Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • Audiences either loved it or hated it, but the Nostalgia Critic has some harsh words about this beastly live action remake. Let's check out Beauty and the Beast (2017).
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    Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon from a screenplay written by Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films. The film is based on Disney's 1991 animated film of the same name, itself an adaptation of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's eighteenth-century fairy tale.
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Comments • 10 852

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +918

    What's your favorite and least favorite Disney Live Action Remake?
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    • Yeti Spaghetti
      Yeti Spaghetti 4 days ago +1

      Favourite-Beauty and the Beast
      Least Favourite-Cinderella

    • Moondoria
      Moondoria 5 days ago

      Jungle Book 2016 is actually good.
      The story does make sense and Shercan is a good villain.
      It may have a few problems, but the film is good in general.

    • Daphne Wilkie
      Daphne Wilkie 10 days ago

      Channel Awesome beauty and the beast live action is my favourite

    • Tayten Lorn
      Tayten Lorn 10 days ago

      The fuck and the bitch movie

    • Christian Salgado
      Christian Salgado 14 days ago

      Mr. Slim well it’s a still a Disney film, everyone loves the Disney stuff

  • Gyarretto7
    Gyarretto7 14 hours ago

    You know what this movie makes me think of? There's this direct comic adaptation of George Lucas's original rough draft screenplay for the very first Star Wars movie called "The Star Wars." If you're a Star Wars fan, I HIGHLY recommend it; it's a fascinating read. But anyway, yeah. The live action remake of Beauty and the Beast feels like it's a film adaptation of the original rough draft for the animated movie.

  • Babs Champagne
    Babs Champagne Day ago +1

    Since when is "Beauty and the Beast" regarded as 'the best animated movie ever'? And in the whole world? Seriously?

  • SouthParkFirefly

    To be fair Tamara makes more sense as Belle as she is ACTUALLY beautiful, don't get me wrong Emma Watson is hardly ugly but she's just very plain. She's not exactly a Beauty.

  • Structured Nonsense
    Structured Nonsense 2 days ago

    I understand what the problems are with the movie, however i dont want anyone to hate on Emma,Josh, or anyone else. But please have your own opinions, i wont judge anyone.

  • Closet fangirl
    Closet fangirl 3 days ago

    The servants’ families having no memory of their loved ones reminded me of how Sugar’s Hobby-Hobby Fruit works and she was working for one of the creepiest antagonists in One Piece so um thank you psycho enchantress for making me think of Doflamingo while I’m reliving my childhood? I did like the movie by the way

  • Angelina Albano
    Angelina Albano 3 days ago +1

    Who cares if it blows, we're rolling in the dough, Disney's bland remake. Hahaha truest/funniest shit I've ever heard. That line is sickeningly true, like scary true. But yeah that song had me pissing myself laughing. I still can't breathe and I'm 15 minutes into the video. Hahaha Doug, you are too fucking funny though.

  • Fist of the Joeden empire.

    I understand the whole we got to be deserve and stuff. but I find it really funny that there are black nobles and black people everywhere in 1480 France. I don't think Disney understands history depending on what year it is France would not start colonizing for another 20-100 years depending how much of a gap between 1501 and the movie is. You can't say immigration because ask yourself who the fuck would really want to leave the relative safety of your home in Africa. IF south of the Sahara to cross that fuck off desert then either take a boat across a pirate and European/ottoman navy infested Mediterranean sea or cross through a religious zealot and Ottoman landscape that is almost as unforgiving as the Sahara and you're not going to fare well with the natives because they'll either think you a slave or enslave you and if you're a man say goodbye to buddy because they're going to cut it off. If you're lucky and meet the Ottomans if you're unlucky you'll run into one of the Jihadi groups the Ottomans were dealing with because yes they were active in the empire for a few weeks to a couple years depending on how fast they could run the fuck away from the Ottomans. They'd stop and have fun with you. But if you made it through that hell it gets worse you're in the Balkans! Still Ottoman lands so you're still at risk of slavery if you haven't fallen over dead. The people aren't going to want to trade the weather is not fun you're going to have to go through Bulgaria and then Serbia. You don't want to fucking go through Romania especially if the year is 1476/77 because Vlad the impaler the guy that inspired Dracula was ruling nough said. Also you don't want to go to Russia if you get lost. But aside from that After Serbia you got Croatia Slovenia Switzerland or Italy before France and then what if the Balkans or most of Europe didn't kill you. You're now stuck in a land far the fuck away from home with no friends family the weather is nasty winter's going to be a surprise depending where you're from and the locals are not going to be nice. Especially if you're lucky enough to be stuck in the 100 year war bullshit era where you might get killed by English or french soldiers. Have fun. But honestly if anyone had to make that trip if they even knew the way because you can easily get lost and India Russia and everywhere's else in between is not going to be fun. think of it like this would you do that trip or would you just stay home?

