Michael Cheika on Australia's defeat to England

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Australia's coach Michael Cheika admits that "the better team won" after his side's defeat to England in the Rugby World Cup 2019 quarter-finals.
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Comments • 204

  • RapidFire Muzik™
    RapidFire Muzik™ Month ago

    Being a supporter of the All Blacks, I actually feel bad for dude.....watching this seemed worse than the ABs shock-loss to England lol.

  • ross g manley888
    ross g manley888 Month ago

    The Australian u20 Rugby team finished a close second to France at the recent World Cup losing by only a point and scoring more tries than the French .. The Australian schoolboys u18s just destroyed New Zealand schools in NZ .. the problem with Australian rugby is the jew corporate admin control pushing the jew globalist commie pc bullshit .. and destroying Australia and Australian rugby to plan .. tic toc

  • Bugzystalone
    Bugzystalone Month ago +4

    Aussies = the biggest sore losers in living memory

  • Tiana Leyone
    Tiana Leyone Month ago +2

    As a NZer, this interview broke my heart

    • Soviet Onion 72
      Soviet Onion 72 Month ago

      Cheer up the ABs are still alive and kicking 😄

  • Justus Jnr Rapula
    Justus Jnr Rapula Month ago +2

    Eddie Jones schooled yah

  • Michael Standing
    Michael Standing Month ago +2

    Israel Folau would be laughing right now and who could blame him.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown Month ago +1

    He's got to face up to the fact that Eddie Jones is miles better than him , sorry but never mind eh.

  • K Kim
    K Kim Month ago


  • Eamonn Murphy
    Eamonn Murphy Month ago +1

    Interesting, when Australia beat the All blacks lately, the Aussie media were awash with the headlines "who needs Folau". Now, there is not even a cheep from the Aussie media about maybe missing Falau after this disaster or even anyone sugesting that Rugby Austria's actions have had a crippling effect on the team! It seems reality is not a big thing in the media anymore! Ps. I feel for the players and the management to have to play under these conditions!

  • Bret loyd
    Bret loyd Month ago +1

    Maybe god doesn't like the ARU. . .

  • keza41
    keza41 Month ago +1

    A more passionate coach you couldn’t find anywhere but he’s been holding this team back, there is no discernible game plan, unless you think headless chicken is a game plan and right up to the end he had no idea who his best combinations were. The halves, midfield, full back, the list goes on. And his behaviour over the years as been pretty bloody average. I’ll miss him.

  • Sailasa Vakalala
    Sailasa Vakalala Month ago +2

    The mother land against the convicts...yet again the dog has been brought to heel by its owner !!!!!
    "Heel boy,heel !!!!".

  • U Ready
    U Ready Month ago


  • Dan from NZ
    Dan from NZ Month ago +2

    I'm gutted for our Aussie brothers and at the same time disappointed. They are better than this, I don't know, maybe they need a better coach

  • Oliver Porciuncula
    Oliver Porciuncula Month ago

    I support Michael Cheika staying on as the Wallabies coach if the ARU decided to give him another opportunity. Most would say that there were plenty of opportunities for him and yet he hasn't deliver but I still believe he is the right person for the job going forward. I do feel disappointed of the outcome however the Wallabies did not play badly, the English are just on a different level on this game. Good luck to the Poms against the All Blacks and commiserations to the Wallabies. Well done and learn from this disappointment. Wallabies all the way!

  • Boris Goldstein
    Boris Goldstein Month ago +2

    Dear Quantus, Chieka, and Sand Castle .... I told you So !!!! Regards Israel Folau ... tee hee

  • Ted Carruthers
    Ted Carruthers Month ago +1

    He should have been dumped ages ago.

  • Sonny Bill
    Sonny Bill Month ago +3

    Izzy Folau got the last laugh mate 😂

  • Richard Wynn
    Richard Wynn Month ago +1

    Never mind the intercepts Chikka.....Australia we’re out played and more importantly out coached.....Aussies brave as ever but poorly coached......tell your story walking Chikka

  • Baptiste
    Baptiste Month ago +1

    loser!! go away cheika!! u suck, ur a shame ! booo, boo , boo yu ruined the team! shame


    Bokke you now stand a chance!

  • Marty Feldman
    Marty Feldman Month ago +3

    New Zealand will smash England in the semis.

  • Music kiwi
    Music kiwi Month ago +2

    0:35 You naughty guy

  • Kraig Keating
    Kraig Keating Month ago +1

    England did awesome today felt we was always stronger especially beating them the last 6 times we've met them before today.!

  • King George
    King George Month ago +14

    That’s what happens when you sack Folau !

    • Max T
      Max T Month ago +1

      So true! Australia to busy trying to politically correct and pleasing the militant minorities rather than the majority

    • Daniel Bruce
      Daniel Bruce Month ago

      He’s trash

    • Micheal MOORE
      Micheal MOORE Month ago


  • Oliver Parke-Gailey
    Oliver Parke-Gailey Month ago +3

    0:34 - Language!!

