When there’s a fight in the hall


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  • purplebox
    purplebox 4 months ago +47919

    this dude practically owns this song… he’s been living rent free in my head ever since the first short i’ve seen of him running lmao

  • BigDaddy77
    BigDaddy77 Month ago +128

    The kid who says “YO THERES A FIGHT IN THE HALL” is literally me when I’m in highschool lol

    • Rosy Morada
      Rosy Morada 29 days ago +1


    • forehead ass
      forehead ass Month ago +3

      That was always the greatest feeling when you heard that. Or started seeing people running to one location lol you're like "oh shit is this going down!?" Seeing a school fight was the greatest, would make my whole week

    ĶÏMØÑØ Month ago +53

    -School nurse

  • Linna David
    Linna David Month ago +234

    I love how the school nurse has ice 😂

  • SC4R
    SC4R Month ago +126

    I love the way he runs- It's somehow satisfying.

    • Not Thatname
      Not Thatname 25 days ago

      Good because that's all he does...

    • Multi
      Multi 25 days ago +4

      @Just Vincent all you do is hate how he runs.
      Just stop watching

    • Just Vincent
      Just Vincent 25 days ago

      Nah the way he runs is just dumb

    • lukarikid9001
      lukarikid9001 25 days ago +4

      Really good use of forced perspective

  • Normified
    Normified 4 months ago +13650

    can't forget about the people who manage to get legit fight footage but it looks like their phone got hit by a hurricane lmao

    • nvmb
      nvmb Month ago

      That would be me

    • Nisa Rojas
      Nisa Rojas Month ago

      With that potato quality

    • Star ★
      Star ★ Month ago

      The person that had a video of the fight and sends it to their friend(s) and shows people.

    • Naruto dude
      Naruto dude Month ago

      Fr 😂 and they be moving the phone to much

    • Once Upon a Revenant
      Once Upon a Revenant Month ago

      @꒰๑Vąńiīllå๑꒱ probably the Ki power of both combatants causes a disturbance inside the camera force

  • Jonathan Akoji
    Jonathan Akoji Month ago +231

    I love how the security is running from the scene 😂😂

    • HG-Javelin gaming
      HG-Javelin gaming 26 days ago

      @BCOL Dispatch I don't when think you knew what you meant

    • BCOL Dispatch
      BCOL Dispatch 26 days ago

      No it's because it's a camera

    • Kookie_krissy
      Kookie_krissy 26 days ago +5

      There was no security because the joke is, there is never the security at fights.

    • HG-Javelin gaming
      HG-Javelin gaming 28 days ago +12

      It's the facts there's never security

  • Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    I like how you get us used to bouncing, but there's no one for the school security part, yet the camera still bounces.


    This is so funny 🤣 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Gina Pierre
    Gina Pierre 28 days ago +2

    For some reason whenever he runs through those certain rooms it makes me feel like he's running through the halls of the backrooms

  • I Not Lemon
    I Not Lemon Month ago +2079

    I need to know how he runs like that, its my life

  • SKYlight Nation 🅥
    SKYlight Nation 🅥 Month ago +1671

    Where's the school security "the school security: *fighing the student l*"

  • MatTW
    MatTW Month ago +4

    The fact that the security part was true, made me laugh.

  • Monique Elkayam
    Monique Elkayam Month ago +25

    That “ security camera” got me laughing so hard idk why-

  • Hyper cactus 64
    Hyper cactus 64 Month ago

    I like how he holds things they way you’d imagine a video game character to hold things when they run 🤣

  • Carrot
    Carrot 4 months ago +4811

    Him doing the "non existent" character for the first time (that I've seen) was way better than expected

  • Ryutaro-Nakayasu
    Ryutaro-Nakayasu Month ago

    This man has anime protag levels of style when it comes to running.

  • Master Oogwgays daughter

    I love the running, it kills me everytime 🤣

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat Month ago +1

    love the way how the security guard is just out of the picture 🔥

  • Anime Forever
    Anime Forever 24 days ago +2

    Lol the moment when he ran at the time he said
    The legs 🤣

  • Rawr Zxc
    Rawr Zxc 2 months ago +1680

    I love how he said “Vice Principal” bc the actual principal is never there 😂
    (Edit) Thank you so much for the likes!

    • CoolDued530
      CoolDued530 Month ago

      @Mister Lion Ah that makes sense, well there was likely a reason he delete his comments.

    • Mister Lion
      Mister Lion Month ago

      @CoolDued530 but he did respond to me and deleted his comments

    • CoolDued530
      CoolDued530 Month ago

      @Mister Lion Did you expect him to respond at all? No point in educating anybody especially on a platform like TheXvid.