  • Nick
    Nick 4 days ago

    I really don’t like any of the remake Disney live actions. Zip. None. Zero. Not even the ones yet to come out. Call me anti-Disney-bias-asshole but the sheer work of the colors, and artistic value is gone in my opinion once you slap and replace it with real people. It looks generic. It honest looks like a generic love story coming from a fairytale that kind of is a generic trend now. Beauty and the Beast I think is overrated. And not surprisingly no one talks about it now.

  • BaggySpartan117
    BaggySpartan117 4 days ago

    What do you expect from the guy who made the last two Twilight films, yes I'm aware that bad directors can make good films & vice versa but that isn't a good first impression.
    It's a shame that Guillermo del Toro dropped out in making this cause I would've ran into the cinema, beauty and the beast is almost perfect for him considering he's done dark fantasy movies before with some of the best visuals and creature designs in recent history.

  • animugeek 53
    animugeek 53 5 days ago

    Man this is having the Dr suess effect on me. Seeing this is making me really want to go back and watch the animated version.

  • Dragon S
    Dragon S 5 days ago

    Some remakes yes you need to change it a little but some you don’t change it and I love this movie !!!!!

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 5 days ago

    20:05 Also, what I did`nt catch was that the Beast did`nt look that bothered when he introduced Belle to the libery, when in the original, he was processing what he was feeling about her and what he was willing to do.

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 5 days ago


  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 5 days ago

    14:31 No, Dan, you`ve got to feel more......"you`re making her dinner?!"

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 5 days ago

    4:24 Says the guy who whined about the original Spider-Man films.

    • Sam Kresil
      Sam Kresil 5 days ago

      But seems to love the original over the new film.

  • MondayZi
    MondayZi 5 days ago

    15:16 Isn't that a bit too close to ahegao for a Disney movie?

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 6 days ago

    14:05 Yeah, plus, you`ve got Emma Watson in the picture. What do you know?

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 6 days ago

    11:25 Emma: Do you know that`s completely offensive!

  • Kendall
    Kendall 8 days ago

    Jesus didn’t invent the chair. His client liked high tables so Jesus made chairs that were SIMILAR to what he had.

  • Catgir Studios
    Catgir Studios 8 days ago

    The biggest disappointment that I had in this movie was one that was actually apart of the Broadway show. I remember the scene in this movie. They started playing some notes from the song called 'Home' sorta paying homage to it, but...that was all it did. I was so excited when those notes played. my thought was. 'OMG they're going to do my all time favorite song!' Then moments later they just went into another tune making me feel jiped. Then again...I would have to deal with Belle singing again.. Nahh I take it back. I would rather not.
    It felt waaay too long like they were trying to hard to make the movie longer than the original, there was no real charm to it, and everyone seemed bored when they sang for the most part. Well I would have to say I have to totally agree with yah Doug. They just wanna make money from nostalgia and not give any real feel to it. Starting to not even be interested at all in any more live action remakes at this point.

  • Rochelle Alcantara
    Rochelle Alcantara 8 days ago

    The original beauty and the beast is my all time favorite Disney film. I agree. The remake was a huge “meh” and “bleh”
    Also idk what’s the point of a live action film?
    And btw, your critique is making me LOL 😂

  • Leila Walker
    Leila Walker 9 days ago

    I wonder where to find the story time collection of beauty and the beast in that version online ._. (First pic he showed)

  • Pianogal66 Girly
    Pianogal66 Girly 9 days ago +1

    ALSO... the "Love looks not with the eyes" quote is from Midsummer Night's Dream, NOT Romeo and Juliet.

