Star Wars Kinect Angry Review


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  • Henry Crowther
    Henry Crowther 8 hours ago

    I remember when I wanted to get an Xbox just because of the Kinect. I’m so so glad I never bought one.

  • JoshL117
    JoshL117 Day ago

    Only good thing about this game is The Outrider, Greg Proops, and I'm Han Solo song (for da memez)

  • Illiniguy34
    Illiniguy34 Day ago

    Could be worse, it could be "The Last Jedi".

  • Mihir Lavande
    Mihir Lavande 9 days ago +1

    A game so bad even R2D2 didn't reprise his role.

  • T Shoemake
    T Shoemake 10 days ago +1


  • spyro dragon
    spyro dragon 12 days ago

    them hips when moveing though

  • CT7567
    CT7567 16 days ago

    Special needs rainkor

  • CT7567
    CT7567 16 days ago

    Wtf is mace

  • CT7567
    CT7567 16 days ago

    Rip Star Wars games

  • Shocker Cody999
    Shocker Cody999 17 days ago

    20:28 that’s all I can say

  • Rootin' Shootin' Tootin' Putin

    I'm solo I'm han solo I'm han solo

  • Mason Davis
    Mason Davis 20 days ago

    20:42 it looks like Disney did something right

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 20 days ago +1

    This review is priceless, but most Angry Joe reviews always are lol. I can always rewatch his videos hundreds of times and they constantly feel organic, new, and fresh!

  • Jay Nukem
    Jay Nukem 20 days ago

    That emperor has got some moves

  • Bobman9420
    Bobman9420 24 days ago

    Totally forgot about that Star Wars Kid. Oddly enough I read an article not too long ago, that he is a successful person today. If its thats true, well good on him!

  • Josh Sienkiewicz
    Josh Sienkiewicz 27 days ago +1

    Look how thin you used to be lol

  • Squeguin Gamer
    Squeguin Gamer 28 days ago


  • jejeakle
    jejeakle Month ago

    The wii had better motion control

  • Muppet Kermit Kram
    Muppet Kermit Kram Month ago


  • Karl Born
    Karl Born Month ago

    I am planning on buying an Xbox One can anyone tell me what are the best action game's to get with it besides Red Dead Redemption 2? I will appreciate that very much.

  • Mr Wick
    Mr Wick Month ago +1


  • Morbid Blackout
    Morbid Blackout Month ago

    Now the solo dance is the most loved dance among the star wars fans.

  • Daddy Dutch
    Daddy Dutch Month ago

    That solo dance is perhaps the cringiest thing ever to have occurred in this very universe.

  • Avery Hilbig
    Avery Hilbig Month ago

    I'm glad that the Kinect was discontinued.

  • Rogelio Delfín Chávez

    17:26 Best moment in the review.

  • shawn figueroa
    shawn figueroa Month ago +1

    Man joe is still watchable but this was joe at his prime. Back before rapid fire trailer and movie reviews took over.

  • Ainsley Harriott
    Ainsley Harriott Month ago

    Classic Joe

  • Enuma Elish
    Enuma Elish Month ago

    Some people are amused by nonsensical shit, some aren't. I see why some people think the silliness of the dance mode is a redeemer and why some think its the lowest point of the game.

  • Austin Stout
    Austin Stout 2 months ago

    He’s gained a lot of weight since then.

  • cdy Ajdjdjd
    cdy Ajdjdjd 2 months ago

    Holy cringe

  • SoulRiper101
    SoulRiper101 2 months ago

    Joe got a little too into it with the dancing there for a sec 0-0

  • Talib Ali
    Talib Ali 2 months ago

    I lost it when the emperor started dancing!

  • Rayge Beast
    Rayge Beast 2 months ago

    Omg that tash

  • Gabriel Vincent
    Gabriel Vincent 2 months ago

    Idk how to feel about a sexy long leg joe oof

  • Anthony Urquidez
    Anthony Urquidez 2 months ago

    FUuuuuNNNOoooooooooo! 12/18

  • Trever Son Of Pluto
    Trever Son Of Pluto 2 months ago

    Guess what because of Disney this game is no longer Canon. The only thing good to come out of Disney buying Star War. I never thought I would say anything good about Disney fucking with star war up to this point.

