How To Start A Pressure Washing Business (Step By Step)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2021
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    • Tyson Dsouza
      Tyson Dsouza 3 days ago

      Thank you for this!

    • Hunter Elliott
      Hunter Elliott 4 months ago

      Do you have any tips for soft washing stucco??

    • DCTR DR!P
      DCTR DR!P Year ago +1

      S/0 to Mississippi... i heard that example

  • SlipnSlide Saucy
    SlipnSlide Saucy 6 months ago +39

    I'm steps closer to starting my own business. You're video was very informative for a beginner like me. I took tons of notes on my phone. Thanks for all the free game and knowledge brother! 🏆💯

  • Eddiquette Tv
    Eddiquette Tv Year ago +29

    Hey man I started watching you around October of last year or November and let me tell you J. If it wasn’t for you or ur videos I wouldn’t be doing this today. You have open me to a direction I never thought I’ll love doing. All of you’re videos have inspired me to progress in my new company now that I run in south Florida. Just wanted to thank you sir for everything you have done for me without evening knowing and I mean it.

    • Steve Z
      Steve Z 2 months ago

      Any update to your business experience in this?

    • finalas
      finalas 2 months ago +1

      how’s ur company goin?

    • Forever Self Employed
      Forever Self Employed  Year ago +4

      Thank you for your comment Eddy! I appreciate you man. Best of luck to you and your business. I’m glad I could help

  • Lazy46 Co.
    Lazy46 Co. Year ago +29

    A friend and I are starting to get into the business of pressure washing and you literally hit every question I had and gave great descriptions of everything. I can’t like this video enough!! Thank you so much and god bless!!

  • pegasus
    pegasus 2 months ago +22

    Leaving this comment here for those of you in California, I hope this will help you all out and encourage you to start your business:
    Someone mentioned that in cali a contractors license is needed to power wash- but this is not entirely true, that license covers what is mainly known to be sand blasting, power washing falls under this category only if the machine that is used has an external supply of water attached and has a very high flow rate/powerful pump.
    Of course there is still red tape- but still, do not be discouraged from starting in cali because its still very possible.
    So long as jobs remain under $500 you can freely power wash homes, businesses, etc.
    The reason for the $500 dollar price cap is due to the fact that higher-paying power washing gigs usually accompany a much larger liability- this is due to the fact that these jobs often times require the use of much more powerful equipment which can cause damages to property or physical damages to the operator if under the use by someone that is unskilled. Hence why a contractors license is needed in these situations, but if you keep your jobs under that price you will be fine. Always give invoices, and always keep your records properly stored in case someone decides reporting you like an angry contractor or a city inspector.
    Furthermore, if you wanna power wash homes in cali you must build or purchase a water reclamation system so that no chemical-contaminated water enters the public drainage systems.
    In cali, this one is quite a hassle because even non chemical-contaminated water can still be considered as a violation. If this water happens to fall into a public drainage, this will not fall under the liability of the person doing the power washing but rather the home owner- these fines can be upwards to 15k, you do not want to screw over your customers like that, and if they get these fines they will almost certainly pursue civil legal action towards you. But still, don’t be discouraged by this- it can be very simple to overcome this obstacle with less than $300, all you need is a submersible pump which you can purchase from harbor freight, home depot, or even amazon (A good option is an automatic one with a sensor so its not constantly running), then some sandbags or gel bags that are used for flooding which can be found at home depot- these you will use to put on each side of the sidewalks drainage so that no water flows in. Then simply attach a water hose to your pump and direct it either into an empty 55gallon+ tank or even on the property itself in a location where plants dont grow, like an empty plot of dirt- all that matters is- the water , contaminated or not, cannot leave the property , it must be dumped back onto the property in an area without plants or grass etc.
    Furthermore, if you’re in cali, always carry around a notebook with the date and whatnot with lists of each chemical used and the amount used per pump or sprayer etc, simply write down the %’s and amounts used , this is an extra safety measure in case some d**k head inspector driving around approached you and asks for you to provide a chemical sheet of what you are using. The most simple way to do it if you are just starting out is by getting yourself a backpack sprayer and labeling each one, then on your notebook write down the label and your mixtures/%’s for that sprayer. Just another good proactive safety measure. Always remember to do things the right way, it may be a hassle but its well worth it in the long run, and overall, as i’ve said- don’t be discourage about power washing in cali, its very possible and can very much be a lucrative career choice.
    Also, one more tip for you guys- don’t ever include “Power washing” in your business cards or promotions if you are in cali unless you do have a contractors license since these mf’s will fine you like 1,000$.
    As I previously said- its still very legal to do power washing so long as jobs dont exceed $500, but the label “Power washing” usually applies to higher grade machines which entails more liability hence why its prohibited. A good work around this is to just label your business promos, business cards, and vans/trucks with “Home Wash” or “Home Washing”, simply avoid including “Power” attached to “Wash/Washing”.
    While i’m on the subject of legality, purchasing a business insurance is also always a good option to have, the best way to do it here is by establishing an LLC if you have the $800 and then getting a servicing license for it which’ll run you like $100-$200. I’m sure most of you wont have the extra 1k to do this if you’re starting out but it’s a good goal to have in your sights once you start accumulating more cash flow and are wanting to go more professional. Benefits of having an insured LLC is that you’ll be able to establish a business name, have checks written out to the name of the business directly, and also have that extra protection of limited liability. Collect those cash only jobs first with the basic safety measures I listed above to protect yourself and your customer, but once you build up your cash definitely establish yourself more professionally with insurance etc., it’ll take stress off your shoulders and you’ll feel better about your business overall.
    Reason I know all of this is because i’m in the most restricted liberal epa-enforced city in California and was able to excel in this business after calling into the EPA office and calling into each ordinance office necessary to obtain all of this information.
    Good luck guys

