The One After They Were Friends - Behind the Scenes documentary - E4 2004

  • Published on Sep 17, 2017

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  • M J
    M J 2 years ago +5

    Friends must have been a blessing and a curse for them, they're known so well for their characters that it formed their actual identity.

  • aggie
    aggie 2 years ago +3

    Jen is veeeeerrrryyyy pretty but Courtney is a goddess. She does have a “harsh” face but that’s what makes her strikingly beautiful. She doesn’t have that basic look.

  • Kaity T
    Kaity T 2 years ago +2

    I hate that it’s always comparing Jenn and Courtney, never Lisa. All three of them are stunning, unique in their own ways. I love them all but Phoebe/Lisa deserves more recognition

  • Tinsae Aregawi
    Tinsae Aregawi 2 years ago +779

    it has been 15 years since the show ended and they still remain friends that is impressive.

  • bigfishbovvl
    bigfishbovvl 2 years ago +951

    They're so goddamn mean to the actors in this documentary. I can only imagine how hard it is being an actor this famous, not being famous for their name but for the name of their character. Can you blame them for wanting more? They knew that the show can't go on forever, they needed to look around for future alternatives. That cannot have been easy but it had to be done. I admire them for wanting to grow as actors and show the world that they could play other roles in other genres. As much as we would like to stop time and have them forever, they are people not characters.

  • RLS
    RLS 2 years ago +1

    David Schwimer was the one who told everyone to stick together!

  • Radhia Deedou
    Radhia Deedou 2 years ago +2

    That joke Matthew made at

  • Zorkki
    Zorkki 2 years ago +300

    Hard to believe this finished in 2004, and yet I still watch this nearly every day on comedy central, i've seen every episode about 50 times and will never get bored of it.

  • Alex Rennison
    Alex Rennison 2 years ago +1

    Man, Courtney was so beautiful.

  • Sudesh Singh
    Sudesh Singh 2 years ago +2

    Jennifer was never "Mrs Brad Pitt"

  • anushkaLOLS
    anushkaLOLS 2 years ago +2

    Young Matthew Perry is everything i want in my life T-T

  • Nabil
    Nabil 2 years ago +1

    Everybody is just getting recommended this video now. So cool to see people talk about the show during it’s peak and what they might do in the future, which we all know now. That guy was right. It was the last great multigenerational sitcom.

  • Sumit Barua
    Sumit Barua Year ago +591

    Are you similar to Chandler?

  • Hannah Gutter
    Hannah Gutter 2 years ago +534

    I’m just really happy that Courtney Cox got her recognition as one of the breakout stars because during friends she was not acknowledged for her acting.

  • lily ishere
    lily ishere 2 years ago +577

    I rlly think Ross is underrated,he’s so cute and so funny like when he screams he’s a good actor and he doesn’t get credited enough ! I love Ross

  • Muhammad Fahad
    Muhammad Fahad 2 years ago +1

    Phoebe with the not so normal life as opposed to

  • erixhardson
    erixhardson Year ago +77

    Now we’re getting a reunion! I don’t think this show will ever die

  • fullsun
    fullsun 2 years ago +189

    This show ended just the year I was born and 16 years later after I'm born, I watched the show and instantly fell in love. And it's crazy seeing this documentary in 2020. I wonder how it felt like when everyone was able to experience this whole Friends craze. I swear if I was there, I would've obsessed over every cast of the show 😂

  • emma mel
    emma mel 2 years ago +3

    “why am i getting noticed for my haircut and not for my work?” oh Jen :(

  • Jenn Hoff
    Jenn Hoff 2 years ago +986

    "So with a little help from Brad, Jen looks like she'll have a successful film career after Friends." Ok, shut. up. Even if they were still together, she stands on her own two feet!