    • Mister Lion
      Mister Lion Month ago

      @Rawr Zxc "not liking" and acting like you did are different things, this is the internet, people swear here a lot and if you didn't know that I'd guess that you're new to the internet which will probably be age 9-13

    • Mister Lion
      Mister Lion Month ago

      @Rawr Zxc because you are so sensitive to swear words dude also the use of "pls answer" it's like you want attention

  • 81uq07
    81uq07 29 days ago

    I love how stupidly true this is 😂😂

  • ItzDubstep
    ItzDubstep Month ago

    This man has a whole mortgage in my brain with that run

  • lil_𝚂𝚑𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚖𝚒㋛

    This is accurate- like everyone is so hyped when a fight happens lol-

  • Lauren Pearce
    Lauren Pearce Month ago +1

    At lunchtime. when the whole school crowds and runs together just to see a fight. 😂

  • bannana422
    bannana422 4 months ago +1271

    The school security being nowhere to be found is on point.
    Every damned time.
    I get they cant be everywhere, but damn man, hire an extra or something.

    • TheCringeArtKid
      TheCringeArtKid 2 months ago

      @Kugelblyatz this I don't understand. School nurses don't just get a day off. Children are still being injured. If you're giving your nurses a day off, get another nurse for that day. Incase it wasn't the same for you, my school nurse used to take breaks weekly (Tuesdays and Wednesdays I think)

    • Kugelblyatz
      Kugelblyatz 2 months ago +1

      The nurse should also be unexistent. A couple of weeks ago someone broke a 5 grader's glasses at my school. The kid was bleeding like hell, and try guessing if the school nurse was actually in school

    • bannana422
      bannana422 2 months ago +1

      @Lunar Raevyn they always seem to be called to deal with something somewhere else in full force.

    • Lunar Raevyn
      Lunar Raevyn 2 months ago

      Only time they were on time was when this dude stole the pepper spray off one and sprayed him with it during a fight 😭

  • Jonas Insinga
    Jonas Insinga Month ago

    Oh, ouch. I want to laugh and cry at the same time but am not sure which to do. DAMN you did a bang-up job with this. Great stuff!

  • Zumoshitekato
    Zumoshitekato Month ago

    The school security part got me fr 💀

  • Thomas Harrington
    Thomas Harrington Month ago

    how's he running like that so perfectly

  • Jeomar Lopez
    Jeomar Lopez Month ago

    I’m always surprised the amount of space he must have to do “the run”

  • Grace Lee
    Grace Lee 2 months ago +3733

    I love how when he says "there's a fight in the hall" he's holding a bottle of milk 😂

  • Burg
    Burg Month ago

    Our school security was on the ball at all times he knew the halls and all the beef 😂

  • ♡royaltyluvx♡
    ♡royaltyluvx♡ Month ago

    That run 😂🔥

  • 🐑BohoGworl0🎶
    🐑BohoGworl0🎶 29 days ago

    The way he ran cracked me up!😂😂

  • Channing Nevels
    Channing Nevels 28 days ago

    This is so true tho😂😂😂😂
    At my school when fights break out there would be a lot of people watching, and one time a 7th grader wanted to fight an 8th grader

  • JohnWick8285
    JohnWick8285 Month ago +1854

    I love how perfect his house is for running like this

    IRONDOOR85 Month ago

    Can we appreciate that he is holding 2 cameras while medium speed running in his infinite hall house.

  • *Snow Edits*
    *Snow Edits* Month ago +1

    Me actually going to the vice principal’s office 3-4 times: Ay yo look how relatable this is!

  • Peke music
    Peke music Month ago

    "masz tabletki na ból brzucha"

  • LwDGnG MaKo
    LwDGnG MaKo Month ago

    I've rewatched idk how many times just for the running 😂

  • Turtl3_Tal3s
    Turtl3_Tal3s 2 months ago +4838

    Security only be coming after the fight is over-
    That one person who always has the video is so true tho

    • forehead ass
      forehead ass Month ago

      Hell yeah and you'd be trying hard as fuck to find that video and it'd find its way to TheXvid. Grainy as fuck 360p and titled like "Jonathon vs Mike" lol. Man school was fun looking back on it. When you could fight and not be charged with a felony

    • Star ★
      Star ★ Month ago

      Low-key true

    • James Wilcox
      James Wilcox Month ago

      This isn't completely true, there's been quite a few fights where a couple people got the recordings, but there's only 1 who has the best quality normally

