• Published on Jun 13, 2019
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Comments • 2 892

  • Joseph Pecoraro
    Joseph Pecoraro 7 hours ago

    Im in the future...4654

  • Nico IRL
    Nico IRL 11 hours ago

    is not Septic but Sceptic = Skeptic

  • Rebel
    Rebel 2 days ago

    It’s sceptic

  • Shadow Boy
    Shadow Boy 2 days ago

    The price of sceptic’s computer could pay for 5 versions of my computer

  • Shadow Boy
    Shadow Boy 2 days ago

    The price of sceptic’s computer could pay for 5 versions of my computer

  • Tyler Brennan
    Tyler Brennan 2 days ago

    u were soooo wrong ab the air 58's. new they sell 260 and used 250. and thats not lime green, its light blue (not sure exactly but i have the blue one). no hate whatsoever good video. earned my sub

  • Illuminate
    Illuminate 3 days ago

    is this guy high dude???

    Reaxtion's setup was not listed properly, that was Tfue's setup. DUDE, next time check your video before u post it

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 5 days ago

    You sound like in your 30’s and a comedian

    DA WINNA 5 days ago

    this video exists.
    me: i feel that something bad happened.

  • Cyphuss 17
    Cyphuss 17 5 days ago +1

    You never have to leave your chair

  • Anthony
    Anthony 6 days ago


  • Erik Altern
    Erik Altern 7 days ago

    I look without popcorn

  • Swervin X
    Swervin X 8 days ago

    These rich gamers: buys expensive pc set-up, and plays with very high FPS
    Me: plays on school *laptop* with insanely low FPS

  • Qais Kurdieh09
    Qais Kurdieh09 10 days ago

    The last one has a more expensive setup than my whole house

    XBRF_ FORTNITE 11 days ago

    Somebody tell me why his keyboard so small

  • Isatnt Moved channel
    Isatnt Moved channel 11 days ago

    2:27 "with a.. 17 to 7700" uhh what? it's an I7-7700 u egg yolk

  • ztlxx
    ztlxx 12 days ago


  • aplayzzz TTV
    aplayzzz TTV 13 days ago

    I litterly got a 30
    "Smart tv and an xbox with a nice little gaming chair.i rhought i had a good setup

  • Jamie Morris
    Jamie Morris 14 days ago

    How isn’t dr lupo on this

  • TripTravel DK
    TripTravel DK 14 days ago

    nr 1345 is best
    3 is best

  • Sarita Tiwari
    Sarita Tiwari 15 days ago

    Dude perfect gaming setup

  • Mayed X
    Mayed X 15 days ago

    3:54 how much does the SLIPPERS cost?

  • xMqvz -_-
    xMqvz -_- 17 days ago


  • Youthless
    Youthless 17 days ago

    I like tfues the most it's very clean and organized

  • BanThisGuy -
    BanThisGuy - 18 days ago

    You overestimate how much those kids pcs are and scaptic’s keyboard is a Anne pro 2 which is 80 dollars do some research

  • Walter D Wormack
    Walter D Wormack 19 days ago

    This would be a real good video, If you didn't *TALK LIKE YOU WERE ON CAFFEINE, & COCAINE, SIMULTANEOUSLY!*

  • Nathan Liebhart
    Nathan Liebhart 20 days ago

    The duckey one 2 mini is $100 not $150

  • Luke Low
    Luke Low 21 day ago

    Bruh he’s name is sceptic not septic

  • Jocelyn Rojas
    Jocelyn Rojas 21 day ago

    The most expensive setup ive seen is 1mill

  • tech deck master
    tech deck master 22 days ago

    I can't even afford a setup

  • Andrew Skates
    Andrew Skates 22 days ago

    8:46 he speaks so fast 😂😂

  • HAZEWoke
    HAZEWoke 22 days ago +1

    anyone notice that top 5 gaming said reaxtions gaming setup was 25k and in the video it said the total was only 20k 🤔

  • Hamid Achekzai
    Hamid Achekzai 23 days ago

    Hey I have that little dot my dad bought me like three days ago

  • Myst1C Shadow
    Myst1C Shadow 23 days ago +3

    My gaming setup is my bed with pillows behind me

  • SamuraiPanda
    SamuraiPanda 23 days ago

    Mine is $100000

  • Tilak Patel
    Tilak Patel 24 days ago +4

    Sceptics pc cost more than my whole setup

  • Blake Fournier
    Blake Fournier 24 days ago

    Code t5g

  • TrSh_ Burr1tt0
    TrSh_ Burr1tt0 24 days ago

    My laptop has better specs

  • Its Nimi
    Its Nimi 24 days ago

    I actually got popcorn

  • Johnathon Long
    Johnathon Long 24 days ago

    That’s not 15000 pc it’s like 1300

  • Johnathon Long
    Johnathon Long 24 days ago

    And on Tfues chair was 400 there

  • Johnathon Long
    Johnathon Long 24 days ago +1

    His pc’s are like 3000 together

  • Hidden Memes
    Hidden Memes 25 days ago

    I play on xbox one slim, and I don't need fancy chairs and expensive mics

  • Endor 156
    Endor 156 25 days ago

    What kind of drunk would waste money on thos trash?

    LEGENDAREN 26 days ago

    My pc
    Core i7
    12GB ram
    Monitor is Lenovo 60HZ
    E 3blue gaming mouse 8200dpi
    Genesis keyboard
    Beats as headsets (still nothing compared to this list lol

  • hulo_son play fortnite

    Them:expensive setup
    Me: controller and tv

  • Paul Snegirev
    Paul Snegirev 28 days ago

    Tfue sucks

  • Chaotic_ Beakerz
    Chaotic_ Beakerz 28 days ago

    My boy reaction

  • Dope Pope
    Dope Pope 28 days ago

    In the vid tiltle didn’t make sense because that’s guy could have bought a damn car

  • lord raptor
    lord raptor Month ago +2

    All that i have is a ps4, tv ,controllers, microphone.

  • Rizanami -Kun
    Rizanami -Kun Month ago +1

    Im sad my money isnt enough for one gaming pc 😧😳

  • ST1_ fredy and borimex20

    Diamondmamba and
    Minimamba are my 3 favorite youtuber’s

  • Lincoln Williams
    Lincoln Williams Month ago

    I've got
    a 99999 pounds computer setup

  • Bob MRV
    Bob MRV Month ago

    Septics has so many things that my friends setup has. It makes me laugh and me I have a dell laptop and a cheap gaming mouse and keyboard

  • SonsyWhale
    SonsyWhale Month ago

    Reactions setup is 25000? Thats bull shit. Where? Maximum 4k. At 6:22 it says his pc is $15,495. Uhh ok. Bullshit video

  • Tyler James Harding

    Who thinks ninja is living in the future cuse I do

  • RavenPayment
    RavenPayment Month ago +2

    These kids are spoiled af

    • RavenPayment
      RavenPayment Month ago +1

      Nicolai De linde i really am sooo

    • Offical Grumpy Clan
      Offical Grumpy Clan Month ago

      @RavenPayment ur gay

    • RavenPayment
      RavenPayment Month ago +1

      SonsyWhale i mean i have gtx 1660 16 ddr4 ram and 17 9700f cpu soooo u aint soo jealous

    • SonsyWhale
      SonsyWhale Month ago

      @RavenPayment you mad and Jealous lol

    • RavenPayment
      RavenPayment Month ago +1

      Nicolai De linde stfu u are psropably spoiled ag

  • ファラーFarah
    ファラーFarah Month ago


  • Rayan
    Rayan Month ago


  • funmix
    funmix Month ago

    😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 WO0O0OW 😯😯😯😯