  • I love no bullshit xxx

    the Belle character was miscast.
    not attractive enough.

  • Heather Sinbela
    Heather Sinbela 9 days ago

    Did you notice Lumiere Dabbed in Be Our Guest

  • Potter Pusheen can Gacha!

    Live action Disney movies: *exists*
    Disney Musicals: *Hello? I exist you know*

  • Elias
    Elias 11 days ago

    After seeing this movie in theaters, my family couldn’t stop talking about how much they liked it. I thought the movie was just a remake so that Disney could make more money, which, I mean, it is. Just glad that I’m not the only one that thinks this movie was bad...

  • Kitty Katja
    Kitty Katja 11 days ago +1

    I’ll be honest, Be Our Guest and Gaston were the only music numbers that really captured my attention.

  • Plaid Zebra
    Plaid Zebra 11 days ago

    Where does the soul of a candle stick go?

  • Manuel Toney
    Manuel Toney 12 days ago

    i liked the gaston song and evermore sung by the beast but the rest of the movie was so bland, i would take only those 2 songs and then never watch this movie again unless my family is watching it.

  • Madam Frhett
    Madam Frhett 12 days ago

    One of the best scenes in the original is when everyone is so excited because they think they will finally be free. only to be crushed when the beast says that he let her go. Cogsworth asks in a horrified distressed voiced "why?"; and the beast heartbroken looks at him and says... "because I love her".THAT SCENE BITCH!!! THAT SCENE.... BUUUUUUUUT IN THE LIVE ACTION?????? NOOOOOOOOOPE! MRS POTS SAYS IT!!! MRS FUCKING POTS!!!! They don't even let the beast say he loves her!!!! the fuck!?!?!?!

  • Sydney Rollins
    Sydney Rollins 12 days ago

    I am the other hand adored this movie it was actually really good and I was laughing a lot it made me smile I love the music yeah the acting was a very good but it kept me interested. Though we all have our opinions and I honestly couldn’t really get through this whole video without having to jump parts because I really couldn’t take all the hate that the movie was getting but I can see that your point you didn’t really like it and that’s fine I other hand really enjoyed it and that’s my opinion and I respect all of your opinions that you might not like it

  • PotatoHeadGaming
    PotatoHeadGaming 13 days ago +1

    $🤑£€ money money money

  • Red Mar
    Red Mar 13 days ago

    Also I found her to act really pompous for a character like Belle, who is sweet and warm, but also firm. Like in the original she greets Gaston politely and even when he gets too ahead she's firm, but done with dignity, which made her naturally the bigger/respectable person. In the live action Gaston was actually nice to her when they meet (considering that everyone in the village apparently hates her when in the original no one actually hated her but just thought her odd) and she immediately shuts him down, she was rude to him and held no dignity. I did not have the respect for the live action Belle like I did with the cartoon.

  • Whirty
    Whirty 13 days ago

    I still yet to actually see the live action version

  • Marmalade000000
    Marmalade000000 15 days ago

    Does anyone else think that when Disney runs out of animated movies to remake, they'll start remaking CGI movies like Frozen, Coco, Tangled, etc?

  • Experiences Connosiuer

    I think the Gaston change was kind of insensitive to soldiers who have ptsd. In the animated film he was more of a prideful hunter. It kind of showed that their attempt to be inclusive of women was fake.

  • Simon Gilson
    Simon Gilson 16 days ago

    24:57 had me dead

  • I'm just here to comment for the lols

    Dear Disney

    Sincerely, the people who loved you for what you were- creative, beautiful and inspiring animation, and stunning storytelling.

  • Kiana Max
    Kiana Max 17 days ago

    Love your beast voice, Critic. Spot on.

  • Andy See
    Andy See 17 days ago

    A lot of the things people like to nitpick about Beauty and the Beast (1991) come from the misunderstanding that the Enchantress was a heroine. In reality, she was a neutral party. So, Disney should've made a spin-off about her. What was her name? What led her to turn people into Beasts for judging her on looks? Did she regret her decision as the years passed? But I suppose it would be harder to write a profitable script with that mentality than with the mentality of remaking a movie that was already a masterpiece (and profitable).

