YouTube Woes | June 12, 2019 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • We all love TheXvid, but something stinks here and it's not their slime's their algorithms.
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  • Rahamses Galvan
    Rahamses Galvan Hour ago

    I don't actually agree with her here.

  • justmemadison
    justmemadison 13 days ago

    We need a new site that doesn't have these issues and leave the perverts behind for youtube to work their algorithms, push their ads and demonetize anything they don't like. Same with Facebook and sites for people that really do just want to share their lives with their families and friends; without content being pushed on them that they don't know the source and/or the validity. Also, how about they don't sell our data. It's really gross how greed takes over everything. We need to move on to something new until that becomes corrupt and then we need to do it again. I don't use Facebook or Instagram, but I use youtube quite a bit. Ugh!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 20 days ago

    youtube is demonetizing literally everyone except the people who deserve it

  • Gloria Nica
    Gloria Nica 20 days ago

    TheXvid is a scam, my channel doesn't have any violations & subscribers are growing; youtube play commercials, but I had not seen a penny split in half in two years; youtuber we need to seek legal advice & suit youtube for this abuse & scam, whose with me.

  • No Name
    No Name 21 day ago

    TheXvid is disgusting.

  • Djelari Ghana
    Djelari Ghana 21 day ago +1


  • Paolo Ariedo
    Paolo Ariedo 22 days ago

    The one and only good response to this is to start watching and uploading to *Vimeo. EXCLUSIVELY on Vimeo.*
    No one wants to do it, though.

  • Jodi Garrity
    Jodi Garrity 22 days ago

    Actually fox actor was just overreacting yeah he got insulted but I’m pretty sure calling someone a white supremacists are so insulting but you don’t see the whites premises flagging them

  • Crimson51
    Crimson51 24 days ago

    This isn't even the biggest problem with TheXvid. The biggest problem is that the only way it can effectively moderate its platform is to automate it, but we don't have technology available that can effectively distinguish hateful content from content discussing hate. E.G. *DOZENS* of documentaries and history-focused channels are being hit with hate-speech claims because they depict people being hateful, though not endorsing that hate. Videos in support of LGBT rights are getting inaccurately flagged as hateful because the algorithm isn't advanced enough to tell the difference.

  • Dom Trussardi
    Dom Trussardi 24 days ago

    First world problems. Sam, did your cookie not fit in to the milk glass too? lol

  • Fynn Sill
    Fynn Sill 26 days ago

    Catering to phedos is a bit of strong language

  • nickrich56
    nickrich56 26 days ago

    Even deleting watched , liked and favorite vids doesn't affect the recommended stream. Restarting does nothing either. Not for me anyway.

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 26 days ago

    Good. No one should be silenced by force. That's what fascists do.

  • John King
    John King 27 days ago

    No censorship America

  • The 9th Spade
    The 9th Spade 27 days ago

    I literally spent hours one week going through all of the recommended vids TheXvid has in my feed, and hitting Not Interested, Don't Like Video, and Don't Like Channel . If you do it long enough, you'll actually get good stuff, but who the f#$k wants to do that each day?

  • TheGschultz
    TheGschultz 27 days ago

    She is such a dim wit

  • Carlos Lugo
    Carlos Lugo 29 days ago

    If TheXvid did what that vox guy wanted, this channel would be taken down too

    • w4fjhDU514I1
      w4fjhDU514I1 27 days ago

      No. The obvious corollary to no "hurtful and negative personal comments/videos" is that it is okay to harshly criticize someone for their words and actions.

  • Eugene Ax
    Eugene Ax 29 days ago

    Anytime I watch videos from ANY news channel TheXvid gives me pro-Trump ads. President Clickbait must be cashing in bigly.

  • Diarmuhnd
    Diarmuhnd Month ago

    *MAGA ANIME 2020* oh wait ... its spreading, ew.

  • R. B.
    R. B. Month ago +2

    Vote for Climate in 2020 - we don't get that taken care of nothing else matters. Vote Democrats locally, state-wide and nationally.

  • Prismolly
    Prismolly Month ago

    the good creators should've all left this behemoth to rot years ago tbh.

