James May has bought ANOTHER new car

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • After his Tesla Model S reveal, James has come up trumps again and bought another car! Now we're almost certain you guys won't have seen this one coming, so sit back as May takes you through his latest automotive purchase. It is... interesting to say the least.
    Tell James which of his new cars you prefer: bit.ly/2Qugm5U
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Comments • 6 399

  • lordtartarsauce b
    lordtartarsauce b 4 minutes ago

    The tesla is stupid. The fuel cell is mucj more future proof.

  • Patrick Guinnane
    Patrick Guinnane 3 hours ago

    Jeremy is screaming at the screen, Shut up May!!!

  • TechMantra
    TechMantra 9 hours ago

    James managed to make a car reveal anticlimactic. Amazing.

  • Bxunt
    Bxunt 9 hours ago

    Wait did I click on a porno?

  • Frank Shrank
    Frank Shrank 12 hours ago

    I liked, subscribed and here is my comment.

  • Shuai Chen
    Shuai Chen 12 hours ago

    Some say....... o gosh..... it’s May.....

  • Alexei M S Cruz
    Alexei M S Cruz 16 hours ago

    Jezza must be so crossed by now he'd think that Greta kid is the angel

  • Jaeger Bomb
    Jaeger Bomb 18 hours ago

    This is a fucking comment!

  • thtupid
    thtupid 21 hour ago

    I knew it was a Toyota by the mirrors...But I'm disappointed in this only coz it's not blue...And didn't wait for the next gen which looks much better..

  • SilentKilla
    SilentKilla 21 hour ago

    I think between the two its whatever solution will get you out of the boonies by someone rocking up with a jerry can equivalent. Assuming of course old mate doesn't set his jerry can off like a small warhead on the side of your EV. Could be a solar blanket you carry in the boot but the panels would have to be beyond efficient, and the sun being up of course.

  • Dylan Harrington

    I bet Brian is an exciting guy!
    I visualise him with elbow patches.

  • MK
    MK Day ago

    Give us a tour of the garage.

  • CrazyChemistPL
    CrazyChemistPL Day ago

    For one, Tesla has looks on the Toyota. Model S is clasically elegant car and even beautiful. Toyota, as most of their cars currently, looks just mental and disroportionate.

  • Sakureon -
    Sakureon - Day ago

    Now i cant be the only one who spent this video trying to spot something interesting in his garage, I would love for him to do a garage tour next.

  • Bazanji
    Bazanji Day ago +1

    James May = What a Mong.

  • John Wilding
    John Wilding Day ago

    Can't Hydrogen be produced from water?

  • Manny Hernandez
    Manny Hernandez Day ago

    we need Jeremy to speed things along

  • GarThor Son of Odin
    GarThor Son of Odin 2 days ago

    Its a second tesla!

  • John Bastanchury
    John Bastanchury 2 days ago

    For the larger part hydrogen makes more sense. People are lazy and only accept things that don’t break their routine or inconvenience them. Batteries take time and planning. Your average plebes won’t like it.

  • Andrey K
    Andrey K 2 days ago

    Not a dacia sandero.
    Of Dissapoint

  • Jürgen Potzkothen
    Jürgen Potzkothen 2 days ago

    wozu braucht der NOCH ein auto?

  • devin noyes
    devin noyes 2 days ago

    Incredibly boring you suck

  • MrHarlequin2316
    MrHarlequin2316 3 days ago +1

    “I am in the rather fortunate position of being able to take part in this experiment.... and do it in a tax deductible way” 😁

  • i4y
    i4y 3 days ago

    Can someone please kick him?

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 3 days ago

    All of those cars emit. None are zero emission

  • oak tree
    oak tree 3 days ago

    Burn the witch Smh

  • Dean Lahaye
    Dean Lahaye 3 days ago

    Should of waited James,Uber are going under there will be loads of these on the cheap

  • Visvesh Narayan
    Visvesh Narayan 3 days ago

    I hate how he used the Porsche cover for the car.

  • Harry Slatter
    Harry Slatter 3 days ago

    Left front tire is flat

  • Tom FZ
    Tom FZ 3 days ago

    is that an RC30 in the background!?

  • MisterEE100
    MisterEE100 3 days ago

    Hydrogen is the future, can replace petrol and be taxed the same, so the government can still have an income. Electric cars are a stop gap to Hydrogen.

  • iMan
    iMan 3 days ago +1

    Me until 1:38
    better not be electric

  • Dogknob1
    Dogknob1 4 days ago

    Who's Lucy Brown ?

  • Mike UK
    Mike UK 4 days ago

    No pls you get new car not bought one.... Let's be honest

  • G. W Cook
    G. W Cook 4 days ago +8

    [Clarkson's voice] "James, when did you start hating life so much?"

    • Glenn Smith
      Glenn Smith Day ago +1

      G. W Cook I just hear Clarkson saying “You’ve bought yourself a Hindenburg”

  • Lindsay Rae
    Lindsay Rae 4 days ago

    Alright James bliss off. Your getting too beige.

  • mataiterapreha
    mataiterapreha 4 days ago

    Imagine an ev in a burnout competition, it would be like watching formula e/paint drying.

  • jppataki
    jppataki 5 days ago

    I don't see why the hydrogen is part of a bigger solution to be carbon neutral.
    Batteries and electrical distribution are here and work, just bring the neutral power source... Either be wind farm or solar panels or nuclear...