    • Eustaquio Vera
      Eustaquio Vera 16 days ago +1

      Thanks a lot! This is very helpful information.

    • john wick
      john wick 23 days ago +1

      @Colin Donnelly an very smart one reading is fundamental and what this man wrote is worth more than diamonds

    • Colin Donnelly
      Colin Donnelly Month ago +2

      Bro wrote an essay

    • Luis Ascencio
      Luis Ascencio Month ago +1

      This is Absolute Gold! How can I get in contact with you? My buddy and I are looking to start a biz here in SoCal! Thanks for sharing🔥

  • Mark Cowan
    Mark Cowan Year ago +14

    You're videos have gotten really great. This information is invaluable and all in one place. Short, sweet, and to the point! So happy for you, and thankful for your knowledge.

  • Jerry Paul
    Jerry Paul Year ago +18

    Really enjoyed the part about pricing. Makes total sense about being to high and missing out on jobs and also to low and being swamped!! Thank you!

  • RobiWezzle
    RobiWezzle 11 months ago +5

    Good video man! Im looking to start a business and this helped alot! I love the time lapse, so cool to see the transition. Keep up the grind man.

  • AWW2Historian
    AWW2Historian 9 months ago +20

    Yes thank you. Finally a video that covers the many of the fundamentals beyond equipment including those on business management. Anxiety due to uncertainty and doubt diminished.👍

  • Cory adams
    Cory adams 9 months ago +3

    Very informative! Great explanation across the board. Proof it's always best to get any information needed for the trade from a Hands on experienced in the field laborer/ operator/ owner. The best education you don't have to buy or get from somebody that is educated tho never done the job

  • guardvids12
    guardvids12 7 months ago +3

    This is SUPER informative! Thanks so much for putting this out in a simple way to understand. SUBSCRIBED and all notifications on!

  • TyMuula 💰
    TyMuula 💰 4 months ago +3

    Man I’m 16 trying to start up this business and I’m so glad I found your page! Took as many notes as I could from this and I appreciate the free knowledge your giving 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • southTXgoat
    southTXgoat 2 months ago +1

    This vid made me confident enough to go out and buy the pressure washer I have been wanting , ready to start this journey in my area, It also fits in my car so no truck needed !
    I got a simpson 3400 PSI 2.4 GPM !
    Thank you for including your setup.

