First ever hand made Jagdkommando Knife without a lathe or CNC machine Part 1

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
    Jim Skelton
    Video made for entertainment purpose. Enjoy.
    1.5 inch thick round bar
    O1 Tool Steel
    7/8 inch radius handle
    ¼ inch drilled holes
    Carbide scribe
    Bessey Vise
    Dewalt Drill
    Dewalt Grinder
    American Vermont Drill bits
    1-2-3 Blocks
    Milwaukee Band Saw
    Craftsman 2x42 Belt Sander
    Nicholson files
    Center punch
    Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander
    Grizzly G9618 Dial Height-Gauge, 6-Inch
    Map Gas torch
    Canola quenching oil
    Personalizer Plus Logo etching machine- knifemaking . com
    T and Tely stencils-TUS Technologies . com
    Dykem blue layout fluid
    Rhynowet Redline Sandpaper
    TACKLife Rotary Tool-RTD35ACL-Amazon
    EDCi Formula-rust/corrosion protectant
    #Jagdkommando #dagger #Tri-edge
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  • Mike Uman
    Mike Uman 3 months ago +230

    Make a Jagdkommando Knife without a lathe?!
    Holy Herculean, suicide inducing task, Batman! 😱
    I have to go make some popcorn for this! 👍

    • Lucious Cyron
      Lucious Cyron 26 days ago

      The blade is not meant for cutting its for stabbing and puncturing

    • Ralph Erizonie
      Ralph Erizonie Month ago +1

      SLAVIK TELY seriously very well executed you clearly watched the A team as a child awesome skills shown

    • Hashirama sinju
      Hashirama sinju Month ago +1


    • the legendary kong
      the legendary kong Month ago +1

      The wordsmith here pure genius

    • Daniel Ralston
      Daniel Ralston 3 months ago +5

      Honestly bro. I’m making popcorn right now. Just connecting my TheXvid to my tv shit bout to get real 😂😂

  • Colin Hanes
    Colin Hanes 2 days ago

    Never thought to use my Milwaukee bandsaw like that. You're a genius simply because of that! Haha

  • dodonpaa10
    dodonpaa10 3 days ago

    Last Friday I walked at night through my town in Germany and was looking for using this knife for self defense. Well... Now I'm arrested for atemted murder but on the other hand I can tell you that it works just fine 👍

      SLAVIK TELY  2 days ago

      And you are writing this from jail? Wow. It is amazing that you actually went out looking for trouble and you found it. LOL.

  • sailand
    sailand 5 days ago

    Ты пытался вызвать сатану на этой железке ?)))

      SLAVIK TELY  5 days ago

      Нет, тебя только получилось вызвать.

  • godohma fatalist
    godohma fatalist 5 days ago

    Эх-хе-хе Славик. Посмотрев твоё видео я понял что у тебя очень много свободного времени. И от безделья коты что только не лижут. Ну а так , удачи тебе.

    • godohma fatalist
      godohma fatalist 2 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY тогда прошу извинения , не понял замысла сразу.В любом случае удачи.
      Кстати не пробовал науглероживать кончик лезвия для повышения твердости. С такими углами хрупкость не страшна , можно догнать до твердости резки стекла.

      SLAVIK TELY  2 days ago

      godohma fatalist Я специально сделал это видео показать что можно сделать без токарного станка.

    • xtreamof
      xtreamof 3 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY Молодчина что делаешь так сам хочешь.

    • godohma fatalist
      godohma fatalist 3 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY меня смущает не то что ты делаешь , а КАК делаешь. Хочешь доводить руками , пожалуйста , но предварительную обработку на токарке и фрезере заказать то можно. Если считаешь что дорого , то опять же можно посчитать износ инструмента , расходники и твоё время. Я понимаю что можно из руды самому сварить металл , и надфилем довести его до совершенства формы , но по моему мнению это неоправданные затраты времени и труда.

      SLAVIK TELY  5 days ago

      Я его два месяца делал и этим свободным временем теперь зарабатываю. Для вас мое время кажется потерей, а для меня бесконечной прибылью. Вот так я смотрю на свое потраченое время. А насчет безделья, я работаю по 60 часов на работе, не считая после сего работаю изделием новых ножей. Так что бездельем это вы занимаетесь.

  • роман козлов

    соплю сделал его бы отковать. хотя и так дерьмо

  • Old Nite
    Old Nite 8 days ago

    Sitting in a display case? What about actually using it for self defense...

