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  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Everybody loves a good reaction.

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Comments • 631

  • EXE-Edits
    EXE-Edits  5 months ago +105

    Leave suggestions for Part 2!

  • peyton cochran
    peyton cochran 15 hours ago

    The rays commentator is TERRIBLE

  • GrahamCrackersAndAppleJuice

    Anyone else see the guy run across the dugout at the end of the Cleveland Indians one

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B 3 days ago

    1:22 legend has it that his helmet still hasn't come down.

  • Carl Nestor
    Carl Nestor 3 days ago +2

    Any body watching this when big papi got shot in the back one like equals one prayer for him

  • Sean Hatke
    Sean Hatke 4 days ago

    You should post a Walk Off Grand Slams video!!

  • Nick Glantz
    Nick Glantz 4 days ago

    Imagine being that happy to win a home run derby

  • Frankhudson34
    Frankhudson34 4 days ago

    The Ump on the Kershaw play was an asshole. Nobody paid you to put your arms out to question Kershaw. They paid to see Kershaw do a damn spin!

  • Fade Label
    Fade Label 4 days ago

    In first clip i show Kobe

  • ツNatatae
    ツNatatae 4 days ago +1

    Then Big Papi gets shot in the back in the dominican.

    1 like= 1 Prayer fro his Surgery.

  • Matthew Galich
    Matthew Galich 4 days ago

    Little does better Big papi know that on June 9th 2019 he gets shot

  • B DAX
    B DAX 4 days ago +2

    Lol Kobe is in the background of the thumbnail 😂

  • Georgios Gramozis
    Georgios Gramozis 5 days ago


  • JeffLaumann10
    JeffLaumann10 5 days ago

    I still get goosebumps from the Delmon young double

  • Dr-Malgus
    Dr-Malgus 5 days ago

    Blue at 12:57 is blind af

  • Ian Finegan
    Ian Finegan 5 days ago +1

    9:40 nowadays this wouldn’t be a playoff game

  • Fortnite joshy
    Fortnite joshy 5 days ago

    I hope Ortiz is ok

  • FTA Sports
    FTA Sports 5 days ago

    Aaron Boone Walk off ALCS

  • Snoopyavn
    Snoopyavn 6 days ago +1

    On this day June 9th David Ortiz aka: big pappi was shot in Costa Rica in a robbery

    • Luc Roure
      Luc Roure 3 days ago +1

      Snoopyavn it was in Dominican Republic bro... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lorenz T
    Lorenz T 6 days ago +1

    Even though Dodgers lost the world series against the Red Sox, that 3 run homer by Puig with Price throwing his glove down is the best 2018 world series memory ever.

    • Lorenz T
      Lorenz T 4 days ago

      Andrew Jagodzinski I stand corrected, you’re right that was actually Rodriguez. They look similar, I feel dumb cus his friggin name was right there 😂

    • Andrew Jagodzinski
      Andrew Jagodzinski 4 days ago

      That wasn’t Price.

  • Eric Steele Loucks
    Eric Steele Loucks 6 days ago

    I was watching the game at 1:03 on tv

  • Unboxing Things
    Unboxing Things 6 days ago

    Red Sox are trash

  • Gabriel Hinton
    Gabriel Hinton 8 days ago

    tyler naquin inside the park walk off not being on here kinda upsets me

  • Sam Seven
    Sam Seven 8 days ago

    Anyone else notice how this video is slowing rewinding history

  • Sam Seven
    Sam Seven 8 days ago +1

    This video showed the highs and lows of Nyjer Morgan very quickly lol

  • Nathan Gaming
    Nathan Gaming 8 days ago

    The thing is on 0:02 the Red Sox still won the World Series

  • Austin Rader
    Austin Rader 9 days ago

    Harper tossed his bat all the way to Philly but his play is still in Washington

  • Brenden Miller
    Brenden Miller 9 days ago

    In the thumbnail Kobe Bryant is on the very right

  • gr im
    gr im 12 days ago

    *3:15** sounds like he says what a bitch*

  • BTrulez YT
    BTrulez YT 16 days ago +1

    Man those blue jays. When they win, they win with a BANG

  • Jacob P
    Jacob P 16 days ago +4

    Definitely feel that Toronto has an advantage being in another country. I know it’s not that big a deal to go to Canada but I feel like their whole crowd is Blue Jays fans

  • Jason Bell
    Jason Bell 17 days ago

    Joey votto is such a clown for arguing that play

  • Highlight Haven
    Highlight Haven 19 days ago

    Yankees fan here, David Ortiz is a treasure.

