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  • Published on Oct 29, 2013
  • Sally and Larry are confronted by the Weeping Angels, and the Doctor must warn them not to look away or even blink if they are to survive. Will the pair make it? Subscribe:
    The Doctor explains to Sally and Larry that he and Martha were transported to the past by the Weeping Angels. The Angels are "quantum locked", allowing them to move incredibly fast when unobserved but when they are seen they literally turn to stone. They cover their eyes to avoid looking at each other, giving them their weeping appearance. Sally must not look away or even blink to avoid them.
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Comments • 3 654

  • Anon of the Interwebs
    Anon of the Interwebs 4 hours ago

    Ah yes the episode that gave me nightmares as a kid and made me be nervous around statues
    Good times

  • 多幸感Euphoria
    多幸感Euphoria 13 hours ago

    Have u ever thought of holding them 🤔

  • Ellen Murphy
    Ellen Murphy Day ago

    This would have made a great movie.

  • Twisted Code
    Twisted Code 2 days ago

    Why do videos on this channel always contained so many images of Weeping Angels? Y'all are lucky I have a lot of mirrors around or I'd probably be trying to sue you from the 19th century or something.

    yes that was a joke about the thing from The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone. That should have been obvious so I'm hoping you only clicked Read More out of curiosity

  • Cats 4E
    Cats 4E 4 days ago

    What’s shorthand? Srsly I’ve been wondering about this ever since I saw this episode

  • InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz 5 days ago +1

    It's funny how, in TV shows, when one person is video chatting with another person, the other person on the video screen is usually prerecorded, with the recording superimposed on the monitor, or it's just a playback. This episode made one of the best scenes in David Tennant's time as the Doctor. They took that trope and did it amazingly.

    I wonder what the order they filmed this episode in was like.

  • Stefanie Balbuca Mestanza

    Martha: We are stuck! All space and time he promised me. Now I got to work in a shop and gotta support HIM!! Xd hahahahahahhahahaha

  • squiderp _
    squiderp _ 6 days ago +1

    Doctor: stuck in 1969
    Video length: 420

  • The Art of War
    The Art of War 7 days ago

    But what about Amobae and bacteria? They are everywhere. Isn't there always SOMETHING that sees them?

  • Agros Kynd
    Agros Kynd 8 days ago +1

    You can’t kill stone
    Paper: Where is my

  • savemysoul
    savemysoul 8 days ago

    She is so beautiful!

  • Freshairkaboom
    Freshairkaboom 9 days ago

    You know, the title is giving me mixed signals you know.

  • TGVortex Music
    TGVortex Music 10 days ago

    I love watching this over and over.

  • Night of the Sword
    Night of the Sword 10 days ago

    This honestly was one of the scariest Doctor Who episodes I've seen ever.

  • Vivi N
    Vivi N 11 days ago

    those stone angels are the creepiest thing ever

  • the gamerator 10
    the gamerator 10 11 days ago

    If they turn to stone when you're looking at them, couldn't you just shoot an automatic gun in their direction while blinking?

    • Freshairkaboom
      Freshairkaboom 9 days ago

      Their real form is probably either bulletproof, or the wounds disappear after every time they turn to stone.

  • VaporWave2519 Gaming&Vl

    Wipply wopply timey whimey.

  • Captain Skullz
    Captain Skullz 12 days ago +52

    Person: *Blinks*
    Weeping Angels: “Tell em to bring me my money”

  • gitanjali wilson
    gitanjali wilson 13 days ago

    did anybody think to just wink a lot

  • Jessica Ruiz
    Jessica Ruiz 13 days ago

    We’re stuck in 1969 eyyyyyy

  • battle00333
    battle00333 15 days ago

    Bootstrap paradox.
    If he is reading the transcript of a conversation he is still having.
    Then, who made the first speech that got transcripted?
    Doctor's speech, can only be made, because it has already happened.

  • Pete110825 Animates/Games/React

    When someone says don’t blink: everyone 😑
    Weeping angles: we gonna feast tonight

  • Alvin Brato
    Alvin Brato 15 days ago

    Scp 173-2??

  • Viper Alex
    Viper Alex 15 days ago

    SCP 173 x Weeping Angel

  • Benjámin Kurilla
    Benjámin Kurilla 15 days ago

    This video just might push me to actually start watching this series! This is spooky interesting.

