Child Guesses Animals

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
  • She got "Goose" wrong. And she had THREE GUESSES!!!
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Comments • 350

  • Lil Miss Know-It-All
    Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago +20

    Let me know if there is anything else you want Lilly to guess in future videos

  • Noah Cunningham
    Noah Cunningham 6 hours ago

    The longest snake is actually a annaconda. stupid

  • lol games
    lol games 2 days ago

    I THOUGHT THAT MARIO WAS a racoon!???!!!!????!???

  • Damien Herremans
    Damien Herremans 2 days ago

    Do Dinosaurs!

  • cammiecookies
    cammiecookies 2 days ago

    7:05 no space

  • Yoshi Minecraft And More

    A 5 year old knows more than me lmao

  • Mario Chereches
    Mario Chereches 3 days ago

    She wo stup8d

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M 3 days ago

    ‘polar bears are bears,
    true story’

  • Evelyn Warrick
    Evelyn Warrick 4 days ago +1

    When you told me that the trysaratops was not real you broke my heart

  • Dan and Christine Harbour

    Triceratops can be real if we name teenage (those dinos) triceraptops

  • Coperfield Productions

    I thought you were going to say polar bears are not white
    They’re black

  • Coperfield Productions

    Killer whale
    More like killer dolphins

  • Coperfield Productions
    Coperfield Productions 5 days ago +1

    Oooh Lilly mistook the aardvark for a convergent lookalike
    I know anteaters are related to sloths and armadillos but aardvarks are related to elephants, hyraxes, and sirenians

  • floppy fish films
    floppy fish films 5 days ago

    6:53 that's not a lizard

  • Angel Beas
    Angel Beas 6 days ago

    VIDEO: *doesn't include Bandicoot*
    Me: *rage*

  • Charziard And eevee gang

    Do Godzilla

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  7 days ago

      I want to but there isn't enough monsters for a whole video, im doing a monster special next week for halloween so ill include as many as I can in that

  • Lori Akers
    Lori Akers 8 days ago

    Part of the anteater looks like a panda like if you agree

  • Liza B
    Liza B 8 days ago

    Fun fact 3 men can stand on one ostrich

  • Liatofer Lidar
    Liatofer Lidar 8 days ago

    in hebrew an aadvark is called ant eater

  • Life of Joyce
    Life of Joyce 9 days ago

    This video is actually educational! I'll ho to school tomorrow and I'll be the smartest kid in class!

  • James Stewert
    James Stewert 11 days ago

    How dare she not know what a manatee is

  • Raelynn Morrisey
    Raelynn Morrisey 11 days ago

    9:57 / 1:10 = EVERY LITTLE GIRLS DREAM!!!❤❤❤
    btw im 10 so i still count as a little girl😋
    ( I already had this comment up but I tried to edit it and it didn't work so I had to delete the comment and then repost it)

  • Nathanael Harkness
    Nathanael Harkness 12 days ago

    My national animal is the kiwi

  • My weird Cat
    My weird Cat 13 days ago

    Polar bears have black skin but there fur is white

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  12 days ago

      actually their fur is transparent, its so complicated you have to look it up, something about how their fur reflects light so it appears white

  • Skye
    Skye 18 days ago

    y is everything she guesses in videos a man
    I mean whaaaaat???????

  • gircakes
    gircakes 22 days ago +4

    No it’s a *MAN SWAN*

  • JakubSky
    JakubSky 22 days ago

    Triceratops is real, look it up you easily fooled dummies

    • JakubSky
      JakubSky 22 days ago

      Brontosaurus wasnt Real but now it is, but triceratops was Real the whole time

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  22 days ago

      @JakubSky my friend is a palaeontologist. Its his job to know this and he said its a teenage Torosaurus. Something similar with the Brontosaurus, did exist, turned out to be fake, found another sauropod over 100 years later and called it a brontosaurus, so its real again, basically - naming dinosaurs is really hard!

    • JakubSky
      JakubSky 22 days ago

      I have read tons of Articles and all of them say That triceratops is real, so there you go

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  22 days ago

      Possible but according to palaeontologists, very unlikely

  • Naomi Calico Goodwin
    Naomi Calico Goodwin 27 days ago

    Just asking but how old is Lily

  • Super Star Kid
    Super Star Kid 28 days ago +1

    Her head is gonna explode 10:58

  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos Month ago

    I feel like I should make a video about this and have my parents guess.

  • Itz Hasman
    Itz Hasman Month ago +1

    Tanooki=Racoon dog

  • Mario Chereches
    Mario Chereches Month ago

    This girl is really stupid

  • RainbowPenguin Gaming
    RainbowPenguin Gaming Month ago +1

    Please do child guesses stranger things characters

  • dutchguy977
    dutchguy977 Month ago

    Sea dog is actually the literal translation for the Dutch name for a seal zeehond

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      love translations like that. In Irish, baby is "babog" but if its less than 6 months, it's called bainin which means "piglet" because it keeps squealing

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka Month ago +1

    seals are sea doggos

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago +2

    Lily: I just love moles.

