Ultimate Hot Dog Taste Test

  • Published on Jan 16, 2017
  • Today we determine the best off-the-shelf hot dog. GMM #1052!
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Comments • 12 962

  • Sam Porter
    Sam Porter 2 years ago +9928


  • Brandino The magnificent


  • RAMBOsayWHO _
    RAMBOsayWHO _ 7 days ago +1

    “Which hot dog is the top dog?”

  • Suspect333
    Suspect333 8 days ago

    Link is the fussiest eater on the planet.

  • jahadah murphy
    jahadah murphy 8 days ago


  • Seve Gandy
    Seve Gandy 9 days ago

    Vienna my fav

  • Ac3
    Ac3 9 days ago +1

    5:27 🐄stco

  • Paawan Miglani
    Paawan Miglani 10 days ago


  • Scott Natale
    Scott Natale 11 days ago +2

    Where’s the sabrett? The best dogs ever, yankee stadium dogs, the ones you get from the carts in new york

  • midninte ranger
    midninte ranger 11 days ago

    To much chewing noise

  • Anneewakee Champions
    Anneewakee Champions 12 days ago

    *Ballpark All The Way*

  • Rat Noobs
    Rat Noobs 13 days ago

    I am eating hot dogs

  • AMO Movies
    AMO Movies 13 days ago +1

    Link bothers me in this episode. still like him though.

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith 15 days ago

    Agree with Link on this one.

  • Underaldo
    Underaldo 15 days ago


  • Topazspiral
    Topazspiral 16 days ago

    Which fast food place has the best milkshake ?

  • Seamus Fahey
    Seamus Fahey 16 days ago

    Who won? I got to know!

  • Mason Hoffman
    Mason Hoffman 16 days ago

    “Magic is always a good thing!” Are we just gonna forget about voledemort, Saruman, Sauron, Grindlewald, Mordrid, etc.

  • Taren-Layne Warfield
    Taren-Layne Warfield 17 days ago

    costco hot dogs are the only ones i can eat

  • Assassinmilo
    Assassinmilo 17 days ago

    I can’t watch the chewing sound on horrendous

  • Whiterose80_Fam
    Whiterose80_Fam 18 days ago

    I like hotdogs without skin. I guess I'm a bit weird

  • Tidiest Flyer
    Tidiest Flyer 19 days ago

    Was making some chili dogs and I was like. I wonder if rhett and link have done one of these yet.

  • its ne!
    its ne! 20 days ago

    It's u dipped Ur spoon In my wife's peanut butter all over again 😂😂

  • Michaël X
    Michaël X 21 day ago

    This taste test clearly highlights Rhetts more discernable appreciation for a quality hot dog, whereas Link seems a bit more finicky and/or possibly more of a "simple" (for lack of a better term) taste preference in terms of a hot dog (i.e. like Oscar Myer perhaps); Which is a bit peculiar beings his name is Link after all.

  • Christopher McWhinney
    Christopher McWhinney 23 days ago

    You want an amazing hotdog? Knackwurst, Dijon mustard, homemade sauerkraut and grated parmesan cheese on a brioche style hotdog bun. Pop for days and it's a beautiful flavour profile

  • MegaTroll Trollington
    MegaTroll Trollington 25 days ago

    If you think Applegate is the worst, you've never had bar -s- hotdogs. They are the worst in America.

  • Joshua Bradley
    Joshua Bradley 25 days ago

    7:13. He almost said ball park.........maybe? 🤔

  • Caden G
    Caden G 26 days ago +1

    i love how no one said anything when rhett said "the unadulterated experience with the wiener"

  • Cody Saunders
    Cody Saunders 26 days ago +2

    Should have gotten the original nathans, the long ones with the casings still on them. Nice snap and sticks out the bun :D

  • Zube Tube
    Zube Tube 26 days ago

    “I’m just gonna go off taste”
    “It’s too big around”
    “I can’t get over the presentation”
    Link, that’s not just going off taste

  • Manny Castellanos
    Manny Castellanos 27 days ago

    I’ve been on a GMM binge for a week !! You guys cleanse my souls😇

  • Gary Hall
    Gary Hall 28 days ago

    Ball Park hot dogs shouldn't even be in the discussion...straight trash.