  • Archie Thomas
    Archie Thomas 17 days ago

    not that the month wasn't fun but you could've been a bit more ambitious doug, you should 've had the directors, original characters and fans chase you down and interrogate you about your thoughts on the remakes but none the less this was a fun and interesting month

  • dorourke105
    dorourke105 17 days ago

    Do dumbo next, I already have one major complaint about that one timothy isn't in it. Well okay he is in a way

  • IvyStorm 84
    IvyStorm 84 18 days ago

    Love the original, HATE the new.

    And we can all agree Emma Watson can't sing.

  • RidleyXX45
    RidleyXX45 18 days ago

    Oof! If nothing else, it makes me want to watch the original again.

  • Jackson Mares
    Jackson Mares 18 days ago +2

    Emma Watson was slated to star in La La Land as Mia, but she dropped out due to commitment to this film. Conversely, Ryan Gosling turned down the role as the Beast in favor of La La Land.
    Emma Stone did the role of Mia better than what Watson could of done.
    Also, Emma Stone has a better yellow dress in La La Land than Watson in this film.

  • Jackson Mares
    Jackson Mares 18 days ago +1

    It's funny how La La Land makes people sitting in traffic look spectacular and energetic compared to people just walking around in this movie.

  • Tarena
    Tarena 18 days ago


  • Tarena
    Tarena 18 days ago

    I never ever would count Luke Evans as a Gaston or antagonist in any movie in general, he got those puppy type eyes which is shows up his kind nature

  • Tarena
    Tarena 18 days ago

    I Hope the Lady at the beginning of the video will see that comment:
    You are Really Beautiful and You seem much more like a Cartoon Belle!!!

  • Tom Copley
    Tom Copley 19 days ago

    comon critic, emma watsons voice isent that bad

  • SlytherinLumosMaxima
    SlytherinLumosMaxima 19 days ago

    All the auto tune in the world couldn’t save Emma Watson’s singing.
    I fucking hate these remakes.
    There’s a reason why both kids and adults love the classics- they’re well made to make both children AND adults. These are just bland and has a fucking political agenda that kids have no clue what’s happening and the parents are regretting their choice of watching this movie. No one wants to watch a beautiful movie turned into shit like this.
    Also this Belle is just so unlikeable and RUDE. The original Belle was kind and has patience. *WHAT THE F DISNEY.*

  • Ashley captor
    Ashley captor 19 days ago

    I hhhaaaaatttteeeee the remark!!!!!!!!!!!!!-_-

  • Marine. Jet
    Marine. Jet 19 days ago

    i never saw belle in this as belle, i just thought she was emma watson the entire time (and that's not a good thing, in my opinion)

  • Raven J.
    Raven J. 20 days ago

    Emma Watson is really not a good actress. And she can’t sing at all. They should’ve gotten a strong singer...oh my god, Emma Watson is the new Kristen Stewart. Except that Kristen actually can act. Watch her in The Runaways.

  • Jay Craw
    Jay Craw 20 days ago

    I liked her dad in this but that was it

  • pheonixangel
    pheonixangel 20 days ago

    Another example of feminism destroying what we love...thanks Watson. You suck...

  • Shiny Star
    Shiny Star 20 days ago +2

    I think Malcolm playing Lumiere for 1 minute is better than the Lumiere from the Beauty and the Beast remake.

  • Casper
    Casper 20 days ago +1

    You know these life action remakes that Disney is making are actually part of an extended universe
    It wouldn't be a surprise if it actually was since everything needs to be part of an extended universe these days

  • Hailey Maruton
    Hailey Maruton 21 day ago

    The song Gaston wasn't even in this movie. That made me a bit mad.

  • Wesley Morton
    Wesley Morton 21 day ago +1

    The film was great. Good casting. Totes agree, tho, about the boring, lifeless camera work.

