Nerd³ Completes Outer Wilds - One Last Loop - The End of the Universe

  • Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • I got you babe, I got you babe.. They say our love won't pay the rent, before it's earned, our money's all been spent.
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Comments • 664

  • prismatic Spectre
    prismatic Spectre 13 days ago +1

    he didnt read the stuff in the observatory :(

  • Ashe
    Ashe 21 day ago

    Honestly, watching dan love this game was amazing and got me to buy it almost instantly.

    But damn if he doesn't make me want to throttle him sometimes with how much he misses obvious solutions.

  • Deadly Spore
    Deadly Spore 23 days ago

    The nomia are to blame for that universe dying by the way

  • Steven Ware
    Steven Ware Month ago

    It bothered me so much that he didn't notice the eye coordinates in the lower left

  • Teddy LJ
    Teddy LJ Month ago

    Well that was a fun LP. Now I've got to find another end-game video so I can see what's going on at the end of the universe from the viewpoint of someone who is not looking at the dirt because they're terrified of moving rocks.

  • Damon Ellis
    Damon Ellis Month ago

    Oh dear, he's pretty distrustful of quantum anything (and boy is there a lot of that in the ending). The laws of reality aren't out to hurt you. I promise those quantum rocks had no malicious intent

  • justin declair
    justin declair Month ago +1

    this deserved your game of the year

  • Mechanosword 16
    Mechanosword 16 Month ago

    If you shoot your scout into the eye before you go in something funny happens at the very end

  • Soundres
    Soundres Month ago

    Dan freaking out trying to remember the coordinate symbols when they’re shown on the bottom corner of the screen. XD

  • Liam Jones-Baker
    Liam Jones-Baker 2 months ago


  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 months ago

    I can tell this game is very what the fuck happened?

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 2 months ago

    Where can I get this game!!!?

  • Natalie Cameron
    Natalie Cameron 2 months ago

    So the dark bramble? Do you get smaller every time you go through a gateway? Or is it a strange pocket dimension?

  • Ryan Moulder
    Ryan Moulder 2 months ago

    Dan freaking out about the code while it's in the lower left of the HUD summarizes this channel pretty well I feel

  • Back Throw
    Back Throw 2 months ago

    time to face the music and this is why music the the universal language

  • Brenden Copeland
    Brenden Copeland 2 months ago +1

    This is one of the best adventures I've ever been taken on in a video and I wouldn't choose anyone other than Dan to do it with. This game is phenomenal beyond anything else that exists this game is brilliant.

  • XIX 5 Gamers XIX
    XIX 5 Gamers XIX 2 months ago

    Annapurna ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • XIX 5 Gamers XIX
    XIX 5 Gamers XIX 2 months ago

    I really hope that these devs go on to make more fu#*ing brilliant games like this. I hope it wasn’t a one off. I know these brilliant devs will make more games that we love and that Andrew prahlow composes more amazing pieces

  • XIX 5 Gamers XIX
    XIX 5 Gamers XIX 2 months ago +1

    As audio engineer I have fallen in love with this games audio and music ❤️❤️

  • Gavin Gains
    Gavin Gains 3 months ago

    That was amazing. Theres so few words for me to say about that it was an amazing end to a journey

  • QwertyuiopThePie
    QwertyuiopThePie 3 months ago

    You probably recognize Masi Oka from his acting career. He was in Heroes and Hawaii 5-O.

  • Retro
    Retro 3 months ago

    Wow, honestly out of it from this game, what a masterpiece, I can't believe I almost missed it! Thank you for bringing this content to us Dan

  • Anonymous Black
    Anonymous Black 3 months ago

    So you die creating a new universe? Huh... Oddly enough... I think I like this. You end the loop and everyone who created the new universe dies with the old one... better than going to the wormhole lab and destroying spacetime.

  • Malachi Visser
    Malachi Visser 3 months ago

    i wanna see more series like this

  • Wuxian
    Wuxian 3 months ago

    An absolute masterpiece. Thank you for showing it to us.

  • Njeneway
    Njeneway 3 months ago +2

    See? People CAN make great games in Unity!

    Im looking at you hell series

  • Scared spooder
    Scared spooder 3 months ago

    Why do you stop the time loops? I mean if I was in a time loop I wouldn’t stop it so I could live forever, but do you really HAVE to stop the loop?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 months ago

    Amazing series, amazing game. I'm sad it's over, but grateful you made it.

  • Air Wish
    Air Wish 3 months ago

    This game reminds me of slender man you should play that for the shits and giggles

  • Sean Copper
    Sean Copper 3 months ago

    My heart aches, but like, one of those really good aches; finishing a good book, remembering someone fondly...

    While I enjoy most of the channel, I truly think that the completes series are the best content here and it always hurts a little to see them end.