    • Rhonda Hart
      Rhonda Hart Month ago


    • GreenTea
      GreenTea Month ago

      My school had a performance a few weeks ago and since I was in it I was in the auditorium all day. My friend told me that before the performance there was a fight outside the auditorium. There were 3 seperate videos and in all of them you can see the security just watching lol

  • Yams💚
    Yams💚 Month ago

    There is something so awesome about the way this man is running

  • RustyBites
    RustyBites Month ago +1

    The way they run just fits the music😂

  • Sulfurix3273
    Sulfurix3273 26 days ago

    I love how school security is invisible that made me really crack up

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray Month ago

    Bro even my dad is more consistent than school security💀💀💀

  • SigmaS
    SigmaS Month ago +1215

    "The school security is missing...need to find him"
    Somebody:"nah...he's already at the hall"

    • StrangerEons
      StrangerEons Month ago

      @We talked about bruno😩 he started the fight

    • We talked about bruno😩
      We talked about bruno😩 Month ago +2

      He joined in the fight

    • -{Zeven}-
      -{Zeven}- Month ago +3

      watching. hes alr in the hall watching

    • HAPYnikunaPLYX
      HAPYnikunaPLYX Month ago +3

      Just not doing anything is what he's doing in the hall

    • SigmaS
      SigmaS Month ago +3

      @Leland McGuire ahhahahahahah nice info

  • ho - yeon 067🩹🤍
    ho - yeon 067🩹🤍 Month ago +1

    I love how he runs lmao

  • olliexo
    olliexo Month ago

    can we just appreciate his pen spin

  • sunny days
    sunny days 25 days ago

    i like he has various headphones for every character 😂😂😂😂

  • JCM EvolvE
    JCM EvolvE 12 days ago

    is it just me, or are we all wondering how he run through his house like that

  • Carlo DiMercurio
    Carlo DiMercurio Month ago +1

    The way he runs is really funny

  • Skyler Foster
    Skyler Foster 28 days ago

    Nothing more entertaining that a school fight😂

  • Natal Gratea
    Natal Gratea 25 days ago

    I love this dude so much for these vids I swear.

  • jade Hopkins
    jade Hopkins 29 days ago

    i’ve never seen anything more true about schools security system 💀

  • Octavia
    Octavia 2 months ago +810

    I just love how he runs like that 😂

  • originalcontent🙂
    originalcontent🙂 Month ago +1

    Where did security go? That's how u know it gon be legendary 💀💀

  • yone the USSF M2HB machinegunner

    *him running never fails to amaze and entertain us*

  • Nilly Alemi
    Nilly Alemi Month ago

    I love the way he runs😂😂😂

  • Kaleb Bennet
    Kaleb Bennet Month ago

    Possibly the most relatable thing I've ever seen

  • Nia Williams
    Nia Williams Month ago

    Soooooooooooo funny 😂, but sooooooooooo freaking true 👍🏾, especially the "school security" part

  • Omar Cardona
    Omar Cardona 26 days ago

    Bruhh I feel like we can all come together on this being like EVERY public school in America🤣🤣

  • • ♡Sätůrn♡ •

    Bro this is so true 😂😂😂😂

  • Gumi
    Gumi Month ago +1

    Add the (normally friendly) yard/hall monitors running in with the “HEY! NO! CLEAR OUT! 😡”

  • Jaden Joestar
    Jaden Joestar 2 months ago +646

    LMAO the school security one is so accurate! Two kids were having a fight coming up the staircase from lunch, there was no security, so the history teachers had to step in. One kid started punching them and the other got tackled

    • Sasha Medea
      Sasha Medea Month ago

      @Jaden Joestar oh i see. Thank you for explaining

    • Jaden Joestar
      Jaden Joestar Month ago

      @Sasha Medea Kind of. After we got all these bomb threats and shooting threats the security officers never left the school

    • Sasha Medea
      Sasha Medea Month ago

      You guys have school security?

    • Leo
      Leo Month ago

      i understand why the history teachers came in. They didn’t want to be having a new history lesson.

    • Emma DiPaola
      Emma DiPaola Month ago

      Fr at my high school there was a fight between 2 girls and one punched the principle in the face and the other kicked him away

  • •Euphoriaa•
    •Euphoriaa• Month ago


  • Couchgamer124
    Couchgamer124 Month ago

    Lol this had me rolling

  • Papaya
    Papaya 28 days ago

    I love this! 🤣

  • Gökşin Güler
    Gökşin Güler Month ago

    The fact that the security isnt there makes this more funnier.