  • Daniel Camargo
    Daniel Camargo 20 days ago

    What was votto arguing for?

  • Kegan Potter
    Kegan Potter 20 days ago

    MLB needs to crack down on people not running on the base path. That Orioles third runner was on the grass the entire way.

  • E K
    E K 21 day ago +1

    That brewers pithcer looks a lot like E-rod
    Same number, same build, same face

  • E K
    E K 21 day ago

    I would've but "Baez up the middle and the cubs have tied it" moment

  • Sam Maluth
    Sam Maluth 21 day ago

    That Brett Lawrie strikeout was bullshit

  • Ashton Stern
    Ashton Stern 23 days ago

    I still think Bryce Harper cheated in the home run derby

  • Rich Powers
    Rich Powers 26 days ago

    The twin didn't win that 91 ws they stole it. Hurbeck body slammed Ron Gant on 1st base. Changed the series that year. Cheating loser indians

  • Sheila Durk
    Sheila Durk 27 days ago

    Kinda surprised there are no Cardinals reactions at all.
    Waino throwing the last strike to win the 06 series.
    Freese in game 6 of the WS in 11’.
    Just to name a few.

  • 能年玲奈
    能年玲奈 27 days ago +2


  • judgemental 20
    judgemental 20 27 days ago

    Brother where is game 6 of the 2011 ws

  • Jonathan Cleary
    Jonathan Cleary 28 days ago

    Great video. Only one I can think of to add would've been radio call of Bobby Thompson's 'Shot Heard Round the World' (THE GIANTS WON THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WON THE PENNANT!)

  • Jonathan Cleary
    Jonathan Cleary 28 days ago

    I was an usher in Baltimore that game where Young got that huge hit against the Tigers. Place when absolutely berserk. Moments like that where crowds or players have great reactions get me SO. F*CKING. HYPED!!!. GREATEST GAME EVER 😂😂😂😂⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

  • Neoplex28
    Neoplex28 28 days ago

    8:16 that poor camera guy.

  • Marcus Nguyen
    Marcus Nguyen 28 days ago

    as an astros fan, i dont need to see the second clip

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 29 days ago

    The guy against Chapman choked up like 3 inches

  • Michael Washburn
    Michael Washburn 29 days ago

    The dodgers choking is always the greatest.

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt Month ago

    Gotta have Magglio Ordoñez’s walk-off HR to send the Tigers into the World Series 🤷‍♂️

  • Brad Troha
    Brad Troha Month ago +4

    Nice seeing all 12 fans show up for the Rays walk off.

  • Lennoxmatt
    Lennoxmatt Month ago

    I really wanna watch a Sox game with Big Pappi now

  • Brayden Campbell
    Brayden Campbell Month ago

    I’m a cardinals fan but man who can’t enjoy bote’s walk-off slam (sorry nats fans)

  • Hunter Brickey
    Hunter Brickey Month ago

    Who was the mvp for the dodgers in the last two World Series oh wait the lost ha ha

  • Thomas Animated
    Thomas Animated Month ago

    16:09 Nothing better then that ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • keenanvil
    keenanvil Month ago +1

    List fails without Placido Polanco's reaction to Maggs' HR in game 5 of the 2006 ALCS.

  • john davidson
    john davidson Month ago

    27 rings and not one Pinstripes’ reaction?! I saw Gary Sanchez homer but the clip was about Houston’s Giles punching himself. How about a few Judgean blasts!

    • Ambersanz
      Ambersanz Month ago

      Hahahahahahahahahaha 27 rings typical Yankees fan

  • Kevin Grace
    Kevin Grace Month ago

    10th Inning of Game 7 2016 WS??

  • Idk_efg
    Idk_efg Month ago

    You can’t even hear the Phillies crowd over them turning up Harry K voice on the radio loud as hell.

  • Spgaming
    Spgaming Month ago

    The acuna grand slam reaction is always great

  • タトゥージャンボ


  • MissAmazanda
    MissAmazanda Month ago +1

    There is so much more showboating in baseball now compared to years ago I noticed lol

  • AJ Lopez
    AJ Lopez Month ago

    Fuck Harper.

