JACKPOT GEMS BIG Arcade Slot Win, Slots of Gold, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold + More !!!

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
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    An arcade session today playing a variety of slots, including some classics which a lot of people have asked for in the comments. Jackpot Gems and Red Hot Fruits gave a great start, and hoping my luck would continue I persevered on Slots O' Gold hoping for a high exchange.
    The final slot was a brief play on Drops of Gold on the Ultra Premium Play setting, which is the most volatile of the arcade slots. Be extremely cautious when playing this one!
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  • Stop and Step
    Stop and Step  26 days ago +3

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    • babytop powerbottom
      babytop powerbottom 17 days ago

      @Stop and Step how come you keep blocking me? I'm in love with you...we should get a wee holiday together, then get married and I'll have your babies...but only if we comply with the 2008 HFE Act

    • Smart Card
      Smart Card 21 day ago

      @Ben Hudson That one's not around any more. You could do £40 a spin so it got banned. The one in William Hill is better than the arcade ones though.

    • Ian Hartley
      Ian Hartley 25 days ago +2

      Stop and step why dont u do an all jackpot video showing all your best jackpots also do a giveaway when u reach 100k

    • Ben Hudson
      Ben Hudson 26 days ago

      @Stop and Step oh right yeah that's still the better version that's currently in most tho 👍

  • Paul Dodd
    Paul Dodd 17 days ago

    Lov watching your vids . I'd have walked as soon as I'd hit the five hundred. But you do it to entertain us .

  • Nick Piggott
    Nick Piggott 17 days ago

    Jackpot Gems fortune spins !,

  • Scatt2k7
    Scatt2k7 19 days ago

    £600 up and you never walked, absolute idiot.

  • chrisdawizz
    chrisdawizz 21 day ago +5

    Those ultra spins are more dangerous than the £50 mega spins that were recently removed from the FOBTs. £120 without even a spin ffs.

  • Richard Ross
    Richard Ross 22 days ago

    I'm glad you've done away with those stupid shout outs.

  • REBEL.Ins'
    REBEL.Ins' 23 days ago

    Why would you stay on the same cab after a 500 jackpot...?

  • Keiren hunter
    Keiren hunter 23 days ago

    You are not a hundred up you broke even you went in with 100 left with the same 100.

  • Tom Heinrich
    Tom Heinrich 24 days ago

    Spunked the lot on rainbow riches stop playing that shite

  • ninja turtle
    ninja turtle 24 days ago

    Shout out plz dazza n more bonus hunts at 1.00 to 40p 👏

  • Plymouth Rock
    Plymouth Rock 24 days ago

    You retired your little green man when winning jp

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams 25 days ago +1

    Kudos cus most of us would of chased the losses than walk away 🙈

  • PD Art
    PD Art 25 days ago

    It's really spoilt my fun on the 500 fobts now they have done away with the £20 high roller spins..I use to really like them on games like Barkin' Mad and Black Knight etc but it's really hard work playing them now and gets boring really quickly playing me now..which in a way is a good thing as I don't feel as much like playing them now so its saving me money..what are your thoughts mate?

    • PD Art
      PD Art 25 days ago

      Sorry for grammar..few errors

  • Deborah Peters
    Deborah Peters 25 days ago +1

    Another entertaining video Darren congratulations on your 50k subscribers,you deserve it hope you continue to do well,a reward for all the effort you put in to your videos.👍

  • Stuart Pearson
    Stuart Pearson 25 days ago

    Belfast International Airport have just had one of those Blueprint terminals put in, think there must be something wrong with it. Could have done a decent bonus hunt video on it. Won jackpot on Napoleon (having put in £80, had £540 balance after Napoleon) decided to play Eye of Horus with the £40 fully expecting to walk away with £500, got the bonus in 5 spins a first spin retrigger which took it all the way to a jackpot. Ended with £1030, failed to payout £351. Attendants came and questioned me as the day before the same had happened and somebody took £970 from the same machine. It's been in there less than a week!

