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  • Miryy Rinn
    Miryy Rinn 51 minute ago

    Everyday day !! Im here !!


    1st time hearing this today but i think this will gonna be playing on my playlist for a longgggggg time. Btw, who sang the 2nd verse? Just reminded me of GD a lil bit. 😢

  • xxishae tube
    xxishae tube Hour ago

    Im here everyday

  • Haru;
    Haru; Hour ago

    mino so hot 💙👀

  • nathem lawsang
    nathem lawsang Hour ago


  • Fabiola Peralta
    Fabiola Peralta Hour ago

    Am I the only one that heard "bitch the pasta sauce sauce"

  • So What
    So What 2 hours ago

    The lyrics is "Pizza pasta so so" lol tha fuck?

  • Lhexy08 Harvest
    Lhexy08 Harvest 2 hours ago +1

    WinnerWinnerWinnerWinnerWinnerI just love your music..You are the best best bestAmong the rest rest rest

  • rose
    rose 2 hours ago +1

    we can do better than this, inseos! stream harder! 😭💙

  • Momo Arts
    Momo Arts 2 hours ago +1

    Jinu is so damn sexy! Mino looks so expensive af! Hoony looks so freaking cool! Yoon is fcking handsome!

  • Yixing isle
    Yixing isle 2 hours ago +1

    Everyday day!Every every day!💕 *dab* Jamm!!💟

  • Tari Nasya
    Tari Nasya 3 hours ago

    Luv mino body roll😍😍

  • Capo Cj
    Capo Cj 3 hours ago

    Here is island x everyday mashup

  • Yam ASMR
    Yam ASMR 3 hours ago +1

    Jinwoo is a good-looking mother flipper

  • ProExtreme Xz
    ProExtreme Xz 3 hours ago +1

    Hola anet

  • Tari Nasya
    Tari Nasya 3 hours ago

    Enjoy winner song everyday

  • Samya Teixeira
    Samya Teixeira 3 hours ago

    te amo winner 😍

  • Angie HS
    Angie HS 3 hours ago +1

    15 M 🔥

    CL IS MY MOMMA 3 hours ago


  • gaia aoi
    gaia aoi 3 hours ago

    Only 15m???

    • Angie HS
      Angie HS 3 hours ago


    • Tari Nasya
      Tari Nasya 3 hours ago

      gaia aoi please stream to get more than 15m

  • natashaurel
    natashaurel 3 hours ago


  • Queen CL
    Queen CL 3 hours ago +1

    I am still here, for streaming EVERYDAY 💪

  • Mary Balucos
    Mary Balucos 3 hours ago +2

    still 15m views? where are IC? these boys deserve better than this. T.T

  • Aisha Zaina
    Aisha Zaina 3 hours ago +3

    This song is hella lit! Tbh its better then the hip hop songs we have here in the U.S

  • 若峤 周
    若峤 周 4 hours ago

    Ohhhh, my boyfriends, 💋💋💋💋, love you all!!!!

  • Nailah Siri
    Nailah Siri 4 hours ago

    2:39 - 2:42 // Ayy, #JapanChallenge

  • maria fernanda
    maria fernanda 4 hours ago +2


  • Serenade
    Serenade 4 hours ago


  • JulesBTV
    JulesBTV 4 hours ago

    Mino take off that blood flag. 0:56 I fw you but I don't want you to get accused of false flagging

  • Lan Phạm
    Lan Phạm 4 hours ago


  • Lan Phạm
    Lan Phạm 4 hours ago +1

    15M. Bravo 👏👏👏👏

  • winwin in a beret is a blessing


  • Kania Utamy
    Kania Utamy 5 hours ago +1

    15M yeayyyy

  • MIC winner
    MIC winner 5 hours ago +2


  • MIC winner
    MIC winner 5 hours ago +3


  • zulkifli
    zulkifli 5 hours ago +2

    this song is a BOP. YG bro

  • Jackson Wang
    Jackson Wang 5 hours ago +2

    Can anyone tell me who is who lmao? Thanks

    • MIC winner
      MIC winner 5 hours ago

      Jackson Wang hope after this... You will stalk them more... And dont forget to recommend to your friend about this and hear the whole album they have 12 song... Thanks.. 🌹

    • siti maryam
      siti maryam 5 hours ago

      Jackson Wang Blue hair : kang seungyoon/yoon: leader, main vocal, composer (main composer of this song), lyricist, youngest
      Curly hair: kim jinwoo/jinu : vocal, visual, oldest
      Blonde hair: song mino/mino: main rapper, composer, lyricist
      Cap : lee seunghoon/hoony : rapper, main dancer, composer, lyricist

    • Jackson Wang
      Jackson Wang 5 hours ago +1

      MIC winner thanks💗

    • MIC winner
      MIC winner 5 hours ago

      Jackson Wang blue hair- kang seungyoon(leader/main vocal/youngest)
      Blond hair-song mino (main rapper)
      Curly hair - kim jinwoo (vocal/oldest)
      Wear cap- lee seunghoon(dancing machine/rapper)

  • anythingK addict
    anythingK addict 5 hours ago +2

    Daily dose of Everyday keeps the haters away.. 15M and counting! woot woot!!!