  • Yunakura
    Yunakura 16 days ago

    among the many blunders that Moffat brought to this show, this is iconic

  • ScroogeMcDuck 103
    ScroogeMcDuck 103 17 days ago


  • Obinna Okonkwo
    Obinna Okonkwo 17 days ago


  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane 17 days ago

    Weeping angels can't hurt Mark Zuckerberg because he ain't blink

  • Dan Shlykov
    Dan Shlykov 17 days ago

    ok maybe I have seen too much of Dr. Stone but could you shatter the rock and that will kill the angel?

  • Purblegirl / Sparkly Keys

    Doctor: you can’t kill stone
    Me: grabs sludge hammer 🔨

  • Jojoj.mp_ 4
    Jojoj.mp_ 4 21 day ago

    Its like bird box but with stones

  • Robeon Mew
    Robeon Mew 21 day ago

    Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey T-shirts 👕

  • Iris Ruby
    Iris Ruby 22 days ago +3

    This is the scene that got me started watchin Doctor Who. My friend showed this to me and I just had to watch it.

  • H.L Productions
    H.L Productions 22 days ago

    3:35 technically, if she continued asking questions even after he ran out of words on the transcript, then the guy on her left would continue writing her lines. Theoretically, This means that when the doctor does get the transcript in the future, it would have her extra lines in it, which the doctor could have answered in the recording when he does receive it in the future.

  • Sachin Bhalla
    Sachin Bhalla 23 days ago


  • Bakary Dembélé
    Bakary Dembélé 23 days ago +1

    Don't blink, good luck.

  • Chaoswalker 107
    Chaoswalker 107 24 days ago

    All she had to do was tell the guy to write what shes saying again

  • AntinnyWorld
    AntinnyWorld 27 days ago

    gosh this clip gives me the spooks every time I watch it lol

  • Orion Elenbaas
    Orion Elenbaas 27 days ago

    4:20 Nice

  • Otso
    Otso 28 days ago

    Ever thoght about closing your other eye and then keeping the other one open

  • ItzKaiBlaze
    ItzKaiBlaze 28 days ago

    im scared

  • Bag of Chips
    Bag of Chips 29 days ago

    to this day when i come across someone that doesnt know dr who or thinks it's stupid, i get them to watch this episode of jumpscare.

  • yahboitay
    yahboitay Month ago

    y’know i always thought the easiest way to beat the angels is to close one eye, keep the other open, repeat. that way your eyes don’t sting from not blinking

  • Smiley
    Smiley Month ago

    Can I blink now?

  • agent snake
    agent snake Month ago

    The angels and the single most scarriest beings in doctor who

  • Fire eater 9107
    Fire eater 9107 Month ago

    Trying to explain the plot of Avengers: Endgame.

  • c.j. sloth
    c.j. sloth Month ago

    To this day this video still horrifies the hell outta me

  • rebel greninja
    rebel greninja Month ago

    can i blink now?

  • Shuvo Speaking
    Shuvo Speaking Month ago

    I have two followup questions-
    Why didn't the angels kill them during the conversation? And can't they just break the statues? 😒

  • -Dat Mental Gamer-
    -Dat Mental Gamer- Month ago

    i miss this doctor.

  • NinjaOfTheKeyboard1

    The angels were a stroke of genius in the part of the writers.

  • Nick Rykert
    Nick Rykert Month ago +1


  • Unubold Brook
    Unubold Brook Month ago

    Terryfing episode i have seen in my childhood lol but i love it

  • Colin
    Colin Month ago +1

    Don't Blink.
    Blink and you're dead.
    They are Fast.
    Faster than you can believe.
    So don't turn your back.
    And DON'T BLINK.

  • я фальшивый русский

    What if you blink one eye and then you open it and then you close the other eye

  • Mirage Mashod
    Mirage Mashod Month ago

    This episode scared the heck out of me when I was young

  • Austin Robertson
    Austin Robertson Month ago

    1:08 ok,hold up! Is she secretly related to Joseph Joestar?! She predicted what the doctor was going to say before he said it!

  • Pyre Squire
    Pyre Squire Month ago

    69 hah

  • agmonsttheasian
    agmonsttheasian Month ago

    wait what happens if you wink ?