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  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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    Hey there! Here’s Epic High Speed Jumps #68 - BeamNG Drive!
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    Game Info
    BeamNG.drive is a realistic & immersive driving game offering limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time resulting in realistic & dynamic behavior
    Game’s Official Website (you can purchase / download the game there):
    PC Specs & Accessories:
    CPU: Intel Core i9-7980XE @ 4.2GHz
    Motherboard: Asus ROG Rampage Extreme VI
    Graphics Card: Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Ti OC Edition
    Memory: 32 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3200 MHz
    SSD Drive (OS + BeamNG): Samsung 960 Pro 1TB
    Other SSD Drives: Samsung 960 Pro 512GB + Samsung 850 Evo 2TB
    Case: Corsair Obsidian 900D
    Power Supply: Corsair AX1200i
    Steering Wheel: Thrustmaster T150 Pro
    Monitor: ASUS ROG Swift 279Q
    Envavo Heatbuff
    Maps Used:
    Cadort Island: www.beamng.com/resources/cadort-island.1466/
    Altitude: www.beamng.com/resources/altitude.251/
    Car Jump Arena: www.beamng.com/resources/car-jump-arena.1362/
    Canyon of Speed: www.beamng.com/threads/canyon-of-speed.11643/
    Stairway Mountain: www.beamng.com/resources/the-stairway-mountain.207/
    Vehicles & Other Mods Used:
    Driver, Passengers and Loads: www.beamng.com/resources/driver-passengers-and-loads.2906/
    Apex Expansion Pack: beamng.com/resources/apex-expansion-pack.3182/
    Ultimate Configuration Pack: beamng.com/resources/ultimate-configuration-pack.2981/
    High power car pack: www.beamng.com/resources/high-power-car-pack.56/
    CJD Special Tunes: www.beamng.com/resources/cjd-special-tunes.1583/
    WBIMP: www.beamng.com/resources/wbimp.6880/
    Lamzumi's Pack: beamng.com/resources/for-lack-of-a-better-name-lamzumis-pack.2055/
    The Offroad Van: beamng.com/resources/the-offroad-van.3709/
    ETK 1300: www.beamng.com/resources/etk-1300.9739/
    1995 Ibishu Kashira (Gen 2): www.beamng.com/resources/1995-ibishu-kashira-gen-2.8319/
    Bitron B2: www.beamng.com/resources/bitron-b2.2068/
    Articulated Frame component for Bus: www.beamng.com/resources/articulated-frame-component-for-bus.3526/
    Bolide Corse: beamng.com/resources/civetta-bolide-corse.2903/
    Satsuma 210: beamng.com/resources/satsuma-210-58.2009/
    Trackfab Superlight: www.beamng.com/resources/trackfab-superlite.10011/
    KamAZ 5460: www.beamng.com/threads/kamaz-5460-v1-0-1.62326/
    DH Outlaw: www.beamng.com/resources/dh-outlaw.2673/
    CrashHard 8x8 BigRig Truck: www.beamng.com/resources/crashhard-8x8-bigrig-truck.8316/
    Music by Epidemic Sound
    Epic BeamNG Drive TheXvidrs:
    Crash Driven: thexvid.com/channel/UCHt7kFA9rL3MQ9OjTkwTjmg
    DestructionNation: thexvid.com/user/SuperVODKA12
    WreckStation: thexvid.com/channel/UCmyy-o4u56B0ExyEbSUbprQ
    Beamng.TV: thexvid.com/channel/UChNGa_ngdX25hVU2qflpKaA
    BeamNG Pro: thexvid.com/channel/UCXC3bB5hQzpRT1fFS0vcWcQ
    SmashChan: thexvid.com/channel/UC-7YZ_1NISX4_vuAZUtD5yA
    BeamNG-Destruction: thexvid.com/channel/UC24cHExdzjNKktUUtrQnmYw
    Remember to always drive carefully, wear a seat belt and please don’t try any of these so called “stunts” ;)
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  • Felipe Maciel
    Felipe Maciel Month ago +12

    There is a CBP-Verse mini comic at the end of this chapter.

    This episode on CBP: about a few kilometers away and a few couple thousand meters above Suspension Springs, a very brave (or very insane) dummy panics on his Tactical Super Gnat, while in a hurry to get himself into relatively safe territory.

    “This is NOT the first day on the job I always dreamed of… What was I thinking!? Trying to break an enemy blockade piloting a tiny… OH DEAR!”