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos Month ago

      Disappointed that your channel has none of that fetching parrot in your icon.

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      saying Nobody, is one of my favourite memes

  • GD HouseOfNoobs
    GD HouseOfNoobs Month ago +3

    4:02 *T H I C C H A M S T E R*

  • W a v e y y
    W a v e y y Month ago +1

    1:24 oh my god, I thought they were turtles!

  • groundmistery
    groundmistery Month ago

    What a shock! I didn't know most camels come from Australia, thank you Miss Geographic! ;)

    • groundmistery
      groundmistery Month ago

      @Lil Miss Know-It-All Oh...sorry for that but I really like animals so it's always a pleasure finding out interesting tidbits about them. ;)

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago +1

      at least someone finds it interesting! my wife couldn't care less about my random facts

  • DeathnoteBB
    DeathnoteBB Month ago +1

    Triceratops were one of my favorite dinos as a kid. That’s world-shattering! Good to know, but still shocking.

  • Fitzgeezy
    Fitzgeezy Month ago

    Yeah you’re wrong about that whole triceratops thing, but cool story.

  • yehlene aguirre
    yehlene aguirre Month ago +1

    Make Child Guesses Pokemon Gen 6 Plz!!!😁😁😁 I'll Be More Than Happy To Pay!!!😀😀😀

  • Alexander Sharp
    Alexander Sharp Month ago

    Lilly has a SNAKE AND A RAT?!?!?

  • paul travers
    paul travers Month ago +1

    Me: woah that is huge

  • Vlad Anghelache
    Vlad Anghelache Month ago

    I mean how could you get a goose wrong

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      @Vlad Anghelache her mum and her nan got it wrong as well, it is very clearly a goose, don't know how that happened

    • Vlad Anghelache
      Vlad Anghelache Month ago

      @Lil Miss Know-It-All well this is enough proof.
      Now I see what I didn't.

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      @Vlad Anghelache I was kidding! I know its a common animal! she just panicked cos she's on the spot

    • Vlad Anghelache
      Vlad Anghelache Month ago

      @Lil Miss Know-It-All "It's an obscure animal", says the kid who has seen a LOT of pokemons BASED on those animals, and I'm sorry to be hater, but learn about basic animals (btw kid how old are u so that you have an actual reason of lack of knowledge)

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago +1

      its a very obscure animal

  • Vlad Anghelache
    Vlad Anghelache Month ago +1

    At pokemon it was hard.
    The ONLY logical reason is that she is under 5, beacause not know the MOST BASIC things is trully weird

    • Vlad Anghelache
      Vlad Anghelache 11 days ago

      @James Stewert fuck u beetch

    • James Stewert
      James Stewert 11 days ago

      The only logical reason is that you are under five BECUAS U SCUK AT ENGLIHS

  • Raelynn Morrisey
    Raelynn Morrisey Month ago +1

    Lilly guesses cartoon network characters

  • 【ΞMIИΞM 】
    【ΞMIИΞM 】 Month ago +2

    1:16 I see an anteater and look at its body. See the white and black sticking put far from the other fur? It looks like a panda face😲 I noticed that right away.
    When I saw the picture I said
    until I realized it's the fur of an anteater

  • Rachell Bruce
    Rachell Bruce Month ago +1


  • Kristina Get Geeky
    Kristina Get Geeky Month ago

    No one: .....

    Not on soul: ......



    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      I don't know if u mean Child Oh My God or Child Omega. both are acceptable

  • Kathryn Fleury
    Kathryn Fleury Month ago +1

    My mom and I breed miniature dachshunds
    This was quite educational

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      they are basically the best things ever made. my wife calls our dogs The Wigglies

  • Snowpawwolf77
    Snowpawwolf77 Month ago

    Do one of her guessing memes

  • Sam Burk
    Sam Burk Month ago +2

    10:28 I thought she would have said fruit loops

  • Ender Pigs
    Ender Pigs Month ago +4

    have her guess more pokemon!!!

  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey

    I didn't even know that tanukis (Japanese racoon dogs) were even a thing until Lily guessed it!😂😂😂

  • Exelerate Steeler
    Exelerate Steeler Month ago +2

    I’m mad cause you didn’t say the capybara is the largest rodent in the world

  • Brian St Clair
    Brian St Clair Month ago +1

    Pls do dinosaurs

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black Month ago +1

    Is no one gonna talk about that fact that she said "(idk) once bought in a dead rat"
    And the dad mildly panics and says "that's good, nothing to do with anything!" 😂

  • Lilitha Granger uwu
    Lilitha Granger uwu Month ago +2

    Next you should do stranger things characters

  • Dan and Christine Harbour

    3:00 my favorite animal