his chain (like a theif).

  • Jeremy Lucas
    Jeremy Lucas Month ago

    Have to wonder the difference in GC if Ineos went with only 1 team leader rather than trying to balance Thomas and Bernal. You can tell by how the teammates ride, they're all split up whether literally or figuratively. Not seeing the same Sky/Ineos efforts and in my opinion it's because of this split in leaders

    • David Collis
      David Collis Month ago

      No team can be on top forever, perhaps the era of Ineos domination is coming to a close.

  • abxyz
    abxyz Month ago +1

    Honestly Bernal scares me. Hes incredible at only 22. He might dominate the tour for more than ten years as soon as he becomes Ineos captain and that would be very boring.

    • Tanis Leach
      Tanis Leach Month ago +1

      Have you heard of peaking too soon?

    • Francois Wattel
      Francois Wattel Month ago +3

      True, but we also thought that of Quintana when he was 22 and he is not living up to the expectations. Quintana was better when he was 22 years old

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet Month ago +8

    Tour de France pronunciation . . . hmm, you're really starting to NAIL it with admirable consistency.

  • Terri Cheng
    Terri Cheng Month ago +3

    Summary including explanation of riders' tactics are super. GCN!

  • munsterfloyd
    munsterfloyd Month ago +5

    Pinot is using some powerful vitamins.

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid Month ago

    Looks like Quintana's out of the running now..His 2014 Giro and 2016 Vuelta wins are ancient history...He's podiumed 3 times in the TdeFrance but can't seem to go the extra mile to bag the top spot.

    • Adrien Girod
      Adrien Girod Month ago +1

      Hey ! That was you on top of this fortress, wasn't it ?

  • Wolf Dog Moon
    Wolf Dog Moon Month ago +6

    JA should have just stayed on Gerant’s wheel instead of trying to go after Pinot. Pinot looks very strong tho. I think Germant T is still conserving energy fun the next few tough stages

  • Peter Baldry
    Peter Baldry Month ago

    Yey! Dan back to commentary :)

  • Peter Slegers
    Peter Slegers Month ago +10

    My castle in ruins? Nehhh, it's but a scratch!

    • Innes Worsman
      Innes Worsman Month ago +1

      Looked through the comments for this, left satisfied.

  • General Clasher
    General Clasher Month ago

    With Bernal's rise I'm starting to think in the end GT would be force to give him the lead

  • Stuart McGill
    Stuart McGill Month ago

    Thanks Dan!

  • Road Bike
    Road Bike Month ago +2

    Am I missing something or Sagan is nonexistent?

    • Melissa Flick
      Melissa Flick Month ago

      I'm sure he was resting for the big sprint on stage 16. If he keeps the green, he'll set a new record for years as winner: 7! Go PS!

    • Road Bike
      Road Bike Month ago

      @Mgoblagulkablong was a genuine question. And thanks to everyone for their genuine answers.

    • DCR CICYCLES Onewheelskate
      DCR CICYCLES Onewheelskate Month ago +1

      The bull sees the red cape during stage 16 + paris.

    • potzysk2
      potzysk2 Month ago +3

      Mountain stage. Sprinters conserve their energy for the sprint-finish stages.

    • riquelmeone
      riquelmeone Month ago +1

      He signed a book while ascending

  • John Bicycle
    John Bicycle Month ago +9

    Welcome back Dan. We missed you.

  • Robin Willmann
    Robin Willmann Month ago +4


  • Simon Schmitz
    Simon Schmitz Month ago +6

    Great summary !
    Thanks guys. I liked the comments about Buchmann :)

  • George Mallinson
    George Mallinson Month ago +48

    Just saying, Alaphillipe entered the Pyrenees with a 1:12 lead, he
    leaves with 1:35 lead, today wasn't great but surely he's shown he could
    do it

  • In The Mix
    In The Mix Month ago +34

    So glad Dan was commentating on this summary! Brilliantly condensed into 7 minutes :)

  • Michal Maly
    Michal Maly Month ago +3

    I really dont understand logic behind Ineos strategy.
    Did Bernal just follow DS' orders or was it miscommunication? G was using the radio a lot (I am not sure about Bernal's English tho, having seen him done the interviews in Spanish). Maybe G could have got more seconds on JA if he attacked earlier but who knows. Pinot seems like the main threat now.