    The flying dummy pilot just notices the readings on the helicopter’s rudimentary instruments. Something really big is nearby, just beyond the visual line. Moments later, he wishes he never saw the huge airship that is now drawing closer, scaring him. Fear turned into sheer terror when the airship opened up its docking bay’s door, and two fighter planes came out of it, giving chase almost immediately. The enemy aircraft looked as menacing or even more like a threat than the stuff he was used to see in the movies and games. Top Dummy and Ace Wombat could not have made something as out of this world as the machines he just saw. Knowing that a dogfight would be short and result in his demise, the pilot goes against what his instructor always said.

    “Alright, I can’t shoot them down with a TSG. I can’t bail out as well, since they’d just carpet bomb anywhere I land. The Captain used to say to never use the radio if the enemy has air superiority, as the chances of signal jamming or even interception are just too high… I hope he can forgive me for this…. Wherever he is. Well, I just hope this Dummieson guy really is what people say!”

    Scrambling to get a good signal in between all the jamming going on, at first he only hears static. Luckily, as the passes by all frequencies again, at the very last one he checked he hears a faint noise, could this be a… voice? Listening closer, he can make out expressions such as “spike strip blockade”, or “give them the PAIN”. Could this be the help he so desperately needs? Fearing that any further jamming could deteriorate their signal enough to the point he’d not be able to contact anyone, he calls anyone for an answer.

    “Swan 4 to Ground, I got two bogeys on my tail, and they’re in very high speed. Catching up is just a matter of time, I request any assistance you can provide, over.”

    As Dummieson changes plans due to their inability to evacuate the town fast enough, he finds something unexpectedly good: all across the Main Road, the seemingly normal construction sites actually had very deep holes and tunnels. Seeing how that could be useful, he pulls Rocket by his arm to show his finding.

    “Rocket, you won’t believe this!” “I believe everything, except the Easter Bunny, the Chupacabra and global warming. Shoot!” “See those excavations?” “Yeah, what are those?” “Our salvation, Rocket, our salvation…” “Uhh… what?” “They’re long and deep enough for us to put the civilians there and get in to hide! It’s like a bunker!” “Tunnels? Ah crap, here we go again…” “I know… I’m having Outpost Proper flashbacks too. But this is too good to pass! I wonder why they were digging those, though…”

    At that moment, Lee hears the conversation and provides an explanation.

    “Dad’s the Mayor, and this is his big project. Having had contact with the Tunnel Complex, many of those who grew up here are fascinated with the idea of excavations and tunnels. When Dad promised a fully operational subway system to the citizens during campaign, he got ninety percent of the votes. Heck, some people even voted twice! Tee hee!” “Uhh… I’m not sure if this is how elections work, Lee…” “Of course it is, Rocket!” “But… isn’t this city’s population, like, five thousand people or something?” “Ugh, you two can talk about politics later, provided we all survive. I don’t really care about the motivations for those things being made, all I care about now is how we’re gonna make everyone get in there before the first bombings. Let’s do this as we…”

    The sheriff is interrupted by the radio. It was Tracermobile. Along with Dorifto she was on top of the city’s tallest building, with the task of observing the Airship’s movements, to determine when the attack would commence. However, the ETK 800 found something completely unexpected instead…

    “Chief, you won’t believe! Not too far from the spike strip blockade, flying like an absolute madlad, there’s a dummy with a beret in a mini helicopter. He’s trying out some sick evasive maneuvers as we speak!” “What in the actual…” “That’s what I thought too!” “This guy is doomed. Enemy aircraft are to play around against. They’re not into niceties, they’ll bring them the PAIN.” “Well, still… shouldn’t we try to help the guy?” “Bad idea. If you give out your position, the humans will bomb your building first, and I think you’d hate to be turned into charcoal, right?” “Well, I did burned down a few times… Not nice. But I must insist we should help him…” “Don’t. It might put a lot of people at risk!”

    Dissapointed about Dummieson’s response, Tracermobile turns to Dorifto.

    “ So… I sorta like this madlad’s style. We should do something to help. Do you agree with me?” “It’s not like he’s the sole Chief of the Caravan… We, the Combine, have the same say over this stuff. Do as you wish!” “You don’t need to say no more! Grab the Old Cannon, we’re shooting at some birbs!”

    Conjuring up a cannon that looked as old as Charemagne, Dorifto aims at the two enemy aircraft. While the cannonball didn’t even get close to hit any of them, it was enough to make them turn back. Probably they were not expecting any kind of ant-aircraft fire, even a horrendously outdated one. Tracermobile uses the same frequency to speak to the pilot.

    “Ground to Swan 4, emergency heliport set up on the garage building at about a kilometer from our current position. You are cleared to land, and I advise you do so in a hurry. We don’t know how long we have until they come back with reinforcements!”