  • sanfang zhao
    sanfang zhao 5 hours ago

    赞 winner加油呀

  • Pain Fool
    Pain Fool 5 hours ago +2

    You know what this is the first ever song to sound soooo good with like 1000% auto tune ;) that’s awesome! You need a real good singing voice for that to sound good

  • Marcela Chinchilla
    Marcela Chinchilla 5 hours ago


  • Lizbeth Z
    Lizbeth Z 5 hours ago +5

    Get yourself a Korean man. He’s gonna be with you everyday

  • Marjina Sherchan
    Marjina Sherchan 6 hours ago +3

    I come here to see this EVERYDAY 😭

  • Erandi Park
    Erandi Park 6 hours ago

    Por que hay tantas bitches aprendices en un solo video >:'v ?

  • 西村いおり
    西村いおり 6 hours ago


  • 손채영
    손채영 6 hours ago

    위너 살아있네 크~

  • Arina Nam Jin Kim
    Arina Nam Jin Kim 6 hours ago

    I wish for less autotone tho this a good song

    • Mira 96
      Mira 96 4 hours ago

      But it is normal to trap song to have this auto-tune ^^
      you can watch their live stage^^

    • siti maryam
      siti maryam 5 hours ago +1

      you can listen their typsi sing of the song or their performance or in their sing on radio. It's live soit's less autotune.

      Watch WINNER's EVERYDAY and REALLY REALLY MV 5 hours ago

      You can listen to the non-autotune version of this song on dingo official youtube. And please listen to their whole album. I recommend every song in the album but I really like WINNER's AIR, MOVIE STAR, HELLO, LUXURY and SPECIAL NIGHT. If you have time please listen to the whole album. Thank you.

  • Arina Nam Jin Kim
    Arina Nam Jin Kim 6 hours ago +1

    Yg accept so much international trainees yall

  • D-Kpop
    D-Kpop 6 hours ago +1

    Hey guys, can you please check out my cover for this song?Thank you so much!

  • Gehad Ahmad
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  • dang divine
    dang divine 7 hours ago +1

    Not gonna lie I hated this song at first but now ITS A BOP😍🔥

    YUEXIN LI 7 hours ago +1


  • Daniela
    Daniela 7 hours ago

    3:16 la chica de atras me representa xdxd

  • Mari Jai
    Mari Jai 7 hours ago

    1:22 ayyy questapasando jinu, no la toques asi xd

  • Yasmin Patrícia Carneiro

    This song is SO FREAKING GOOD OMG

  • Paola Barril
    Paola Barril 8 hours ago +2


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 8 hours ago


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 8 hours ago


    IGOT7 WITHGOT7 8 hours ago +2


  • dany fanxy
    dany fanxy 8 hours ago +3

    go to 16mi !!! we can watch this everyday !

  • cindy
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  • Leslie Dany
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  • Noemi De La Rosa Rmz
    Noemi De La Rosa Rmz 8 hours ago

    Amo esta canción

  • ACupOfTaeWithSugaAndSomeKookies

    Jinu is my bias but Mino... ;-;

  • 린푸
    린푸 9 hours ago

    여자들이 비키니..

  • Türkçe Rap Fan
    Türkçe Rap Fan 9 hours ago

    klipteki kızları beğenmedim ya gereksiz olmuş bence

  • ceen dee
    ceen dee 9 hours ago +3

    Bigbang brother indeed 👍🏻✨

  • rose
    rose 9 hours ago +1

    get that 16m 🤟🔥

  • MIC winner
    MIC winner 9 hours ago


  • Summer Harris
    Summer Harris 9 hours ago

    WHERE DID THEY FIND THESE GIRLS! They are pretty af!

  • Win Ic
    Win Ic 10 hours ago +4

    15M !!!!!! 😍💙 LEGO-------> 20M 💙😍

  • Princess x
    Princess x 10 hours ago +1

    Wowwwww Wow wowww

  • Lal Rin
    Lal Rin 10 hours ago +1

    15M 💗💗💗💗

  • Magaly Vela
    Magaly Vela 10 hours ago +1

    Next go #16M #WINNER #EVERYD4Y

  • winner winner
    winner winner 10 hours ago

    yeah yeah i love that part seungyoon yeah yeah

  • winner winner
    winner winner 10 hours ago +7

    winner everyday album is so amazing i got my album and i love it the pictures are so many never regret it the best album for sure i feel in heaven to have all winner albums i have all of their album i am so proud i bought all exit e albums bc it is the last album of ot5 and i bought everyday bc it is the 1st full album as ot4 and i can ask for a better album i love seunghoon song special night

  • jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼
    jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼 10 hours ago +7


