Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • Audiences either loved it or hated it, but the Nostalgia Critic has some harsh words about this beastly live action remake. Let's check out Beauty and the Beast (2017).
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    Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon from a screenplay written by Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films. The film is based on Disney's 1991 animated film of the same name, itself an adaptation of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's eighteenth-century fairy tale.
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Comments • 10 559

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  10 months ago +864

    What's your favorite and least favorite Disney Live Action Remake?
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    • Heisenkirk 2000
      Heisenkirk 2000 7 hours ago

      Favorite: Jungle Book 2016
      Least favorite: Sorcerers Apprentice

    • Norris Vaughn
      Norris Vaughn 12 hours ago

      OK, Cinderella and Jungle Book are actually great remakes. This one was just........meh.

    • Rob Vespa
      Rob Vespa 21 day ago

      +Jonathan Wallis Christopher Robin and Maleficent are not remakes. I enjoyed Pete's Dragon (I was surprised) and which version of the Jungle Book are you referring to? As an aside, I've enjoyed all of them (they predate Disney).

    • Jonathan Wallis
      Jonathan Wallis 21 day ago

      Channel Awesome for “Favorite” remake, it would probably be either “The Jungle Book” and “Christopher Robin” (if that even counts as a remake).
      For “Least Favorite” remake, it would definitely be “Maleficent” and “Pete’s Dragon.”

    • Rob Vespa
      Rob Vespa 28 days ago

      None of them.

  • Iowa Class
    Iowa Class 7 hours ago

    Was anyone else bothered that both Belle and her father, apparently both Parisian natives and now living in a provincial French village, both have British accents? I know it’s actor choice, and it really shouldn’t bother me, but Lumiere outright says, “after all miss, this is France!” I know what the setting is, they put more emphasis on it in the live-action, and yet, two Brits. The cartoon got away with it. This one doesn’t.

  • M K
    M K 13 hours ago

    Yeah they SJWd this shit hard

  • Justin Bowers
    Justin Bowers Day ago

    Funny thing about that scene between 9:38 and 9:46, women in those days actually got education and literacy actually increased for them to 27 percent.

  • RainbowShineLove

    I'm going to say it...I hated "Be Our Guest" in the original, but for some reason in this version I really didn't mind it.

  • ZombiiChixx
    ZombiiChixx Day ago

    I’m genuinely surprised you didn’t discuss how the film portrayed Lafou. That was gross

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow Day ago

    One thing that did disappoint me about this movie is I have always wondered who Belle's mother was. They have her in this movie, but they don't even bother to give her a name and her story is about as pointless as the damn book that the Enchantress gave the Beast. Its like why have her there just for a 5 second scene where she dies of plague? Belle can't even talk to her and have any proper closure. The scene Belle shares with Maurice in the beginning was good. It was a heartfelt moment....why couldn't they have expanded on that and given her a name?

  • geraldine woods
    geraldine woods 2 days ago

    This movie is great it comfirmmed lufou is gay

  • Cybeast
    Cybeast 2 days ago +2

    Anyone else notice that Malcolm's portrayal voice of Lumiere sounds better than the live action version?

  • Dave 4526
    Dave 4526 2 days ago

    It was fine, just can’t beat the original. The Cinderella live adaptation sucked though.

  • Alex Lemonds
    Alex Lemonds 3 days ago

    Anybody on this channel review the 2014 French version yet? Heard it's really good.

  • Reza Lustig
    Reza Lustig 4 days ago

    Thanks, I hate it!

  • Tom Cat
    Tom Cat 4 days ago

    Damn...Belle got Thicc...REAL THICC. (O_o)

    • Tom Cat
      Tom Cat 4 days ago

      "It doesn't matter if a movie is good,
      as long as it makes money."
      - Luke Skywalker

  • Cassie Hughes
    Cassie Hughes 4 days ago +1

    Would anyone else want to see Disney do a NEW movie with HAND DRAWN 2D ANIMATION? I guess because cg was so innovative everyone just moved on to cg, but some of Disney's most beloved movies are animated masterpieces. Traditional animation deserves a comeback compared to these lifeless remakes.

  • IBadGrammar
    IBadGrammar 5 days ago

    aww good time when this movie banned Malaysia where there is gay character
    but put back in after backlash

  • Old Man Tai
    Old Man Tai 5 days ago

    Remember, the Nostalgia Critic is a world class singer, with plenty of acclaim and musical albums to his name. He DESERVES to sit on his high horse here.