  • Allpro Ballista
    Allpro Ballista 9 days ago +1

    Jim: Nobody can make this knife
    Slav: Hold my vodka!

  • Black / Purple
    Black / Purple 10 days ago

    what if your house isn't level?

  • Darcy Brawata
    Darcy Brawata 11 days ago

    I love knifes, i would love to have a knife like that

  • hunter jones
    hunter jones 11 days ago

    The sound of the rain and scrapes of the knife!

  • Рупия Исмаилова

    Смотрю и плачу, столько труда , не легче было отточить на токарном вывести грани нагреть в горне да провернуть в спираль. А так лайк

  • Joe C
    Joe C 12 days ago +1

    I just learned about these knives from your video. impressive.

  • Danang Arif Winata
    Danang Arif Winata 13 days ago

    I love that rain fall sounds

  • Rakan Kongsi Buragas 00007

    I am a welder more than 30 years. At first weld three or four parts of steel on a steel rod and then you grip with vice at one end and the other end griip to the lathe machine, red heat the whole part and then twist during its still soft. After cool you grind to sharphen the edge. Thats my opinion. Hehe !

    • Kasey M
      Kasey M 8 days ago +1

      @SLAVIK TELY Either way twisting could work with or without a lathe but that doesnt matter. You put in an amazing amount of work. its some amazing artistry

    • Random User
      Random User 12 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY A man with no place to put his lathe.

      SLAVIK TELY  13 days ago

      I don't have a lathe nor a place to put it.

  • It Won't Hurt for Long
    It Won't Hurt for Long 14 days ago +1


  • Ryan Kazadi
    Ryan Kazadi 15 days ago +3

    Last time I checked that knife is illegal because you know unfixable wound when stabbed not that people who made this had the intention

    • Joe C
      Joe C 12 days ago

      aww they are? i wanted one tho

    • Dyll fr
      Dyll fr 15 days ago +2

      Well I'm sure the original creator had the intention for stabbing right?

  • B. M
    B. M 17 days ago

    opps, and a small Milling Machine, keep up the awesome work, let's go community anyone have any older machines he can have or know how we can get him some?

  • B. M
    B. M 17 days ago +2

    we need to chip in and get him a lathe, lol awesome job with "hand" tools!

  • Andrew Estrada
    Andrew Estrada 17 days ago +1

    This was awesome. Just be careful. Mr. Marfione is very sue happy lol

      SLAVIK TELY  16 days ago +1

      He can't sue me unless I sell it.

  • Headtrix 1652
    Headtrix 1652 19 days ago +1

    Must be nice to have all that tools 🤤 very nice very mesmerising to watch. 🍻

  • Marcelo Batista
    Marcelo Batista 20 days ago


  • Tony King
    Tony King 22 days ago +4

    You can put your cap on and go home early. it looks beutefull craftsmanship at its best.

  • Karga
    Karga 22 days ago +4

    Fbi open the door !

  • NickimitDicki
    NickimitDicki 22 days ago +4

    aren't these things highly illegal?

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson 22 days ago

    ...but this one goes to eleven!

  • Syndan
    Syndan 22 days ago +5

    I wish I had a tenth of this man's skill and patience

  • Júnior status
    Júnior status 23 days ago +1


  • Emre Geylani
    Emre Geylani 23 days ago +3

    can i get back my wasted 10 minutes?

    • Gary Johnson
      Gary Johnson 22 days ago +3


    • Syndan
      Syndan 22 days ago +6

      You're the one that sat there for 10 minutes watching something you didn't like lol.

      SLAVIK TELY  23 days ago +6

      Ask the one you worship not me.

  • JaniX
    JaniX 23 days ago +5

    2:21 my favorite part

  • corn_nugget
    corn_nugget 24 days ago +4

    Man, Jim is out here unknowingly challenging the internet.

  • lwc2009
    lwc2009 26 days ago +4

    absolutely awe-struck by the machinist talents displayed in the making of this piece... BRAVO!!!!

    FBT STO 26 days ago +1

    What metal are you using?

    • FBT STO
      FBT STO 23 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY 👍

      SLAVIK TELY  26 days ago +1

      O1 Tool Steel. I list everything below video

  • Deveon
    Deveon 26 days ago +1

    It's a lie saying ur the first tho.

    • Deveon
      Deveon 22 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY Love it =D keep up the good work!

      SLAVIK TELY  23 days ago

      Here is the title for you personally "First ever hand made Jagdkommando knife without a lathe or CNC on TheXvid". This is the longest title ever just for you.