  • Diona Green
    Diona Green 11 months ago +6

    Wow! Thank you so much for this information! My fiance and I have recently decided to start a pressure washing business and you've just provided us information I can't even put a price on. I can't thank you enough! I have subscribed to your channel and I look forward to watching all your videos. God bless you!

    • John Lombardo
      John Lombardo 4 months ago

      That's amazing good luck ! What a cool endeavor to be working with your hubby .. that's love. Don't forget that's why you started it.. don't let nonsense get in the way.. ♥️

    • Seven Clean Indiana
      Seven Clean Indiana 8 months ago


  • David Gomez
    David Gomez 2 months ago

    Right on!!! Very informative. It was an excellently put together video and touched on all the right principles to starting a pressure washing business. I am a loss for words. Thanks.

  • kerryB
    kerryB Year ago +3

    This is awsome man. I just got a 13hp honda xr 3600 commercial grade from my uncle, barely used for $150(family discount lol) I am excited to get the ball rolling but was wondering where to start. you really have answered done such a great job with your content, covering business start up, pricing and everything else. thanks for sharing all of your experience and insight man, this is gold!

  • Sam Derkach
    Sam Derkach Year ago +3

    Great video, you hit everything I was confused about and all the questions I had, thanks a ton.

  • Garrett Morley
    Garrett Morley Year ago +2

    Liked and Subbed. Thank you for the great content and guide. Going to be starting soon and learning from your experience is going to make starting much smoother. Cheers!

  • Leopoldo Romero
    Leopoldo Romero 10 months ago +4

    Had a lot of questions before this video and you answered some I didn’t know I had! Definitely coming back for more keep it up !

  • Krystopher Lasson
    Krystopher Lasson 5 months ago

    Love the video. Thank you! What do you use for scheduling? Is there an app you prefer to use?

  • Battle Pans
    Battle Pans 8 months ago +14

    I’m only 14, so uh, maybe I’m not as picky.
    But this is exactly the type of business guide I’m after. This one and the vending machine one you made. I don’t understand how, but you always show me exactly what I want to know and learn about. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Wavey_F4TE
      Wavey_F4TE Day ago

      @Axel print flyers and business cards. It’s pretty cheap and can get a lot done. I would seriously recommend printing out flyers and leaving them on mailboxes and stuff

    • Battle Pans
      Battle Pans Day ago

      @Axel Thats awesome bro!
      It’s going, however I have differed to go into the bubble tea business instead. I am working hard on r&d with that!

    • Axel
      Axel Day ago

      How is it going? I’m also 14 and started my business 2 weeks ago and the hardest part is to get customers.

    • Wavey_F4TE
      Wavey_F4TE Day ago +1

      You sound quite intelligent for a 14 yr old. The fact that you are exploring the idea of maintaining a business at this age is very good. Continue learning about this type of stuff. Do anything you can to start making income on the side without actively working, like the vending machines. Good luck.

    • JohnnyT
      JohnnyT Month ago

      14?! I am twice your age and just getting in on this. Stay away from fast cars and the fast women and you will be going far dude!

  • Eli Cheves
    Eli Cheves 9 months ago +1

    Hey man you format it that very well. Nice job and thanks for taking the time to do so! You taught me a few things and for that i am grateful for and smarter because of!

  • Olu Ogunfunwa
    Olu Ogunfunwa 10 months ago +10

    Just got my pressure washer! I’m very excited to get started! Will continue watching your videos to learn as I go.

    • Vato Loko
      Vato Loko 7 months ago

      @Olu Ogunfunwa How are things going now brother?

    • Olu Ogunfunwa
      Olu Ogunfunwa 7 months ago +2

      @Matty Mac Things are up & down, just like when starting any business! I’m doing everything in my own until I can scale up. Best thing to do is layout a plan & trust yourself.

    • Matty Mac
      Matty Mac 7 months ago

      @Olu Ogunfunwa Very interested in starting a pressure washing business myself. Are things still going good for you? Also, are you doing this all on your own?

    • Olu Ogunfunwa
      Olu Ogunfunwa 8 months ago +1

      @Frederick Burgos it’s going great so far! learning after each clean!