    The wait for that tiny helicopter to land seemed like an eternity, but in the end, the pilot dummy finally touched the ground.

    “Wowzers! I thought I was toast up there. Thanks for having my back!” “It’s all good.” “Look, Tracermobile, he’s yellow. Is he a foreigner or something?” “No, my good Bitron! I happen to be of a different model, specifically tailored for BeamNG Air Force.” “And what’s with this ‘L’ taped to your chest?” “Uhh… that’s my Learner’s Badge. It sorta is my first solo flight.” “Sheesh, first flight!?” “I must say we were impressed by your crazy antics, you got talent.” “Thanks!” “So… Your squadron is called Swan, right? And you’re Swan 4. Where’s Swans 1-3?” “I’m afraid they didn’t make it… we were caught off guard, the entire plant was destroyed, blown out of the planet.” “Sheesh… You won’t be alone, though. We got Blaine, he flies too.” “Uhh… Don’t say you mean Blaine McJohn! Really?” “Exactly, that’s the guy.” “Whoa, I’m a big fan of him! I wish the Captain had made it out the plant, so he’d meet the legend…” “Where were you stationed at?” “Automation Test Track. The whole place got destroyed. What wasn’t burned got flooded, as the Kurupae Dam broke like it was made out of legos.” “Wait, so there were attcks on other places!?” “Yes, and that’s why I got sent here by the very few personnel that made out of the Dam in one piece. There is a Continuity Of Government Plan being implemented as we speak, and one of our persons of interest is Sheriff Bat Dummieson. Do you happen to know him?” “If we know him? We do, we know him better than we ever wished for, believe me.” “Uhh… what do you mean?” “Nothing. We’ll bring you to the guy in a sec.”

    What happens next? Stay tuned to this very channel to find out!

    This is one of those chapters you don’t see coming! XD Major plot stuff, new character, action scenes… we had it all. The only thing left was a bit of romance. As for today’s comic, simplifying the Super Gnat’s forms was a chore. However, I think it looks better than I expected! =) Stay awesome!

    P.S.: I’m seriously considering resuming the CBP comic series, the sketches are a blast to draw… except that Gnat…

    Swan 4 tries not to die horribly: ibb.co/p0hqLvR
    All other sketches: epicsubterfuge.imgbb.com/

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    • Damion Cotterman
      Damion Cotterman Month ago

      @CrashBoomPunk Do you Play on computer. or what

    • AgentY
      AgentY Month ago +1

      The Hyper Bolide is indeed easy to find, multiple people have shared it on Reddit with different filenames so it won't be taken down, the rest is not easy to get though. I don't like the russian sites with bootleg mods, I tried downloading a BTR-80 from one of them and it downloaded an installer that just installed empty folders without any files, I was still lucky that there was no virus in them. These sites either have crappy supercar models stolen from GTA that only work half of the time you spawn them, have terrible crash physics, broken interiors and steering wheels, broken lights, wrong wheels and the slowest possible Bolide engine instead of the normal one, or just straight up stolen mods, sometimes even WIP ones, without any credit to the author. Plus half of them are just trojans pretending to be mods. The installation process is also weird, you either have to download an installer or do mess with renaming lots of different files, sometimes you end up with some default vehicle missing or getting broken. Really the only purpose of these sites is to get the deleted mods, but even that doesn't work half of the time, so I prefer to avoid them.

    • Felipe Maciel
      Felipe Maciel Month ago

      @AgentY it is still available on other sites. I pestered a friend who has BeamNG to get it XD. I think the Bolide with a minigun is also easy to find.

    • AgentY
      AgentY Month ago +1

      I see you are lucky to have the Super Gnat, I found out about it a few weeks after it got removed, I wish I had it! I've always wondered what the letter L on the dummy stands for, and you explained it well! Also you implemented the Automation Test Track into the plot really well, I've been using this map a lot recently, it's really underrated! It's the only official map that has ice on roads (as far as I know), it's in the mountains, there should be a spawn point there, it's fun watching AI cars try to drive on it and fail! Really good story, and very cool detailed sketch!

  • Prachi Singh
    Prachi Singh 18 days ago +3

    Who is else seeing this video in 2020 ...👇

  • Blue_Kobolt
    Blue_Kobolt Month ago +1

    The bus at 4:56 is trying to find that spare nickel it lost.

  • themostoof
    themostoof Month ago

    why is there so electronic
    when the dude is crashing cars

  • Chi Chi Chi Chi
    Chi Chi Chi Chi Month ago

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  • Tammy Fontenot
    Tammy Fontenot Month ago +2

    Rest in Pieces!, poor cars.