    • Deveon
      Deveon 25 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY But you didn't say youtube :D

      SLAVIK TELY  26 days ago +2

      First on TheXvid. Prove me wrong.

  • Who Cares?
    Who Cares? 26 days ago +2

    Good job Slavyan, nothing is impossible!

  • Declan Woods
    Declan Woods 26 days ago +1

    Whats the blue stuff you put on at the start and when using the belt sander

    • Declan Woods
      Declan Woods 26 days ago

      @Ser_Optimus smart

    • Ser_Optimus
      Ser_Optimus 26 days ago

      Layout Fluid. It sticks to the Steel but peels off easily, that way, you can mark cuts or anything without actually scratching the steel. Plus, you see where you already sanded the piece and where not.

  • Андрей Соломин

    Изготавливая этот нож, можно случайно вызвать дьявола😂 wonderful work!

      SLAVIK TELY  26 days ago

      Я с дьяволом не дружу так что не получится.

  • R1ocky B1alboa
    R1ocky B1alboa 27 days ago +2

    Мне одному этот чувак напоминает соколиного глаза из мстителей?

  • ag.onewheel XR
    ag.onewheel XR 28 days ago +5

    Pretty sure these were hand made for a lonnnng time before CNC and lathes even existed.

      SLAVIK TELY  28 days ago +1

      If I have to explain then this is the first one on TheXvid.

    • xSchattenfluchx
      xSchattenfluchx 28 days ago

      If you needed to do this without CNC the effective way you'd use a combination lathe/milling machine that can powerfeed the milling head from the lathe's spindle.
      Some wierd stuff was also made using specialized machines or something like a pantorouter.
      With a pantorouter you have to produce an exact master, but after that you can copy it over and over again with very little worry about working accurately.

  • Denis Avdeev
    Denis Avdeev 29 days ago +3

    класс это же сколько чувак времени затратил на этот нож караул ! и такое чудо КЛАСС !!!

    • HydroElectro
      HydroElectro 27 days ago

      @SLAVIK TELY тогда это очень мягкая сталь, она легко слишком режется

      SLAVIK TELY  28 days ago

      HydroElectro-если не знаеш с чего сделан, то не отвечай. Сталь O1 Tool Steel

    • HydroElectro
      HydroElectro 29 days ago

      это из алюминия

  • The Boss
    The Boss Month ago +7

    Everything is impossible if no one trys to achieve. - Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan

    He's working that steel like it was wood lmao. Ain't no thing impossible for a slav.

  • FlexFinder
    FlexFinder Month ago +4

    First ever, is a stretch. Especially since these have been made, since before power tools were even invented.

  • noveendy faleeh azyzy
    noveendy faleeh azyzy Month ago +1

    Experiences, patient, and passion are EXPENSIVE.

  • Erno Malmikankare
    Erno Malmikankare Month ago +1

    Great video!

  • dutchschaefer
    dutchschaefer Month ago +2

    Isn’t this knife illegal?

    • Numb3r 13
      Numb3r 13 Month ago

      well it is only banned by the geneva convention..

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +1

      In some states it is.

  • Nelson Baietti
    Nelson Baietti Month ago +5

    "it's going to be sitting in a display case"
    In opposition of what? Pretty much sure the intended use of this particular knife is very frowned upon...

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago

      It is exactly what it is doing right now...sitting on a display case

  • Luka Luka
    Luka Luka Month ago +1

    Did you use steal

    • Penitten
      Penitten 26 days ago

      @Luka Luka lol, I deadass thougt you'd make a slav joke. You know, stealing shit...

    • Luka Luka
      Luka Luka Month ago

      Thanks for reapiting it for me (sorry for my english)

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +1

      I show in the video what kind of steel it is and also below video in description.

    • Lorenzo Cucco
      Lorenzo Cucco Month ago

      no, he used wood

  • Sinisa Milisavljevic
    Sinisa Milisavljevic Month ago +2

    Imagine what kind of hatred would have to enslave one's mind to make him think of actually using something like this...

    • Sinisa Milisavljevic
      Sinisa Milisavljevic 26 days ago

      @Declan Woods It was me some 10 years ago. Now I'm almost gray.

    • Declan Woods
      Declan Woods 26 days ago

      Please tell me if your profile picture is you

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago

      @Sinisa Milisavljevic At the end of part two, I have a end screen of Jim Skelton Jagdcommando knife video. He goes over all the details about the knife.

