Struggling Owner Laughs at Being Over $1 Million in Debt | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017
  • The owner thinks he's Sherlock Holmes, but Gordon thinks he's mad.
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  • Rabascan
    Rabascan 41 minute ago

    That woman really must love this moron, if she didn't pack her things and leave yet! The guy's clearly a narcissist and even though I think a murder mystery night like that is cool, that's something you can do when you're not drowning in debt.

  • Alice Darhk
    Alice Darhk Hour ago

    Divorce him

  • Angel 2,0 Angel 2,0
    Angel 2,0 Angel 2,0 3 hours ago +1

    😁 I'm so angry! 😁

  • The Cynical Engineer
    The Cynical Engineer 4 hours ago

    i'd still watch that shambles of a performance over Holmes and Watson.

  • J M
    J M 6 hours ago

    1:06 that murder look lol

  • Felisiq
    Felisiq 6 hours ago

    The only thing I want for that lady is for her to divorce her husband and get the fuck outta there.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 7 hours ago

    2:40 is big bollocks moment

  • JT99 Vids
    JT99 Vids 8 hours ago

    2:35 he says to the guy from Britain

  • Skyla
    Skyla 9 hours ago

    Why didn't the hotel owner mange the hotel while his wife still work at the dental office da fuq

  • corystory
    corystory 11 hours ago

    Alright y'all I'm out the cringe has gotten too strong

  • PL4D
    PL4D 12 hours ago +1

    divorce her, she will throw you under the bridge all your life

  • 7A
    7A 14 hours ago

    building looks to be worth way more than 700K.
    any sherlock fan can tell you, he never wore a deerstalker hat, and he never smoked a calabash pipe.
    poor girl, married to this doooooshbag.

  • Bley Bley
    Bley Bley 16 hours ago +1

    that dude got some mental issues

  • arjun subash
    arjun subash 20 hours ago

    3:18 She looks at him saying.. Ohh you are a f****ing idiot

  • BTS incognito
    BTS incognito 21 hour ago

    The guy does know theres like over 20 accents in the uk

  • nick
    nick 21 hour ago +1

    I love the music in the end lol

  • Binkk
    Binkk 22 hours ago

    Reminds me of the video where the woman asks for a divorce and the dude goes “DIVORCE HUAHHEHEHUAHHAHEAHAHHA DIVORCE”

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 22 hours ago

    Yeah they need to take a trip to Belleview.

  • oof
    oof 23 hours ago

    the play is so cringy ugh

  • Dirty Wash
    Dirty Wash Day ago

    I love watching Gordon Ramsay. I take a lot of his tactics into deal with people. My favorite line to use is "Oh here we go"

  • Lex Coasters
    Lex Coasters Day ago +1

    If i was his wife i would deforce him imidiatly !

  • rusty shackleford

    I would've left that childish asshole a long time ago

  • Incognito Burrito
    Incognito Burrito Day ago +2

    When you tell an Englishman that your British accent is better than his and your American.

  • Samsung/Android Is the best /Fortnite sucks

    Hotel? Looks like a old Victorian "mansion".

  • Shay B
    Shay B Day ago


  • Saeed Alzahrani
    Saeed Alzahrani Day ago +1

    I feel sorry for that woman

  • Bloodhound9876
    Bloodhound9876 Day ago +1

    No. I’m not in denial.
    😂 Literally dying

  • Balian D'Iblin
    Balian D'Iblin Day ago

    Gordon nuked Sherlock’s self esteem.

  • nicolas tantachuco
    nicolas tantachuco Day ago +1

    That guy's English accent is as authentic as my dog's bark

    I don't have a dog.

  • mackenzie clarke

    "No, I'm not in denial"

  • TheCosplayhouse
    TheCosplayhouse Day ago

    "on stage" XD!!!!! your a sad hotel owner who dressed as the worst sherlock homes iv ever fucking seen in my life.
    also his poor wife... "hunny I brought a hotel" and the wife just wants to fucking leave him XD

  • Peasant
    Peasant 2 days ago

    Reminds me of the legendary *John* video
    Wife: John i want a divorce.
    John: Divorce? *HEHEHEHEHE*

  • Brice Ames
    Brice Ames 2 days ago

    People are weird

  • Just Bored
    Just Bored 2 days ago

    John is a lost cause, I feel more sorry for his wife, the fact that she ever laid eyes on this pathetic excuse of a man.

