6 Things That YG Trainees Must Sacrifice If They Want To Continue Idol Dream

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Here are 6 things that YG idol trainees have to sacrifice if they want to continue working towards their dreams.
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    [Source] www.kpopmap.com/6-things-that-yg-trainees-must-sacrifice-to-be-in-yg-entertainment/
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Comments • 450

  • Vanshika Singh
    Vanshika Singh 2 days ago

    Me 11 years old: i hate dating.I hate parties.I hate driving.I.Hate.Everything.
    Me in the future and once a YG trainee/idol:I wAnt tO bE FRee sksksksk

  • Elkie CLC
    Elkie CLC 12 days ago

    Most of the rules are like I'm just following them, I'm not a night out going person, neither a driver lmao I'm 16 and also I would be focused more on training than having a crush on a girl.. So yeah

  • lil meow meow
    lil meow meow 27 days ago

    1:43 I'm very okay with that, please let that happen, I NEVER want to drive!! I did before and I crashed into a fence!!!! And I'm scared of it! So yeah.......please and thank you

  • shane's vlogs
    shane's vlogs Month ago

    Im blink if you dont know what is blink im blackpink fan balckpink is good member my bias is jisoo FYI BLACKPINL IS NOT DRIVING CAR DOOOHHH BLACKPINK CANT DRIVE CAR

  • Jiya Singh
    Jiya Singh Month ago

    Nothing matters these rules ,if you want to become a kpop so these rules r nothing.i can do anything...for become a idol

  • Jk Hi
    Jk Hi Month ago

    I mean I am none of those so I think I can be a kpop idol even tho I am only 12

  • bora bora
    bora bora 2 months ago

    trainees can't study anymore right ?

  • megokoi
    megokoi 3 months ago

    But Lisa got a nose job, and bleached her skin?? Wait im confused??

  • InSfIReS mAn
    InSfIReS mAn 4 months ago

    These are the rules I have to follow every-day or my Asian Mom will probably beat the hell out of me with her flip-flops

  • Priyanka Chakraborty
    Priyanka Chakraborty 4 months ago

    YG entertainment is nothing compared to what Simon Cowell did with artists under him😑 YG is better than that monster

  • Tarun Saikia
    Tarun Saikia 4 months ago

    Can I be a member of YG entertainment

  • Hunter x Hunter FanGirl
    Hunter x Hunter FanGirl 4 months ago +1

    1. meh i never had a bf since birth
    2. I barely go out cuz im not aloud to unless if im with my family
    3. like i said i barely go out and ive never been on a club
    4. Ok i know how to drive but only on a parking lot not on the road
    5. i dont want that
    6. its my 1st time drinking wine this year aaaand i only had a sip

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 5 months ago

    2. I have motion sickness so it's fine
    3. I'm an introvert
    4. I can't drive
    5. I don't like tattoos or cosmetic surgery
    6. I don't drink and smoke
    It's all good? 😆 These aren't that hard

  • * MØØÑÏƏ *
    * MØØÑÏƏ * 5 months ago

    Its actualyy not ruining uour freedom

  • 아리아Aria
    아리아Aria 5 months ago

    YG DOES NOT ALLOW DATING *Jennie gets in a car with Kai from exo like a mil times*.......

  • Jihan Salah
    Jihan Salah 5 months ago

    Ummm it’s not that bad I mean look on the plus side they have healthy lives are adored by MANY people and make lots of money what’s wrong with that

  • Emssy Fernandez
    Emssy Fernandez 5 months ago

    The rule that dating is prohibited
    *Jennie left the grp chat*

  • Arien Maia
    Arien Maia 5 months ago

    Could you make a video about rules in JYPE too? Please

  • Jeon Seagull
    Jeon Seagull 5 months ago

    Yg setting rules and idols breaking the rules... Haha

  • CupOfTae Productions
    CupOfTae Productions 5 months ago

    *Do you think I have a chance to become a trainee?*
    I’m 50% Chinese
    I love singing and put all my passion into it and I consider myself pretty good.
    I don’t know how to dance since the last time I danced was in ballet about 5-7 years ago but I absolutely love dancing even if I don’t get it right and embarrass myself.
    I’m kinda socially awkward but I think I can get over it.
    I don’t have a bad attitude towards most people.
    I have really messed up teeth but not so bad that that’s the only thing you see when you meet me.
    My friends and family consider me to be pretty.( I have no skin problems)
    I never wear makeup so my skin is pretty much clear and smooth.
    I’m definitely over weight but even though I’m trying to lose weight I have no motivation so hopefully if I ABSOLUTELY have to lose it, I will give my all.
    I’m 13 and I’m 148lbs (yes I know, I have a slow metabolism)
    I live in New York and I can’t seem to find any upcoming global auditions, any information?