  • thenarnianhufflepuff

    Another reason why I like the animated one over live action: in the animated beauty and the beast when Gaston gets rejected by Belle when he proposes, you can tell he’s expecting a yes and when she says no you can practically see what’s going on in his head as he tries to process what’s going on as belle pushes him out of her home. He’s used to getting what he wants so someone telling him no would shock Gaston. In the animated one I could see it practically ‘wait she said no. What’s going on?’ But in the live action one he doesn’t even try anything until the mob scene

  • Zenkage AMV Maker
    Zenkage AMV Maker 22 days ago

    Now this is a man I can agree with.
    I felt the movie's pacing was a bit fast and lack the correct emotions the whole time I could not get emotionally connected with this movie.
    While I didn't think the CGI was perfect I felt it was good enough and I didn't hate it. What disappoints me about this movie is exactly what he said at 28:09 while they told the same story they failed to get the emotions and interactions correct which is one of the reasons why I love the animated movie.
    Great review I think you explained really well what was so good about the original movie and your video was enjoyable and funny.

  • Gianna Tadros
    Gianna Tadros 22 days ago

    It’s sad that Disney finally had a good remake with Dumbo but it won’t make nearly as much this rehash...

  • Hihihihihihi147
    Hihihihihihi147 23 days ago

    Tamara's range of emotion in the first two minutes of this video was greater than everyone's in the entire remake!

  • Sharon Clark
    Sharon Clark 23 days ago

    I think lion king is better than beauty and the beast

  • Aurora D Sem
    Aurora D Sem 23 days ago

    Why is it that I love all the movies that people hate? *sigh* forever alone in my opinions

  • Jaren Lyman
    Jaren Lyman 24 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thought, 'Hmm. So Gaston's lifeless body is just lying there in the courtyard while everyone is celebrating and dancing? That'll be a fun discovery for someone!'
    "Tale as old as-ahhhhhhhhhh! Gaston is dead!"

  • Riela KOKORO
    Riela KOKORO 25 days ago

    Oh god I really love that movie ! Good that I've discovered your channel, you're so funny 😂
    There should have been more romantic moments between the beauty and the beast, also at the enf the prince barely has 2 lines as a human, so deceived :'((

  • Carmam Yuna
    Carmam Yuna 26 days ago

    You Know why this movie suck? CAZ EMMA WATSON HAD TOO MUCH OPINION ! She "decide" Belle is so smart to invented a washing machine, Belle would ride a house so her dress should more "flexible", same as the yellow dress.
    Thank you, Emma Watson, you just ruined my fav movie and my childhood

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 26 days ago +5

    all of these people asking what went wrong with this adaptation aren't asking the only question that matters...


  • TW videos
    TW videos 26 days ago

    Basically, this episode of Nostalgia Critic shows how simular the life action version of Alice in Wonderland and Beutie and the Beast are. No emotions, bad CGI and not (completely) following the original.

  • Spartan Fotus
    Spartan Fotus 26 days ago +1

    Uhh no black people weren't allowed to have jobs let alone librarians and church clergy in that time period back when France was the country with the third highest slave trade record trailing right behind Britain and Portugal

  • Japeth321
    Japeth321 26 days ago

    This raises the question, if Doug had done this as an Old vs. New, would any point go to the remake?

  • John Horton
    John Horton 27 days ago +1

    Belle>Hermione Granger
    Lefou>Olaf and Louis
    Maurice>Phoebus and Tulio
    Lumiere>Obi Wan Kenobi and Christopher Robin
    Cogsworth>Magneto and Gandalf
    Mrs. Potts> Captain Amelia and PL Travis

  • beeziebubs
    beeziebubs 27 days ago

    I’m literally heartbroken that Disney is cashing in on or nostalgia.
    Not only that, it was stupid how this movie was copy and pasted from the original.

  • Connor Rivers
    Connor Rivers 27 days ago

    "Jesus invented the chair!'
    Small question, how many people went to see the Cinema Snob crossover review of "Passion of the Christ" after that line?

  • PRdeSO
    PRdeSO 27 days ago

    The original story? you mean you actually think the animated version is the original story? Like the jungle book, the original story is a book and the animated version strayed as far from it as they did with the jungle book

  • PRdeSO
    PRdeSO 27 days ago

    Funny in the animated version there are 3 really cute blondes (as far as drawing go) Gaston should focus on instead of Belle, the way they are smitten with Gaston he could have the whole trio to himself very easy instead of Belle who's not as cute and not interested in the least in Gaston...

