Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018
  • swole n' healthy
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  • D&DDiceRoll
    D&DDiceRoll 23 minutes ago

    D&DDiceRoll has died of dysentery

    ps: 2020 is so close type me newyears resolutions plz

  • Lustie Moonlight
    Lustie Moonlight Hour ago

    2:14 Wtf Jayden stop calling me out

  • flatboy gamer
    flatboy gamer 3 hours ago

    2:55 this is when the outbreak starts

  • hey at least I tried
    hey at least I tried 4 hours ago

    How she said there's a diffrence being thin fit and healthy its true in a stick bug but im not fit

  • Blue Toad
    Blue Toad 5 hours ago +1

    I like all the random spongebob references

  • Pastel Rose
    Pastel Rose 6 hours ago

    I'm eating carrots while I watch this video
    *I'm looking at you Jaiden's parents*

  • Vex
    Vex 8 hours ago

    "Someone could be thin but that doesn't mean they're at all healthy"
    .....Well,I feel called out.

  • Sassy Chocolate milk
    Sassy Chocolate milk 15 hours ago

    I wasn't a big man, though I take the piss out of myself for it, I was still 14 stone, way bigger than I needed to be. The way I dieted was to exercise in my room semi-regularly, and cut out all fatty things from my diet. Once I had reached 12 and a half stone, some of those things came back in as weekly treats. Now, a year and a half later, I'm a mere 10 stone.
    If I, a greedy and gluttonous thing, could lose four stone, you can too. You don't need to go to the gym but if you can get some regular exercise (e.g. in my case karate), it goes a long way of making you feel much better.
    (Now, if only I could sleep properly...)

  • TinyCutieon
    TinyCutieon 15 hours ago

    What do you specifically mean by 'eating healthy'?
    Because... Well... I'm just saying cuz well.... Sugar can be good in some cases, like if your blood sugar is really low...
    Yeah.... I just want to still be able to eat candy 'a lot'

  • TinyCutieon
    TinyCutieon 15 hours ago

    ...What if you live in China?

  • Selwyn Campbell
    Selwyn Campbell 15 hours ago


  • Selwyn Campbell
    Selwyn Campbell 15 hours ago


  • kuarege Dart
    kuarege Dart 15 hours ago

    No spngeBob!!!

  • Grace Chan
    Grace Chan 18 hours ago +1


  • george Conaway
    george Conaway 20 hours ago

    I was just being nice and I'd ever give up for my relation from lc

  • Alex2005 pokéfanatic
    Alex2005 pokéfanatic 21 hour ago +1

    6:37 i want an hugh too

  • //Shadow_Reaper\\

    2:11 it says dnd night! Ik this vids old but hey Jaiden, do u play dnd at all?

  • Esteban Garduno
    Esteban Garduno Day ago

    How old are you?

  • Esteban Garduno
    Esteban Garduno Day ago


  • no related
    no related Day ago

    Soy el único español um okey Hello

  • •Hope•
    •Hope• Day ago

    2:40 is that teriyaki???

  • Rae Shevalier
    Rae Shevalier Day ago

    and end up and pulling a james

  • Mocha Latte
    Mocha Latte 2 days ago

    oOoOoOhHhH iMmm hOpPeEeLeEesSsSS
    i cracked up way too hard on that one

  • Trevor Deane
    Trevor Deane 2 days ago

    Waittt my bday is on 10/11 days

  • Trevor Deane
    Trevor Deane 2 days ago

    Uh my bday is in 2/3 days

  • Trevor Deane
    Trevor Deane 2 days ago


  • Brittany Bowman
    Brittany Bowman 2 days ago +1

    Why me

  • Angel Leal
    Angel Leal 2 days ago

    Have you found out from bitcoin

  • Hope Baker
    Hope Baker 2 days ago

    Min to 😝😝😝😝

  • Jacob Worley
    Jacob Worley 2 days ago

    My mom hasn’t drank a soda since December

  • Kyle DeChant
    Kyle DeChant 2 days ago

    Me: Watches video wile drinking the refilled drink I got from Taco Bell
    Video: Talks about weight loss
    Also Me: I'm so very pathetic and also soooooooooo fat....