  • Snaxol FA
    Snaxol FA 2 days ago

    1 million? what the f***

  • Irate monkey 9998
    Irate monkey 9998 2 days ago

    My British accent is more authentic than your

  • Resham Bolar
    Resham Bolar 2 days ago

    The owner literally laughs at EVERYTHING!!!
    Wife: I want death
    Husband: lol 😂 😆 😝

  • Raymond Liu
    Raymond Liu 2 days ago


  • Scared Fishie
    Scared Fishie 2 days ago

    Homeboy is probably mentally ill. It’s not a dig either I’ve dealt with men like this. He may have bipolar. If she wants a stable life she’s going to have to leave

  • Asif Miles
    Asif Miles 3 days ago


  • JaquanClappedU
    JaquanClappedU 3 days ago


    URIEEE REESESE 3 days ago

    *”I want a divorce”*
    man: *wheezes*

  • Syntek
    Syntek 3 days ago

    6:22 Lol terminator what a joke

  • Dairy Queen
    Dairy Queen 3 days ago +1

    He...he thinks Gordon’s accent is fake......

  • Elliott Widdup
    Elliott Widdup 3 days ago

    saying my British accent is better than yours to a Scot
    is like saying guns are common in Canada

  • Blue Verse
    Blue Verse 3 days ago

    Is it going well with this hotel right now

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher 3 days ago

    Did he seriously say that his “British” accent is more authentic than an actual Englishman’s? 😂 Tina’s was definitely a good English accent though

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher 3 days ago

    Seriously, if I was Tina, I would’ve divorced him in a heartbeat! He’s a fucking dumbass!

  • Theortheo
    Theortheo 3 days ago

    I mean, the sherlock holmes mystery night thingy looks pretty cool to do actually. But the 1M debt part isn't so funny sadly.

  • generic name
    generic name 3 days ago

    how did sherlock catch the bad guy?
    "talk to the hand"

  • svyatoslav smirnov
    svyatoslav smirnov 3 days ago

    Man his wife is one loyal woman

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson 3 days ago

    Feel bad for wife ☹️

  • Mix_ Lv
    Mix_ Lv 3 days ago +2

    if i would be gordon. i would simply get johns wife to leave him and get her a job at gordons restaurant as a server. and john could play sherlock holmes to find out why his wife ia gone

  • Cowboy Western38
    Cowboy Western38 4 days ago


  • Eclipsed Wolf
    Eclipsed Wolf 4 days ago

    Jesus he’s a fucking narcissistic psychopath/sociopath (please feel free to tell me which one is correct. I took a psych class but my teacher was shit and I learned nothing)

  • NubnaChan
    NubnaChan 4 days ago

    this dude is like John V2

  • Jason Feng
    Jason Feng 4 days ago

    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century!

  • petrexxy
    petrexxy 4 days ago

    "John I want a divorce"

  • yay
    yay 4 days ago

    What a very punchable face...

  • lucy connor
    lucy connor 4 days ago +1

    1. Has a nice life
    2. Has a nice wife
    3. Has a job
    Nah let’s buy a 700 grand hotel

  • Anh Thu Do
    Anh Thu Do 4 days ago

    for a second i thought it was ollie😂

  • Uno Intelligente
    Uno Intelligente 4 days ago

    If I were her, I’d get a divorce and leave him with his mess

  • mr. mustash
    mr. mustash 4 days ago

    "well that is probably true"

  • dynamo gaming
    dynamo gaming 4 days ago

    Tera pura courtray ka fuck kar wata hu

  • dynamo gaming
    dynamo gaming 4 days ago

    Indian ko fuck bola ga

  • dynamo gaming
    dynamo gaming 4 days ago

    Sala teri ma fuking american

  • Seba Rivas
    Seba Rivas 4 days ago +16

    "Where did he practice his accent from?"
    Me : Good question.
    *Gordon : Is Scottish and came from England*
    Owner : *mInE iS wAy BeTtEr*

  • Sherguson
    Sherguson 4 days ago

    Someone link me the rest haha

  • level 100 boss
    level 100 boss 4 days ago +1

    his accent is shit and he looks like a mong

  • Tank Vincent
    Tank Vincent 4 days ago

    Was anxious having 300$ worth of credit card debt. I'd be hiding shoe laces if I had over a million dollars worth.

