Cheese Potato Bread baked in frying pan | No Oven, No yeast, No egg

  • Published on Sep 9, 2021
  • [Cheese Potato Bread]


    90g strong flour (bread flour)
    55g milk
    10g melted unsalted butter
    a little salt

    1 potato (medium size)
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    mozzarella cheese


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  • Daniel Bowens

    I must be getting old because my first thought was “way too much cheese”, woulda loved that when I was a kid tho

  • Azure Pulse

    I tried it out, and it was pretty good. Did it again, but replaced the mashed potato with cooked ground beef. This recipe basically makes a sealed quesadilla, so the fun is replacing the potato with whatever you like that's already cooked (since this just cooks the bread part and melts the cheese). I'm probably gonna use this recipe a lot as a base from now on.

  • Arctica88

    I'm pretty sure you can throw in some parmesan, garlic, or caramelized onions , oregano, even spinach and make delicious variations of this same recipe. It looks cool for a night cooking with friends and drinking some beers. Love this! Thank you!

    VIVI OPREA 14 days ago +27

    It is extremely good for anyone wondering, especially the mix of potatoes and mayonnaise! It brings out the smoothness of mashed potatoes. I also added in some sliced pepper and spring onion for extra flavour and some pepper powder. You don’t really need to wait one hour if you don’t want to as the dough is still just as good. Delicious recipe. I’ll be making this some other time as well.

  • Lily Danielle

    I love the recipe!

  • ʚɞ
    ʚɞ  +21

    perfeito, mt prático de fazer !

  • NIVO1972

    i made this with minced garlic and italian herb blend infused into the dough. Was outstanding. Served with crushed tomato fresh italian pizza sauce thickened with parmesan.

  • pankobby
    pankobby  +316

    Added a bit of minced garlic and some parmesan to it and it's so good! It was a lot easier folding it up into a ball and rolling it out than I thought it would be. So often when I try doing something like that I end up with a bunch of holes in the dough or something, but I only ended up with one tiny hole and it wasn't a problem

  • Elisangela Farias

    Chega deu água na boca.😆

  • Nurture
    Nurture 28 days ago +6

    oh my goddddd. the sounds and the cinematics. looks so so delicious!! gifted baker!! 😍 and so helpful to those w out an oven!! (like myself) thank you so much angel!

  • Silvana Mattos

    Nossa, que delícia!Parabéns!😍🌹💐

  • beastie one.
    beastie one. 28 days ago +30

    That looks really good👌, i wouldn't have a honey dip though (maybe add some finely cut chives, bit of spicy cheese and some garlic mayo) but never the less it looks banging. The last few years i have gone off most meats (only chicken and fish now) and i never thought i would ever be like this so it's always good to know things like this, i am a fussy eater.

  • leokimvideo

    Wow, cool and looks around 40.000 calories per slice.

  • i should probably be working

    This looks like a very easy recipe to have fun experimenting with. A great way to use up things in your fridge or cupboard perhaps?

  • Lilactic
    Lilactic  +310

    Just made this, I’m eating it right now! Could do with a bit more salt lol, I also didnt put enough cheese. It’s still soooo delicious! Definitely going to make again.

  • Catharina
    Catharina 14 days ago +10

    Simplesmente o pão com queijo do entretenimento

  • cook master

    In Indian recipes there is a delicacy / recipe called Stuffed Paratha. The filling is typically mashed potato with spices & Garlic, or cauliflower, or cottage cheese, or Grated Raddish etc., Very easy to make and good ith wheat Flour than Allpurpose bleached flour.

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  • Andrew Smith

    Just made this tonight. Turned out absolutely fantastic! My wrapping technique was not perfect so the bottom surface didn't end up looking quite as nice as this one, but it sealed and cooked great! Next time I want to try adding bacon bits and green onion, and substituting the mayo with sour cream to lean into the "loaded baked potato" flavor!


    Выглядит очень вкусно!😋