  • Marat Bedoev
    Marat Bedoev Month ago

    0:12 This is oceanic flight 2443 we are taking off.
    *pilot 1* Were hijacked were hijacked!
    3:31 This is Victor 1172 USAF Command Fighter taking off from Andrews airbase to intercept the flight.

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    Artem Pleyer Game Month ago +1

    Hi crash-boom punk I watched your VIDOS they are good, you're done well remove

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    as you got 1.64 million subs and so many views. you might have so much money. can you make other channel and make minecraft videos on it? don't worry upload 1 video on a channel and another on the 2nd ones. might not be too hard at all.

    • CrashBoomPunk
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      It's not as much as one might think bro :)
      Also, while it might sound fun to make more channels, I don't have time for that, nor would I want to stop doing what I love doing :)

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    Hey man what’s up I have just been not commenting recently because I got my phone taken away sorry man

    • CrashBoomPunk
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      Welcome back bro! Glad you got your phone back :-))
      Thanks for watching my videos again!

  • Banana
    Banana Month ago

    Hello! Sorry for the question but im new to BeamNG Drive, how to add these "mans" to the car?

    • Banana
      Banana Month ago

      @CrashBoomPunk Okay thanks for telling me it! Have a good day mate :)

    • CrashBoomPunk
      CrashBoomPunk  Month ago

      It's a mod: Driver, Passengers and Loads
      Thanks for watching!

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    *Great video!*

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    pandita el pro 98 Month ago

    Canshion the descripción 😢

    • CrashBoomPunk
      CrashBoomPunk  Month ago

      It's kinda pointless to list songs from Epidemic Sounds. The artists as well as the songs change name & title all the time! Don't ask me why, I have no answer :)
      I'm listing all the songs from other sources though

  • The Boss
    The Boss Month ago +1

    How do you drift so good at high speeds? Do you use a steering wheel?

    • The Boss
      The Boss Month ago

      @CrashBoomPunk yah. When im in camera interior, when I turn, the steering wheel turns so fast and so much. Oh and do you use keys WASD or pedals.

    • CrashBoomPunk
      CrashBoomPunk  Month ago +1

      Yes :)
      A steering wheel makes drifting so much easier and more fun in this game!
      Thanks for watching!

  • joao gabriel3247
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    hey friend how did you download beamNG.drive

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    Dopey NightlifeTV Month ago

    2:59-3:14 good lawd Above 🥶🥶. 5:14 ENCORE!!!!

  • Nathan_ Hector
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    Wow great video mr crashboompunk nice job here your 90 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6:04 I was un a road trip but a ramp interrupt my trip and I crash XD and 9:53 I die jajajaja XD

    • CrashBoomPunk
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      Don't you worry buddy! You didn't die, all I see is an empty car. You probably jumped out in time, heheh!
      Thanks for watching and for your cool stars buddy! :D

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    I just got a new phone and the first video i watch is your video.😀
    I wasnt able to watch videos because my phone broke:(.☹️

  • Nathan Berg
    Nathan Berg Month ago

    Do something with the Tesla truck

    • CrashBoomPunk
      CrashBoomPunk  Month ago

      Stay tuned for today's video in exactly 6 hours ;)

  • Joni Dinkins
    Joni Dinkins Month ago

    3: 32. Where's bob

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    Kaleb the Railfan Month ago

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  • هذال سلطان

    فنانه تتاغعغهععع

  • The K Man
    The K Man Month ago

    Key learning here: Buy an F40.

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    NAME MODZ Month ago +1

    Bro I have made a new beamng car want to try it please send me your email or email me

  • Mark Melany
    Mark Melany Month ago

    Whats the map for 2:17 called

    • CrashBoomPunk
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      Canyon of speed. EPIC map, get it at once :)

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    Wow crash good video 📹 I like the video 📹 😉 😉 crash

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      Thank you again, my friend! Always gladm when you're having fun! :)

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    Nice touch to the city busses together ! Never seen that mod b 4. DORTIOS car was pretty kewl w/ how far it went. Was surprised the yellow car wings didnt go further...

    • CrashBoomPunk
      CrashBoomPunk  Month ago

      Indeed! The yellow one didn't go too far! Ofc I didn't touch the button that would make it go up (it's got air controls too), otherwise it wouldn't be jumping but flying :-))
      Thanks for watching my video again and for your feedback Mikey! :D

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    Always love the 'funny moments and fails' segment.