  • Misty Quadrucci
    Misty Quadrucci Month ago


  • David P
    David P Month ago

    I noticed the demographic algorithm too. Ill watch someone in their thirties then i will get other videos by someone in the thrities. If i watch a female fitness video i get more female fitness videos. Same as when i look up male fitness videos. Fitness videos are very obviously gendered. Thats advertising for you.

  • lop3z2055
    lop3z2055 Month ago

    As much as the alt right whines about censorship, they are fed viewers. I dont watch anything right wing and that's all that's ever recommended to me, controversy is clicks and money, the smaller channels slip up and admit it in their non scripted videos. It all starts with anti-SJW content

  • Temple Pate
    Temple Pate Month ago

    Idk, I understand what she is saying, but AI doesn't understand. They can only continue to work on it and make it better. Hiring more people wont solve the problem. But that said I will agree with you on the issue of the hate speech, they did take it down finally but the CEO had to get involved.

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit Month ago

    Starting with paedophile vids and than connecting them to alt right vids. Pretty disgusting.

  • Lubus Maximus
    Lubus Maximus Month ago +3

    No Salutations?
    In Act 1, not even a welcome!
    Thats hardcore man...i reckn the crowd gives a great hand (*cough*job) in between the taping of the show... Sam is so good she doesnt need to put the audience viewing at home through the endless applause, histrionics and the like,
    One of a kind, cutting through the theatrics aint easy,
    Way to be Sam!

    • Lubus Maximus
      Lubus Maximus 28 days ago


  • Anthony Drennan
    Anthony Drennan Month ago

    I've got a common sense algorithm for you samantha, quit being such an idiot about Tulsi Gabbert. It shows you are completely ignorant about who she is and what she stands for/her policies. It's a disservice to women that you still badmouth Tulsi and seem to still insanely like Hillary Clinton. It's extremely unfortunate you act progressive and love a moderate Republican(Hillary) and massive corporate schill. But hey ratings and advertising are important to your show aren't they. Too bad those things get in the way of sound judgement on Tulsi.

  • C. N.
    C. N. Month ago +1

    One thing that is sort of sad is that TheXvid has never really cared about focused harrassment of creators, look no farther than Anita Sarkeesian than to see that TheXvid doesn't enforce its harrassment policy.

  • Mozart FX
    Mozart FX Month ago

    You're a hateful witch. Stand up straight for Christs sake.

  • Loor
    Loor Month ago +2

    TheXvid needs to fix its algorithm ASAP!! Disgraceful

  • bjkjoseph
    bjkjoseph Month ago

    I get a lot of girls fishing in bikinis and concrete walkway videos for some reason.

  • Geri Poppins
    Geri Poppins Month ago

    I think it's weird you didn't cover the demonetization of the lgbt community on TheXvid as a whole. TheXvid is a homophobic/transphobic platform.

  • snakey973
    snakey973 Month ago

    So much wrong with the internet

  • Peter M
    Peter M Month ago +4

    This is so funny.... the lady that has a show about mocking everyone who doesn't agree with her points of view and then uploads it to youtube is now mad cause another host mocked someone who agrees with her points of view on youtube, and wants youtube to deplatform that host.... oh the irony

  • Mon Sta
    Mon Sta Month ago

    You have almost 1 milion subscribers on this channel with several millions of views yet you speak of TheXvid in such a distancing and condescending way as old media usually does. Did you forget you ARE on TheXvid ?

  • NewsCitrus
    NewsCitrus Month ago +2

    A comedian promoting censorship of other comedians just because someone felt offended...

  • abubakar mohammed
    abubakar mohammed Month ago

    If youtube was an oppressive king it would torture this video or maybe hang samantha to Death

  • Sweatt
    Sweatt Month ago

    A "Comedian" that wants to silence comedy. #clownworld

  • Matthew Harris-Levesque

    Sam, I love your content.
    I still can't stop noticing the way you squeeze your knees together and crouch -
    It's as if your camera is way too low and you're trying to adjust for the error.

