• Published on May 17, 2019
  • Fun Slot Series ”50 Friday" Just enjoy $50 Slot live play !!
    1.Jackpot Party GROOVY GRAPE (SG) $3.00 Bet
    2.OCEAN MAGIC GRAND (IGT) $3.00 Bet
    All played at San Manuel Casino
    Check it out !!
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Comments • 38

  • Deon Tyler
    Deon Tyler Month ago +1


  • Jim Slotting
    Jim Slotting Month ago +1

    Groovy Grape looks like a fun game with alot of potential for a great bonus, Congrats on your wins Kuri! I;m not a big fan of Ocean magic, it just takes my money... lol Have a good weekend! Jim :-)

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago +1

      Ocean Magic is really tough. I never had a bonus game yet. I'll try it and want to revenge.
      Thank you for watching Jim ! Have a nice day !!

  • Jennifer Goodwin
    Jennifer Goodwin Month ago +1

    It's Friday - time to relax and play a few games just for fun knowing even if you lose, it wouldn't be much money. Turns out you are a winner. I guess Choy Sun paid for your Jackpot Party. What fun. Too bad you picked to play Ocean Magic - next time maybe stay out of the water. I like this 50 Friday series a lot.

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      I really love the words you use !!!! Thank you for watching and supporting Jennifer !

  • Dondada Fosho
    Dondada Fosho Month ago +1

    I was late to the party KURI, loved the bonus on Grape game, DEFINITELY REVENGE on the bubble float poppy one and TY again for $50 FRIDAYS🤑🤑🤑🍀😎

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Hi Dondada Hope you had nice weekend, Ocean Magic Grand was not nice to me.
      I'll try it and want to revenge ! Thank you for watching and commenting Dondada.
      Have a nice day !

  • William Braden
    William Braden Month ago +1

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ KURI 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      (^_-)-☆(#^.^#) Have a great weekend William !

    GETLUCKY101 Month ago +1

    Great games of choice nice win congratulations! Have a great weekend and best of luck!! 👏👍👍🍀

    • GETLUCKY101
      GETLUCKY101 Month ago +1


    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Thank you for watching ! Have a great weekend and Good luck !!

  • Debby S
    Debby S Month ago +1

    I think "revenge" is needed on Ocean Magic. lol! From what I've seen on YT, the bonus can be great.
    You deserve that bonus. Enjoyed all the games & your video. Have a great weekend.

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Yes Debby I'll try it again and again until get the bonus on Ocean Magic.
      Thank you for watching and commenting Debby !
      Have a great weekend !!

  • San Manuel Casino
    San Manuel Casino Month ago +4

    Great games! Thanks for visiting California's No. 1 Casino!

  • Cha Park
    Cha Park Month ago +1

    I learned two new things today! Ocean Magic has a big bubble?!?!? Also free games?!?!?! Lollllll shows you how much my luck sucks! Great wiiiiiin at the endddd Kuriiiii Saaaaaaaan! Have a greaaaat weekennnnnd!!!!

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago +1

      Arigatoooooooooo Chaaaaaa saaaan ! I'll get SUBARASHII win tomorrow ! I hope. hahaha
      Thank you for watching and Have a great and winning weekend !

  • Catherine Linder
    Catherine Linder Month ago +2

    Very nice wins and video. Congrats!

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Thank you Catherine ! Have a great weekend !

  • rizzo69ca
    rizzo69ca Month ago +2

    "confused" not confuse :)

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      I appreciate that ;)

    • rizzo69ca
      rizzo69ca Month ago +1

      @KURI Slot just trying to help you along :)

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Oops ! Thank you rizzo ! My English is Bad :(
      Thank you for watching and Have a great weekend !

  • Edward Corley
    Edward Corley Month ago +2

    The upper row of bets in the first game includes extra money to qualify for bonus. Without the bonus it would be $2.40/spin. (The lower level $3 bet would cost $3.75 if you want the extra bonus qualifier)

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Ohhhh I see !!! Thanks for info !! It's very helpful ! Thank you Edward !

  • wlwal1
    wlwal1 Month ago +1

    Kuri, always can't wait to watch $50 Fridays!! Gives me a little hope !

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Thank you wlwal !! Have a great weekend !!

  • John Reyes
    John Reyes Month ago +1

    Friday is Koffee with Kuri 😁 yes I do sense revenge is in the air!!!! Last hit saved the day as usual 😉 Good Luck this weekend Kuri and get that HP🍶🍶🍶

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Yay !! Thank you John ! I appreciate your support !
      Have a great and winning weekend !! Good luck John !

  • hanging with Linda
    hanging with Linda Month ago +2

    Great video,,hard to get that bonus,,a fun machine,,good luck

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago +1

      Thank you for watching Linda ! Have a great weekend !

  • Handpay Jackpots
    Handpay Jackpots Month ago +2


    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago +1

      Thank you for watching HJ ! Have a great weekend !!

  • Tony Yee
    Tony Yee Month ago +2

    Those Kade Rings Re awesome...wish I can get 5 of them with a multiplier in the bonus.

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago +1

      Jade rings with a multiplier is awesome hand in the bonus !!
      Thank you for watching Tony ! Have a great & winning weekend !

    VANBEAR SLOTS Month ago +2

    GOOD MORNING ☘️👍🏼🍀💃🏻great video 🙋🏻‍♀️

    • KURI Slot
      KURI Slot  Month ago

      Good morning my friend ! Have a great weekend ! Thanks for watching !