Best of the Worst: Supergirl, Captain America (1990), and Roger Corman's Fantastic Four


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  • sXeblues
    sXeblues 4 hours ago +1

    I swear I have a memory of my grandmother taking me to a local video rental store, possibly called Big Video, or something similar, some time in the late 90s, and seeing a VHS copy of this Fantastic Four movie on one of the shelves. I think it may have even had a ‘Not for Sale’ sticker on it. I remember strongly debating with myself over whether I wanted to rent it, or something else. I inevitably walked out of the store with something else, I think Hitchcock’s Vertigo, as I’d loved Rear Window, and was really curious to see another Jimmy Stewart led thriller. But, every time I went back to that video store, I always went looking for that FF VHS, and sadly, never saw it again. A couple years later, the place was bought out by Blockbuster. And not too long after that, and to this day, the storefront now houses a thrift store.

  • Matthew Cleary
    Matthew Cleary 2 days ago

    Worse Faye Dunaway movie: Supergirl or The Bye-Bye Man?

  • paul coy
    paul coy 2 days ago

    21:00 Remember the great scene at the airport battle with Spider-Man?
    Cap - "Ya got moxie, kid. Where ya from?"
    Spider-Man - "Queens."
    Cap - (chuckles) "Redondo Beach, California."
    Spider-Man - "You just made Stan Lee cry."

  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker 2 days ago


  • Styke Warden
    Styke Warden 7 days ago

    Fantastic Four was great because the studio and corporate interests had no input or interest. They knew it was never going to see the light of day and they let an artist do their art.

  • djanitor
    djanitor 9 days ago

    OMG Captain Jellicoe was on Captain America!

  • David Christian
    David Christian 14 days ago

    some ladies like pwnies. just sayin'............

  • Cameron roy
    Cameron roy 15 days ago

    There's the scene where he runs from some goth kids but I wished they edited it so he sees his old girlfriend who is old now and then it just cuts to the running scene again

  • Максим Щербань

    "That's McDonalds, barely food but cheap" - oh fuck you bald guy in glasses, you don't deserve ROnald McDoland!

  • Dunebat
    Dunebat 26 days ago

    Keep in mind:
    The RLM guys saw "The Fantastic Four" AFTER seeing two terrible films before it. Had they seen it solo, their review might've been much, much worse.

  • Sam Sammich
    Sam Sammich Month ago

    hey now ramen noodles are good

  • Bishop Jones
    Bishop Jones Month ago

    Doctor Doom did 12 for the fantastic 4, not for him.

  • Blackball
    Blackball Month ago

    18:24..." I grew up on a farm " I have a friend that grew up on a farm who's only bought VHS tapes were Batman and Ninja Turtles. My cousin who lived in the same place wore out his Star Wars cassettes.

  • pfelon
    pfelon Month ago

    Oddly, Jay Underwood is probably the best-known actor in the Fantastic Four movie.

    • pfelon
      pfelon Month ago

      Other than George Gaynes, that is.

  • Global00Vintage
    Global00Vintage Month ago

    I finally got to watch this Fantastic Four and it is truly great, but I’m surprised they didn’t mention how similar the score is to Jurassic Park.

  • Nicholas Bintner
    Nicholas Bintner Month ago

    Fuck y'all Fantastic Four has always been my favorite... Not the movies

  • widgetphreak
    widgetphreak Month ago

    Wait... the President of the United States in the Captain America universe is Dick Jones from Robocop???

  • Douglas Jorgensen
    Douglas Jorgensen Month ago

    I love this combination on the panel. I know Josh catches a lot of flak from lots of viewers, but his delivery of "Oh! I need to have him in me!" is all the qualification he needs to be on whatever panel he wants.

  • blinkblonkbloop
    blinkblonkbloop Month ago

    josh: state of the art CG for 1994!
    jurassic park was 94 man

  • Dreamwalker Films
    Dreamwalker Films 2 months ago

    I really love how much Jay hates Supergirl, and I equally really love how much Jack defends Supergirl

  • Blue-eyed Beast
    Blue-eyed Beast 2 months ago

    Gotta love the glare coming off of Jack's head..