    But having seen Pinot go to the red and blowing up in the last week of Giro 2018 I would be cautious if I was him. JA seemed like he was hurting a lot, like way more then other riders who lost time in last two stages. In the last km or two he probably rode only on his mental strength and vision of keeping the yellow jersey. It seems he will regret it in the last week. He could've sat on G's wheel when Pinot attack to save energy, also when he was dropped he again was on the point which points to his lack of experience, but chapeau to him anyway.
    It will be probably decided on last two of the three mountain stages in the Alps. Really good that the times are close as it is probably most entertaining TdF in the last years as Ineos seems to struggle. Hoping for win of G!

    • Pinar Ozge
      Pinar Ozge Month ago

      Yeah I thought that Geraint Thomans should have attacked when 5 km was left to the finish, not when 2 km was left. He could have gained more time to catch up with Alaphillipe then.

    • Johannes
      Johannes Month ago +1

      JA just doesnt hide his suffering that well. But be assured, everybody in that lead group was well in the red.

    • John Bicycle
      John Bicycle Month ago

      I suspect that Ineos told Bernal to go at 5 km, hoping that Alaphilippe would follow with G on his tail. Then when Alaphilippe slowed, G could attack. I think this is called 'The Old One-Two.'

  • Galen Kehler
    Galen Kehler Month ago +15

    Love the Monty Python cosplay in the closing scene!

  • Aldo López
    Aldo López Month ago

    Egan Bernal doesn't dare win. That's a pity.

    HEAVYWALL 70 Month ago +16

    The fact that G couldn’t go because Bernal was ahead at the time might be indicative of the problem of a split focus in team Ineos.
    Allaphillipe left nothing on the climb and if a “crack” means losing only 27 seconds then maybe he’s stronger than he’s given credit. This also shines a light on just how important the two previous stages were to him, gaining 3/4 of a minute on Garaint to even have that buffer.
    There are so many legitimate contenders now compared to recent years that anyone will have an issue defending yellow at this point, which is a good reason not to have it for the next few days.

    • HEAVYWALL 70
      HEAVYWALL 70 Month ago +1

      My comment is based off what Thomas actually said in an interview I watched, the result is a speculation of mine that the team’s focus is either split or they’re hedging their bets.
      Honestly I hope it results in a win by Alaphillipe or Pinot, hell I’d enjoy a win by
      Krysweic (forgive spelling)
      I have nothing against G or Bernal I just really have not enjoyed the sanitary brand of racing we’ve seen in Le Tour for quite some time.
      I am thrilled about the uncertainty of it this year.

    • Stismega
      Stismega Month ago

      HEAVYWALL 70 In fact, Bernal couldn’t go because of G, not the other way around.

    • riquelmeone
      riquelmeone Month ago +4

      HEAVYWALL 70 I wouldn’t read all that into it. Fact is, Thomas couldn’t keep Bernal’s wheel. And later he did attack the maillot jaune, he just needed some time to recover after getting back to Alaphilippe.
      Ineo now actually have a lot of tactical options available with two main contenders still in the race. Problem is, this is new to them, so they might not be prepared to play it out properly.
      On the other hand you might be right that Bernal and Thomas do not want the other one to win the Tour.
      Anyway, all ingredients for a fantastic last week.

  • mikeytek
    mikeytek Month ago

    If the pace is pushed its Bernals tour to win. If it becomes more controlled I dont think Ineos will give Bernal the go to set off on his own

  • planetdiego
    planetdiego Month ago +28

    The best racing highlights by far Lloyd.