  • Liam Hill
    Liam Hill 25 days ago

    Red hot repeater, please!

  • Lordcasper93
    Lordcasper93 25 days ago

    Celebrated my wedding anniversary yesterday can I have a shout out on a video please

  • Craig Wilkinson
    Craig Wilkinson 25 days ago

    What a greedy bastard why would you not be happy at 600 was willing you to lose the lot in the end just pure greed

  • spencer clapham
    spencer clapham 25 days ago +2

    I watch your videos every day never missed one always entertaining to watch! Nice profit !

  • Paul Mcconnell
    Paul Mcconnell 25 days ago

    Such bad gamberling

  • ross murray
    ross murray 25 days ago

    Too many gambles 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • tazman272009
    tazman272009 25 days ago

    rise of the phoenix can be very good

  • robert millington
    robert millington 25 days ago

    Should of took the £600 profit.
    I know it wouldn't make much of a video but I for one would of forgiven you.
    I mean your one of few streamers that upload new material near enough every day!!

  • robert millington
    robert millington 25 days ago

    Jeez talk about picking the right machine to go on 😂..get in there stop&step !!👍

  • hisnakedness
    hisnakedness 25 days ago +3

    The arcade giveth and the taketh away! Still profit which you probably wouldn’t have had in Ladbrokes.

  • Zack Speight
    Zack Speight 25 days ago

    buffalo rising please

  • technicalscience
    technicalscience 25 days ago +1

    Damn, those plums! I like that game, but haven't had a win like that. £300 is my most on that I think, a bunch of oranges. Nice!

  • Kevin Seramek
    Kevin Seramek 25 days ago

    Unluckyyyy :D

  • Mathew Daniels
    Mathew Daniels 25 days ago +1

    I cant believe how many views the videos get but so little likes, I like every video regardless of win or lose, I like the effort made if nothing else

  • Dodgy Keeper
    Dodgy Keeper 25 days ago +5

    You might as well have a look at what amp is in the plug while you're there, as well as the rtp % on each game, if you enjoy doing pointless exercises mate!

    • Smart Card
      Smart Card 23 days ago

      You sound like one of those mugs who would play something on 50%. I bet the arcades love you.

  • Paul Jacobs
    Paul Jacobs 25 days ago +3

    Jeez, up £600 and continues on the same terminal

    • monkstanding last
      monkstanding last 25 days ago

      some machines run extremely hot paying jackpots twice in succession but very very rare (NOT THE NORMAL RULE OF PLAY) some may take 1/3 of what you won or a little more or if its the one in a million the next few spins i won a grand on that chinese kitty slot on will hill within minutes of two bonus' and some sticky wild cats

  • I'llEatThat
    I'llEatThat 26 days ago +1

    Well done for walking away in profit Darren! Very entertaining, and the 500+ isn't profit until its in your pocket. Cheers for keeping me entertained

  • me n me
    me n me 26 days ago +1

    I spent 11 hours on one game last night and still list I think I should call it a day

  • englishcat19
    englishcat19 26 days ago

    Nice one baker Darren

  • Justin Mooney
    Justin Mooney 26 days ago +1

    NEW SLOT in William hill. "The hidden treasures" please go play this has a few different bonuses and features. Keeps paying for me on £2 plays 👍

  • london mark
    london mark 26 days ago

    Hey guys
    Watch me get fisted by a garden rake on any machine I play cos I love it !!!

  • Paul Upton
    Paul Upton 26 days ago

    Any chance of some centurion please

    BRADLEY PHIPPS 26 days ago

    Diamond jackpots

  • Alan Perry
    Alan Perry 26 days ago

    Very disappointing not seeing our wee jackpot yippee icon.
    Bring it back please 🙄

  • Ben The Boss Jackson
    Ben The Boss Jackson 26 days ago +6

    Ive seen slots and sneaks put through £300 on them ultra spins... for a spin, which did nothing... totally dangerous!

  • Kieran wale
    Kieran wale 26 days ago

    That stitched you right up on the pots of gold.