  • kcleonard
    kcleonard 2 months ago

    1:07 there’s a copy of Left Behind on the shelf! 😆 Someone please tell me RLM views horrible church movies.

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 2 months ago

    Too bad we never got that Cannon Spider-Man

  • NinepinsKnave
    NinepinsKnave 2 months ago

    The back covers of comics published lately by DC feature an ad for Supergirl on Blu-Ray! Like it's a new release from the Warner Bros. archive. The artwork in the ad actually shows some ugly dragon-looking thing in the background (instead of the invisible monster that was Kara's REAL attacker). Why now? Why on earth now? Why remind anyone that this awful movie exists? Because Supergirl, I guess.

  • RIPZatren
    RIPZatren 2 months ago

    SuperGirl doing super typing would obliterate the type writer.

  • Surreal Cereal
    Surreal Cereal 2 months ago

    Love the end shot of this video with Reed Richards waving goodbye. Perfect video, guys. This was a hoot.

  • Reid Edelman
    Reid Edelman 2 months ago +1

    I don’t have PlayStation
    I don’t have destiny 2
    I don’t have destiny 1
    Never played destiny anything
    Fuck Bungie.

  • Thomas Neufeld
    Thomas Neufeld 2 months ago

    The waving hand at the end killed me

  • RyderDavis
    RyderDavis 3 months ago

    I had forgotten about Captain America (1990), but this film apparently, co-stars two of the main actors from both A Christmas Story, AND Deliverance?

  • 1chi TheKilr
    1chi TheKilr 3 months ago

    I love Wizard's shirt by the way.

  • bowie stutsman
    bowie stutsman 3 months ago +1

    Jack’s laugh is priceless

  • patjohbra
    patjohbra 3 months ago

    Every time I watch this episode, it bugs me to no end when they say Dr. Doom air-wrote the 12 backwards even though he didn't.

  • KoRnFoReVeR23
    KoRnFoReVeR23 3 months ago

    For a second i thought the Best of The Worst credits was the actual credits scroll from Fantastic 4 lol... (just the way they cut it together) I think i laughed most at how Captain America was an asshole when he stole those cars of those people ;D Setting a great example there Cap! ;P

  • rustybender
    rustybender 3 months ago

    It's the same universal media phenomenon of too many cooks.
    Supergirl with its big Hollywood team gets focus groups trying to write as many film genres into it as possible to try and grab the chick lit and capeshit audience simultaneously.
    Fantastic Corman has a checklist consisting of "Begin", "End" and "Accomplish Superhero Mission", with just enough people to fill in all the actually necessary superhero shit and work on pulling it off accordingly.

  • Daemon Noir
    Daemon Noir 3 months ago

    Actual budget numbers:
    SUPERGIRL (1984): $35M
    CAPTAIN AMERICA (1990): $10M
    FANTASTIC FOUR (1994): $1.5M

  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 3 months ago

    The sad thing is the Hammer film is the best of the Fantastic Four Movies. Let that sink in.

  • Steven Skelly
    Steven Skelly 4 months ago

    The never-officially-released Fantastic Four movie made it on to British TV once in the early morning (Bout 08:00 or 09:00) when I was younger. Wasn't until like the internet era that I found out that it was an hash can copy. I have no idea how the studio ended up with the copy but at the time me and my brother were fairly blown away by it. I mean this was years before the other Fantastic Four movie came out and way before you'd really seen like Comic book movies in the mainstream, least to the extent we see them now. Think they ran it just before the Hulk movie where he meets up with Thor and John Ryes Davids Kingpin.

  • Steven Skelly
    Steven Skelly 4 months ago

    Let the evil bitch get laid god damn it.

  • Shithead Studios
    Shithead Studios 4 months ago

    there's two types of bald men... those who accept it, and those who don't

  • Василий Пупков

    Rich Evans is amazing PIDER-MAN (only russians get this joke)

  • Fraser Manley
    Fraser Manley 4 months ago

    Dr Doom did 12 the correct way for a viewer. Still hilarious.

  • Non Gamer
    Non Gamer 4 months ago

    i'm going to miss rich when he dies of type 2 diabetes complications... next week
    christ dude, how fat do you plan on getting before you answer one of the many wake up calls i'm sure you get on a daily basis? are you waiting until you crack your first toilet bowl to start making changes?