  • nathem lawsang
    nathem lawsang 10 hours ago +1

    16M goo

  • MIC winner
    MIC winner 10 hours ago +1

    ...🎉🎉👏15M.... 16M gogogo

  • Sulli Miranda
    Sulli Miranda 10 hours ago +4

    5 millones ✔
    10 millones ✔
    15 millones ✔
    30 millones 💪 💪 💪

  • Sulli Miranda
    Sulli Miranda 10 hours ago +1

    15,002,007 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Thảo Phương
    Thảo Phương 10 hours ago +1

    15 M at 1am... Thanks ...great!

  • jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼
    jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼 10 hours ago +1

    YEAH YEAH YEAH 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🤝🙌🏻🤝👏🏻👏🏻🤝👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🤝👏🏻🤝👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻15M✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

  • It It
    It It 10 hours ago +1


  • Sulli Miranda
    Sulli Miranda 10 hours ago

    De hoy no pasa tenemos que llegar alos 15 millones

  • Yume Miyu
    Yume Miyu 10 hours ago +22

    FNF era made me a die-hard INNER CIRCLE. EVERYD4Y era solidified my INNER CIRCLE status, who would have thought, WINNER has made me into a hardcore Kpop fangirl. I hate streaming, I hate voting, I hate the craziness, sometimes the absurd world of 3rd Gen Kpop but WINNER came so here comes non-stop streaming, religiously voting on any Winner-related ranking, putting myself into a rigorous patience training of handling haters and leaving my serene comfort zone. But Kang-Kim-Song-Lee are so worth it. Some people visit museums and galleries because it's an era of instagram pride. Some people visit silently, savoring every artwork, immersing oneself on every piece that perhaps some people might never appreciate. But the art lives on, because it represents something intangible, a taste of immortality that only time can give. Ah, different is scary, greatness always comes with a hefty price, but an artist greatest achievement is to be able to create his art free from all the world's standards and norms. TRUST AND LISTEN TO WINNER - History has noted clearly.📝📑📜

    INFIRES MIN 10 hours ago +10

    ohghod i think i'm gonna have a new fandom to fangirl to.

      INFIRES MIN 2 hours ago +1

      i'll do everthing you guys said. thanks again💖

    • One Step Closer
      One Step Closer 4 hours ago +3

      Please recommend to your friends and support this Korean comeback, stream EVERYDAY mv ~ And hope you enjoy the EVERYD4Y full album already on itunes or spotify ! There are 11 other songs beside this EVERYDAY song as title, all masterpieces as always

    • One Step Closer
      One Step Closer 4 hours ago +3

      Welcome ~ If you're interested to follow WINNER, each of them has official instagram and also one official instagram for group and their staff team (@winnercity) ; and now on twitter too, see @yg_winnercity 's following for the boys' personal twitter accounts ^-^ And if you have time, you can start by watching Youth Over Flowers WINNER Edition to get to know the boys more. They had a trip to Australia and only 4 episodes plus 1 director's cut one

    • MIC winner
      MIC winner 5 hours ago +2

      INFIRES MIN hope you watch halfmoon friend and youth over flower

    • Dahyun X Rosé
      Dahyun X Rosé 9 hours ago +2

      good luck . it's always worth it to stan Winner 🥇 👑🔥

  • Exo deserves love
    Exo deserves love 10 hours ago +2

    i loved it 😍💖

  • MIC winner
    MIC winner 10 hours ago


  • rainingChocolate
    rainingChocolate 10 hours ago

    Seunghoon change that hair boy

  • jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼
    jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼 10 hours ago +4

    I'm not hating #YG but they seem so busy with promotions here there here there for Sungri and the Ikon boys😏...#INNERCIRCLE We can do this for our boys #WINNER 💙💙💙💙💙

    • jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼
      jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼 10 hours ago

      winner winner yes I stream in Spotify too ...before getting my hand on the physical copy of their ALBUM...

    • winner winner
      winner winner 10 hours ago +1

      well winner never been a yg group so i guess we can promote them if you have spotify stream winner album we cant help much like korean fans but why not

  • Jilly Sutanto
    Jilly Sutanto 11 hours ago +6

    I need them on tv show.. it's just a shame,this such a great album but lacked of promotion.i just hate YG for doing that to winner😭😭😭 sorry for my bad english... i just did not know what to say anymore..saad😭

  • tae channel
    tae channel 11 hours ago


  • every day day every every day

    Continue to stream guys 😢 why are the views are slowly increasinggg (╥﹏╥)

  • Chung Kim
    Chung Kim 11 hours ago

    love you~~~~~

  • pizza pasta so so
    pizza pasta so so 11 hours ago +2

    The translation lyrics out there didn't do justice to this song, glad we have eng subs now (it's still too late tho) 👀

  • jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼
    jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼 11 hours ago +4


  • rose
    rose 11 hours ago +2


  • Always Winbangpink
    Always Winbangpink 11 hours ago +3

    Once Inner Circle 4ever Inner Circle