  • chetan costa
    chetan costa Month ago

    Thank you sunder ...🙂

  • MzBittersweet
    MzBittersweet Month ago +2

    If Samantha Bee wants TheXvid to enforce the standards equally, they would remove her channel for targeted harassment as well. Equality, y'all!

  • JApp John Andrew Patrick Peters

    Why do companies become evil when money is involved.

  • Lauren-Kate Kush
    Lauren-Kate Kush Month ago

    The call themselves the ‘Tech mob’ aka ‘pay pal Mafia’ for a reason

  • Dominic S.
    Dominic S. Month ago

    Am I the only one who isn’t getting notifications when channels like these (news) upload a new video?

  • andres sanchez
    andres sanchez Month ago

    Leave youtube alone

  • JCS
    JCS Month ago

    companies can't policy themselves, that's what government is for

  • Arcwhiteflame
    Arcwhiteflame Month ago +4

    I used to get a lot of prejudice recommendations because I liked classical music (because being fond of Claude Debussy is some how bigoted?) so I fixed it by favouriting a load of awesome 70s funk.

  • Da Hawk
    Da Hawk Month ago +2

    Now do a follow up vid, Sam, clarifying where you stand on the First Amendment.

  • Jack Chan
    Jack Chan Month ago

    And I am watching this on youtube

  • In0chi
    In0chi Month ago

    The TheXvid universe is very large and the ability to police and determine what it’s covered under free-speech is incredibly more difficult than you evidently can barely understand the very basics of. TheXvid has an upload filter that demonetized things that they believe are developed by children. Because the titles and the voices of the people in the video. So the idea that this is somehow driven by process is not provable. Whether this is or isn’t a problem isn’t the point of my comment. I’m saying that this is a freedom of speech issue that is very complicated and there are many more negative aspects of TheXvid that should be addressed like political advertising, foreign governments producing political shows, and more.

  • May Sparkle
    May Sparkle Month ago

    So here's the worst part about TheXvid's response to its harassment community: they banned two nazis, several dozen historians, and then in response to continued outcry they unbanned the nazis and upheld the ban on historians.

  • Ned Thumberland
    Ned Thumberland Month ago

    *Corporatocracy -- aka unbridled, profit-driven, profit-oriented capitalism -- at its finest!*

  • Mr. & Mrs Smith
    Mr. & Mrs Smith Month ago

    BLAME THE VICTIM! Capitalism Run Amok 101.

  • BuzzBroz
    BuzzBroz Month ago

    Been since the early days. Miss how it was when you could call a human and get service.

  • William Meyer
    William Meyer Month ago

    Ms. Bee, in the off-chance you might read this comment, I have a question: You DO know that calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless c***" would get you banned under the standards of conduct you propose, right? Just be careful what you wish for.
    I sincerely hope TheXvid doesn't panic and overreact, because if they do a lot of people of every political stripe are going to lose their platform and perhaps main source of income.

  • Ming Dynasty
    Ming Dynasty Month ago

    Dear Samantha: Please know that freedom of speech is guaranteed by the US Constitution as a human right.
    Solution: Make SOCIAL media companies simply media companies instead. Voila, nobody's feelings are hurt except those who are called corporations who really have no humanly feelings whatsoever.

  • Cris Griffin
    Cris Griffin Month ago

    After they decided to censor some types of videos or whole channels from watching from certain countries, they trying to compensate lost views by clickbaits and controversial content in recommendations. Trying to lose weight by cutting off your leg is very smart.
    Tuning up by keeping only 100% relevant videos in history is kinda helps, but like 5-10% is still can be irrelevant or even straight up offensive.

  • Professor Foxtrot
    Professor Foxtrot Month ago +1

    Samantha Bee is a harasser by her own logic. She harassed Ivanka Trump by calling her a feckless "C*nt." This is hate speech and misogynistic language and so she basically advocates banning herself. She should just take the 'L' like Maza and stop trying to get everyone banned from having different opinions.