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      I'm glad you do! Thank for watching my video bro! ;-)

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    There’s no point of disliking where there’s nothing to dislike about

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    What about the super giant truck jump? you promissed
    blonde woman and the cat.jpg

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      @CrashBoomPunk ok great job, I continue watching your videos

    • CrashBoomPunk
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      I tried it but it didn't work out well in the map I did it! I'll keep trying to find the proper map for it though, don't worry bro :-)
      Thanks for watching again!

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    Ooh my god the your jumps is INCRIBLE!!!!

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    2:27 the little car that could... not make it to the other side 3:06 the big car that the little car is jealous of .3:20 can't be jealous of that

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    Yey more high speed jumps
    I want more so imma go look at more

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      Thanks for watching bro! Glad you had fun :)

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    Hey there CrashBoomPunk. I also go by Dokta Drewski. so as usual, keep up the great videos! Keep crashing and exploding cars!

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      @CrashBoomPunk also, I've almost been watching for almost 3 years! Again also, since I wasn't able to at the time, congrats on 1.5M!!

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      Awesome! Thanks for that bro! Have a nice day!

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      I'm subbed and notified!

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    0:09 : Communism Van.

  • Muneeb Jee Status
    Muneeb Jee Status Month ago

    how to download/install this game in Android?

  • Muneeb Jee Status
    Muneeb Jee Status Month ago

    how to download/install this game in Android?

    • The Rock
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      This game is pc only
      You can find it on Steam

  • AgentY
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    BEAMNG NEWS episode 79
    Top story: After all the dummy prisoners got transported back to prison, it was time for the car ones, who wouldn't fit in prisoner transport buses. However, when the police arrived at Area 51 to begin the transport, they realised that there were no prisoners there - they all escaped!! There was a huge hole in one of the walls, it looked as if a big vehicle charged through it and the rest followed. There were a few big trucks among the prisoners, so it was obvious what happened. We don't know why the police haven't predicted it - perhaps they were busy trying to find other dangerous villains who remain free, such as Darkstig, Stigsson and Dr. Spiky. Since all the car villains escaped, they have already started causing chaos everywhere! For example, Dorifto, who was in prison for participating in several illegal street races and driving over the speed limit a lot, has travelled to Cadort Island and started placing ramps and jumping off them! It wouldn't be anything bad if not the fact that there are lots of well-known polititians there now due to the election starting soon, and one of them could get hurt by Dorifto landing a jump! Another famous car villain, Flying Joe, has painted himself yellow inwtead of red so the police wouldn't recognise him, but he's still easily recognisable because he's a car with wings! He has been seen near Lake Altitude, flying close to news helicopters, trying to make them crash! The most dangerous car villain, Tracermobile, who escaped for the 2nd time this month, was seen driving at high speed on Cadort Island and accidentally jumping off one of Dorifto's ramps, landing and crashing! There were a lot more villains but we don't have time to talk about each of them, so in short, they are all causing chaos all over the country! The police has a lot of work to do now with catching all of them!
    In other news: The police is hiring new deputies due to the amount of work they have to do recently! Unfortunately, nobody seems to be interested in this kind of job. While the police is widely treated with respect and gets all kinds of exclusive price reductions for everything (especially fast food), dummies are generally afraid of becoming cops themselves, as it means having to chase and arrest dangerous villains, often risking major damage to their car and their own body! In the world where there are no proper super-heroes, it's the police's job to fight super-villains, which is a really dangerous thing to do! Who knows, maybe the police will find some dummies (or cars, they are needed as well) brave enough to fight Darkstig and the rest of the bad guys? So far though, they need to be helped by private detectives to find the villains who escaped the prison, which means it will take them along time...
    Police announcement: WE NEED MORE DEPUTIES!! We can't do so many things at the same time! Join us now and you will get... uhh... a license plate with your name? Or whatever thing you chose to write on it? We don't have that much money as of now so we can't afford any proper extra gifts.
    Edit: THE CRASHHARD DUMMY IS OUT, I didn't include it because it was announced before I wrote the story, check it out! You should make the dummy a new character, maybe a new villain? There are not enough villains, only Darkstig, Dr. Spiky, and occasionally other ones that only crash and don't do anything evil.

    • AgentY
      AgentY Month ago

      One thing about the new dummy, it breaks the Bolide and Hyper Bolide textures, but there will be an update soon (it's waiting to be approved) that will fix it

    • CrashBoomPunk
      CrashBoomPunk  Month ago

      AMAZING story again buddy! I liked every bit of it and we definitely need more deputies and starting today we're gonna get one :P
      Awesome about the new dummy, looking forward to use it from now on! It can be a new villain as well, but first things first :) Gotta try it and find out, starting on monday!
      Thanks again, my friend, have a great weekend!

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