    • Olu Ogunfunwa
      Olu Ogunfunwa 8 months ago +1

      @cesar garcia hey! I’m cleaning driveways & trash bins. I got the one he recommended starting with. It’s in one of his videos. So far, so good!

  • Daniel Lucero
    Daniel Lucero 9 months ago +9

    I appreciate all the tips and your guide on how to start the business .

  • Wednesday’s Wings
    Wednesday’s Wings 4 months ago +1

    Thinking of starting a pressure washing business! Think I can DEFINITELY do some work around my area, considering, I don’t think much people pressure wash in my city. This channel definitely inspired me. Thanks !!

    • Curtis Carpenter
      Curtis Carpenter 10 days ago

      same here man, my parents have lived here for over 45+ years and NEVER had anyone try to provide such services in the area before. so im very confident if i go around my community and let them know door to door that im from the community and starting my own business to help my family get by, im confident and hopeful with the quipment and time i can become very successful.
      good luck!! get that money brother!!! i refuse to be an employee for the rest of my life, thats no way to live... not for me atleast, and not for you either i see 🤝🏼

  • Chad Chavers
    Chad Chavers 11 months ago +5

    That was the best video on TheXvid you get straight to the point and move fast. You covered everything. I'm a first timer starting out and this helped me out very much.

  • Dylan Beason
    Dylan Beason 6 months ago

    this truly has me fully in motion to become self employed goin to my court hall monday right after work to get what i need and gathering all my materials and knowledge all winter ready to go out spring

  • Jad Maalouf
    Jad Maalouf 7 months ago +2

    Hi, I’m also thinking still about open a pressure wash system aside my main job as facilities management. Worried about a couple stuff not sure you have the answers. 1) I was told that pressure washing with cold water is not efficient and it needs hot water but I see good results in your video and I assume you use cold water. 2) If the plan is to have it as a second job, I will be making one or 2 jobs a day. Will it be feasible? 3) I live in Canada where there is snow for maybe 3 or 4 months and no one will be cleaning their driveways. So I will be working 8 months a year. Is there a special process to follow to clean concrete and roofs after a very cold season and also using salt and other products for ice? 4) You always use customers water right? Do you know how many L/sqft do you need? Tap pressure in here is around 70psi from city.

  • Truth Seeka - Barrington Newman

    This is gold I appreciate it so much. I'm trying to get enough for the course soon.

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams 2 months ago


  • Shayden Augustus
    Shayden Augustus 7 months ago +2

    Thank u for this video!! Hoping to start this full time soon. Glad I watched this video because I always wondered why people have water tanks. And I was gonna start off with a 4gpm!! Would a 3gpm need a water tank too or would it be fine with the house faucet?

  • Attianesejoseph
    Attianesejoseph 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for all the valuable information man 🤘🏻

  • Product review with jeff and leah

    Everything was great and extremely helpful only info I’m having a Hard time finding to start is the chemical ratio for different jobs

  • ObaidaAbuZareefeh OZ

    man this is a very helpfun video never seen such a good explanation to start a small business like this one before thank you for all the good detail you shared it was great. got plenty of information. and now I'm much closer to start my own business!!

  • Papa Chris
    Papa Chris 3 months ago +1

    Bought my pressure washer. The round surface cleaner. Just waiting on my business cards. I honestly didn't know it would be illegal to start the business without licensing. Hope this video helps

    • Skylined
      Skylined Month ago

      How'd it go mate? Check if you definitely need licensing or not but definitely get your insurance in place.
      Hopefully starting later this year, based in the UK.

  • Big_Yomo 2
    Big_Yomo 2 5 months ago

    Thank you for this! I just found this video because I’m 19 and interested in opening up a pressure washing business. Thanks!

  • Sigma Leo Tony
    Sigma Leo Tony Year ago +3

    Hey Justin, do you think a Stihl RB400 is a good pressure washer to start out with? There is a dealership 2 miles from my home and I know I can always have them do service and repair work if needed. Thanks!