  • hamad aj
    hamad aj Month ago

    i love Samantha, but come on!!!....pedophiles dont need recommendations to find videos of kids. the youtube recommendation system is definitely biased but it only reinforces what users like to see, it doesn't make normal people pedophiles....and about the vox reporter case....umm free speech anyone???? youtube is no longer just a website some people use, it has a monopoly on video sharing, if you get kicked out of youtube for violating their policies, ur pretty much kicked out of the internet (no one's gonna watch ur vimeo vlogs). therefore i dont think youtube should have strict rules to regulate speech. especially speech protected by the first amendment.

  • Frederik Steinmetz
    Frederik Steinmetz Month ago

    Can someone tell me scenario where it's ok to actually upload a video of your six-year-old in a bating suit for the world to see it?

  • Dick Mick
    Dick Mick Month ago

    Never once mentioned that TheXvid is Google owned!
    Exactly why they need to be governed.
    They will not adhere to their own policies so vote for people that will do policy for them!

  • Herb Tenderson
    Herb Tenderson Month ago

    Sam you should smile more, maybe show some leg.

    • Joshua Sweetvale
      Joshua Sweetvale Month ago

      What do you add?
      Nothing. You're a speed trap on a country road, wasting people's time for some petty profit.

  • Amy Jeane
    Amy Jeane Month ago

    So Sam has just thrown herself behind rampant TheXvid censorship. That's awesome.
    Sam's part of the mainstream media establishment; she doesn't care. While independent news channels have their income taken away or are banned entirely for questioning the government version of the news, she will still be raking in the money.

    • Kevin Allen
      Kevin Allen Month ago

      @Amy Bee What independent news is getting targeted for questioning the government story? Most such channels get demonetized for discussing certain topics regardless of their position on them. Unless you have evidence that Crowder was demonetized for reasons other than pro-LGBT pressure, we have to assume that’s what happened.

  • ForgottenOnes
    ForgottenOnes Month ago

    Wow sam is completely out of touch with reality. I know shes just a talking head but hmmm shes so wrong.

  • Anna G
    Anna G Month ago

    Yesss a mainstream show talking about the problems with TheXvid?? Finally!!

  • Matthew Eger
    Matthew Eger Month ago

    Sam! You have a bit of power! Find a way for us to watch you?

  • Carolyn's RV Life
    Carolyn's RV Life Month ago

    Yep, as a TheXvid Creator, I know first hand that TheXvid does almost nothing about cyber bullying and harassment. The channels that exist for the sole purpose of trolling me and others in my community remain active AND monetized AND yes, TheXvid promotes them to My audience. It's disgusting...

  • Dale Thomas
    Dale Thomas Month ago

    Beware what you wish for. If Crowder gets kicked of TheXvid for insulting people so will Sam Bee. I think both voices are important in the thought debate, and like many others, am willing to listen to both. Do you want some billionaire in Silicone valley to determine what you watch or you?

    • Dale Thomas
      Dale Thomas Month ago

      @Kevin Allen You think people on the Left would just be OK with Sam kicked off TheXvid, they would just take it in stride? I personally think there will be chaos, on the Left and the Right, like we haven't seen yet if they are both deplatformed for inappropriate language/behavior. Plus, why shouldn't we live in a world that we get to choose our content? Were all different, from different backgrounds, and believe different things. The CCP (Chinese Communist Part) censors content they don't like because it might contain what they deem as unpopular/subversive ideas. Can't even search for Tiananmen Square in mainland China. Is that what we should do? Has it come to that, that we should follow their model? Do we not give our people the ability to choose in a democracy what content that is right for them or should we be herded to only certain ideas by big tech? These aren't easy questions and like anything there is probably a grey area, but I DO think censorship is a slippery slope where people will always find new content they don't like and want it banned next. You disagree?

    • Kevin Allen
      Kevin Allen Month ago

      @Dale Thomas The billionaire always decides. There is no slippery slope; if Sam Bee gets taken down in the same way for harassment equivalent to Crowder’s, then that’s simply everything working as intended, not a problem. It would only be an issue for lefties if the goal was censorship of right-wing ideas, which is not true for mainstream people like Sam B at the very least.

