Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018
  • swole n' healthy
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  • xCrystalDragonsLPS
    xCrystalDragonsLPS 3 hours ago

    My best friend and I play darksouls
    About a week ago we made a challange: don't level your character at all, complete the game, everytime you die you have to do 10 pushups, only 1 bonfire per area.
    My arms hurt

  • Scp 173
    Scp 173 6 hours ago

    So you used to go for an entire day without eating? I have a similar issue it's just that I don't eat at school, at home I eat E V E R Y T H I N G which could be the equivalent of 9000 calories or 5 calories, it depends on how much food there is

    HARLEY QUEEN 7 hours ago

    Ok Noel I realize that I can eat like 5 Big Mcs and not get any "belly"

  • Geo Gacha
    Geo Gacha 7 hours ago

    Honey you got a big storm coming
    *does "amazing" move* Who remembers that nonsense ad?

  • Petunia Nikki Petel
    Petunia Nikki Petel 11 hours ago

    Jaiden do you have a crush on James I ship you hard!!!!!

  • Lily Franch
    Lily Franch 12 hours ago

    I do competitive pokemon battling too. Its great exercise 👍

  • Kitten hotdog541 :3

    There’s this weird thing were I’m not that Hungary and can’t control it :p

  • Taryn Kinser
    Taryn Kinser Day ago

    Jaiden, that monster thing, looks like bendy
    also I love ur videos

  • Rubio Gaming
    Rubio Gaming Day ago

    I call the 5:00 part is the best animation ever in this vid

  • stfu
    stfu Day ago

    I had an ad for losing weight in one minute .. 😂

  • Caroline Eaton
    Caroline Eaton Day ago

    Because I'm in school, the new school year is always my "New Year". I get a new haircut, i.e. my nape undercut I got yesterday, or change my clothing style, or even do a deep clean of my room. Those always end up making me feel new and refreshed for a different experience like new teachers, a new schedule and new people surrounding me.

  • Jeff Mckinney
    Jeff Mckinney Day ago

    If you eat healthy you will get superpowers and turn into angle

  • Eloisa Gonzalez
    Eloisa Gonzalez Day ago

    Me just reading the comments for no reason 😹😂

  • Slinky Gaming
    Slinky Gaming Day ago

    2:18 error 1ine mi5hap

  • Pedro Guimarães

    What is the name of the workout song jaiden hates? I really like it :v

  • Windstreak Wolf
    Windstreak Wolf Day ago

    When Jaiden said- you don’t pour a cup of gas in your car and. Try to drive to China
    I died😂

  • FreshBeat 300
    FreshBeat 300 Day ago

    Did u hurt ur voice in this 😂

  • The REAADS crew
    The REAADS crew Day ago

    Ohhh, I missed a week... I’m HOPELESS... hooooo.....OMNOMNOM

  • neelam khan
    neelam khan Day ago

    I hate that music soooo much FRIDGE THAT CRAP

  • neelam khan
    neelam khan Day ago


  • SamDaGamer
    SamDaGamer Day ago


  • Sara Tanner
    Sara Tanner 2 days ago

    1:36 I'm getting some flash backs to spongebob

    PROWKC1 GT 2 days ago

    Jaiden : theres a plenty of activities you can do, play sports with your friends, etc etc
    Me : does playing pokemon GO counts?

  • Drifter 1221 YT
    Drifter 1221 YT 2 days ago

    4:29 to 4:33 Sports including tennis play a game with friends casual battle to the DEATH

  • Stopmotion Gaming
    Stopmotion Gaming 2 days ago

    Ive heard the workout song everywere but i cant find it plz help

  • [8B] Mebo
    [8B] Mebo 2 days ago

    *swole n healthy*

  • Jaslyn Tirado
    Jaslyn Tirado 2 days ago

    It’s hilarious because I watched a cumershal with this song

  • 8bit gaming
    8bit gaming 2 days ago

    7 DAYS VEGAN CHALLENGE (solves all your problems baby)

  • animated hammer
    animated hammer 2 days ago

    Fitness what's that?

  • CellDoCho Ethan
    CellDoCho Ethan 3 days ago

    1:15 I died at that part

  • NaturalBornKillers2
    NaturalBornKillers2 3 days ago

    jaiden: there isnt an easy way out
    steroids: Am i a joke to you

  • Nico di Angelo
    Nico di Angelo 3 days ago

    What if the fruits and vegetables aren’t fresh? And if I live off of one pomegranate seed a day for a week?

  • Marbear 7456
    Marbear 7456 3 days ago +1

    All the references to SpongeBob

  • TheDiamondJoey Gamer


  • Celeste Ayala
    Celeste Ayala 3 days ago

    0:42 - 0:45 instead of a dragon it should’ve been ari

  • Omair Imtiaz
    Omair Imtiaz 3 days ago

    So MaNy mEmEs

  • GachaYoshee
    GachaYoshee 3 days ago

    That’s so true when I put the Beachbody dvd they smile like😀 even if it’s like a push up holding the squat I can’t do that I’m like😖 AHHH IT BURNS THIS IS SO HARD😫

  • Gibson Gold
    Gibson Gold 3 days ago +2

    From New Years Resolutions, to home fitness, to anorexia.