  • omar garnica
    omar garnica 6 days ago

    If Nostalgia Critic Hates this Remake of Beauty & the Beast! then I just cant Wait for him to review the new Aladdin Movie of 2019, CUZ DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM WILL SMITH LOOKS HORRIBLE AS THE GENIE! :/

  • Gabriel DeVoogel
    Gabriel DeVoogel 6 days ago

    In you’re blue point I saw five people wearing blue

  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 6 days ago


  • Infinity Pirates
    Infinity Pirates 6 days ago

    So gave it another shot and I still don't like it... I like Be Our Guest no matter what version but seriously best part is that Segment for me... Everything else is... As Critic puts it in Maleficent ne-meh

  • Saverio Panaccione
    Saverio Panaccione 7 days ago

    Is it weird to think that Tamara looked sexy when she bit the money sine when she turned into a vampire

  • AlphaXXI
    AlphaXXI 7 days ago

    With all the talk of being faithful nowadays, couldn't they get an actual french actor to play at the very least Lumière ? Like I don't know, if you want someone who's already very famous in the US, Lambert Wilson ?

  • Lightning Point
    Lightning Point 8 days ago

    Wait. Belle mentioned inventing the toaster just then...
    Did he reincarnate as the Brave Little Toaster?

    METALLICA ROCKS 9 days ago

    I think you should have nostalgia critic review Jigsaw

  • lili ks
    lili ks 9 days ago

    i completely agree !

  • Angie Pants
    Angie Pants 9 days ago

    I love both the original and the remake I'm a major Disney fan and I know every script off my heart Emma Watson does an amazing job as Belle and the beast while a tiny bit stiff is still awesome he acts like a beast at times while remembering how to be a prince again I have no idea how many times I've watched and rewatched both the original and the love action but they're probably pretty close in number 😊😊😊

    • Angie Pants
      Angie Pants 9 days ago

      And he was a douchebag he openly laughs and encourages everyone else to and the only gay person in the new one was lefu the prince just wanted a bunch of hot women to gawk at and to dance with

    • Angie Pants
      Angie Pants 9 days ago

      Well while the set up for her is a bit flawed I can over look it because she cursed an 11 yr old in the original which what did she except of a spoiled child prince with apparently no parents

    • lili ks
      lili ks 9 days ago

      what did you think about the old witch in the beginning ?
      in the original version the witch / enchantress knocked at prince's door and asked for shelter . the prince was vain and cruel, since she was old and ugly he refused to help , that's when she turned into her real self and cast the malediction on him , to teach him a lesson , the moral of the movie ( beauty that matters is inside)
      in the live action though , the enchantress BREAKS IN . from the get go , there is no proof of the prince's selfishness , i mean there are even black people and lgbt people dancing with him in his palace in the middle of the 16th century (which makes him a PRETTY COOL prince) . the enchantress basically breaks into his home and just punishes him , he is portrayed as a victim and not like a douchebag .

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 10 days ago

    Watson is so lucky she’s absolutely gorgeous, everyone comes to her defence on her singing within a heartbeat. Just like, scientifically, happens to us all to beautiful people in our lives.

  • Reoko
    Reoko 10 days ago

    Lmfao what the fuck was that?!

  • William Brown
    William Brown 11 days ago

    Since age 5 Peter Pan has been my favorite Disney film but they still (Disney) hasn't done a live remake of it.hated this favorite Disney live action film is Return from Witch mountain 1977.

  • Rob Davies
    Rob Davies 11 days ago

    What you call a credenza at 15:24 is actually a harpsichord.

  • Hardial Singh Johal
    Hardial Singh Johal 11 days ago

    Hey Nostalgia critic can you please do review on the movie Sheep and Wolves.

  • Sophia Huffman
    Sophia Huffman 12 days ago

    Ok so in the first one they were in France and spoke English but sometimes in French accents ok whatever it’s made in america in this one it’s that plus British accents like what?

  • Connor Shaw-case
    Connor Shaw-case 12 days ago

    @22:01 malcolm showing more emotion in 7 seconds then ema watson did with a entire movie

  • Lilibeth Obillo
    Lilibeth Obillo 13 days ago

    wow bell did sure let her self go after being kidnap by the beast... I MEAN WOW!!!! She may as well be called thick lmao...