  • Noel Savage
    Noel Savage Month ago

    Hard luck Aussies been watching the pommies they came out strong in the pool stages and could be there year if all blacks crunch

  • Dicksand Ballsnshit
    Dicksand Ballsnshit Month ago +15

    Oi Oi Oi!!!!

  • Maryke Keyser
    Maryke Keyser Month ago +7

    Its Anal Joyce's and his cronies like Lord Farquaad's (Raelene Castle) fault for the way they treated Israel Folau. Man, revenge taste very sweet indeed.

    • Karma
      Karma Month ago

      @Maryke Keyser Yes it does. That is why they fired him.

      In what world would an employee be given strict instructions by his boss, just decide to ignore them and do what he wanted anyway, and not face retribution? Because that is exactly what Folau did. There's karma for you, right there.

      PS Karma is not a Christian doctrine...

    • Maryke Keyser
      Maryke Keyser Month ago

      @Karma no, I just like karma. What goes around comes around!

    • Karma
      Karma Month ago +1

      Defend the Christian but are happy with revenge??? Make up your mind, cupcake!

    • Micheal MOORE
      Micheal MOORE Month ago

      The Wallabies were always better off without that idiot, period!

  • MusbCrazy80
    MusbCrazy80 Month ago +16

    The difference in attitude of this man to hanson is huge. Hanson knows how to conduct himself, this guy makes himself look like a petulant child.

    • Sports2Hedz
      Sports2Hedz Month ago

      @MusbCrazy80 yeah no class. Just a baby. Be careful of generalizations though... especially in this day and age. Cheers

    • MusbCrazy80
      MusbCrazy80 Month ago

      @Sports2Hedz the worst part for me is hes always pointing the finger anywhere but himself. Its the ref, its the rules. Whatever.
      I agree with you 100%, i feel sorry for the team too.

    • MusbCrazy80
      MusbCrazy80 Month ago

      @Sports2Hedz yeah i get that but come on. Just everything about hanson comments, he made a point of congratulating the irush coaching development before praising his own players its just a case of class or lack thereof in chiekas case. Hes like a chikd whose been told no so hes pouting. Coaches need to be professional at all times.
      Warren Gatland for example always professional win or lose, same with the players, alun wyn jones, always always professional.
      Ive had the exact same issue with some players too. English players particulary, soz if ur an england supporter. Mike brown. Awful loser, spoilt little brat he comes accross in post match interviews. Petulant is the perfect word.

    • Sports2Hedz
      Sports2Hedz Month ago +3

      Agreed...but Hansen won. You can contrast this to Joe Schmidt though. Cheika can't even compose himself. Not much of a leader. I feel sorry for the Wallabies to have to put up with this pouting baby the last years. He has no words? Ummm...that's your job. To have words...to rally the troops...to inspire someone. This guy is self defeatist. No wonder they have been terrible the last 4 years.

  • jakkeday1
    jakkeday1 Month ago

    Aussie front 5 just not good enough today. Couldn't get any purchase, let alone score, from a scrum 5m from England's try line - says it all really.
    Big opportunity missed with George Ford being dropped and England not creating much in the 1st half. However Cheika's selections weren't great either - Leali'ifano was poor, Foley not even on the bench. Time for Chieka to go.

  • Stansla Michael
    Stansla Michael Month ago +6

    How was this guy even voted Coach of the Year in the same world cup The All Blacks went back to back.

    • Tony Corin
      Tony Corin Month ago

      Stansla Michael dis the wallabies overperformed

  • Caleb Nikora
    Caleb Nikora Month ago +2

    Hahahaha😂😂shot ABs we in

  • G W
    G W Month ago +2


  • zep kauvaka
    zep kauvaka Month ago +9

    would have been a different story if you guys did not unfairly kick out your BEST fullback/winger, ISRAEL FOLAU ! !!!.....

    • Micheal MOORE
      Micheal MOORE Month ago

      Far better off without that idiot, period!

  • Maq Helz
    Maq Helz Month ago +2

    Meat pies all gone now Chiekah...time to move on for some peanuts...👏👏👏

  • Fun[k] My Life - Trying Not to Get Banned Again

    I really don't understand how Cheika has been allowed to keep his job this long, Australia have been on a downward spiral over the last four years. I expected England to thrash them today and wasn't surprised we scored 40 points.

    • ross g manley888
      ross g manley888 Month ago

      Its not just Cheika ,the jews control Australia and Australian rugby and are destroying both to plan tic toc tic toc

    • Ted Carruthers
      Ted Carruthers Month ago

      The usual answer in these situations is that the person has powerful connections.He is probably a freemason....he should have been dumped years back.

  • Marcelle Keyser
    Marcelle Keyser Month ago +6

    Karma......for getting rid of Israel Folau. I hope Qantas muppet CEO is ecstatic.....