    • Ioannis E
      Ioannis E 3 days ago

      Sorry for the long answer but it is not a simple thing to explain.
      First of all, so far only road transportation can be battery powered. You cannot (with the technology we now have and expect to have in the next couple of years) create economically viable planes or ships. They will be extremely heavy so the plane cannot fly long distances and the ship cannot carry as much as it could. This is a big problem to solve because the majority of the carbon emissions in transportation comes from non-residential sources (industrial/commercial transportation, aviation etc). The reason for that problem is that batteries have much less energy per kilogram than oil or hydrogen. That is why with just 5kgs of power the Mirai can do 300 miles and refuels in 3-5 mins when the Tesla (which has a top tier if not the most efficient battery) needs more than 500kgs of battery for that range and at least 30 mins on a suitable supercharger. Thus although all residential cars are a major source of carbon emissions and could in theory be battery powered it is important to note that they are not the majority of the carbon emissions in the global transportation.
      On the other hand, the big benefit with the batteries is that the electric grid is well established so anyone can now plug the car somewhere to charge. The only problem now is how clean is the energy and how fast it charges. But on the hydrogen side, there isn't an established grid for distribution and/or storage which means that compared to batteries it has a much higher upfront cost for companies and/or countries that want to adopt this technology in order to lower the emissions in the immediate future. So the battery electric car is more of an immediate solution to the problem while hydrogen might be the green and sustainable future that everyone waits for.
      I hope that this helps a bit. I know for a fact that you can find a couple of very interesting videos on hydrogen if you are interested to find more information about this debate for the next energy source.

  • Drives & Details
    Drives & Details 5 days ago +1

    Congrats, you now own one of the worlds ugliest cars, only to be surpassed by the Pontiac Aztec.

    • Abhishek Roy
      Abhishek Roy 4 days ago

      Breaking Bad -- Captain Slow is ?? !!

  • 79vbcommodore
    79vbcommodore 5 days ago +5

    There James. I’ve liked, i was already subscribed and here’s my f...ing comment. I’ve been a mechanic for 25 years and spent the last 17 years working on forklifts, both internal combustion and battery electric. Of course electric motors are going to take over eventually, they only have one moving part and are therefore cheaper to manufacture. One thing you didn’t mention was the pollution created in manufacturing and eventual disposal of the lithium ion batteries for BEV’s. And yes I keep my toolbox very neat and organised as a proper tradesman should.

  • Samuel Furse
    Samuel Furse 5 days ago

    Here's a f*cking comment.

  • Tom Bruce
    Tom Bruce 5 days ago

    I think James May is great

  • ChingitaThe
    ChingitaThe 5 days ago

    Go May, I'm loving this!

  • Fiat Multipla
    Fiat Multipla 5 days ago

    I'm all for the Hydrogen.

  • Marcel Ebbers
    Marcel Ebbers 5 days ago

    This is so cool. My favorites are May and his nephew Harris.

  • Im here because im bored

    Please just change those god awful wheels you have done your part for the planet you dont need to suffer that much

  • Martyn Stanley
    Martyn Stanley 5 days ago

    It'll be interesting to see the comparison film. I think if the infrastructure for H2 was in place, It'd probably work quite well.

  • B M
    B M 5 days ago +1

    I spy a V11 Sport. Good man. :-)

  • First Name Last Name

    I bet he is buying a Prius next.

  • Greg Sydney
    Greg Sydney 6 days ago

    Just as Tesla going down the drain, you decided to spend a lot of money to buy one . Great choice 👍.

  • The Anime Libarian
    The Anime Libarian 6 days ago

    I think the world will be hybrid for a few decades with all electric options on the side no matter what vehicle it is and then maybe much later they might go hydrogen. I think super car manufacturers will go smaller engines with battery powered assist like Lamborghini's v10 might go 5 cylinders and tweak the noise to sound more like a v10 because 5 cylinders already sounds like a v10 just a different pitch but that's just my headcanon anyway.

  • Molly MacAlister
    Molly MacAlister 6 days ago +2

    How do they figure to deal with the issue of the precious metals needed in fuel-cell construction?

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D 6 days ago

    Hello viewers

  • Simon D
    Simon D 6 days ago +1

    I don't want to stop releasing carbon dioxide.

  • Eir Apps
    Eir Apps 6 days ago

    Why isn't it blue?

  • Aled Long
    Aled Long 6 days ago

    PLEASE STOP all of this BECUZ WUZ bullshit! You have no idea how much this gets under the skin!

  • onigiriman
    onigiriman 6 days ago

    May, love the Mirai looking at getting one BUT please talk about the BEAUTIFUL NSR and TZ behind you!!!!!

    • onigiriman
      onigiriman 4 days ago

      @Mark A Thanks mate, I live in california though. So I have 3 within a 15 mile radius haha.
      however living in california we are not allowed to have those beautiful 2-stroke GP bikes, like James does behind him. Would love to see more of those haha

    • Mark A
      Mark A 6 days ago

      I hope you live near one of the 8 filling stations!

  • spotlight productions

    Janes , get the new“ unbreakable” Tesla

    ROBBIE RACER 6 days ago

    We may have eventually all this clean, fresh air to breathe...but will still have a million screens and buttons drivers will be looking at while trying to focus on the road. I remember when it was first...talking on your phone is dangerous, texting is more dangerous. Of course now, cars have a damn dash board from a jet fighter, with controls and apps similar to that of those dangerous smart phones we were told were causing crashes/fatalities. I guess I'm a simple man....how much fuel do I have? How fast/slow am I going? And is there any warning lights on? Same thing with modern motorcycles or mostly modern sport bikes..could care less about lean angle abs, shocks that adjust themselves etc. But again, fresh air? Ok, all fine and dandy, but it's just more crap taking the eyes of the driver off the road. And drives up the price for all of those fancy lights, buttons and idiot warnings. Besides, unless China and other super-industrial countries put a dome over their part of the world, we will never achieve the garden fresh air...won't happen.

  • Dalle Smalhals
    Dalle Smalhals 7 days ago

    Electric aeroplane WHEN, Mr May?