  • david w pinkston
    david w pinkston Month ago +4

    i was hoping you could explain what quintana was trying to do today

    • John Bicycle
      John Bicycle Month ago +5

      Not even Quintana could explain what he was trying to do today.

    • VinBin
      VinBin Month ago +1

      david w pinkston there was no way that he could get 7 minutes back on the gc leaders so his goal was to either win the stage or support panda who is now Movistars top climber and a go contender

    • Colin Gibson
      Colin Gibson Month ago +2

      neither Landa nor Valverde were obligated to chase since he was up the road. It worked well, I think. Landa finished well.

  • Muh Kurniawan
    Muh Kurniawan Month ago +23

    Ala: (-1' 35")
    G (0)
    SK (0' 12")
    Pinot (0' 15")
    Bernal (0' 27")
    Buchmann (0' 39")
    Putting Thomas as benchmark, the top six are pretty close. Good for spectators, expecting more attacks to come in the Alps. Pinot or Alaphillipe have a good chance.

  • Sinoiz Grim
    Sinoiz Grim Month ago +63

    I really want Pinot or Alaphillipe to win this race

    • Eric Sonnen
      Eric Sonnen Month ago +2

      Me too! Been too long since a Frenchman won it

  • Xiaoliu Wu
    Xiaoliu Wu Month ago +16

    Glad Movistar is backing Landa now. Quintana is not worth the team working for him at this moment.

    • Chavit Denninnart
      Chavit Denninnart Month ago

      @Xiaoliu Wu And he is a bad example of crank length selection. He is short, yet using 172.5mm crank length. This cause many short riders to look up and thought they need long crank to climb well.

    • Xiaoliu Wu
      Xiaoliu Wu Month ago

      @Ian Loughead Yeah, I am a fan of Movistar and always hope Quintana can win. But he can never deliver it. The most disappointing part for me is that his riding style. He's a climber and supposed ride aggressively to make up for the time he lost in the time trail. But he just rode steady and that's it. Today he doesn't even contribute much for the team.

    • Ian Loughead
      Ian Loughead Month ago +2

      Every year Quintana is the man to watch out for in the mountains, and every year he falls away. Yes, back Landa.

  • Pushkar Kulkarni
    Pushkar Kulkarni Month ago +168

    GCN highlights are so much better than Eurosport or TDF highlights.

    • Braŭljo
      Braŭljo Month ago

      hardcore_jesus And people keep giving it thumbs up

    • hardcore_jesus
      hardcore_jesus Month ago

      comment on literally every video, we get it m8

    • Cha Keeb
      Cha Keeb Month ago

      ​@Pushkar Kulkarni yeah, to my knowledge he does this besides a day job. still, his coverage of the spring classics and monuments is the gold standard.

    • Pushkar Kulkarni
      Pushkar Kulkarni Month ago

      @Cha Keeb But Cosmo has stopped making highlights of every stage hasn't he? He just makes select summaries for Eurosport

    • JTMarlin8
      JTMarlin8 Month ago

      Agreed. GCN should spinoff GN: Global Network and just take over mainstream news with the same presenters from GCN/GMBN.

  • Danny 15
    Danny 15 Month ago +76

    Buchmann is surely the most underrated gc driver

    • Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir
      Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir 26 days ago

      @Fist of Ren ok i understood now. sorry for my slwoness

    • Fist of Ren
      Fist of Ren 26 days ago

      @Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir Nevermind. I was joking about Froome crashing. I refered to Isaak Newton's physical laws.

    • Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir
      Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir 26 days ago

      @Fist of Rensorry im french and maybe i peobably don't translate well what you sayin to me

    • Fist of Ren
      Fist of Ren 26 days ago

      @Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir Still don't know what you want me to tell. Good evening

  • Parillamixta
    Parillamixta Month ago +21

    Much more balanced coverage than eurosport