    • Ted Carruthers
      Ted Carruthers Month ago

      @Micheal MOORE F.U.

    • D J
      D J Month ago

      Folau is a piece of garbage. Not who you want repping your country.

    • Micheal MOORE
      Micheal MOORE Month ago +1

      Wallabies were always far better off without the mindset of that idiot, period!

    • Marcelle Keyser
      Marcelle Keyser Month ago

      @D J the wing play was bright, but....not bright enough. Aus going out in the quarter finals is a scandal, but hey, you have to live with your choices

    • D J
      D J Month ago +1

      Marcelle Keyser if dumping a bigot means we loose in the World Cup I’ll take that all day. AND Australia’s wing play was one of the few bright spots,, so bye Felicia.

  • Rodz 3078
    Rodz 3078 Month ago

    Hard luck Aussies next time mate, comebacks next session. Build from this.. 🇳🇿😎💯

  • Sakimi Urakmata
    Sakimi Urakmata Month ago +3

    Michael Cheika you need to resign your style of game was very poor I love the Wallabies but because you still the Coach I know you guys won't make it to the quarterfinals but you guys just! Just just make it by 1ins f..king luck to make it to the quarter finals bt by the best Coach Eddie Jones's n his English team 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • James Lynch
    James Lynch Month ago +3

    Poor guy.....cant be nice being a beta male going up against alphas. Humiliated by England....again.

    • James Lynch
      James Lynch Month ago


    • willy
      willy Month ago

      James, a little self projection on the beta male comment. 😏

  • I bika
    I bika Month ago +6

    Poor bloody effort really.. as per the last few years

  • Nick Horton
    Nick Horton Month ago +6

    Still inside out about how Australia treated Izzy. Hope this kicks hard. My money on England.

    • Max T
      Max T Month ago

      Australia got what they deserved lol

    • Micheal MOORE
      Micheal MOORE Month ago +1

      The wallabies were always far better off without that idiot.

    • Knightmare Arteropk
      Knightmare Arteropk Month ago +1

      England were 1/4 favourites. You can’t have won much money l

  • John Richards
    John Richards Month ago

    Crime doesn't always pay 😂😂😂

  • tavitela2
    tavitela2 Month ago +14

    Should've kept Izzy lol

    • Max T
      Max T Month ago

      Yep big time

    • KoiNadi
      KoiNadi Month ago


  • David Anthony
    David Anthony Month ago +5


  • Cotswold Cuckoo
    Cotswold Cuckoo Month ago +2

    What ?? The better team won ??? Never thought I'd hear him ever say that. Pity it was after his last game in charge.

  • Chief Brody
    Chief Brody Month ago

    The Aussies will bounce back look where England were after their own world cup

    • Mark Weaver
      Mark Weaver Month ago

      They will need the biggest bouncy castle.

  • Megalodon Unlocked
    Megalodon Unlocked Month ago +26

    I fear getting this hairline.

    • VP
      VP Month ago


  • Pat O'Malley
    Pat O'Malley Month ago +7

    The boys gave their all. Bad luck Aussies we had the opportunities.
    A few mistakes at critical times changed the game.
    England deserved the win today.

  • Daza Essox
    Daza Essox Month ago +1

    everyone blames the coach
    but its down to the players at the end of the day

    • Knightmare Arteropk
      Knightmare Arteropk Month ago +1

      It’s both. There’s been many times in many sports in history where a bad team gets a good coach and then suddenly improves massively/becomes champions. Also, coaches have different playing styles. A coach might be the best in the world but maybe their team would be better off with a different coach because of the style of play that works for them

  • phil driver
    phil driver Month ago +15


  • Raymond Cowley
    Raymond Cowley Month ago +7

    Cheika fire , back line miss Folau

  • phil driver
    phil driver Month ago

    what a chiek

  • Murray Stephen
    Murray Stephen Month ago +9

    Well England played better rugby and deserved to win. As for Australia it was so apparently how much we lacked in attacking firepower against a strong opponent. Congratulations to Alan Joyce and the fools running the ARU for their short sighted stupidity regarding the sacking of Israel Folau our most potent attacking weapon. We got what we deserved.

  • daveandmerlin
    daveandmerlin Month ago +9

    England have been dicking the Aussies for the last 20 years !

  • Ian A Davies
    Ian A Davies Month ago

    You sour puss face

  • manuel gonzalez
    manuel gonzalez Month ago +1

    see the result of RU SELF MUTILATION,wallabies play only with one leg and one arm so the head,and other two limbs are out of the team bye bye cheika

  • Hornet
    Hornet Month ago +38

    No blaming the ref or spitting his dummy out?, oh wait this isn't the press intervew I'm sure he'll go back to his normal self soon.

  • Micheal De Thierry
    Micheal De Thierry Month ago

    Surely you know its 80 minute game.