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar 28 days ago

    The sign for Nathan's and the sign for Hebrew International were switched. I've never had a Nathan's dog that plump and pale.

  • bananaman 158831
    bananaman 158831 29 days ago

    when I was a little kid I would just grab a hotdog out of the fridge and eat it raw

  • Logan Hammack
    Logan Hammack Month ago

    Link is just too picky, he doesn’t like the swirly thing and he doesn’t like when it kinda ramps off at the end, I mean come on man


    This was a funny episode.

  • Muhaimin Ahasan
    Muhaimin Ahasan Month ago

    Thanks for reminding us, Rhett.

  • Christopher Lutz
    Christopher Lutz Month ago

    Kahn’s Hot Dogs beat everyone else’s dog

  • Weather Bye
    Weather Bye Month ago

    5:14 laughing how Rhett react to that dog 😂😂😂

  • BrudBruh
    BrudBruh Month ago

    chewing on this one is incredibly uncomfortable

  • Abbigale Shi
    Abbigale Shi Month ago

    Link likes long skinny dogs with no tip ;)

  • william foreman
    william foreman Month ago

    Viana beef company,,,, all beef Jumbo Franks!!!!!! The best...... I like to put the Nathan‘s chili on it or sometimes Tony Paco‘s,,,, served New England style on top sliced bun flatsided buttered on both sides of the bun and browned on the grill......

  • Chronic Kid
    Chronic Kid Month ago +1

    Why do i keep coming back to this

  • Stjaytrucker
    Stjaytrucker Month ago

    McKenzie Natural Casing Dogs should of made an appearance!

  • Bhawknation
    Bhawknation Month ago

    2:38 You just insulted 3,000,000 people

  • Jessica Pepper
    Jessica Pepper Month ago

    I knew link was picky but I didn't know he was THIS picky xD

  • Bloom Potato
    Bloom Potato Month ago

    I eat Hebrew National because it’s kosher and it tastes good
    But I also eat Ball Park. They taste the same to me

  • Jen
    Jen Month ago

    Ooh now I gotta try the Kirkland’s one

  • ReelLife C
    ReelLife C Month ago

    Im late to this video, but casper dogs are the winner.

  • Dean Schepisi
    Dean Schepisi Month ago

    Sabrett are the best hot dogs

  • Steven neves
    Steven neves Month ago

    How'd Kirkland's not get second Costco dogs use only beef no big products just cuts of beef and no additives

  • Caleb Nash
    Caleb Nash Month ago

    I hate that the ball park hotdogs got beat just because Rhett liked a pop and the fact that everyone knew it was the expensive on that tasted like beef. Hot dogs should not have a pop there hot dogs not sausage, which do have a pop.

  • Holly Brawner
    Holly Brawner Month ago +1

    That little "knob" on top means you KNOW it's real

  • dj sharpshooter
    dj sharpshooter Month ago

    The worst hot dog of all time ball park and of course its links choice

  • CrickMagnet
    CrickMagnet Month ago

    Which hot dog is the top dog?

  • LNR Jolt
    LNR Jolt Month ago

    Hey didn’t that intro sound like a song😂
    “Which hot dog is the top dog”

  • Makayla Inman
    Makayla Inman Month ago

    The real answer is Kogels

  • SodOff747
    SodOff747 Month ago

    “I need to slow my roll.”
    Proceeds to eat half of the hotdog.

  • Aisha
    Aisha Month ago

    I have watched this video 100 times

  • Evan's Megazord reviews

    6:07 I'd do the same thing Rhett said because I love hot dogs their my favorite food ever more than my other favorite lasagna

  • Peach 90952
    Peach 90952 Month ago

    Every time I hear “which hotdog is the top dog” I cannot stop hearing it as a song!