    Thank you for another great journey Dan, here's to the next one.

  • Will Rigdon
    Will Rigdon 3 months ago +1

    Solanum - The Sun
    Chert - The Hourglass Twins
    Esker - Timber Hearth + the Attlerock
    Riebeck - Brittle Hollow
    Gabbro - Giant's Deep
    Feldspar - Dark Bramble
    You - The Eye

  • Jack Foxtrot - EDM Music

    I still have the Alpha demo downloaded. Damn, it’s just so great.

  • Kumo Pup
    Kumo Pup 3 months ago

    Honestly enjoyed this so much. Besides the stellar game, any play through Dan does is always something to look forward to for me.

  • Joshua Mooney
    Joshua Mooney 3 months ago

    Why are you an athiest

  • Starfire 213
    Starfire 213 3 months ago

    NERD3 PLEASE DONT GO WE NEED YOU we need the old you i-I😭😭😭😭

  • Starfire 213
    Starfire 213 3 months ago

    Im not crying you're crying 😭

  • Namavoid Kundra
    Namavoid Kundra 3 months ago +1

    god the music in this game is perfect

  • Xander van der Vuurst
    Xander van der Vuurst 3 months ago

    26:41 almost shat my pants

  • Nite Last
    Nite Last 3 months ago

    I know its just been a month, but this series feels like its been going on a whole lot longer

  • Aidan Emery
    Aidan Emery 3 months ago

    Am i the only one that saw the eye coordinates at the bottom left of the screen?

  • Sir. Melon
    Sir. Melon 3 months ago

    It’s been a long time since I’ve watched you, Dan. I remember in 2012 I watched every video I could, rewatching some of them if I could. I stopped watching in 2015, good to see you still going, all these years later. Fun to see how far you’ve gone...

  • Ravi Parikh
    Ravi Parikh 3 months ago

    10/10 series

  • All is Purple
    All is Purple 3 months ago

    i am so mad at you.... no at me in fact... because i watched this entire series to spoil me that wonderul game

  • Velkan S
    Velkan S 3 months ago

    Mysterious shit is happening all around, let's stare into the ground!

  • Stefan Teunissen
    Stefan Teunissen 3 months ago

    2 whole days without an upload. I feel... empty...

  • Xeno
    Xeno 3 months ago

    I was cursing dan out for being scared
    Then the angler fish appeared and i now need a change of pants.

  • 5Andysalive
    5Andysalive 3 months ago

    Shame they hid this game away.

  • Chris Sugg
    Chris Sugg 3 months ago +7

    I feel kind of sad that everyone who's watched this brilliant series now has no reason to buy the game.
    Go buy it anyway 😊

    • QwertyuiopThePie
      QwertyuiopThePie 3 months ago +1

      I guess they could be *really* curious about what's in the black hole forge, or the southern observatory.

  • Chaotic Reviews Stuff
    Chaotic Reviews Stuff 3 months ago

    This got infinitely more 2001 than I was expecting but now I feel like I have this grand new view on our universe and the world overall but don't actually know if it matters or what that new view is.... WHAT THE SPACE FUCK IS THIS

  • Narmatonia
    Narmatonia 3 months ago

    You'd think he'd do a dry run to see if he can do it in time

  • Xavier Olvera
    Xavier Olvera 3 months ago

    fuck, i wish i could forget everything about this game and go play it for myself. absolutley beautiful from beginning to end

  • Paris
    Paris 3 months ago

    Time to watch it again!

  • Iron Maiden 95
    Iron Maiden 95 3 months ago

    This is a game that I put off buying and put off buying and put off buying... And now, after binging this whole series over the course of a single day, it's a game that I deeply regret not buying. Not only was this an exceedingly clever puzzle game, but it was also, hands down, one of the all-time greatest science fiction stories ever written. That ending was genuinely beautiful.

  • Keegan Firecloak
    Keegan Firecloak 3 months ago

    This was the best series I’ve ever watched. It was a very beautiful ending and a beautiful game. Thanks for making this series, Dan. I look forward to seeing what you do next!

  • Ima Play Games
    Ima Play Games 3 months ago

    Extra episode with the black hole forge when?

  • Xzeralt
    Xzeralt 3 months ago +1

    So you were playing as God this whole time?

  • Rhysand -High Lord of the Night Court

    Dan didn't notice the Eye Coordinates that showed up at the bottom left...

  • Strategicus
    Strategicus 3 months ago

    Wait, this fucker. This episode he creates a new universe, and he releases it on a damn Sunday.

  • Grant Irvine
    Grant Irvine 3 months ago

    Oh my God finally you're done with that game I didn't even like it

  • Sgt Mild
    Sgt Mild 3 months ago

    There are only three things I need to be happy in this life: fidget spinners, gravy and stickers. Without these I don't know how I could go on...