  • Lyndsay Vriends
    Lyndsay Vriends Month ago +2

    Seeing this makes me so nervous for small creators that depend on TheXvid for income..
    Adpocalyse is real yall.

    • Carolyn's RV Life
      Carolyn's RV Life Month ago +1

      Yes. I'm one of those creators. TheXvid does almost nothing to shut down the channels that slander me - in fact they continue to promote those channels to my audience. They also do nothing about the thousands of bullying and harassing comments I receive. I had to get the FBI involved to deal with the death threats. TheXvid really needs to do more.

  • Media On Display
    Media On Display Month ago

    If youtube enforces "dont be mean to others" rule does that mean the videos bashing trump would also be pulled?

    • Media On Display
      Media On Display Month ago

      @Kevin Allen i agree, its hard to support the people who are hurt by name calling when they have no problem calling republicans names. Pick a lane

    • Kevin Allen
      Kevin Allen Month ago

      @Media On Display Those making personal attacks based on fixed characteristics, sure. That would be a good thing, in my opinion. Plenty of better ways to criticize Trump anyway.

  • Heathcliff
    Heathcliff Month ago

    Ugh. Look i dont mean to sound overly critical but why does it feel like every major network personality has at least one youtube rant in them. Imagine if somebody had a sign made that said "Racists welcome" and hung it on a rented building. Samanatha (and others) would like to place the lionshare of the blame not on the ones entering the building, or telling their friends, or building and hanging the sign in the first place or running the racist club. No she (and others) would like to blame the landlords who rent to literally millions upon millions of people. Many people would like the landlords to evict them....based on what. Racism is horrible and disgusting and one of the worst things we do to each ither but its actually not illegal.

  • Bonnie Robinson
    Bonnie Robinson Month ago

    TheXvid, make an exception in this case. If not, you could be sued.

  • stupid8911
    stupid8911 Month ago

    I wonder if it's just being lazy/not wanting to pay for enough moderators to scan for context. If a historian goes over the atrocities of slavery and mentions how the "N-word" came about, it could be flagged, technically. It would then be the moderator's job to say, "Was the word used? Yes. Was it to slam or put down someone personally or actively used hatefully towards a group? No, it was going over a topic and educating, it can remain, with possibly a language disclaimer for younger viewers". They have enough cash to hire people for that, no? Thoughts?

  • Waggy Bottoms
    Waggy Bottoms Month ago

    Crowder only called Maza the exact same things he calls himself, yet Maza can call for milkshaking anyone on the right, a physical threat. Yea Maza is the victim

  • Bruno
    Bruno Month ago

    what about you harrassing Trump and Ivanka for example, Amanda? She is an irrelevant hypocrite

  • RL
    RL Month ago

    Fair point on kid vids. But the other example: anything hurtful has to be censored? I can't stand the Trumps but what if Ivanka was hurt when you Sam called her a "c-nt?". So you like good censorship but not bad censorship....riiiiight......that's why comedians can't visit college campuses anymore....

  • Honest Opinion
    Honest Opinion Month ago

    I love Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Daily Show, Late Show, etc., but TheXvid does not put any of those shows in my “Recommendations”.
    Rather TheXvid puts in my “Recommendations” Video Games, Sports, Fox News (That I have never watch or do NOT care for it). But I think TheXvid puts those disgusting things in my “Recommendations” not because a so called “Algorithm”, but rather because they are probably PAID Advertising disguised as “Recommendations”.

  • Fluid Waves
    Fluid Waves Month ago +3

    Pretty sure Sam called Ivanka a C*unt and her videos did not get demonetized. Rules for thee but not for me.

  • Nik110512
    Nik110512 Month ago +1


  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello Month ago

    Her point is valid...but did she demonetize this or any of her videos yet?

  • Iamtop
    Iamtop Month ago

    Demonetizing meaning that they don't show ads at all I really don't think TheXvid keeps the profits, if anything they are giving free bandwidth to host the content. Better would be for TheXvid to still show ads but give the profit of those ads to groups that are on the other end. And make a nice yearly score so that you can advertise who helped out those communities the most. That would end their presence on youtube very very quickly.