  • Simeon Witten
    Simeon Witten 13 days ago

    Its funny, because the original mrs. potts, Angela Lansbury, was also the original Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd, (which also has a seemingly unimportant beggar woman like this movie). And this Mrs Potts, Emma Thompson, also played Mrs. Lovett in a concert version of Sweeney Todd, amd the person who plaued the beggar woman in that was, oddly enough, Audra MacDonald.

  • Patrick House
    Patrick House 13 days ago

    I remember in the first few minutes of watching the film, I was so angry. The stained glass sequence of the original was minimalist, beautiful and showed rather than TOLD the story in about a minute, while this remake dragged it out and made it huge and fancy when we didn't need to be. Out of the whole film, the only thing that was finally explained was WHY the servants were cursed as well as the Beast/Prince. Oh, and why nobody remembered that there was a Prince and a castle nearby, lol. Gastons character and even his death were weak as hell. While I don't care about them making Lefou gay, I did question why(to get peoples attention, I guess???)and I was so let down by the remade songs. The amazing and animated "Gaston"was just Olaf from Frozen hopping between tables, no heart or soul.

  • danitiwa
    danitiwa 13 days ago

    Two words. Glen. Keane.

  • AluminomSiren 92
    AluminomSiren 92 14 days ago

    27:56 to 27:59 Turkey mating call lmao

  • Bruce Jedi Lee
    Bruce Jedi Lee 14 days ago

    I like Emma Watson as an actress... Just not in this

  • Olivia Gordon
    Olivia Gordon 14 days ago

    Emma just made the character of Belle really bland and it ruined a Disney classic.

  • The Smart-Casual Gamer.
    The Smart-Casual Gamer. 14 days ago +1

    I don't understand why people hate the CGI. It's incredibly realistic!

  • Lucario Trainer J
    Lucario Trainer J 15 days ago

    Yeah... Beauty and the Beast was just one film Disney should've just never attempted remaking in the first place. The original film was damn near perfect!

  • ArcadeTH
    ArcadeTH 15 days ago

    You know I feel like watching the original movie

  • Hero of Anything
    Hero of Anything 15 days ago


  • William Schubert
    William Schubert 15 days ago

    so my mom came over to watch over my shoulder and I asked her why and she was like "it's not very good singing

  • DMaustrap1
    DMaustrap1 15 days ago

    Why are there black Pee-Pol in this movie??

  • Lauryn Cameron
    Lauryn Cameron 16 days ago

    i thought the beauty and the beast remake was good

  • Ieago
    Ieago 16 days ago

    This show's Lumiere is actually better. In fairness to the movie, the permanence part of the curse was in the original too. And why tell Belle about it? Would putting emotional pressure on her really be effective at inducing her to love Beast?

  • Alt*Contrl *Delete
    Alt*Contrl *Delete 16 days ago +1

    how strange that on both critics and users gave it a great

  • Trey Blevins
    Trey Blevins 16 days ago

    I think I would disagree with the Critic's assessment of the library scene. I'll first note that I haven't seen this remake; however, with the obviously different pacing of this movie, it's clear that they were going for a slower build up of romance between the beauty and the beast. Making the library scene start off as an off-hand gesture of friendliness from the beast to Belle, in my opinion, *is* an improvement FOR THIS MOVIE. By not making it a grand gesture from the beast, it could show how disconnected he's become from other people, not relating well to others, not being able initially to fully comprehend how magnanimous the gesture is received by Belle.
    I think they could have even gone further with it, to be honest. Maybe Belle could have first discovered it on her own, while she still thought the beast was crude and vulgar, and the beast finds her in his library. He is enraged, as (in this story) very few women, or none at all, actually read, so he would naturally assume that Belle isn't going to appreciate his beloved books. When she proves to him that she is genuinely awed by the library and his books, he relents, cautiously allowing her a small amount of freedom within his library. She would see how much he cares for his books, how important they are to him, and that could have been the start of affection between the two, bonding over literature. That could have been an incredibly moving scene.
    Overall, though, this movie looks like a terrible disaster.

  • Miguel Mello
    Miguel Mello 17 days ago +1

    I never liked Beauty and the Beast. Even as a kid I recognized the stockholm syndrome.