  • Project One
    Project One Year ago +2

    This is great advice! Well done. And yeah I do think it’s funny when people think we bring water to the job hahaha the only thing I will say is to stick with downstreaming. It is the most effective and easiest was to clean. I would get a quick connect DS so you can replace it easier cause the bleach will destroy it over time. X-jetting with a bucket is a disastrous idea I don’t care how careful you are you will inevitably pull on your hose against the bucket and dump a ton of chemicals in your customers yard. Not to mention carrying a bucket around is a pain in the ass and just doesn’t look good. And the X jet is expensive. Save the money and invest in other equipment

  • CH Steele
    CH Steele Year ago +4

    Bro you're giving me the push to get to it thanks

  • Danny D
    Danny D 10 months ago +5

    Starting my business this week, been watching your videos for months trying to figure out how I can get this side hustle going. This helped me a lot^^ gave me a lot of ideas. God Bless man.

    • Kurtkemp69
      Kurtkemp69 24 days ago

      Update brother?!?

    • J
      J 9 months ago +1

      How did your first month go?

  • Dan Allen
    Dan Allen 8 months ago +1

    Seriously the best step by step video I have come across. I'm from the UK and this has helped immensely. Thank you 😊

  • Scott McKenna
    Scott McKenna Year ago

    Great stuff. Always helping the community. Thanks my friend.

  • Mr Mackey
    Mr Mackey 2 months ago

    I actually love this type of work. To me it’s satisfying to clean with water. I really want to start this.

  • Alan Ruiz
    Alan Ruiz Year ago +4

    Awesome explanation man ! Looking forward to start a new journey with pressure washing😁

    • kane
      kane 6 months ago

      @Alan Ruiz update?

    • Alan Ruiz
      Alan Ruiz 8 months ago +1

      @KeepItJedi I’ve got 3 jobs so far not so well but I’m sorta lacking with advertising :( I gotta make it top priority !

    • KeepItJedi
      KeepItJedi 8 months ago +1

      How’s it going?

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    raul plascencia 8 months ago

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  • Fujibayashi Kyou
    Fujibayashi Kyou 9 months ago +71

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  • Shane Cahill
    Shane Cahill Year ago +113

    I love videos, I’m 14 and I wanna do what you do and be self employed.

    • blaze toast
      blaze toast 7 months ago

      @Jayy Flakko hard work pays off man :) good luck

    • Jayy Flakko
      Jayy Flakko 7 months ago +1

      Im 69 and im going to start my business

    • Chad Pru
      Chad Pru 8 months ago

      @yosoy_elkapitan great! I started at 6 months and man I havent looked back. Awesome to see young entrepreneurs.

    • blaze toast
      blaze toast 8 months ago

      I’m thinking about doing a snow removing business in winter and pressure washing in spring to the fall

    • Sara Colon
      Sara Colon 8 months ago

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    Cole Shields 4 months ago

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  • mayo zambada
    mayo zambada 5 months ago

    thank you for the video! i wish you can see this comment, my concern as of now is what to do with the water after pressure washing, as far as I know you're supposed to collect the water and not let it go to storm drains, how do you do that?

    STX CLOUT 6 months ago +2

    I’m 17 and I want to start a pressure washing business, thank you for this information

  • Mark Inglese
    Mark Inglese 4 months ago

    I am happy to have found you, I am having trouble with converting from American Gallons to Australia litre. But Amazing information and thank you.

  • Alvis Joubert
    Alvis Joubert 9 months ago

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  • Albert The Scientist
    Albert The Scientist 11 months ago +1

    Thank you so much! Learned alot! I already made my business cards and will Start my own truck this September! Thanks again!

    • Albert The Scientist
      Albert The Scientist 8 months ago

      @Joe Albarella I meant how did you exactly get those free leads step by step please from day one! Thank you.