  • Thatcher Flynn
    Thatcher Flynn 3 days ago

    If you are looking for a good diet go on the ketogenic diet

  • Gameing Emoji
    Gameing Emoji 3 days ago +6

    Who's watching in 2019........

    Just me okay
    Omg thanks for one likes a wait it's blue that must mean I liked it

  • Darwin Annable
    Darwin Annable 3 days ago

    finally a fellow player! 2:12

  • PaintedHorses
    PaintedHorses 4 days ago

    2:55- me on friday
    My friends- Stop acting Gay already,
    we get it
    Ps. This is not ment to offend anyone who's LGBTQ or gay in general, im actually gay

  • It’s ya boy Brandon

    Why am I 5 feet and I way 117 pounds I’m 11

  • Anti Possession
    Anti Possession 4 days ago

    "Please try to end it as soon as you can" I can't. I gotta think about my mom and sibling and niblings.

  • Josue Moran
    Josue Moran 4 days ago

    You know James’ Nigerian uncle

  • Helen Rhodes
    Helen Rhodes 4 days ago

    Me in a nutshell

  • owo ちゃn
    owo ちゃn 4 days ago


    *starts exercising*

  • Elizabeth Allen
    Elizabeth Allen 4 days ago +5

    "Oh I missed a weak, oh my hopeless hmm? NOM NOM NOM"
    I want to say now, that's me

  • • NightFoxEra •
    • NightFoxEra • 4 days ago

    This is.... amazing 2:17

  • A_Bag _Of_Potatows
    A_Bag _Of_Potatows 4 days ago +1

    Why is the body face so cute?

  • Anthony Benjamin
    Anthony Benjamin 4 days ago

    Mumbojumbo reference

  • Paige Lambert
    Paige Lambert 4 days ago


  • Uniferret Lover
    Uniferret Lover 4 days ago

    Kids, don’t be like JAMES 🥴

  • Hydro Bat
    Hydro Bat 4 days ago

    Me:I'm gonna work out 5X MORE(next day)
    My dude:so when we going 2 da gym?Me: uhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • manawatch
    manawatch 4 days ago

    my counsellor always does smth with me! we learn about red thoughts and green thoughts. its pretty basic, but dividing them is always good!

  • Tragon Lady
    Tragon Lady 4 days ago +1

    2:15 literally me

  • cecilia diaz
    cecilia diaz 4 days ago

    Well I broke my leg that's why I say I can run now

  • cecilia diaz
    cecilia diaz 4 days ago

    I changed when I moved houses I walk my pet I go out and I run now

  • Harry O‘Gorman
    Harry O‘Gorman 4 days ago

    Lose 10 pounds in 30 minutes and your pizza is free

  • Christian Heckman
    Christian Heckman 4 days ago

    1:32 rip headphone users who use max volume

  • Winston Lim
    Winston Lim 5 days ago

    Oh i missed a week!Im hopeless!😭😭😭 Nomnomnonmnonmnonmnomnonmnonmnonmnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

  • Tony Callme
    Tony Callme 5 days ago

    Me getting into the gym for 2 years
    My manboob is bigger than both my arm combined

  • Danoz Azam
    Danoz Azam 5 days ago

    2:18 when I’m hungry

  • XxSillver_ PlayzxX
    XxSillver_ PlayzxX 5 days ago

    What if I'm ThiCCC lol from lankybox I'm thicc not fat

  • Michael Stromatt
    Michael Stromatt 5 days ago

    Jaiden you make awsome videos! i wish i could be like you...

  • Lucario 2006
    Lucario 2006 5 days ago

    *when someone notices the spongebob reference in the thumbnail*

  • Jakubgamerpro
    Jakubgamerpro 5 days ago

    lol i just go on a realy healthy vid then the rest parts are just junk food and ice cream XD

  • jeffrey hu
    jeffrey hu 5 days ago

    6:29 lol

  • JustAnother1
    JustAnother1 5 days ago

    4:56 Super Saiyan

  • CGN doggo
    CGN doggo 5 days ago

    What kind of learner are you?
    Visual=learning with eyes
    Auditory=learning with ears
    Kinesthetic=learning with hands and touch
    I’m an auditory learner

  • A tube the Gamer
    A tube the Gamer 5 days ago

    I love the music

  • Juniper_ Alpha
    Juniper_ Alpha 5 days ago

    But music calms me TwT can I play it through my ear buds.... please,

  • Juniper_ Alpha
    Juniper_ Alpha 5 days ago


  • Juniper_ Alpha
    Juniper_ Alpha 5 days ago

    My resalution is complete write and animate

  • AGcrafterlmt
    AGcrafterlmt 5 days ago

    4:59 I lost 30 pounds in a year just by changing my eating habbits (before I ate cheese burgers and corndogs every other day. I still exercised by my activity didn't increase by much during that time) it works.