  • Neg M
    Neg M Month ago

    This situation is actually a lot more complex than Samantha's making it out to be. This is the first time I've ever downright disagreed.
    Before anyone thinks I'm taking the side of the disgusting content that can be found on the YT platform, I'm not.
    Taking this too far out of wack will have bad consequences for alot of innocent content creators too.

  • hobsdigree2
    hobsdigree2 Month ago

    Samantha Bee is the one person I'd expect to stay extremely far away from this topic.
    Samantha Bee, Trever Noah, John Oliver and other late night host have used extremely crude language towards conservatives in the past and present. Liberals will say "their a comedian, don't take it so seriously". A conservative comic does the same thing, only towards liberals and then liberals scream "that's offensive, that's hate speech, TheXvid needs to take action and deplatform them".
    It's either acceptable or not. If they demonetized Crowder, then Bee and the rest of the late night bunch should be next. You can't have a "it's ok only when one side does it" policy.

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley Month ago

    Fox News story?

  • Gregory Petrasuk
    Gregory Petrasuk Month ago

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  • Carrie Caulfield Arick

    I watched one food video... Now it's all TheXvid recommends.

    • Carolyn's RV Life
      Carolyn's RV Life Month ago

      Isn't it strange how the 'theory' of their algorithms is so different from the reality?

  • JD1010101110
    JD1010101110 Month ago +1

    wouldn't the hurtful comments bit see most of Sam's videos taken down?

  • Nikhil Verma
    Nikhil Verma Month ago

    Algorithms are racist because people are racist? Factually, those algorithms are doing exactly what they were designed to do: Keep users tuned in for longer. What you really want is a filtering system. But that's a slippery slope also because it encroaches on one's free speech. (Ex: Alex Jones)

  • V Soul
    V Soul Month ago +1

    She said they did nothing , yet they changed policy and deleted a lot of videos and channels. Freedom of speech is our right and it cant be blocked by anyone, not even you .

    • Kevin Allen
      Kevin Allen Month ago

      @V Soul That doesn't sound profitable, so it probably won't happen. Seizing the means of production does sound like a good idea, though, now that you mention it.

    • V Soul
      V Soul Month ago

      @Kevin Allen Good thing you pointed that , so You tube is actually blocking our freedom of speech . I think is time we build a new next gen Video uploading site , that is actually controlled by the users not a corporation.

    • Kevin Allen
      Kevin Allen Month ago

      No it isn’t. TheXvid is free to do whatever they want. The government cannot force TheXvid to do those things, but besides that they can silence whoever they want.

  • Middle Class Men
    Middle Class Men Month ago +2

    Hey how about that feckless c*nt comment? Oh I forgot it’s ok when you do it

  • Vivian Stimpson
    Vivian Stimpson Month ago

    Prove an algorithm even exists. Gotcha !

  • Vivian Stimpson
    Vivian Stimpson Month ago

    More like a
    algo ( we'll notify you with what we want you to see, when we want you to see it, in a timely, corporate, monetarily enhanced fashion ) rithm

  • Vivian Stimpson
    Vivian Stimpson Month ago

    The algorithm is doing the samba and should be rock and roll.

  • Vladimir Enlow
    Vladimir Enlow Month ago

    Just came here to say that TheXvid actually recommended this video to me... then again, there's also a fair amount of Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah in there too, so that proves her point. The algorithm steers people towards videos of similar interest, and that's what it's intended to do. Too bad it won't nut up and remove content any reasonable person would consider harassment or inappropriate because it's afraid of being sued.

  • Tim Johnston
    Tim Johnston Month ago

    why are you standing like that??

  • Max W
    Max W Month ago +5

    Some people can’t take a joke change my mind #joinmugclub

  • nick saputo
    nick saputo Month ago

    you've got some of this wrong

  • zEropoint68
    zEropoint68 Month ago

    it's funny how all the people who constantly scream about pedophiles and fascists taking over popular culture _are_ the pedophiles and fascists taking over popular culture. it's almost like the people who say that would really, really, really like for you not to notice who you're talking to.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Don’t even get me started on the right-wing radicalization taking place in TheXvid...