• Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • WATCH MORE BOUNCY BALL VIDOES HERE: thexvid.com/video/yjFoFE-AcVg/video.html
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  • JustDustin
    JustDustin  Month ago +320

    If you didn’t know I sent my TheXvid play button into space!! GO WATCH! thexvid.com/video/DHrh-xwYkuM/video.html

  • Johnathon Davis
    Johnathon Davis 10 hours ago

    Oof thats bigger than my head..

  • asanti waddy
    asanti waddy 10 hours ago

    Looks like earth. It look like 5.8 percent of the earth

  • Laks KyLeR
    Laks KyLeR 12 hours ago


  • BookLoverV2
    BookLoverV2 17 hours ago


  • The manic Macanic
    The manic Macanic 19 hours ago


  • HotDog Playz
    HotDog Playz 2 days ago

    I'm sorry thicc um I think you mean thiccccccccccccccc

  • farmer pro boy
    farmer pro boy 2 days ago

    Do it drop it from a helicopter

  • Peyton Woeller
    Peyton Woeller 2 days ago +1

    18:31 JustDustin wears tighty whities confirmed

  • stefanie birdsall
    stefanie birdsall 2 days ago

    Soccer ball kicks bouncy ball breaks your toes

  • Uma Chant
    Uma Chant 3 days ago

    U don’t sleep don’t u?

  • Fury Flame
    Fury Flame 3 days ago

    7:02 is where you need to be

  • Odd ll
    Odd ll 3 days ago

    18:02 the key word is trying lol

  • Lucas Teruel
    Lucas Teruel 3 days ago

    U should put line x around it

  • NitroRisen 22
    NitroRisen 22 3 days ago +1


    CALE THOMAS 4 days ago

    DO IT

  • Daytor
    Daytor 4 days ago

    ur the best

    GOAR KAZARIAN 7 days ago +1

    9:30 you can’t play Fortnite or Minecraft no more πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  • Luke Carlson
    Luke Carlson 8 days ago

    I know what you're talking about, ya know the guy who rolled the stone, his name was Sisyphus.

  • Apache warrior
    Apache warrior 8 days ago

    I see TheXvidrs but like 100 of whatever and I don't even ask what they're making or doing

  • Stanster 2004
    Stanster 2004 8 days ago

    Helicopter time!!!!

  • Sergeant Skittlez
    Sergeant Skittlez 8 days ago +1

    So a midroll happened and the ad was a flex seal one... he’s onto you Justin

  • Bill Beadenkopf
    Bill Beadenkopf 8 days ago

    i know what your talking about

  • Alec Lowell
    Alec Lowell 8 days ago

    Get another giant plastic ball and cover it in silicone and corn starch

  • Amanda Banks
    Amanda Banks 8 days ago

    Can you send me one!!!!!

  • Linda Andros
    Linda Andros 9 days ago

    Get a helicopter and drop it from there

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 9 days ago +1

    This is how much times he said silicone

  • King Kitters
    King Kitters 9 days ago

    Drop it from a helicopter Please I SUB

  • Clege Groove
    Clege Groove 10 days ago +1

    17:10 oh u r like Atlas !🀣(or The Routard...)

  • eli fullbrook
    eli fullbrook 11 days ago

    get a helicopter

  • Original Fake
    Original Fake 11 days ago

    23.000'th liker

    DAX PRE 12 days ago

    drop the ball out a helicopter

  • Certain Fun
    Certain Fun 14 days ago

    For the roof thing you threw the smaller ball of of, you should make a jungle gym out of it and put a rock wall on it and a zip line into a foam pit or something cool like that

  • Seibert Lowe III
    Seibert Lowe III 15 days ago


  • Jason Chapman
    Jason Chapman 16 days ago

    Drop it from a helicopter

  • Mr. Blade
    Mr. Blade 16 days ago

    Drop it from the chopper

  • Water Bottle
    Water Bottle 16 days ago

    wellll you could do a giant rubber ball drop on top of dynamite. but thats just me. my brain:do it do it do it do it do it DO IT

  • Twood
    Twood 17 days ago

    Other than the wall videos is there any just Dustin video without a watermelon

  • TazMaDeath1
    TazMaDeath1 18 days ago

    Drop it from a helichopper

  • Shotgunner 1708
    Shotgunner 1708 18 days ago


  • Tanner Galvez
    Tanner Galvez 19 days ago

    I'd sounded like a bowling ball.πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Infinite Earth
    Infinite Earth 19 days ago

    It’s huge!!!

  • Henry Keating
    Henry Keating 19 days ago

    Drop it from the choppersπŸ’₯

  • Carson Gill
    Carson Gill 20 days ago

    Don’t take that seriously

  • Holden Von Hoene
    Holden Von Hoene 20 days ago +3

    AS in Giant bouncy ball vs concrete from 45m tower.

  • Holden Von Hoene
    Holden Von Hoene 20 days ago +1

    send it to How Ridiculous!

  • Elham Kawar
    Elham Kawar 21 day ago


  • McGurray The Ranger
    McGurray The Ranger 22 days ago

    Send it to How Ridiculous

  • Jack leriod
    Jack leriod 22 days ago

    that is my home teams dog

  • Syd Silvia
    Syd Silvia 22 days ago

    I like haw you made a really Big bouncy ball.

  • Random Potato
    Random Potato 22 days ago

    I think the book was called Atlas Shrugged or somerhing

  • ChinoGee T.v Lema
    ChinoGee T.v Lema 22 days ago

    I just broke my phone i really want to win the iphone pretty pretty pleasr

  • Michael attie
    Michael attie 22 days ago

    Drop the ball from the helicopter onto the car

  • Mason Hill
    Mason Hill 22 days ago

    Drop it from a helicopter and see how high it bounded

  • firehazardFox 15
    firehazardFox 15 22 days ago

    Hay Dustin hope your doing alright you look really really tired me don't forget to take care of yourself and get some rest

  • Jayelan Taylor
    Jayelan Taylor 22 days ago

    You made this on my birthday

  • Jessica golden09 Golden

    8:45 how my sis plays basketball

  • ooo Gamer Player
    ooo Gamer Player 23 days ago

    wait aren't helicopters lie $200,000 - $1 million? well good luck with that

  • TheWolfBoi
    TheWolfBoi 23 days ago

    It looks like your in a meth lab lol?

  • Colin Johnson
    Colin Johnson 23 days ago

    Get a helicopter