  • Jonathan Barrantes
    Jonathan Barrantes Month ago


  • ad ba
    ad ba Month ago

    첫번째 투수 뭔가 귀여워ㅋㅋ

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez Month ago

    What was votto complaining about

  • Joseph Fleeger
    Joseph Fleeger Month ago

    Harper cheated

  • Nicky D
    Nicky D Month ago

    15:50 his ass would be benched if i was the coach thats utter bullshit

  • AB Sports Highlights

    Anybody who says baseball is boring needs to watch this

  • Mister Webb
    Mister Webb Month ago

    Where's the cubs winning the world series reaction

  • jadedsun619
    jadedsun619 Month ago

    Thank you for leaving the best til last.

  • Alan S
    Alan S Month ago

    Suggestion: Matt Adams postseason home run against clayton kershaw. 2014 NLDS i think

  • Carter Lewis
    Carter Lewis Month ago

    What about game 6 2011 World Series

  • Simon Venell
    Simon Venell Month ago

    4:15 why in the world isn't Correa running?

  • CaptainBerzerkGames

    17:18 this moment is absolutely sickening.

  • Victoryisthine
    Victoryisthine Month ago

    MLB Cannons from the Outfield

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein Month ago

    Jose BATtista

  • TheFunnyManHQ
    TheFunnyManHQ Month ago

    2008 WS reactions? really? the WS that no one watched lol

  • Diana.
    Diana. Month ago

    Kershaw is such a crybaby haha

  • Savage
    Savage Month ago

    Konerko Grand Slam In The World Series what nostalgia.

  • XXXtentacles
    XXXtentacles Month ago

    *k e n g i l e s i s a l i l s h i t*

  • Gyra
    Gyra Month ago +3

    2:30 the fan's reaction was underwhelming because there really aren't any

    • Ambersanz
      Ambersanz Month ago

      At least we're good this year...

  • My Frugal Family
    My Frugal Family Month ago

    Disappointed I didn't see Jesse Orosco from the 86 WS

  • Codeman11430
    Codeman11430 Month ago

    I can’t stress this enough, VASGERSIAN NEEDS TO DO THE WORLD SERIES

  • Bill_Nye_The_Russian_Spy

    8:41 Anyone notice that guy running on top of the roof thingy covering the dugout

  • Aaron Rofay
    Aaron Rofay Month ago

    That Correa home run is my favorite homer ever it just stays in the air for so long and then everyone goes crazy once it lands

  • CooperG
    CooperG Month ago +1

    Lmao Bryce harpers dad looks more muscular than him

  • sN Seal
    sN Seal Month ago

    8:56 when mom brings home a happy meal

  • Thick Donkey
    Thick Donkey Month ago +2

    Who else noticed rajai Davis chocked up hella

  • Cruzkilla88
    Cruzkilla88 Month ago

    "Was definitely a strike, he catches the corner" uh.. what fucking corner?! The WHOLE BALL is out of the damn strike zone. What a retarded ass announcer lol

  • Seth Games
    Seth Games Month ago

    The glove throw in the first one made me lmao

  • 周立齐
    周立齐 Month ago

    Oritz i love him

  • Trey Brown
    Trey Brown Month ago

    I would have cut that Morgan guy on spot for that!!!!

  • hthegamer 27
    hthegamer 27 Month ago +3

    When u have ur volume barley a couple up and it sounds like max with the blue jays screaming

  • Kelltron
    Kelltron Month ago +3

    Man, that Cubs-Indians game 7 was maybe the best world series game I've ever watched, and I'm a Toronto fan. It was absolute insanity - neither team would give in and it went back and forth, back and forth.

    There was even a rain delay!

  • 트수 니들이 사람이야

    12:34 13:01 that is insane... a huge earthquake must occur and move the plate to make that two pitches strike.

  • Anthony Quinn
    Anthony Quinn Month ago

    When the Indians tied game 7. How bout when the cubs won game 7!

  • Cayden Wilson
    Cayden Wilson Month ago +2

    Who else saw Kobe Bryant in thumbnail

  • Wayde Baker
    Wayde Baker Month ago

    Nigier Morgan, what a crazy little mistake.

  • Chris Fazio
    Chris Fazio Month ago +2

    Matt Vasgersian reacting to Frankie Lindor’s Grand Slam in the ALDS against the Yankees