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    I am in love with these song !. Why ya so crazy Winner ???❤❤

  • Mocha._.Gacha Official
    Mocha._.Gacha Official 29 minutes ago

    *29M Almost There There Almost Almost There 30M* 👌🏽🎊

  • Matheus Souza Tv
    Matheus Souza Tv Hour ago

    *love yours* 😍

  • Kucphuong Nguyen
    Kucphuong Nguyen 2 hours ago +2

    30 m let go 😎😎😎

  • Harmony O'Brien
    Harmony O'Brien 2 hours ago +1

    EVERYDAY DAY EVERY EVERY DAY!! I play this song!

  • Midnite St0rm
    Midnite St0rm 2 hours ago +2

    Honestly for the people who are whining about cultural appropriation, shame on you.

  • Strawberry Taemin
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  • hey hey
    hey hey 4 hours ago +2

    Mino slayed here

  • Sa lwa
    Sa lwa 5 hours ago +1

    I admire jinwoo at every chance i get tbh wowie.

  • thuy nguyen
    thuy nguyen 5 hours ago

    fan winner đâu điểm danh cái coi ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

  • Yoonmin taekook
    Yoonmin taekook 5 hours ago +1

    Who is the one with the black curly hair I'm crying

    • Anna Holland
      Anna Holland 4 hours ago

      Yoonmin taekook his name is Kim Jinwoo, the oldest from the group, and the our fandom name is Inner Circle💕

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    linh đinh 7 hours ago

    toàn quay với gái

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  • louisa Aquino
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  • Hanna Allysa Daproza
    Hanna Allysa Daproza 9 hours ago +1

    This guys need more appreciation. They are so great

  • _. rayyaa
    _. rayyaa 9 hours ago +2

    Its funny how they’re all wearing jackets, jeans and sweaters whilst the girls are all in bikinis 😂 :)

  • Jennifer Meléndez
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  • Jennifer Meléndez
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  • Jennifer Meléndez
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  • Jennifer Meléndez
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  • SNOB Voice
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    Jinwoo hair ♥️

  • SNOB Voice
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  • YourLocalWeirdo
    YourLocalWeirdo 14 hours ago

    Hey I'm new! Uh what's the dude with blue hairs name? Cos he's hella cute

    • Shafira Putri
      Shafira Putri 14 hours ago +1

      YourLocalWeirdo he's the leader :) seungyoon

  • Kehinde Ayinde
    Kehinde Ayinde 14 hours ago

    Not a fan of Winner but this song bangs!!!!!

  • D Daenngg
    D Daenngg 14 hours ago +1

    Omg that 'pizza pasta' saying boy looks like my cousin wth😂(now i cant make him my bias it wll be awk fr me😔😭) im changing my bias to that blonde boy😍❤❤ they all are good looking tho *dead *

  • BlaCk MamBa
    BlaCk MamBa 15 hours ago +6

    Im not from the fandom but... Im going to help streaming bc this guys are awesome✨

      PARK INSEO 15 hours ago +2

      BlaCk MamBa Thanks honey💙

  • innercircle 21
    innercircle 21 15 hours ago +6

    Thankyou Non-ICs for streaming and supporting our babies.

    LISKOOK KOOKIELISA 15 hours ago +2

    I thought Jinwoo was the maknea????

      LISKOOK KOOKIELISA 11 hours ago

      PARK INSEO I know but he looks so young!!!

      PARK INSEO 15 hours ago +1

      LISKOOK KOOKIELISA He the oldest 😂 The fake maknae

  • tuprak Ali
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  • skyrains 28
    skyrains 28 17 hours ago +2

    Kang seung yoon oppa

      PARK INSEO 15 hours ago +2

      skyrains 28 Thanks for loving my boys! Ah..maybe our boys 💙

  • taejin is my life
    taejin is my life 17 hours ago +2

    my childrens ahhh

  • Cristina Kim
    Cristina Kim 17 hours ago +2

    i don't have permanent bias in this group. oh, Taehyun was my ultimate bias since WIN. but when he left, it hurts me. but i still support Winner~ without a bias because all of them are my bias 😍 i love these men~
    though now, iKONIC is my main fandom (Incle was my main before) my love for Winner is undefined. let's always support them.
    I'm a YG Stan~

      PARK INSEO 15 hours ago

      Cristina Kim No need to thanks me 😊 Everyone ought to understand it. We cant force anybody to be part of the fandom as long as they support good music 👍 Have a good day fam!