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend 2 months ago

    hes like a child cussing

  • Crassus
    Crassus 2 months ago

    does Joe wear false front teeth? whats that black stuff behind them lol

    PURGE JMI 2 months ago

    Back when star wars games were good, those were the days...

  • Алексей Логинов

    i like skinny joe that does his reviews standing up more than joe that sits throughout entire reviews nowadays

  • Intelligence Injection
    Intelligence Injection 2 months ago +1

    Joe got fat

  • Flutterguy
    Flutterguy 2 months ago +2

    Still better than Fallout 76.

  • XxNightHawk77xX
    XxNightHawk77xX 3 months ago +1

    Dude sometimes i laugh harder when joe is bleeped out, i have no idea why but its funny how he's still loosing his shit.... I have issues

  • Nat Knutson
    Nat Knutson 3 months ago +2

    What is silly is there was already a camera game with lightsabers and hand waving for force powers. Can't remember the name, but it was a plug and play game. The camera was a remote droid and you had a little lightsaber. It was awesome.

  • Toa Bionicle0517
    Toa Bionicle0517 3 months ago

    I love this game...DONT JUDGE ME JOE!

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 3 months ago

    Droid girl is annoying compared to Binks, fuck to the NO. And hell at least it's female, now take that and then consider if Binks was a female as well, the annoying factor far surpasses her

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall 3 months ago

    Still better than “The Last Jedi.”

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall 3 months ago

    Still better than Battlefront.

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 3 months ago

    I'm fine with the song Duels of fate

  • Revan Star
    Revan Star 3 months ago +1

    Well back then I was 12 years old playing SKYRIM all year ahhhhh good times, oh and it was on 360 by the way I love skyrim.

  • Wade Mercer
    Wade Mercer 3 months ago

    *That reaction tho **0:34*

  • Nimsay
    Nimsay 4 months ago

    Say what you want but I love this game and the songs!

  • Stephen Z
    Stephen Z 4 months ago

    C3po tried to warn him..

  • TylerTristar2IsBack
    TylerTristar2IsBack 4 months ago

    4:47 represents Star wars way better than the fucking game itself LOL

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson 4 months ago

    The darker skin you have the harder it is for the kinect to pick you up for the xbox 360. The kinect is racist.

  • Stardust Duck
    Stardust Duck 4 months ago

    I wonder why Angry Joe left Channel Awesome?

  • Xx_nachoprime69_xX
    Xx_nachoprime69_xX 4 months ago +1

    Remember when angry Joe was really skinny?

  • Oscar González
    Oscar González 4 months ago

    Hahahahahaha what motherffffuckers... hahahahahahaha

  • rabidperson Games
    rabidperson Games 4 months ago

    I actually enjoyed this game 😢mainly just the lightsaber parts tho

  • MrKnaives
    MrKnaives 4 months ago +3

    Holy sht! once upon a time Angry Joe was skinnier than Other Joe.

  • Chris Tsuke
    Chris Tsuke 4 months ago

    best game everrr haaaaa

  • Dan Anderson
    Dan Anderson 4 months ago

    Still watching in 2018.
    You can smell it from miles away like a steamy pile of tauntaun shiet

  • dab machine
    dab machine 4 months ago +2

    Why did we get this when we could get 1313

    Oh wait thats right, Disney canceled it

  • Anakin Schafer
    Anakin Schafer 5 months ago +1

    I like the acrobatic moves because they feel like actual dance moves

  • Mitchell Rahn
    Mitchell Rahn 5 months ago +1

    Fuck this game this game suck my dick fuck

  • XenoBlade X-3
    XenoBlade X-3 5 months ago

    Laughs...idk bro the dancing was cringe at best

  • Jean-Matthieu Olszensky
    Jean-Matthieu Olszensky 5 months ago +2

    Ahhhh good old slim Jo

  • T
    T 5 months ago +2

    I miss skinny joe

  • Not a berb
    Not a berb 5 months ago

    I s h i t y o u n o t

  • sanchez00garcia
    sanchez00garcia 5 months ago

    2018 and all I have to say is... I love Angry Joe! (...and yes, I am drunk!) Blessings! 😉🍺

  • Finesse Kid
    Finesse Kid 5 months ago

    Bruh that songs a throwback

  • Xen Xander
    Xen Xander 6 months ago

    Why am I the only one who thinks the dancing mini game is actually hilarious? I love it.