  • simmsquee
    simmsquee 17 days ago

    There were things I liked and disliked about this film. The design of the castle was amaaazing, the costumes were fabulous, and I liked some of the story additions. Dan Stevens was a great choice for the prince/Beast, but the decision to go with the awkward cgi was a mistake. He should've been in makeup. I didn't like the lack of expressiveness in the servants' cgi design either. Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline, and Audra McDonald were all great. Everyone else in the secondary cast was only so-so. Lumiere and Cogsworth need BIG personalities. Overall, it was just another Disney live action remake that was okay but didn't really need to be made.

  • Madison Sellers
    Madison Sellers 19 days ago

    This remake made me love and appreciate everything about the original even more than I already did. That's about the only good thing that came out of this dog pile

  • BigBoomer101
    BigBoomer101 19 days ago

    Are we going to forget that bell is canocaly a furry in the end of the movie? She literally told him that she likes him better with hair and the beast just growled at her to turn her on

  • BigBoomer101
    BigBoomer101 19 days ago

    My sister hates bell in this movie. She described the acting and face and ways for speaking like Bella swan from twilight. I can't agree with her more.

  • That One guy
    That One guy 19 days ago

    Uh... scratch the that critic... there’s a lot more live action movies to go so....

  • Nicolas Crump
    Nicolas Crump 19 days ago

    I just watched this version last night and I have to say the animated version is WAY better.. there were lots of things missing in the remake version that made the original what it was... Disney needs to focus less on making live action version movies of the original animated classics and should really focus more on creating original animation movies

  • Katie C
    Katie C 19 days ago

    If I can be honest, I much prefer the Once Upon a Time of we had the choice of a live action version. I love the original version - the animated version.

  • Just Juice
    Just Juice 19 days ago

    На середине обзора пошёл пересматривать оригинал.

  • Welco Bro
    Welco Bro 20 days ago

    Me and my brothers literally laughed when the beast started singing

  • Shadow Freddy
    Shadow Freddy 20 days ago

    Is it just me, or does this Beast look like a slim version of Killing Floor's Krampus?

  • FinalMagus 25
    FinalMagus 25 21 day ago +1

    The remake wasn't great, but I didn't think the singing was bad. Sure, it's sing talking, but still not terrible.

  • LonerWeirdo
    LonerWeirdo 21 day ago

    That was such a bad movie. Loved the cartoon

  • Leobardo Melgoza
    Leobardo Melgoza 21 day ago +1

    How would the movie be if they stuck with makeup for the beast

  • Alexis Muñoz
    Alexis Muñoz 22 days ago

    The producers made this movie simply to cash in on the correct audience...and they got what they wanted. My little sister cried for my mom to take her to see the movie after it was released and after seeing it she was still throwing money at them cause she bought tons of merchandise from a coloring book to a backpack (which she still has today)

  • James Haney
    James Haney 22 days ago

    I did this musical 12 years ago. I danced onstage and sang my heart out. We didn't need a million-dollar budget and famous actors to sell tickets. Granted, the performance could have been better, but there were plenty of scenes where you could tell there was genuine tension, sorrow, and love conveyed and- dare I say, FELT- in the performance.
    I avoided this movie's release when it debuted out of fear of what they may have done, which they did. This is my first time actually seeing it reviewed, actively avoiding the reviews of the movie as well. I am.... I cannot commit to words the emotions of negativity I feel.
    To you and your staff, Mr. Walker, you truly deal with the overall manure of cinema because, to quote David from Camp Camp: "Because somebody fucking has to."

  • Hall Family
    Hall Family 23 days ago +1

    May I cosplay as the nestalga critic?

  • Naruto123

    This was a bad movie

  • The Real, and BIGGEST, Lucariofangirl

    6:18 Also it bothered me that those three girls are black hair girls instead of blondes like in the original movie.

  • GreaterStark
    GreaterStark 23 days ago +1

    “Who cares if it blows? We’re rolling in the dough... Disney’s bland remake...”
    There’s so much truth in this lil lyric.

  • Reid Widerman
    Reid Widerman 23 days ago

    That moment when nostalgia critic talk’t about the greatest showman and should this is the greatest show I just sang the song other and other and other I love that song!!!!!