  • macavitymacavity
    macavitymacavity 4 months ago

    You MISSED including 1989's "The Punisher" (starring Dolph Lundgren), and 1997's "Justice League" (w/ David Ogden Stiers as Martian Manhunter) in this episode!

  • Defenstrator
    Defenstrator 4 months ago +1

    I honestly thought one of the most brilliant ideas of the first Marvel Captain America was that USO tour that gave him a reason to be wearing that outfit.

  • Gunhaver
    Gunhaver 4 months ago

    Woo NOS! The drink of choice for nerds that cant drink!

    I miss beer

  • Late to the Game
    Late to the Game 4 months ago

    I think the laser scene with the Torch flailing, while unintentionally hilarious, was a reference to the Max Fleischer Superman.

  • Ethan Landry
    Ethan Landry 4 months ago

    Ben you’ve always been rock hard

  • Scott Mercer
    Scott Mercer 5 months ago +1

    Faye Dunaway, only 8 years on from Network and Chinatown. Yeesh.

  • Dredd Bustya
    Dredd Bustya 5 months ago

    I watched a quiz show where one of the questions was "What is Superman's real name?". The woman who answered it said "Clark Kent" and when the reply came as Kal El her face looked like someone had took a shit in her mouth.

  • Dredd Bustya
    Dredd Bustya 5 months ago

    Nobody ever mentions the untouchable Peter Cook being in Supergirl. You Cant!

  • Sequentially Compact
    Sequentially Compact 5 months ago

    Supergirl's plot is quite like a Looney Toon. The moment Bugs Bunny shows up dressed like a girl the the heavy forgets what he's trying to do and attempts to get it on with the transvestite rabbit. Which is great in a Looney Toon, a little less so in a Superhero film, unless you're watching Best of the Worst, in which case it's exceptional.

  • waycon
    waycon 5 months ago

    They missed a beat no going for the 60s spider man movies

  • D Howison
    D Howison 5 months ago +1

    I hope you guys realise that ‘in the current year’ you’ve committed an act of misogyny by critiquing SuperGirl.
    The shame.

  • Troy W
    Troy W 6 months ago

    I think when Black Widow asks Cap where did he learn how to steal a car in Winter Soldier it was a reference to this Captain America movie.

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb 6 months ago

    I saw Supergirl in the cinema, for my birthday, with my male friends. I don't know what they thought but I had a fine time! I've never dared watch it again, but I recall the early stuff before Kara gets to Earth looked good. Plus for a cheesy B movie it has some amazing casting. Not only Peter O'Toole and Mia Farrow as Supergirl's parents, but also Peter Cook as 'Nigel'! (I don't expect most Americans to know who Peter Cook is.)

  • Cory -
    Cory - 6 months ago

    I wanna be Jack's Fitbit™ friend.

  • pavan gangawane
    pavan gangawane 6 months ago

    I need to have him in me.

  • Geoffrey Linehan
    Geoffrey Linehan 6 months ago +2

    No wonder after I saw Supergirl in theaters, I could only remember fragments of it.

  • mariano diaz
    mariano diaz 7 months ago

    Johns Manville product placement

  • deepelem blues
    deepelem blues 7 months ago

    Roger Corman's voice seduced everybody. From beyond the grave. Can't get enough of that juicy Roger Corman voice meat.

  • Ben M8
    Ben M8 7 months ago

    Best of the Worst: Clipping Edition

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 7 months ago

    Is it weird that them talking about the F4 warmed my heart?

  • Maladjester
    Maladjester 7 months ago

    Even as a kid, watching that Captain America movie was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaat"