  • cookey bun squads
    cookey bun squads 5 months ago

    Uhhhh! I hate this happening from YG! Specialy blackpink haters !😯😒😒😒

  • I Breathe K-pop
    I Breathe K-pop 5 months ago

    ok I passed I want to be a trainee lol

  • Gatcha Princess
    Gatcha Princess 6 months ago

    1. I don't date
    2.i follow rules
    3.I HATE GOING OUT OF MY HOUSE/travelling.
    4. And i don't go to clubs
    5.I don't go to clubs.
    6.Im always car sick so YEAH

  • Heema Heema
    Heema Heema 6 months ago

    What about jyp??

  • Honey Chaeyoung
    Honey Chaeyoung 6 months ago

    But iKON did all of this except for dating and traveling. They go clubs, drinking but not smoking tho.

  • Chichu Chikin
    Chichu Chikin 6 months ago

    Hmmm June and Jinani must've been an exception in terms of drinking😂

  • Jenibe
    Jenibe 6 months ago

    hi I'm only just 13yrs old and using my mom's account,and also a FEMALE!
    cuz BTS have right to buy a gifts or go to a museum,but in YG It's just like your sentenced to prison as long as you give up.so YG PLEASE CHANGE YOUR OTHER RULES! (for human's basic right)

  • KooKoo
    KooKoo 6 months ago

    well, sajangnim taking care of his trainees

  • 。アナベル
    。アナベル 6 months ago

    1: what love life¿
    2: why would I need to travel¿
    3: im underage
    4: also underage and why would I want to drive lololol
    5: okay
    6: yay imma be healthy !
    also I grew up EXTREMELY independently and I would love to have control and structure in my life :’)

  • JeanTheBorg TV
    JeanTheBorg TV 6 months ago +3

    Good thing I don't have any kind of these experiences....I'M SAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEDDD!!!!!!!!!!
    First...I only have a crush... but WE NEVER DATE..maybe he's going to bring me somewhere since I'm her girlfriend...that's why I DON'T TRUST BOYS NOW!!!
    2nd..I've never been into some kind of travels before so...Yeah... I'M SAVEEEEDDDD!!!!!
    3rd...The parties are all boring (well except for the birthday parties we only eat cakes)
    4th...I don't have a license..which means I never been into driving before... I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE A CAR BY MYSELF!!!!
    5th..Surgeries and tattoos....THAT'S SOOOOOOOO..(ouch) I mean...Yeah surgeries can make your face beautiful...BUT IT CAN HURT YOU...YOU KNOW?!?!?!!?!?!YOU HAVE TO SUFFER FROM PAIN BECAUSE OF ITTTT!!!! It's good to be who you really are...
    6th...I don't smoke...THAT COULD AFFECT YOUR HEALTH (sorry I just care for everyone >-

  • kkul mia
    kkul mia 6 months ago

    O:45 isn't this soundtrack in road trip to love kdrama ^ .^

  • Pop corn
    Pop corn 7 months ago +3

    1. I dont do dates (for sure no one will like me ) and its not my thing also ahe 😬
    2. I dont have money to travel 😕
    3. I dont do clubbing and i‘ve tasted alcohol but i dont drink😉
    4. I dont drive.. I cannot afford one 🤪
    5. I am satisfied with my body 🤷🏻‍♀️
    6. And again i dont drink and i dont want to ruin my lungs 🙅🏻‍♀️
    But i do sing and dance (i can perform well... i think..)