    • Sinisa Milisavljevic
      Sinisa Milisavljevic Month ago

      @SLAVIK TELY I wasn't talking about you. What was the mindset of the one who designed (invented) this?

    • Faromon HD
      Faromon HD Month ago

      @SLAVIK TELY i don't think he was accusing you of wanting to use it, i think he just genereally stated this regarding the pure existence of this kind of weaponry

  • mario_
    mario_ Month ago +3

    your tools to point on the knife while manufacturing it, are cooler than the knife imo

  • neil k.
    neil k. Month ago +2

    Nice backyard mechanic skill set. You are not a craftsman by any stretch.

  • robotrip M
    robotrip M Month ago +3

    Love your videos. Just a suggestion, i think you talk way too much. More show less talk

    • Corrupt Angel
      Corrupt Angel Month ago +1

      @SLAVIK TELY I think he meant it as a joke ahaha, but I have no knowledge or experience on stuff like this and i still watched the whole video without skipping, great job dude!

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +3

      I don't talk in this video at all.

  • DJAnarkros DJ & Youtuber

    Did Hattori Hanzō just come out of retirement?

  • Love A sweet poison
    Love A sweet poison Month ago +2

    Brother can you make one for me and i want to buy one

  • Rusty Nail
    Rusty Nail Month ago +4

    Great video, Impressive work.

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me Month ago +4

    Handmade? You are using tools pal you can't fool me.

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +2

      Some commentators are really serious.

    • Trust Me
      Trust Me Month ago +1

      ​@SLAVIK TELY I guess making knifes does not mean getting jokes.

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +4

      In knife making world, belt grinder, drill press are considered hand made. CNC is not hand made.

  • U_V_M
    U_V_M Month ago +2

    а если бы ты экономил электричество и металл, ты уже давным-давно купил бы себе токарный и фрезерный станок

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +1

      Стараюсь работать пока все на работе.

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +1

      @U_V_M В Техасе можно, в Калифорнии нельзя заточеным иметь. Включите Русские субтитры.

    • Kk23ss
      Kk23ss Month ago +1

      @SLAVIK TELY не завидую Вашим соседям: ленточный станок и/или шорканье напильника... так кукушка может поехать.

    • U_V_M
      U_V_M Month ago

      @SLAVIK TELY ясно, я потом увидел мастерскую,
      хотел еще спросить, мои познания английского скудны и я не понял, во втором видео ты рассказал что такие ножи запрещены в любом штате или их просто затачивать нельзя, или вообще разрешены только в Техасе?

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago

      И куда его поставил? я живу в квартире с маленким двориком. А насчет купить, так я могу их несколько за раз купить. Проблема не в деньгах а в месте.

  • Endros Gaming
    Endros Gaming Month ago +1

    how many days did it take to make the whole thing?

  • mr. Smith
    mr. Smith Month ago +3

    Вызов принят, сучка)
    P.S. Challenge accepted, bitch)

  • phanCAbe
    phanCAbe Month ago +10

    Stay in school kids. Anyone that says you can do this without; a DEEP understanding of geometry or decades of experience (and a shit load of natural spacial intelligence) is lying to you.

    • karl velasco
      karl velasco Month ago

      GoEasy exactly

    • GoEasy
      GoEasy Month ago +1

      not necessarily true, anyone with enough common sense, materials and time would be able do this.

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago

      Thanks for the laugh.

  • Ra Om
    Ra Om Month ago

    That's awesome u really got the skills dude😍 love ur work.

  • TheAlchemist
    TheAlchemist Month ago +1

    Amazing work. Impressive and really well done

  • Rab Tsng
    Rab Tsng Month ago

    Molodec, teska!

  • Andrew Bauld
    Andrew Bauld Month ago +1

    Wow...really, really impressive. You’re a real craftsman with tons of patience. Well done, sir, I salute you!

  • Till i RIP
    Till i RIP Month ago +7

    i like how your showing us housekeeping

    • Sam Lazarus
      Sam Lazarus Month ago

      lol 😂 I was thinking the same

  • rustybuttpate
    rustybuttpate Month ago

    You would have had to make it thousands of years ago.

  • ZorgsteinKilloo
    ZorgsteinKilloo Month ago

    На токарном станке давно бы уже сделал!)))

  • Boxing Proff
    Boxing Proff Month ago

    Impressive work.

  • arianna santos
    arianna santos Month ago +6

    you talk to much......