  • Kyle Lambert
    Kyle Lambert 6 months ago

    And somehow, this is less damaging to the Star Wars canon than The Force Awakens.

  • Heir Fang
    Heir Fang 6 months ago

    Thumbnail is legendary

  • Nico Ll
    Nico Ll 6 months ago

    That ackward moment when you realize Thanos stole a qoute form Joe in minute 14:22

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones 6 months ago

    17:30 damn Joe got thicc didn’t he?

  • D- rag92
    D- rag92 6 months ago

    Whats written on the screen for half a sec at 6:17?

  • Rex Wort
    Rex Wort 6 months ago

    Better than Han Solo movie

  • Mr Thompson
    Mr Thompson 6 months ago

    You never go full Rancor...

  • Jay Ess
    Jay Ess 6 months ago

    17:28 I hate how they ripped off dance central but God it’s the worst mode in the game but still it’s neutral

  • The Dark Cat
    The Dark Cat 6 months ago

    I may be bad but still fun

  • Black Wisdom45
    Black Wisdom45 6 months ago

    i remember swinging around a toy lightsaber for the jedi destiny

  • DOF
    DOF 7 months ago

    why didn't they do "lean like han solo" a parody of "lean like a cholo?"

  • DOF
    DOF 7 months ago

    abusing the star wars IP , as a nerd, offends me worse than other things. it's... it's just wrong man. ya know??? out of ALL the things that should "be sacred," damnit in this here America I expect reasonable star wars, ya know? trying to cash in on star wars... that would offend even the Capcom guy... I mean fuck. I don't think he's even that greedy

  • DOF
    DOF 7 months ago

    if we ever meet, Joe, i'm going to do a rendition of "i'm solo... han solo" for you and other joe with SUCH gravitas. For some reason I think that's funny. Do a like... Susan boyle from x factor a few years ago, rendedition of the most stupid songs.

  • Otter Lons
    Otter Lons 7 months ago

    I love this review it’s hella funny

  • Talios
    Talios 7 months ago

    I was laughing then I heard it was cannon. Then my childhood was destroyed lol

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar 7 months ago +1

    My death in joes intro is more canon then my death in Last Jedi.

  • Nothing for Granted
    Nothing for Granted 7 months ago

    Yeah...about Toys R Us...

  • jayive34
    jayive34 7 months ago +1

    Still less shit than TLJ

  • Walker Gibbs
    Walker Gibbs 7 months ago

    The office was still on when this was uploaded

    CHESHIRE CAT 7 months ago +1

    Special needs rancor battles .. I'm in 😂

  • Daniel Holt
    Daniel Holt 7 months ago +3

    Still cracks me up in 2018

  • jasmine Torres
    jasmine Torres 7 months ago +4

    I miss the old joe

  • Green Fox
    Green Fox 7 months ago

    I never really had a problem with the kinect

  • Zak Bond
    Zak Bond 7 months ago

    At first with the music and the dance I thought it was Joe being funny or b.sing....I can't believe it was real....

  • Robert Guevara
    Robert Guevara 7 months ago

    You were actually good looking before you put on the beef

  • Noizemaze4
    Noizemaze4 7 months ago +5

    GUESS this game dun look so bad NOW eh.....? ;) compared to all the NEW SHIT Disney has dished out :P

  • poketdoom
    poketdoom 7 months ago +2

    *back in my day we had a Toys R Us

  • Dody Widodo
    Dody Widodo 7 months ago

    Star wars dance is abomination