  • G̶d̶r̶a̶g̶o̶n̶ ̶

    Lol! That dating rule is for their trainee and rookie days, and seungri even said himself that they are allowed to date as long as not being caught

  • lil meow meow
    lil meow meow 7 months ago

    Good because im not going to/allowed to do any of those except date and that....isnt going well

  • Un Known
    Un Known 7 months ago

    I cam be a trainee but i easily fall in love sometimes

  • her babydoll
    her babydoll 7 months ago

    I want to audition and YG and these rules are not stopping me. Because I don't do any of them :/

  • Hai! Hai!
    Hai! Hai! 7 months ago +1

    If you have a mom like mine...I'm pretty sure you can take these challenges.

    LAW QINQI - 7 months ago

    That's easy to follow....

    Cause I'm just 13...

  • Maga MagaMaga
    Maga MagaMaga 7 months ago

    YG is over.... all artists are out of control!

  • Fatima Bibon
    Fatima Bibon 7 months ago +1

    So I can be an idol of yg (sorry if my grammar is wrong)

  • Stella Tina
    Stella Tina 8 months ago

    i think i can join yg

  • rosa rose
    rosa rose 8 months ago

    I dont think that most of these rules exists any more cause I saw a video for Lisa driving her black car with jisso and rose posted on her insta apicture for her and Lisa at one of the restraunts in paris I guess and drinking red wine !! So what?

  • Jae Yoon
    Jae Yoon 8 months ago

    1. I hate date
    2. I'm broke
    3. I prefer to stay at home
    4. I don't know how to drive
    5. did you call me ugly
    6. I hate drinking alcohol & I don't smoke

  • I have too many biases
    I have too many biases 8 months ago

    *I don't smoke, i can be natural beautiful maybe when i grow up, i can't drive because I'm almost 11 xD, I don't wanna date anyone, i don't like partying, i don't like travelling* Can i be a kpop idol now?

  • kooky cookie
    kooky cookie 8 months ago

    i can become coz i dont have intrest in any of them

  • Elisua Cazares
    Elisua Cazares 8 months ago

    This is why we fandoms prefer not to be kpop idols but to love their music

  • manasa avula
    manasa avula 9 months ago

    Why didn't you add the most important rule of not showcasing their talents

  • Koko Tarantism
    Koko Tarantism 9 months ago

    Well I think I could last if I was an idol
    1 I don't want to have a relationship
    2 I mostly stay indoors
    3 I don't like clubs/I've never been in one
    4 I'm to young to drive plus I think it's a little scary
    5 I'm to young to drink or smoke plus those are bad for you and I want to stay healthy my whole life
    6 I'm okay with waiting to get surgery and I think it's a little scary getting your face shaped into something different or just getting a nose job

  • Selene
    Selene 9 months ago

    I’m auditioning for YG but I will sacrifice this is I pass idc if this affects me cuz I want to be an idol

  • lolo pari
    lolo pari 10 months ago

    My parents don’t allow me to do any of that stuff so YG HERE I COME

  • Hobiove
    Hobiove 10 months ago +3

    LOL im blessed all of the things mentioned are things i already avoid! LOL!

  • BANGTAN IsK-gods
    BANGTAN IsK-gods 10 months ago

    I watched this, I still want to audition to Yg. Idc if its tough bcs I’m maybe too young to be a trainee (age:Febuary/08/19 I will be 11 so now I’m 10) yeah

    NANDESWAR HANSE 10 months ago

    I have a Tattoo 😢😢😥

  • Luciene Silva
    Luciene Silva 11 months ago

    Linda. mesmo 😍😄😑😄😓😓

  • Luciene Silva
    Luciene Silva 11 months ago


  • Love Bts Taekook
    Love Bts Taekook 11 months ago

    I want to know Bighit Rules for Bts member... :-)

  • Zielle_la_la _la
    Zielle_la_la _la 11 months ago

    Rip jenkai

  • lock club
    lock club 11 months ago

    But yg allowed bigbang gd have tattoos,drinking, smoking and dating hehe

  • ila dilax
    ila dilax 11 months ago

    Pesantren bener nih :v

  • ryen kim manoban
    ryen kim manoban 11 months ago

    i don't hate jenkai but I'm not convinced about their relationship lol,it looks like it was planned and scripted hahha,sorry not sorry but you cannot blame for being suspicious like the others hahahaha...