BLACKPINK - 'SOLO' + '뚜두뚜두(DDU-DU DDU-DU)' + 'FOREVER YOUNG' in 2018 SBS Gayodaejun

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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  • Hėy Coökies S2
    Hėy Coökies S2 8 hours ago


  • Thanh Thư
    Thanh Thư 8 hours ago

    I loVe You Pặc Pặc

  • Rahma Wati
    Rahma Wati 8 hours ago

    Ilove you black pink💕💙💝

  • leonela kim
    leonela kim 8 hours ago

    Blackpink en tu área

  • MV by me
    MV by me 8 hours ago

    Mata w pedes ga ngedip :v

  • Firmina Bupu
    Firmina Bupu 8 hours ago


  • Odiet Gonjalez
    Odiet Gonjalez 8 hours ago


  • hang phạm
    hang phạm 8 hours ago


  • MV by me
    MV by me 8 hours ago


  • Miki G
    Miki G 8 hours ago

    Damn Jisoo’s stage presence in the thumbnail reached me im ded

  • clary blink studio
    clary blink studio 9 hours ago +1

    Quieran o no blackpink en tan poco tiempo ya ha logrado más que bts (sin ofender a las armys) eso lo han dicho hasta youtubers

  • Chika 27
    Chika 27 9 hours ago +2


  • galaxies cat
    galaxies cat 9 hours ago

    I'm sorry I'm sorry I can barely see Lisa at this point does she even exist to you

  • Mary Cheska
    Mary Cheska 9 hours ago +1

    jisoo is so fucking beautiful

  • rose
    rose 9 hours ago

    Q chivo se escucha con adifonos y a todo volumen

  • Sean Simon Reyes
    Sean Simon Reyes 10 hours ago +1


  • odeu9502 frank
    odeu9502 frank 10 hours ago


  • genta official
    genta official 10 hours ago +1


  • Gianna Isabella
    Gianna Isabella 11 hours ago

    lisa can step on me and i’d thank her

  • Милка
    Милка 11 hours ago

    Как это песня назеваетца

  • まめ
    まめ 11 hours ago +1


  • Riv Ana15
    Riv Ana15 11 hours ago

    Moga moga black pink semakin cantik

  • Army IGOT7 EXO-L
    Army IGOT7 EXO-L 11 hours ago

    Rosé is the beatiful dancer

  • roseen are zentos
    roseen are zentos 12 hours ago

    Omg kwon twins😍😍😍
    Sanranghe oppa ilove you😚😚😚

  • Yan Dziban
    Yan Dziban 12 hours ago

    bagus banget

  • Belen Gacha23
    Belen Gacha23 12 hours ago

    Quién vio en vivo el concierto yoooo

  • Samim Khan
    Samim Khan 12 hours ago

    Lisa's hair style made her DOLL

  • Carlos Felipe Ortega Zuñiga

    How did Jennie change her dress so fast???
    And it's not the same without the long skirt because the second outfit has sleeves ans the first one is strapless

    • Carlos Felipe Ortega Zuñiga
      Carlos Felipe Ortega Zuñiga 9 hours ago

      +EXACTLY :0

      EXACTLY 12 hours ago +1

      she ripped the skirt off then they put the blazer on as quick as they could because she had 8 seconds to get changed before DDU DU DDU DU started

  • Queen Jisoo
    Queen Jisoo 13 hours ago +1

  • Siska youngest
    Siska youngest 14 hours ago


  • Irma Hilda Villalvazo Lopez

    I love jeni

  • Candy !
    Candy ! 16 hours ago

    I really like Black pink they are not as girly like the other girl groups their dancing is different too other girl groups just try to do something cute they are just right😊

  • soso Ziad
    soso Ziad 16 hours ago +1

    Wherw arab?اين العرب

  • Emilia Thompson
    Emilia Thompson 17 hours ago

    English no clue what said but great

  • naz kalkan
    naz kalkan 17 hours ago +1


  • Emily Sofley
    Emily Sofley 18 hours ago +1

    It's so cute whenever they make eye contact they just smile immediately

  • Christine V
    Christine V 18 hours ago

    Jennie is really pretty! Wow!

  • chimneys thighs
    chimneys thighs 18 hours ago

    Question from an outsider. Why is Lisa always idk.. I hear too little about her. I used to think Lisa was the most popular member when BP just debuted. I never hear anything about her? Whats the tea Blinks?

  • Nur Syakeen
    Nur Syakeen 18 hours ago

    Hello who have Twitter i just want to make friends

  • Virginia Grande
    Virginia Grande 19 hours ago +2

    The views is worth of an Music video 😮

  • •w• Mishel kawaii •w•

    Pobre jinne bailo dos veces

  • Zahrul Rozak Rozak
    Zahrul Rozak Rozak 19 hours ago +2

    I LOVE ROSE 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ison Moh'ed
    Ison Moh'ed 19 hours ago

    i was like what is literally a performance video deserves this views but then when i watched "well never mind jennie told me i have to Stan her all the time" because of on the LAZY JENNIE issue i stopped a liitle bit to know if jennie deserves to take her as a BIAS

  • nihal roy
    nihal roy 19 hours ago +2

    Very nice performance
    Love from india

  • แก้มวิมลสิริ รักออมพัชรพร


  • Cielo Diaz
    Cielo Diaz 19 hours ago


  • Anusha Allipuram
    Anusha Allipuram 20 hours ago

    Jennie 💓💓💓💓

  • Daphne Paredes
    Daphne Paredes 20 hours ago

    Por que son tan diosas? 😍

  • Rada Dzkuya
    Rada Dzkuya 20 hours ago +1

    I live you Black pink

  • EGaMe RZ
    EGaMe RZ 20 hours ago +1

    Plastic dolls 😂😂😂

    • Sally Enki
      Sally Enki 9 hours ago

      +EGaMe RZ 😊

    • EGaMe RZ
      EGaMe RZ 12 hours ago

      +Sally Enki OK

    • Sally Enki
      Sally Enki 15 hours ago

      They are not plastic dolls, they are just dolls ☺ check out their predebut photos.

