Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Chris Evans and his brother Scott take turns putting on noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asks them questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers.
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    Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 265

  • Jormarie Guadalupe
    Jormarie Guadalupe 6 hours ago

    You can tell Scott is not used to the spotlight he looks nerves verses Chris is so calming

  • hanna hernandez
    hanna hernandez 7 hours ago

    2:12 jimmy going “ou wow wow” is my new religion

  • ChuCho The Ace
    ChuCho The Ace 7 hours ago

    This is gold🤣😂😭

  • ChuCho The Ace
    ChuCho The Ace 7 hours ago

    Gotta love these two

  • Shadowhunters 89
    Shadowhunters 89 8 hours ago

    Never thought that Scott had such a shitty childhood.

  • Mr.BigFacts Everydaycomments

    This is my first time watching Chris Evans act as his regular self and it’s so different from Captain America😱😱😱

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 9 hours ago

    Two of the hottest men in the universe!

  • Vantian
    Vantian 9 hours ago


  • Interglactic Dimension
    Interglactic Dimension 10 hours ago

    He likes Crimes Scenes because he couldn't wait to find a stiff one!

  • Tasnima 123
    Tasnima 123 11 hours ago +1

    The way Chris says "Amazing" at 8:00 😂😂😭

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy 11 hours ago

    Scott how many CC's of Deca was Chris on during the Avengers films? Answer: All of them.

  • Carol Sentonnian
    Carol Sentonnian 13 hours ago

    I loved Scott Evans in One Life to Live!

  • Selina No
    Selina No 13 hours ago

    I LOVE their realationship

  • Gaby Sakura
    Gaby Sakura 14 hours ago

    They both are so darn hot!

  • yezi dong
    yezi dong 14 hours ago

    I think Scott looks like thor hhhhhh

  • Ezequiel Mendez
    Ezequiel Mendez 15 hours ago

    Scott: Well you cut my head open
    Chris: gives the *Oh Shoot* brother look then does the silent yelling thing that brothers do as an example "ScOtTtTtT" then he said "That Was Between usssssss" 😂😂😭😂😭😂😂
    Me:Damn you can tell they are soo brothers as a older brother that is the same look and silent yelling and the *you ratted me out* look when they tell on me😂😭😂❤

  • craig mills
    craig mills 16 hours ago +1

    Chris is the worst big brother 😂😂

  • madams513
    madams513 17 hours ago

    "This is going to be great"

  • MyTravels2525
    MyTravels2525 17 hours ago

    Chris looks like Adam Levine with this beard 😉

  • Loino Zhimo
    Loino Zhimo 17 hours ago

    Chris Evan... I'm so in love with ye.

  • Sam Cruz
    Sam Cruz 18 hours ago +1

    Indeed cutting school is more fun that cracking ur bro's head open😂😂

  • Keii-BiiVEVO
    Keii-BiiVEVO 18 hours ago

    Scott is going to kill someone one day, "i love murder" -Scott Evans 2K19

  • Dylan Mitchell
    Dylan Mitchell 18 hours ago

    Humility is very important.
    And wow Chris in real life is totally different to Steve Rogers, Bravo mate, bravo.

  • Kawaii Girl
    Kawaii Girl 19 hours ago

    I didn't know that they are brother 😭

  • Chlovelle B. Berador
    Chlovelle B. Berador 20 hours ago

    i love their relationship so much hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Classic Gamer
    Classic Gamer 20 hours ago

    He looks like the harvy from suits

  • Tamara Aboalsaud
    Tamara Aboalsaud 21 hour ago

    they have so many of the same little mannerisms

  • Star Spangled-Winghead
    Star Spangled-Winghead 22 hours ago

    God...I love these brothers. I was crying because of laughing. 😂😂😂😂 scott is just great as chris is. Beauty is in the whole family 😍😍😍

  • Smile Cambodia
    Smile Cambodia 23 hours ago

  • Hazel Carias-Urbina

    7:59 His laugh XD

  • srayj
    srayj Day ago

    So many people in the comments are saying that they didn’t even know Chris had a brother but I know Scott not only from watching the last two times they were on this show playing this game and flip cup, but also from his days as Officer Oliver Fish on One Life to Live.

  • Chingte Tonsing
    Chingte Tonsing Day ago

    Heiha melhoih

  • me love you long time

    How to make money off celebrities by making them look dumb


    Omg...chris reduced the volume...i saw it.

  • Shelby Brown
    Shelby Brown Day ago

    But Scott Evans, are you a Murderino?

  • Dash Zhavl
    Dash Zhavl Day ago

    Chris and Scott's parents, If you're watching this, It was a lie

  • Miriam Green
    Miriam Green Day ago

    Last time together they talked about getting docked from seeing Star Wars in theatre for fighting in the way there two weeks in a row!

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty Day ago

      It's funny that his brother is called Scott :D

  • Helen K
    Helen K Day ago

    Poor Scott. I just want to give him a hug. Chris is a terrible older sibling.

  • Devil Doll
    Devil Doll Day ago

    The best!!😂

  • LukeTheNerd
    LukeTheNerd Day ago

    shut up jimmy you cackling hen

  • Abbaliza Eriksson


  • VS__VII
    VS__VII Day ago

    God I love these three. I could watch a million hours of this

  • Vartkaes
    Vartkaes Day ago +1

    Hmmmmm maybe when he hit his head he decided that he wants to gay

  • Marco Pieri
    Marco Pieri Day ago

    Chris Evans: *slaps his brother's chest*

  • Allison Kraus
    Allison Kraus Day ago

    I'm from NH and I love Loon Mountain. I guess I can never ski there again

  • Joel Gajardo
    Joel Gajardo Day ago

  • Jean Gala
    Jean Gala Day ago

    Good genetics man

  • Enrique Newman
    Enrique Newman Day ago

    If chris is 38 and scott is 36 that would mean chris was like 16 as a senior and scott was 14 as a dont add up

  • NewTypexvii
    NewTypexvii Day ago

    Now everytime I see that guy on TV or in a movie I'm going to think, " Is he gonna poop his pants?"

  • flyingpotato
    flyingpotato Day ago

    It's funny that his brother is called Scott :D

  • Ross Cavagliano
    Ross Cavagliano Day ago

    0:00 okay but...chris, sweety

  • Emmmhmm
    Emmmhmm Day ago

    Why does Chris’ voice literally sound like Adam sandler especially in the poop story

  • Isaura Comas
    Isaura Comas Day ago

    Can I please marry Chris? Lord please :)

  • mararain22
    mararain22 Day ago

    Wow. One thing I just realized. Scott played Oliver Fish in „One Life to live“ and Oli was a police officer😏

  • mararain22
    mararain22 Day ago

    Oh my God! That is Oliver Fish. He is still handsome af. I never knew Chris Evans is his brother. Crazy.

  • Karlin Cecrle
    Karlin Cecrle Day ago

    I JUST DAMN DIED WHEN CHRIS SAID "This is going to be amazing!" hahahaha

  • Sherita Presley
    Sherita Presley Day ago


  • R2K
    R2K Day ago

    How lucky is Scott growing up with a hottie Chris.

  • Marvel Fan4
    Marvel Fan4 Day ago

    Not gonna lie I didn’t even know Chris had a brother 😂 lol