    • Cristina Kim
      Cristina Kim 15 hours ago +1

      PARK INSEO thanks for understanding me 😍😍 as a YG Stan, i love them too~

      PARK INSEO 15 hours ago +2

      Cristina Kim Thanks ikonic 😊 Its okay tho, whoever you support. its matter of music preference 😊 Im an incles/vips who still support good music especially from my bias company hihi ^^

  • Zizo Zizo1234
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  • 미나묘이 샤론
    미나묘이 샤론 18 hours ago

    난 위너노래에 특유에분위기가좋다.

  • Choi Samuel
    Choi Samuel 18 hours ago +3

    I support winner so much even though im a blink:)

    • Un Known
      Un Known Hour ago

      Thank you, im a blink too ❤

      PARK INSEO 15 hours ago

      Choi Samuel Thanks Blinkeu!!

  • Ha
    Ha 19 hours ago +1

    I miss my boys )’

  • jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼
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    Hello beautiful people here 🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼

  • 옘꽁
    옘꽁 19 hours ago

    ㅎ 우리반 남자애도 파랑머라라능~(근디 솔직히 부럽..ㅠ 피부가 여자보다 하얀..진심..음..말로만 듣던 우유빛갈 피부..ㅋㅋ

    VIP* INNERCIRCLE 19 hours ago +3

    Wohooo 29m

  • Yennie Kim
    Yennie Kim 20 hours ago +5

    Still streaming fuck i can't get this out of my head 😍 winner fighting ❤

  • natsumi minecraft
    natsumi minecraft 20 hours ago

    나만 맨 앞에 간주 네버 에버와 비슷하나?

  • Harumy Martinez
    Harumy Martinez 21 hour ago +2

    This is song

  • Jamelia
    Jamelia 21 hour ago +1

    I searched for their profile and found out a member is married...and I don't know how hurt I am... WHY?

    • Un Known
      Un Known Hour ago

      Jamelia haha no dont worry. Winner's jinwoo is definitely not married. You got it wrong, I know the jinwoo that you got and his birthday is in October smth and he's way older. While Winner jinwoo's bday is in sept 16. :) If he gets married, then ofc ICs would know it.

    • Jamelia
      Jamelia 2 hours ago

      Watch WINNER's EVERDAY M/V YG stan Kim Jinwoo, Google said he has a spouse named Kim Jun-hee and I literally fell off my seat yesterday when I have know of this. I was so shocked. I thought I got the wrong person but then even the birthday of The Jinwoo in Winner is the same with the Jinwoo that I got, with the same photos too and in that Jinwoo's bio, it said that he is a member of Winner so I guessed its really Jinwoo of Winner...

    • Jenna Li
      Jenna Li 9 hours ago

      Jamelia none of them are married!!! Be happy now lol

    • lee haute
      lee haute 16 hours ago

      are you trolling? that is obviously another Kim Jinwoo.

    • MIC winner
      MIC winner 16 hours ago

      they not married yet

  • Canan Çukur
    Canan Çukur 21 hour ago +2

    what is the name of the blue-haired boy? 😍😍

  • 巧姈
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    SUZIE SARANG HAE 22 hours ago

    Sweet sweet!!!! Islander loving d music video.... #STAYHUMBLEWINNERZ

  • 희원숭이[ 꽃보다 위너 ]

    미노야 승윤아 승훈아 진우야 사랑해 ❤

  • Yunsa Byun
    Yunsa Byun 23 hours ago +4

    fck I want to join the fandom!