  • Jayme Ralston
    Jayme Ralston Month ago +2

    NOT first ever hand made. Really good job though

  • BigPapaJohnson
    BigPapaJohnson Month ago

    Allow me to redirect you to a self help and suicide prevention hotline

  • Stepan Kara
    Stepan Kara Month ago +5

    Really nice one to walk around the city with.

  • Валерий Сергеевич

    Извращенец! Уже токарный станок изобрели. Давно. Очень

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +2

      Изобритение и имение не совпало в моей жизни.

  • Jack Caffrey
    Jack Caffrey Month ago +2

    To do what they said can't be done, thats why we do

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago

      His comment pushed me to get it done.

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago +3

    Why not start with a small round steel

  • Nikephoros Gorgonites

    Looked really good, but 3 ads at half way through the video is too much

    • Romario
      Romario Month ago +1

      You havent paid for the video so what the big deal?

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +1

      skip them if it's too much for you. I give you permission.

  • HighSocks
    HighSocks Month ago +4

    You'd need a factory grade lathe to make this.

    Slavik Tely: *hold my band-saw.*

  • V. Forumski
    V. Forumski Month ago

    Подарите дебилу токарный станок

  • BillyBadasssssss
    BillyBadasssssss Month ago +1

    a lot of effort to replicate a terrible design.

    • NastyGamer
      NastyGamer Month ago

      @King Croft not really sure maybe they cause unnecessary suffering or something

    • King Croft
      King Croft Month ago

      @NastyGamer true true, but it's just weird tbh. But I still don't see how those are banned yet machetes that can chop your head clean off aren't. In this case every kind of blade should be legal.

    • NastyGamer
      NastyGamer Month ago

      @King Croft the things is that a wound from a regular knife can fairly easily be stitched together, one from such a triangular blade however not

    • King Croft
      King Croft Month ago

      @NastyGamer doubt that it makes more damage than a damn kukri knife. It's just a dumb design for an actual weapon. It does look cool though.

    • BillyBadasssssss
      BillyBadasssssss Month ago

      @NastyGamer it is a dagger, not a bayonet

  • Tyrone Harper
    Tyrone Harper Month ago +2

    I love how you keep your workstations tidy. znaproductions learnt that the hard way when his shed caught fire because a collection of fine metal shavings caught alight when he left the grinder on for 5 minutes. Al-be-it, he shouldn't have left the machine on, unattended.

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +2

      I can't stand a dirty place. Anywhere I work it is nice an clean.

  • NotReally ChuckNoriss
    NotReally ChuckNoriss Month ago +1

    one of the top reasons to get a lathe or a mill

  • life of stich
    life of stich Month ago +2

    Oh you realy do like the blue paint

  • skunch
    skunch Month ago +2

    I've never felt sorry for tools before I watched this video.

  • J, Williams
    J, Williams Month ago +3

    Arc angel blade huh..

  • H3R3T1C
    H3R3T1C Month ago +2

    Just so you're aware, making shit like this is the easiest way to tell everyone that you're probably a psycho.

    • Rob Tol'vir
      Rob Tol'vir Month ago

      H3R3T1C I am having a blast with this. I haven't let loose on someone like this in about 15 years. I usually let me mitts do my talking when someone needs to be beaten humble this badly.

    • Rob Tol'vir
      Rob Tol'vir Month ago

      H3R3T1C normally when people get bored of conversations they stop having them. You are getting really Fucking pissed that you're pathetic attempts at getting the better of me with you insignificant words are failing as miserably as your marriage and that shit is hilarious. Not only have you missed the entire point of me talking to you. You honestly believe you'll get what you want out of this. Sorry to say bucko, but that's another horribly wrong assumption. You'll leave this conversation empty handed with you tail between your legs. You are the nail.

    • H3R3T1C
      H3R3T1C Month ago

      @Rob Tol'vir lol k. Have fun with that.

    • Rob Tol'vir
      Rob Tol'vir Month ago +1

      H3R3T1C holy shit you can actually have a correct line of thinking. Yes. You're right. I am free to think as I please but you're dead wrong if you want to assume I will ever stop coming back,to this comment feed and pounding your ignorant banter like your father pounded your mother to make you.

    • Rob Tol'vir
      Rob Tol'vir Month ago

      H3R3T1C the power you have given me over you is well noted and appreciated. I can slam you into that 2x4 until the end of days. Don't forget. You are the nail. I am the hammer. It will be that way forever now and you only have yourself to blame. Just like every other travesty in your life. You brought this upon yourself and all you had to do to avoid it was be humble and show a little gratitude for someones kind gesture and respect but you went and fucked that up by being like every under 50 business owner I have ever met. At this rate your high horse is going to die from being crushed under the weight of your supermassive ego.