  • Lionwolf M
    Lionwolf M 4 days ago

    I have a Yorkshire accent and it’s really annoying that this guy thinks he’s got a British accent

  • Evelyn Howard
    Evelyn Howard 5 days ago +2

    I could tell just by the thumbnail that the guy was nuts

  • Matt's Ordinary Mashups and Stuff

    $1.1 MILLION IN DEBT?!?!?!?!!!! Gordon Ramsay, it's time to call the other Ramsey, Dave Ramsey!

  • Kimberly Tran
    Kimberly Tran 5 days ago +1

    The husband is just crazy $1,000,000 in debt that’s just crazy! 😥->😱🤬😭
    Edit: Also he’s NOT GOOD at being Sherlock Holmes 😂😂😂

  • C0ltipl4yer
    C0ltipl4yer 6 days ago

    I like how concerned the idiot is with Gordon's accent when he isn't concerned with the massive debt

  • Pepijn 15
    Pepijn 15 6 days ago

    The thumbnail and time stamp 4:54 already tell enough about how terrible this man is.

  • Paul Woods
    Paul Woods 6 days ago

    John I want a divorce

  • Masterjaninosaurus the one


  • Mark T
    Mark T 6 days ago


  • azio
    azio 6 days ago +4

    Struggling Owner Struggles to Struggle While Struggling To Laugh At 1M Dollar Debt

  • Nicole Pinelook
    Nicole Pinelook 7 days ago

    He’s destroying her!

  • mary tran
    mary tran 8 days ago

    i wanna be this unbothered in life

  • Graeme Ko
    Graeme Ko 8 days ago

    This guy reminds me of a mole rat in a washing machine

  • tha ligzonton
    tha ligzonton 8 days ago


  • regan taylor
    regan taylor 8 days ago

    "My english accent is better than your english accent, I dont know where Gordon got his accent from..." Ummmm England?

  • Paul Cooke
    Paul Cooke 8 days ago

    He clearly has a small dick and suffers with erectile disfunction

  • Gacha Cookiez
    Gacha Cookiez 8 days ago

    I have a better british accent then that guy not Ramsey tho

  • Nothing Personal
    Nothing Personal 9 days ago

    3:50 dang girl.

  • Crazykris414
    Crazykris414 9 days ago

    1:57 why is there so much bread if in debt

  • Muppet Mahomes
    Muppet Mahomes 10 days ago

    Real life Tobias Flunke

  • Branton McMahan
    Branton McMahan 10 days ago

    This guy wants Chef Ramsay to get a psychology degree. I think this guy is literally crying for mental help! My sister has a psychology degree, and I honesty want her to see this guy because I'm pretty sure I know enough to know that he has some kind of personality disorder!

  • Emman Canonigo
    Emman Canonigo 10 days ago

    mocking a pure British with a British accent and that is hilarious

  • UwU Song
    UwU Song 11 days ago

    Every college student ever

  • Adilah O
    Adilah O 12 days ago

    Gordon must have hit home with his insults, the hotel is still open and excellent reviews online.. everyone says they loved staying there and they seemed to really like the owners. No mention of Sherlock either :)

  • MadHatter
    MadHatter 12 days ago +3

    This was uploaded in 2017 and he is still the dumbest sherlock Holmes I've ever seen...

  • cousin leigh
    cousin leigh 13 days ago +1

    Call me Sherlock or I am not playing 😂😂😂

  • dro
    dro 14 days ago


  • 30 subs with out Vids babe

    Owner in debut

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 14 days ago

    ramsay actually saved this place...they are still open and the couple is still together

  • RL L
    RL L 15 days ago

    Hahhahaah! no words