  • Anjas wonderland
    Anjas wonderland 28 days ago

    25:32 why. Why didnt she use the book😱.

  • Malkav
    Malkav 28 days ago

    They did not have time to focus on the characters because they were buissy, making a big political Deal about everything. How is it, that every time there is whitewashing (and to make it clear I hate whitewashing a lot) everybody loses their shit but if you use blackwashing every one jerks off about it? I find both racist! 18th century france did simply not have 50% black population and Gastons' lickspittle was just that: an asshole just like his big Idol but without the physical Attributes. Here He is the love blind gay dude with a heart of gold... Feels forced all over.

  • Sander Nielsen
    Sander Nielsen 28 days ago

    Audra McDonald and Stanley Tucci as (Madame Gadrobe) and (Maestro Cadenza) are the only good part of this cheap looking mess.

  • Cassandra Mateo
    Cassandra Mateo 29 days ago +2

    I CaNt WaIt fOr AlAddIn sTarrInG fAmOUs TheXvidr Will Smith (dats hot).

    • Light Yagami
      Light Yagami 26 days ago

      Cassandra Mateo I totally forgot that Will Smith was in that god awful TheXvid Rewind, and the Aladdin movie is going to be as bad as the TheXvid Rewind video.

  • msmissjordan1
    msmissjordan1 29 days ago

    Why was her acting a teeny bit better in Harry Potter but here shes blander than Hayden in Star Wars??

  • nanday100
    nanday100 29 days ago

    26:41 hahahahaha

  • Pikachu Neoncat
    Pikachu Neoncat Month ago

    15:01 I am so glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that.

  • D.G. Echo
    D.G. Echo Month ago

    20:02 I didn’t like this movie but...he’s not wrong

  • Shawna Brinkley
    Shawna Brinkley Month ago

    I actually liked the movie

  • Nick Holzemer
    Nick Holzemer Month ago

    Yeah Emma Watson wasn't a good Belle... the cast didn't fit the characters. Jack Black should have played Le Fou...

  • PataponCreeper
    PataponCreeper Month ago +1

    I'm only halfway through this review without seeing the live action remake and already I wanna watch Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in the 8 Harry Potter movies as well as watch the original, the original was so great that one of the 2 music composers The Late Howard Ashman died 6 months before it was released so to honour him in the special edition of the movie, they put back in his deleted song Human Again, this live action remake I bet it doesn't even have that song, plus all the problems with this remake, I wanna buy the special edition on Blu-Ray to replace my original VHS just to see the whole movie with Human Again back in, I wanna see that more than the live action remake, the only live action Disney remakes that I actually like are the Alice In Wonderland movies and the live action Winnie The Pooh movie called Christopher Robin

  • Kaleb Crimmins
    Kaleb Crimmins Month ago

    Beauty and the Yeast Infection

  • YtE N0iSE
    YtE N0iSE Month ago

    anyone think that doug has become a little bit, weird?

  • All Mouth
    All Mouth Month ago

    Okay dispite what Disney is doing, who's excited for dumbo 2019? I know I am. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King Month ago

    they made almost all of the movie the same as the original except the part with the Gaston song and I was soooo angry

  • Dragonking1984
    Dragonking1984 Month ago

    It's funny how this opens up with a parody song mocking how they did a nearly shot for shot remake with little to no changes and that's bad. But then when they do make changes (Maleficent) the same people complain that they changed too much. You can't please some people (btw i LOVED Maleficent best role Angelina Jolie has done)

  • 1teneris
    1teneris Month ago

    What put me off most was the number of black people in 17th century rural France. One or two at the court would have been fine but almost half of the town? I'm curious how many black and white people they are going to put in Mulan (where neither should be in it in Han Dynasty China).

  • C G
    C G Month ago +1

    LMFAO "the final one"

  • Alexander Aponte
    Alexander Aponte Month ago

    I like greatest showmen

  • I Like Alien Babes
    I Like Alien Babes Month ago

    I legitimately love the parts with lumiere and cogsworth and plumette, it was generally funny! Otherwise, ew!