  • No Chill
    No Chill Month ago

    Looks like it'd make a "Shloop" sound when stabbing someone with it.and pulling it out.

  • Вова Пупкин

    Ебли столько... К токарю быстрее будет

  • Mark Huigsloot
    Mark Huigsloot Month ago

    what's with the cleaning parts?

    • James Riley
      James Riley Month ago

      I'm thinking damascus!

    • hector resendez
      hector resendez Month ago +2

      A Clean work station is a safe work station. A lil safety incentive

  • RedEdge 123
    RedEdge 123 Month ago +5

    Good job but technically not hand made

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +2

      In knife world, hand made allows use of belt grinders and disk grinders. it was finished by hand. No CNC or lathe.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown Month ago +3

    Clean up is my favorite part

  • Mk None
    Mk None Month ago

    Why would anybody even bother to make such blsht?
    This toy has absolutely real purpose. So much trouble to nothing.

    • Anthony Sinclair
      Anthony Sinclair 14 days ago

      not a toy if you get stabbed its very hard to close and heal wound

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago

      Thank you Ben. You said it very well.

    • Ben W
      Ben W Month ago +4

      Dude, if you even watched the video he says in the first minute how "impractical" it is to make the jagdkommando by hand, as he discusses the potential problems that he saw arising in such an endeavour; thus, it's fairly clear that his impetus is the challenge itself. He even stated that, "at the end of the day, you'd be doing it for nothing more than a trophy". Nevertheless, it's his decision, his time and his effort going into it, so he clearly decided that he was willing to go to the "trouble". Perhaps next time you ought to try listening before you reflexively run your mouth/fingers.

  • NXT _Kupaa
    NXT _Kupaa Month ago

    Not the first ever made

  • Bobek Bobek
    Bobek Bobek Month ago +3

    What a master ! 😳👍

  • asdasd asdasd
    asdasd asdasd Month ago +1

    You do realise that you could just have made an traingle piece of metal and then twisted it right? Would have saved soo much time

    • asdasd asdasd
      asdasd asdasd 13 days ago

      You dont have to make it triangle all the way.. Half triangle half eoubd and then twist triangle

    • Joshua Bayubay
      Joshua Bayubay Month ago

      @SLAVIK TELY Got em

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +5

      I do realize but how would you keep a bolster bigger than the triangle piece? Can you show me in your video?

  • DH designs
    DH designs Month ago +3

    Without fancy dancy machines... This is something for the books slavik 👏... I admire you as a person and a crafter... A person you takes time out of there day to make knives like this and still have haters and a person who actually responds to the comments... 👏i respect you

  • dan bowes
    dan bowes Month ago +2

    Watching you basically machine this by hand amazed me. Dude said it couldn't be done, you're like "Bro, I have a belt sander and blue dyecem..." (Idk if I spelled that right lol). Good on you tho, looks great!

  • deathdeath2222
    deathdeath2222 Month ago

    One word, WOW!

  • HughsReviews
    HughsReviews Month ago

    Seems like a lot more work than just cutting the triangle pattern first and then heating the blade and twisting it with hand tools.

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +1

      And how would I make a bolster bigger than a triangle blade and a handle? I don't have forging tools.

  • Roma Andronov
    Roma Andronov Month ago +2

    Класно , но зачем?

    • Тимофей Тимофеев
      Тимофей Тимофеев 23 days ago +1

      @Янг Пупыру,
      Такие ножи не для резки. 😀
      И вообще не понимаю, кто додумался назвать этот девайс "ножом", который оным вообще не является.

    • Янг Пупыру
      Янг Пупыру Month ago

      @SLAVIK TELY Умение работать с металлом я отметил))) Молодец!)))

      SLAVIK TELY  Month ago +2

      @Янг Пупыру Нож не был сделан для применения ни вчем...чисто как сувенир для себя и практика с металом.

    • Янг Пупыру
      Янг Пупыру Month ago

      @SLAVIK TELY За умение пользоваться тем инструментов которые в наличии, плюс...за выбор обьекта для изготовления, минус)))

    • Янг Пупыру
      Янг Пупыру Month ago

      @SLAVIK TELY Как часто применяют сделанный нож по его прямому назначению и как часто применяют обыкновенный нож?))) выбор явно не в пользу первого))))