  • TheNightBadger
    TheNightBadger 7 months ago

    I'm going to come out in defence of Supergirl here: It has a fantastic cast, effects that were top rate for the time, and some terrific sets. However, the script is a damn mess. I'm also not sure I get the whole 'terrible writing of women' thing. It wasn't just unusual to try and release a huge fantasy movie with a female protagonist and antagonist, it was _unheard_ of. That they threw in a few things they thought might appeal to the target demographic was probably smart, and that those things seem clunky again comes down to the script. Also, Faye Dunaway's character Selina isn't so much badly written (any more so than any of the characters), most of that was just Dunaway in her scenery-chewing mid-80's Diva mode.
    Speaking specifically about the scene in which she decides she wants Hart Bochner - again, not very well written - but it plays like this: _Dunaway and Vaccaro are stuck in traffic outside the girls school Supergirl attends, Vaccaro comments on how attractive the gardner is (Hart), Dunaway dismissively agrees but comments she has bigger things to think about. Supergirl wears a wrist thing connected to the Hedron that activates a signal from one to the other. The Hedron starts acting up and Dunaway - being a narcissist - think's that the Hedron is always 'talking' to her - she thinks it's reacting to the conversation she just had with Vaccaro about Hart and believes the Hedron is telling her _*_not_*_ to dismiss him - so she decides to get together with him. "What it wants - it gets"_ . Clunkily written yes, but still some kind of logic.

    Listening to Swarcs commentary on the movie reveals that he never questioned the flaws in the script - he just went with them. This was a HUGE mistake. He Directed a solid movie, but he never did anything about the obvious logical inconsistencies within the story. He was just like "It's a Superhero movie". There needed to me more logic underpinning the film. All the ingredients were there for a truly great movie, but the script was really really messy.

  • Andy Diehl
    Andy Diehl 7 months ago

    Fantastic Four had not pointless bullshit? Did you guys watch a version missing the Jeweler and his sewer kingdom?

  • Dark Mountain Productions

    Kind of ironic that Fantastic Four also had the best musical score as well. I mean, that movie has a heroic, well composed score in it. It's not the best, no, but I'd honestly say it was a better score than some of Marvel's current films.

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 7 months ago

    Capt. Amrica store Ned Beatty's car? lol.

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 7 months ago

    The Thing's head looks like a

  • Larry Douglas
    Larry Douglas 7 months ago

    Hey, I found my favorite Rich Evans quote: "This movie does for feminism, what Birth of a Nation has done for equal rights."

  • analogkid01
    analogkid01 7 months ago

    Jack: if the audience knows what the Omegahedron is and what it does and why Supergirl wants it, then it's not a MacGuffin - it's just a plot device.

  • kid kissinger
    kid kissinger 7 months ago

    rich evans rules

  • Zucca Xerfantes
    Zucca Xerfantes 8 months ago

    Hey RedLetterMedia... only you guys would know what movie I'm referring to but... the guy who plays Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four? That's Chip Carson from 'Not Quite Human', 'Not Quite Human 2' and 'Still Not Quite Human'!

  • R. Harms
    R. Harms 8 months ago

    wait, but rich said he saw movie posters of cpt america and then it never came out.... so both fantastic four and cpt america were never released, and thats what i read too, but in the end they claim only fantastic four was never really released and the others were "real" movies, while the only big screen release was supergirl

  • Charles Argyle
    Charles Argyle 8 months ago

    The guy from "Not Quite Human" was The Human Torch

  • Madeleine Fisher
    Madeleine Fisher 8 months ago

    I have to say, the way the Human Torch flails about and struggles with the laser COULD be a reference to the Fleischer Superman cartoons--there's a surprisingly similar scene in one with a laser...I think it's called the Deadly Ray or something like that.

  • The 1-Up_Triforce
    The 1-Up_Triforce 9 months ago

    Ya know when Torch is getting hit by the lazer it really reminded me of an old Superman cartoon I watched only thing he didnt do was punch back the beam still whoever made that scene must've seen that cartoon.

  • Edward Carnby
    Edward Carnby 9 months ago

    Fuck me if this hasn't convinced me to go watch Roger Corman's Fantastic Four. You guys are pretty much the worst influence on the Internet, btw.