    • monkstanding last
      monkstanding last 25 days ago +1

      the key slotsnof gold is always take the spins after a gamble it kills almost always if you go for a third gamble but sometimes you can gamble to 6-7 and win £2 other times you gamble once and collect you get three wilds and then between atleast £60-jackpot

  • Adam issey
    Adam issey 26 days ago +3

    Hmmm, The terminal has gone dead? Wonder if that’s because you took the £500 jackpot off it ......???

  • TheGiles14
    TheGiles14 26 days ago

    Only gamble like I do anyhow 🙄

  • Major1headtrauma
    Major1headtrauma 26 days ago

    Clearly as too much money in the bank to give a fuck about 500 up, that would of made my week .

  • Ashley Hutchinson
    Ashley Hutchinson 26 days ago +1

    have a word mate! the adverts are killing your videos

  • russell campbell
    russell campbell 26 days ago +2

    You should have just made a short video and walked away I would rather watch five minutes of winning than twenty of losing but as you said you were still a hundred ahead.

    • russell campbell
      russell campbell 25 days ago +2

      Yeah I couldn't agree more but I do like to see Darren winning once in a while and getting one over on the bookies or the arcades, I was just letting him know he doesn't have to make long videos for our entertainment if he gets a lucky streak pocket the money and finish the video.

    • monkstanding last
      monkstanding last 25 days ago +3

      True but at least people get to see just how greedy those "premium buy spins" really are instead of just painting the usual crap other channels do with only winning videos these videos darren does also warn others who may have problems you dont often hear other channels wanrning people with examples like these makes me happy to see people gambling for entertainment and not smashing machines because they lost their rent money or worse family food funds etc

  • nostromo
    nostromo 26 days ago +1

    At the end of the day you made £100 profit --- you live to fight another day !.

  • Joe Clark
    Joe Clark 26 days ago +1

    Dear Bookies,
    I am very concerned about my boy, he seems to be suffering from a dopamine regulatory disorder and as you see more of him than I do, I was wondering if you would please introduce a 'stealing wheel' called ultra spins to keep him occupied.
    Many thanks
    Kind regards,

  • nhdoorsecurity
    nhdoorsecurity 26 days ago +1

    Great Videos, can I have a shout out please

  • altyfc2010
    altyfc2010 26 days ago

    No yipeeeee from the jackpot turtle 😥

  • Manchester Reds
    Manchester Reds 26 days ago +1

    Gamblers logic. Wins the jackpot amount on the machine, put most of it back in to try win the same amount again 🙄.

  • Glazing Helper
    Glazing Helper 26 days ago +1

    Plums save the day Mr step any chance of another shout out as i watched every video you never made :)

  • Jonathan Spindler
    Jonathan Spindler 26 days ago +3

    Them £2 ultra plays is daylight robbery. I prefer the fortune spins the machines used to have before they changed them as they would always give you a chance to win unlike these £2 plays.

  • george lindsay
    george lindsay 26 days ago +1

    Profit is profit at the end of the day👍🏻

  • Ralph Rimican
    Ralph Rimican 26 days ago +3

    Yes finally jackpot gems 👌

  • Step and stop
    Step and stop 26 days ago

    Thai flower like the old days 🙏🙏

  • the newz
    the newz 26 days ago

    Congrats on the 50,000 subs

  • Oliver Rourke
    Oliver Rourke 26 days ago +1

    Great video, the end slot is so frustrating to not get a spin though!

  • donna taylor
    donna taylor 26 days ago +5

    Dreary me Darren u shoulda walked with the 660

    • I'llEatThat
      I'llEatThat 26 days ago +2

      Hindsight is 2020 vision mate ahaha

  • StolenInsanity
    StolenInsanity 26 days ago

    I like your channel but I must confess. I don't watch your arcade slots. When the jackpots are capped at £500, there's no build up or suspense. Knowing that you can't surpass £500 makes it a bit boring. Can you go back to online slots please?