    • Joe Albarella
      Joe Albarella 8 months ago

      @Albert The Scientist oh & for the record I didn't spend a ONE DOLLAR advertising for a yr & half. We grew too 130-150 customers year 1 and then added 100 each year afterwards

    • Joe Albarella
      Joe Albarella 8 months ago

      @Albert The Scientist hey I'm trying start a marketing / business coaching company. I'm curious what would you be willing to pay if your phone rang so much that you hated the sound of it ringing? A little background I started a pool cleaning company in Oct 2015 and since March of 2020 I haven't answered my phone at all ( we have about 350 customers ) and my cellphone rang at least 8x this week for new business

    • Todd Mathews
      Todd Mathews 8 months ago

      I don't yet, my wife is in a different business but she uses Facebook ads for what she does, and for a decent price (20$ or so) she gets her ads seen by thousands of people over a few days in a concentrated area. But my idea was just going old school door to door, even leaving a flyer with a before and after pic. I'm still in my normal job currently(toolmaker), but gonna pick this up on the weekends and hopefully transition into doing pw full time, that's be the goal at least

    • Albert The Scientist
      Albert The Scientist 8 months ago

      @Todd Mathews The trailer is good but as a new business is really hard getting leads. I advertise with business cards and post my work videos on social media but its not enough. Do you know how to get free leads/more customers as a new business? Any tricks? Thanks

  • Gabriela Reyes
    Gabriela Reyes 8 months ago

    Hello- i been watching your videos and I am super interested in starting my own business. Im in the Appleton, WI area. I was looking in the area and we have a few commercial/ window pressure washing business in the area. My boyfriend is too worry about it but I keep telling him that if we don’t try we have nothing to lose. What would your advice be?

  • Kleyner Ochoa
    Kleyner Ochoa 5 months ago +1

    Thanks a lot, me as a women I’m afraid to star this company by myself but now I feel confortable. ❤️

    • Skylined
      Skylined Month ago

      How'd it go? Did you manage to get up and running yet? I hope to later this year!

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    Motivated Regardless 2 months ago

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    Tony Mancini Year ago +2

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    Matt Jones 4 months ago

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    Logan Schmidt 11 months ago

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    KasVision Year ago

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    Tyler Ancke 8 months ago

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  • warmkaril1
    warmkaril1 Year ago

    Hey Justin, I'm gonna be working out of a toyota matrix hatchback this spring with a pressure washer. Do you have any suggestions for loading/unloading the pressure washer? Maybe a small ramp to get it in and out of the vehicle?

    • Why not Spear-it
      Why not Spear-it Year ago +1

      Hey man! I use a light weight ramp to load my pressure washer. I got it from tractor supply

  • Gregory Biever
    Gregory Biever 8 months ago +6

    I’ve seen a lot of other pressure washing videos on TheXvid exclaiming not to use dawn dish soap. Wondering what your take on this is. Love your videos man! Thanks for the free info

    • Gregory Biever
      Gregory Biever 7 months ago

      @Jacob Key thanks very much this helped a lot!

    • Tyler Harris
      Tyler Harris 8 months ago

      @Jacob Key this may be too personal. Do yku atleast break 60,000 profit avery year?

    • Jacob Key
      Jacob Key 8 months ago +1

      I've been pressure washing commercially for about 6 years now, we do mainly apartment complexes and HOAs. I use about 5 gallons of Dawn dish soap a week. And I've revisited the same properties a few times a year over the last 6 years and there is no damage to the vinyl siding, brick, Hardie board, or landscaping or grass. I definitely recommend always using dawn soap to improve your washes. It helps dirt and debris like spider eggs fall off easier.

  • southTXgoat
    southTXgoat 2 months ago

    Quickly maybe I missed it , could you explain the difference of a business license and An LLC , which one should I get if it will just be me running the company/business. Thank you!

  • Dexter Chapman
    Dexter Chapman Year ago

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    Stefan Carman 8 months ago

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    Jonathan Garcia 3 months ago

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    Bryan.R 3 months ago

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  • eschdaddy
    eschdaddy 10 months ago

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  • Casual
    Casual 6 days ago

    “Get a gas powered pressure washer, otherwise you look unprofessional and non self sufficient.”
    “It’s more of an understanding we’re gunna use the costumers water.”
    😂😂 I love the channel! I just found it funny.

  • CH Steele
    CH Steele Year ago

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    tullahomaC Year ago +1

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    Faizan Ahmad 5 months ago

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    Very useful information. Thanks

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