  • ANDINGopinions
    ANDINGopinions 24 days ago

    Once upon a time I subscribed to a channel named “Nostalgia Critic” and i lived happily ever after 👑

  • knee grow
    knee grow 24 days ago

    emma watson is a bad actress

  • Davie16s!
    Davie16s! 26 days ago

    Beauty and the 💰

  • Sarah Villa
    Sarah Villa 27 days ago

    Fuck you dumb whiny man child why dont you watch batman and Robin to punish yourself while the nerd beats you with all his LJN games.

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 28 days ago

    I'd rather watch your version over the Disney live action version any day. There was no reason to remake the animated feature, other than money. The original was better in every way. The live action version... wasn't terrible.

  • Annie Chlarcy
    Annie Chlarcy 28 days ago +1

    Gaston: "As a specimen, yes I'm intimidating!" and "I'm roughly the size of a barge!"
    Disney: Casts *Luke Evans* as Gaston.
    Me: "LOL not even close!"

  • Knight of The Dragon scales

    Okay why would a member of the 2nd estate marry someone from the 3rd estate anyway

  • James
    James 29 days ago

    No Nostalgia She is in Missouri

  • your senpai your hentai

    what is the square root of 329

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt Month ago +1

    Hermione! Use your Petronas with your wand! Edspecto Petrone!

  • solidmario64
    solidmario64 Month ago +1

    Fun fact, Belle's father taking the rose from the garden was actually in the original story.

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster Month ago

    Bell is a pretentious twat who believes that her shit doesn't stink and that she is better than everyone else in the village that she lives in.
    She constantly goes on about wanting "Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere".
    She literally marries the first rich man that she comes upon.

  • Geo Korf
    Geo Korf Month ago

    Ace Ventura gasps :D

  • Turey Taino
    Turey Taino Month ago

    Never mind "Beauty and the Beast", I want to see "Gargoyles"

  • Remmy
    Remmy Month ago

    You're right but I DO love Gaston's song re-do. :)

  • Carolyn Gagnon
    Carolyn Gagnon Month ago

    5:47 To be fair that's the right amount of books a small, French village would have at the time

  • Krislee Twiner
    Krislee Twiner Month ago +1

    Anyone else notice at 20:00 how his horns just go through the pillows? CGI at it’s finest.

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt Month ago +1

    I did a Play about this about the 1991 Version!

  • Tako Llama
    Tako Llama Month ago +1

    The original animated movie is more human then the live action version.

  • Kapilthev kingston
    Kapilthev kingston Month ago

    I was like Why? and then I still have original in DVD I can always play it back. AND CRY :(:(

  • John Pickering
    John Pickering Month ago

    Nostalgia critic has the voice of an angel.

  • Quinnton Lee-miller

    Won't lie, I liked this movie because I first saw it on a first date a few years ago with an ex; pretty good date, but it gave me such a positive feeling that until I saw this review, I thought it was a good movie, simply by association(and I wasn't paying that much attention)

  • The Invicible Dryer Sheet

    Does critic ever brush his teeth? the bottom row is so fusing yellow

  • William Sully
    William Sully Month ago


  • Baal God of rain, fertility, thunder

    Funny that the remake of “tale as old as time” you made say the singing suck but the singer in this is awful

  • Sir Paul Mills Of Alabama

    What war did Gaston even return from, I dont know of france ever using brown and red uniforms

    • Mic Drop
      Mic Drop Month ago

      Yep. Like I said, movie has to movie.

    • Sir Paul Mills Of Alabama
      Sir Paul Mills Of Alabama Month ago

      +Mic Drop or white in older times and sometimes during the napoleonic period

    • Mic Drop
      Mic Drop Month ago +1

      They wore blue, but movie has to movie.

  • Phoba Fett
    Phoba Fett Month ago

    If you don't have any experience in Theatre, and no music experience, you really can't speak on how people sing.

    • Cpt Seagrave
      Cpt Seagrave 26 days ago

      If you don't have any experience with critiquing, you can't tell someone how to critique

  • Shepard Commander
    Shepard Commander Month ago

    They should've had someone like the Rock as Gaston. Yes, he would have seemed "out of place" but the Rock could've totally pulled off an amazing Gaston.

  • Honest Dave
    Honest Dave Month ago

    10:05 He's expression is priceless