  • Isaac Bowen
    Isaac Bowen 9 months ago

    Otherwise great videos are rendered nearly unwatchable whenever they feature Rich's horrifying torturously annoying laugh. For the sake of the channel and the greater good of humanity that fat fuck needs to be banned from ever laughing on camera or audio recording device again

  • Chris Kelley
    Chris Kelley 9 months ago

    These are all movies for children. And they want an explanation for the vinyl suits, yet they love the new super hero movies for children. Bigger explosions? Low hanging fruit. That red head likes the new mad max, no credibility

  • Patrick Cull
    Patrick Cull 9 months ago

    1000th comment belongs to me. Does that mean I’ll be replacing Jack

  • GKinslayer
    GKinslayer 9 months ago +1

    I saw Supergirl IN THE THEATER 2 days before it came out. A pal of mine was a manager at a movie theater and sometimes we would watch the films being released that Friday since they loaded them up Wednesdays. We watched Supergirl after closing, for free, and I still felt like I paid too much. The entire film was offensive, it was like some old execs looked at all the things Superman would do, or could do and they all said, well sure, but would a DAME do it? Well with the flyin she would see ponies and her spaceship can't look like a ship, it needs to be a egg, you know, feminine. The same for Faye Dunaway's character - she gets a item to CONTROL THE PLANET - oh wait, I am a lady an I need a MAN, mah lady parts are dusty, so look sexy man put all things aside to get some loving because no woman can survive without a man. But of course as a good looking rich woman, it was of course impossible for her to get a husband, or lover or just a man whore without MAGIC?

    • GKinslayer
      GKinslayer 9 months ago

      Oh, and the love potion, the person who drinks it will fall in love with the first person they see. But how many men did he pass, oh wait, no gay, right.

  • jedi fu
    jedi fu 9 months ago

    ~i'm trying to get some funding to shoot my new movie 'redneck ninjas on the moon' . . . anyone wanna to lend me 20 bucks to buy a 90's video camera?

  • Nic Davis
    Nic Davis 10 months ago

    the transition at 3:38 kills me every time

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 10 months ago

    I probably won't spell it right, but I love len cavisinkski! I've seen one of his movies they're not the best but he's hilarious, u guys are the funniest stuff on youtube when u all start laughing....keep up work work red letter media!q

  • Lady_Yuna
    Lady_Yuna 10 months ago

    30:34 "Mentos, the fresh-maker"

  • Lady_Yuna
    Lady_Yuna 10 months ago

    31:18 "Constantin Films"?

  • Larry Barnhill
    Larry Barnhill 10 months ago

    Captain Middle America

  • Doctor Fuze
    Doctor Fuze 10 months ago

    Suprisingly Rich had to get a word correctly for Jack

  • James Coppolino
    James Coppolino 10 months ago

    The Thing in Corman's Fantasic Four is fucking terrifying.

  • M Borges
    M Borges 11 months ago

    Captain America 1990 still better than the shitty 2011 version.

    • Jason Case
      Jason Case 9 months ago

      M Borges That's sarcasm or a joke.

  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao 11 months ago

    Still better than Suicide Squad

  • The Shawshank Inception
    The Shawshank Inception 11 months ago

    Peter O’Toole never won an Oscar.

  • Zephod Babelbrox
    Zephod Babelbrox 11 months ago +3

    The correct plural is "Captains America."

  • yakuza01
    yakuza01 11 months ago +1

    Although I know it's a very personal and sensitive subject for him, I wish Rich would have at least briefly address how he felt about his much uglier brother Chris (and also black sheep of the family) playing the current Captain America (and the Human Torch prior to that). I know there is a lot of friction in that relationship but it felt like a missed opportunity.

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A 11 months ago

    Jack patrols the streets of Milwaukee at night as the superhero Baldman.

  • Thomas Van Hoesen
    Thomas Van Hoesen 11 months ago

    The Fantastic Four are great it's just the movies suck so non-comic book fans don't care, just like those same people didn't care about Iron-Man before that movie came out.

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 11 months ago

    In super girl it’d be funny if the love potion guy fell in love with a cat like in willow

  • The Meta Forum
    The Meta Forum 11 months ago

    The editing on this BOTW is great.
    Sidenote: The Wizard looks better with long hair. He should sport that style indefinitely.

  • Michael Nell
    Michael Nell Year ago

    That amazing, glaring sheen coming off of Jack’s head.

  • mgabrysSF
    mgabrysSF Year ago

    Random thought - besides a possible decent script or effort by Corman, they 'might' have wanted to insure that a court case attempting to seize the rights to Fantastic 4 by stipulating that no movie of any worth was actually made would fail. Cheap? Yup. Total suck? Apparently not. Superman IV this wasn't.