    • Nimoh k
      Nimoh k 14 hours ago +1

      Welcome to the innercircle fandom💙 you can watch various of unhelpful guide on TheXvid about winner or watch their famous variety show named *winner youth over flower* or *half moon friends* where they become school teachers! Just a little background information about them:
      0:18 - *Mino* (Rapper full of class but is an absolute idiot but such a softie he's starred in many variety show and showed his foolishness and stupidness also easily mistaken for G dragon but is also known as G dragons son he's into edgy art he's quite artistic )
      0:40 - *Seungyoon* (He's the leader but also the maknae of the group his IQ is high his vocal range is amazing it's husky, distinct and unique)
      0:43 - *Jinwoo* (Vovalist Easily mistaken as the fake maknae but in fact the eldest despite being the eldest he's also an idiot and gets lost quite easily he's known as ' the international lost boy ' he's the visual of the group and wants to always be more handsome rubbish at taking selfies he may look soft but he's quite manly)
      1:28 - *Seunghoon* (Rapper and an amazing dancer his choreography is on point he's the choreographer of this group and most of winner dances are influenced by him his sense of humour is hilarious on variety shows eg radio star, law of the jungle he's also going to be a dance coach on a new variety show!)

    • Watch WINNER's EVERYDAY M/V YG stan
      Watch WINNER's EVERYDAY M/V YG stan 20 hours ago +1

      Welcome 😍🤗

    • winner winner
      winner winner 21 hour ago +1

      watch youth over flower winner it has 4 episodes to know them more

  • Yunsa Byun
    Yunsa Byun 23 hours ago +3

    omg this is lit.

  • Luoi Siu
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  • 雨悦 孙
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  • my taetaeconda don't

    Road to 3M

  • FB : San Komsan
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  • 목포서부초
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    I l

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  • Laurem • Hyungie
    Laurem • Hyungie Day ago +3

    Most of the girls where foreigners

  • Reyn Catayas
    Reyn Catayas Day ago +3

    Let's get it to 30M❤

    • Un Known
      Un Known Hour ago

      Reyn Catayas yes ❤❤

  • jimin the mochi
    jimin the mochi Day ago +3

    Who’s the guy in the dreads he’s cute

    • kwonmino blink
      kwonmino blink Day ago +1

      Seunghoon/Hoony- Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Choreographer as well as public relations manager

    • jimin the mochi
      jimin the mochi Day ago

      Un Known THANK YOU 💖

    • Un Known
      Un Known Day ago

      jimin the mochi seunghoon (Hoony) the lead rapper and main dancer 😁❤

  • Thao Le
    Thao Le Day ago +3

    Seunghoon ~~~

  • Hanh Luong The
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  • 바보빔비
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  • Akira Loam
    Akira Loam Day ago +3

    Los amoooo
    Every day
    every every day

  • DAEBAK & SUGOI Nation

    The Views on this video aren't going up cause this video doesn't relate to other KPOP videos! Like it doesn't show up next to other New/Old Kpop videos idk why. Maybe the genre was mistaken WINNER should look into this.

    • lee haute
      lee haute 16 hours ago +1

      i noticed that too, it never comes up on related videos :( YG should have fixed this months ago

    • Mira J Al
      Mira J Al Day ago

      DAEBAK & SUGOI Nation I think/guessed that WINNER genre or music style now is not like a typical kpop genre that's why or TheXvid is just playing tricks

  • yoo cynjin
    yoo cynjin Day ago +4

    Everydayy~ dayy every everydayy~

  • Susuu Cali
    Susuu Cali Day ago +5

    Seoungyoon best ❤️❤️ his voice

  • Jennifer Meléndez
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  • Samp-avi
    Samp-avi Day ago +6

    Just found about this group and they music is so gooddd the one rapping in the white and blue haired and the curly hair ones are so cuteee 😍

    • Samp-avi
      Samp-avi Day ago +1

      Un Known they all so good lookin tho 😍

    • Samp-avi
      Samp-avi Day ago +1

      Un Known aw thank youuu :D

    • Un Known
      Un Known Day ago +1

      Samp-avi you're welcome! 😁 Minho is Song Minho and his stage name is Mino.
      Song Minho (Mino) - 0:24
      Lee Seunghoon (Hoony) - 1:27

    • Samp-avi
      Samp-avi Day ago

      Un Known thank youuu also telling position! But still dont really get who the rappers name is like which one exactly is minho?