  • Duc Trinh
    Duc Trinh 20 hours ago

    Jisoo 😍

  • Sara Arbli
    Sara Arbli 20 hours ago

    Omg casi 20 millones 💕

  • Vmin Bts
    Vmin Bts 20 hours ago +2

    Blinks is here???

  • Kim Anh Tạ
    Kim Anh Tạ 21 hour ago

    Quá đỉnh akkk

  • ليليان 2وجوان سرير

    حمار لدار دز لايك أنا صغير عمر9ودرت لايك

  • ليليان 2وجوان سرير


  • Ayse Can
    Ayse Can 21 hour ago


  • kpop br
    kpop br 21 hour ago


  • las super fan de BTS siempre

    Jennie canta orrible en los cpnciertos 😂😂odio blak pink

  • jiiip p
    jiiip p 21 hour ago


  • jiiip p
    jiiip p 21 hour ago


  • • Xehemplo
    • Xehemplo 21 hour ago

    How can Jennie dance while sing for two songs I'd be dead, she doesn't have time to get hair properly between songs bc she does the first solo part on the 2ndo song too :((( I just worry for her the 2 songg

  • jiiip p
    jiiip p 21 hour ago


  • jiiip p
    jiiip p 21 hour ago

  • jiiip p
    jiiip p 21 hour ago

  • Thái Hà Trần
    Thái Hà Trần 21 hour ago

    Jennie 😍

  • اميرة البطاوي

    ILove jisoo

  • اميرة البطاوي


  • Gevina Suryanto
    Gevina Suryanto 22 hours ago

    There is two voice when jennie solo song

  • Nhu Bao
    Nhu Bao 22 hours ago


  • XxSugarplayzxX 862
    XxSugarplayzxX 862 22 hours ago

    Someone help me track down their hair stylist because their hair is freaking GOALS. I swear nothing ruins it

  • Miin Tây
    Miin Tây 22 hours ago


  • Miin Tây
    Miin Tây 22 hours ago


    SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE 22 hours ago

    Sub 2 pewdiepie

  • Kwanjit Yenwatana
    Kwanjit Yenwatana 22 hours ago +1

    64 million view for award show wow wow wow... backpink slays love these girls.

  • Havva Kisa
    Havva Kisa 22 hours ago +1

    Ne konser amaaa

  • おいしいしめさば


  • Minju Lee
    Minju Lee 23 hours ago

    음악도 좋구 이쁘고 춤도잘추고 넘넘 듣기도 좋고 보기도 좋고 에너지가 넘치네 ~~~~즐거워~~~~~~블핑 홧팅

  • Gabby Reyes
    Gabby Reyes 23 hours ago +2

    A lot of views men 💓

  • Jisoo
    Jisoo 23 hours ago +1


  • Adelina Gasha
    Adelina Gasha 23 hours ago


  • Cary Antonio
    Cary Antonio 23 hours ago +5

    *Ya’ll antis better stfu. This was after their concert, so they were probably tired and exhausted, but there are some idiots here that wont just stay quiet saying “they’re idols, they need to endure it.” They’re humans too aren’t they? They get tired and out of breath, you cant expect someone to be perfect, and some annoying ass haters here saying their dance isn’t that hard, id like to see you try dance in front of a huge audience. All im trying to say is, mistakes may be made, imperfections are inevitable, but we are all still humans, so can u all antis stfu now, thanks.*

  • Jun Rivera
    Jun Rivera 23 hours ago +3

    When your live performance has 64M views. LMAO.

  • Sri Sulastri
    Sri Sulastri 23 hours ago


  • Charis Lim
    Charis Lim Day ago

    Rosé’s voice damn nice 😍

  • Jung Seo-Yoon
    Jung Seo-Yoon Day ago

    Eu nasci pra ver BLACKPINK arrasar

  • Orange Grey
    Orange Grey Day ago

    Jisoo visualnya mantep bgt disini mbak'e ya allah

  • sam le
    sam le Day ago


  • Kanokvun Sreephumee



    Im a momoland fan but i like their songs

  • glen cedillo
    glen cedillo Day ago

    i love you jennie so cute

  • m. fattah. n. r
    m. fattah. n. r Day ago

    Black pink can language indonesian

  • salsa & alesya
    salsa & alesya Day ago

    Jenni solo aku suka banget

  • hasna puput
    hasna puput Day ago


  • close eye
    close eye Day ago +1

    *6 Million until this surpasses wonder girls performance of 70 Million and becomes the most viewed K-pop girl group performance video🎊🎊🎊🎊*

  • close eye
    close eye Day ago

    Most viewed K-pop girl group performance video
    1 wonder girls 70 Million
    2 black pink 64 million
    Soon bp will become #1 6 million to go blinks

  • close eye
    close eye Day ago

    *6 Million more and this performance video will become most viewed K-pop girl group performance video💖💖💖💖*

  • Kheny Khem
    Kheny Khem Day ago


  • Dhimas Andika
    Dhimas Andika Day ago +1

    Love you jisoo