  • MichaelDoesYT
    MichaelDoesYT Month ago

    Have you quest that the “high quality” hotdog probably has the most GMOs and most artificial flavoring lmao

  • michael monforte
    michael monforte 2 months ago

    How can you leave sabretts, the best hotdogs in the world

  • AshTooFly
    AshTooFly 2 months ago

    somebody get these men a zweigelz

  • sammy hazim
    sammy hazim 2 months ago

    Where is that biggie dad quote from I know I’ve heard it somewhere

  • Ant
    Ant 2 months ago

    link hinders every taste test with his shitty tast buds lol

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin Sherrard 2 months ago

    Link is over there charging it by the size. I was ALWAYS told size does not matter! Shame on you link

  • Troy Martyr
    Troy Martyr 2 months ago

    Nathan's, Hebrew National are one of my faves. The worst by far is Bar S. Just a terrible hotdog, great price but terrible taste, explains why they are so cheap.

  • Abdullah Rashid
    Abdullah Rashid 2 months ago +2

    Is it just me or is the opening tune really catchy ?😁

  • Becky Filer
    Becky Filer 2 months ago

    Boars head is the BEST test that one!!

  • EMASc0utB011 Fortnite Vids!

    Exactly 2 years after this vid I left a comment. Today is Jan 16 2019

  • Sarah Grace
    Sarah Grace 2 months ago

    Rhett and Link totally trash talked KIRKLAND hotdogs and said APPLEGATE was really good, but it was the opposite. (No hate though) did Rhett and Link rewatch this video?

  • Metal-Up- My-Bass
    Metal-Up- My-Bass 2 months ago

    Yeah yeah you better dink ALL o' them top dogs

  • juliana Garcia
    juliana Garcia 2 months ago +1


  • juliana Garcia
    juliana Garcia 2 months ago +1

    I love your hot dog video🌭

  • Petalslash
    Petalslash 2 months ago

    No Koegal viennas so im just assuming they won because there the best.

  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell 2 months ago

    Top regional dog? East vs west. South vs the north and central vs them all..

  • Jeramie T
    Jeramie T 2 months ago

    Cheap is good. If I want sausage I'll have sausage. A hot dog is different.

  • Jeramie T
    Jeramie T 2 months ago

    Bar S

  • lexwaldez
    lexwaldez 2 months ago

    Ambassador wieners win and it's not even close or fair. Not kidding. I can go ten years without and when I get up to where they sell them, you know I'm going to fill a cooler.
    Once had a pack of Ballpark franks grilled up, gave a half a dog to our chow chow... chow sniffed it and walked away. Never bought Ballpark again. Nope.

  • Thomas Simmons
    Thomas Simmons 2 months ago

    People are missing out on Zweigles

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 2 months ago

    Not Nathan's skinless. Ballpark most unhealrhy.

  • Robin Rundqvist
    Robin Rundqvist 2 months ago

    Srf all the way

  • Garlic Bread
    Garlic Bread 2 months ago

    hearing the gmm staff laughing in the background will always be the purest thing

  • Maud Rashad TV
    Maud Rashad TV 2 months ago

    Oscar Myer

  • FatCrackerRantz
    FatCrackerRantz 2 months ago +1

    Here’s a drinking game for y’all, take a shot every time link says “I don’t like ____”

    • nisfornick
      nisfornick 2 months ago

      FatCrackerRantz Been nice knowing everyone...

  • Gary Giampa
    Gary Giampa 2 months ago

    hi have a hot dog eating party I love it

  • Irina V
    Irina V 2 months ago

    Lol Link has the taste palette of a 10 yo kid

  • David parody
    David parody 2 months ago

    Twenty one nine!

  • Nroke1
    Nroke1 2 months ago +1

    This was almost 2 years ago.

  • Valerie Goff
    Valerie Goff 2 months ago

    Should have included Carolina Brightleaf lol

    • rick sanchez
      rick sanchez Month ago

      Are you talking about the ones they sold at the drive in

  • Yan Tse
    Yan Tse 2 months ago

    If you just close your eyes, this video would sound so wrong.

  • djjazzyjeff123
    djjazzyjeff123 2 months ago +1

    The cheapest and ugliest hotdogs are often the tastiest in my experience.

  • Ricardo Rojas
    Ricardo Rojas 2 months ago

    No Its 2019 rehtt 22

  • MotoKP
    MotoKP 2 months ago

    I feel like Links parents made him wear protective gear to go on a slide.

  • minecrafter jay
    minecrafter jay 2 months ago

    Now it's 2019

  • Random kid
    Random kid 2 months ago


  • ssatt969
    ssatt969 2 months ago

    Anybody in 2019?