    • Un Known
      Un Known Day ago +1

      Hi! Glad you found out abt this group. The one rapping in white is seunghoon, the main dancer and lead rapper. The one in blue hair is Seungyoon, the main vocal, leader and maknae (youngest). And the curly haired guys is Jinwoo, lead vocal and visual 😍 then the one remaining is Mino, the main rapper :)

  • PixelatedGirl
    PixelatedGirl Day ago +3

    Catchy as hell

  • tuprak Ali
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  • Mary M
    Mary M Day ago +1

    Jinwoo looks like Eleven from Stranger Things just saying

  • Péroline
    Péroline Day ago +7

    Any EXOL like me here for helping to stream ? ^^
    Winner deserve more, it's not an option, it's a fact

    • Reyn Catayas
      Reyn Catayas Day ago +1


    • Péroline
      Péroline Day ago +2

      it's normal, we are nice with people who are nice with us

    • Nimoh k
      Nimoh k Day ago +2

      Thank you Exo-L's we appreciate what you have done for our fandom 💙

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    Everyday day every everyday

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  • kengha lolbit
    kengha lolbit Day ago +2

    Who ia the one with curly hair, he is so cute

  • Manal Manal
    Manal Manal Day ago +2

    "dont put any makeup you are alredy perfect" dude you're putting makeup

  • siti salmah
    siti salmah Day ago +4

    almost 3m guys keep streaming

  • Thanh Phúc
    Thanh Phúc Day ago

    1:20 What was that dance?

    • Nimoh k
      Nimoh k Day ago

      Thanh Phúc
      I think one of the common name for it is the ' shoot dance '

  • iva noona
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  • jehan solaiman
    jehan solaiman Day ago +3

    I loveee that sunset scene💜

  • megumi chan
    megumi chan Day ago +4

    i'm here everyday and i really really love Winner

  • xcool chickx
    xcool chickx Day ago +4

    If we keep this up "everyday" then we'll be able to hit 30M views. FIGHTING!❤️❤️💜

  • Anna Holland
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  • Amy Ortega
    Amy Ortega Day ago +9

    Gosh, i haven't read the coments in a while since i'm busy with University (even tho i'm very aware of all Winner situation, news and so) but the salty and hateful coments has just grown so much.
    If u are an Inner Circle, a casual fan or from another fandom but u like Winner music, please ignore them and report that kind of post, we have to stay strong, protect our babies and support them no matter what. Be kind, be better ♡ (remember Yoon, Hoony, Jinu and Mino's words)

  • Senanur Demir
    Senanur Demir Day ago +3

    100M fighting

  • 秘SuShie
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  • 으수
    으수 2 days ago

    아씨 괜히탈덕햇다....내굿즈들....하...

  • Sara Ahmad
    Sara Ahmad 2 days ago +7

    Congratulations winner having 2 million subscribers 🤗🎊🤗🎊🤗🎊🤗🎊🤗🎊🤗 streaming every day ..every every .. day ... 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  • Quuynh man linh Duong

    sắp được 30.000.000 lượt xem rồi

  • ISMAT zaidi
    ISMAT zaidi 2 days ago +1

    0:44 what is Lee jongsuk doing here

    • ISMAT zaidi
      ISMAT zaidi Day ago

      Mira J Al I have been streaming really really like mad man so yeah I definitely will😊

    • Mira J Al
      Mira J Al 2 days ago

      ISMAT zaidi It's ok some notice it too✌ and you can try their other songs

    • ISMAT zaidi
      ISMAT zaidi 2 days ago

      Mira J Al I was just joking. But thanks for the information. I didn't know😊

    • Mira J Al
      Mira J Al 2 days ago +2

      ISMAT zaidi He is Kim Jinwoo or Jinu....they're a bit alike