  • richbracken
    richbracken 3 days ago +20

    "it's the closest thing to drugs, that isn't drugs"

  • brotato potato
    brotato potato 3 days ago

    Haha and here I am... *less than a month to 2020 hAhAHa*

  • Arpan
    Arpan 3 days ago

    umm.....pls keep up the Greek mythology reference in all your future videos
    at 7:32 "I SWEAR TO HERCULES"😂

  • Bailey Storey
    Bailey Storey 3 days ago +1

    Just a quick note for the future: a lot of people struggling with an eating disorder find "exact" numbers triggering. When someone says "I eat this many calories a day", it kind of sparks up that voice that says "hey, why aren't you doing THAT?". Or, if someone is restricting that amount, or going lower, it might encourage them.
    I remember when I brought up my daily limit of calories my first time in group therapy, I didn't know. There was a collective "AHHHH".
    So yea, lots of people don't realize that. It's just something for the future :)

  • Emily Armstrong
    Emily Armstrong 3 days ago +1


  • Blu Scout
    Blu Scout 4 days ago

    Damm Jaiden you're actually motivating.

  • Gacha Kat
    Gacha Kat 4 days ago

    Me with full volume: oh this vid good
    THen vid suddenly does this: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    Me with my eardrums destroyed: HOLY TRINITY-

  • Jodan Engbers
    Jodan Engbers 4 days ago

    6:48 it’s called OCD

  • Zink 083
    Zink 083 4 days ago

    1:32 me when school starts

  • Miku chan
    Miku chan 4 days ago

    My family doesnt write resolutions, i dont even spend new years with my family.

  • Kenny Leroy
    Kenny Leroy 5 days ago

    Feel like I lost a bunch of weight but the scale said I still weight the same 😭😭😭😭😫😫😫🤮🤮🤮💢💢💢🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😵😵😵

  • phillthetird
    phillthetird 5 days ago


  • jetts punch act
    jetts punch act 5 days ago

    7:16 And end up pulling a James *shows 1 of his sprinkle videos*

  • Triple B
    Triple B 5 days ago +1

    "Soccer, ..."
    Excuse Me, Jaiden. Did You Mean "Football, ..." ?

  • Army Of Bricks
    Army Of Bricks 5 days ago

    Yea probably because you would drown first before you get to china

  • Ya dude Astrid
    Ya dude Astrid 5 days ago


  • Warren Cross
    Warren Cross 6 days ago

    School be like:

  • Ben.T
    Ben.T 6 days ago

    6:18 what if you are already in China

  • Gamer Hall Of Famer
    Gamer Hall Of Famer 6 days ago

    Freaking brittney

  • Kaylee Colpan
    Kaylee Colpan 6 days ago

    Turn on captions and go to 1:32 in the video
    (What’s with the caption?)

  • Cronos and the Guardians of Eternity

    It’s all about balance

  • Video Prime Time.
    Video Prime Time. 6 days ago +5

    No one:
    Literary no one:
    Me: wii fit... let's talk about it... I been doing for 3 years

  • Juliet Kendall
    Juliet Kendall 7 days ago +1

    *hOnEy yOu GoT a BiG sToRm CoMiN*

  • Sareena Hay
    Sareena Hay 7 days ago

    i get it,cause i had a eating disorder last year🤗

  • P O T A T O D O G
    P O T A T O D O G 7 days ago +27

    “You’ll set your self up for failure”
    “And be James “

  • Max Sellars
    Max Sellars 7 days ago


  • Joey Zhao
    Joey Zhao 7 days ago

    a casual battle to the death

    NOOO!!!! SQUATTS!!!!