  • scarling
    scarling Month ago +416

    can we just take a moment to appreciate that this man literally noclipped into the backrooms just to make a youtube short

    • CoolDogBot
      CoolDogBot Month ago


    • foxy
      foxy Month ago +1

      and thats why in the first person who was runnin after saying "there is a fight" moved like dat. kinda looked like he fell

    • RustyBites
      RustyBites Month ago


    • Yams💚
      Yams💚 Month ago


    • scarling
      scarling Month ago

      @OK true lol

  • ZanarkandRose
    ZanarkandRose 27 days ago

    As campus security, we do run to break it up lol

  • Knight SFS
    Knight SFS Month ago

    Never knew his dad was a security guard.

  • Blue_reaper
    Blue_reaper Month ago +1


  • Archie Zetter
    Archie Zetter Month ago +1

    Damn that is the best run I’ve ever seen I love it

  • Secret
    Secret 2 months ago +1840

    That school nurse with ice 💀

    • arnold vetonio
      arnold vetonio Month ago

      Ay MMM ice turn them to ice

    • crystal kelly
      crystal kelly Month ago

      School nurses... Am I right?

    • omanus
      omanus Month ago

      ICE FIXES EVERYTHING!1!1!!1!1!1 *literally brings every dead person back to life*

    • CSEmber
      CSEmber Month ago +2

      I remember when they lost the right to goddamn cough drops in my school.

    • ihap
      ihap Month ago +1

      Yeah ice fix all

  • Voidly Father Kitsune
    Voidly Father Kitsune 20 days ago +1

    Honestly our campus has a high fight rate, I was walking over to the venders and 7 teachers ran past me with 3 officers. So shish went down.

  • silly girl
    silly girl Month ago


  • Scarlett
    Scarlett Month ago

    that run is so smooth I can’t 👏

  • xXamberXx
    xXamberXx  Month ago

    School security is just never there.🤣

  • Hans
    Hans 4 months ago +640

    This legend can spin a pen like he's in an anime, run in a way where it get started in here and never fails to make me laugh

    • magic_donutz
      magic_donutz 2 months ago

      I can do it

    • dead men
      dead men 2 months ago


    • BΛRON
      BΛRON 2 months ago

      He's always doing it when he's thinking :,>

    • Sonson
      Sonson 2 months ago

      @Nikki looks something like a sonic rise into a weird fingerpass and then he just moves it to his thumb

    • vaat-tarun
      vaat-tarun 2 months ago

      @Nikki i do it too

  • Ege Mavinil
    Ege Mavinil 25 days ago

    This is good content that is actually funny. Something that is unheard in youtube shorts

  • Don't look behind you
    Don't look behind you 28 days ago

    I love how they just run in like Tenya Iida lol.

  • iheartmyself
    iheartmyself 29 days ago +2

    Am I the only one scared that's he's gonna hit his head 😭💀

  • Nacho Libre
    Nacho Libre Month ago

    damn, imagine having school security

  • goku
    goku 2 months ago +3828

    Everyone: *has thing that anyone can relate to*
    The school nurse: *still holding the ice*

    • Ryan Ryu
      Ryan Ryu Month ago

      @chicken salad me when I feel sick
      Nurse: here try some ice

    • 𝔻𝕚𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕕
      𝔻𝕚𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕕 2 months ago

      Then there's that "have you tried putting it in rice?" Child

    • Happyoker
      Happyoker 2 months ago


    • allen tv
      allen tv 2 months ago

      Damn yall on schools?

  • Joker
    Joker Month ago

    Fun fact:
    (I’m a teacher, that’s why I know)
    School security can only get involved after a certain level of danger is reached, usually when a student becomes a more deadly threat to themselves and those around them. It might be different at other schools, but that’s how it goes at mine

  • J Qua
    J Qua 25 days ago

    Bro..the angle and the way how he run looks so animated yet it look so simple. That shit cold ngl.


    I like how the school security is invisible lol

  • William Afton
    William Afton Month ago +1

    Literally so true and all the kids crowd outside of the classroom. Happened last week-

  • EzGamez
    EzGamez Month ago

    Bro this fr happened to me the other day, there was a fight in the hall way and everyone from my class ran to it like it was a Black Friday sale lol

  • MrDave200billion
    MrDave200billion Month ago

    He accidentally showed us how to run like that lol

  • Cookiexxlove
    Cookiexxlove Month ago

    I love how you run lol 😂

  • Star ★
    Star ★ Month ago

    True asf 😂😂😂

  • james
    james 4 months ago +896

    This man is so powerful he can run like my invisible dad

    • ZEKEyeager
      ZEKEyeager 2 months ago

      Dumm,my bro brainwashed my dad deyummmmmm

    • Hato
      Hato 2 months ago

      Thats dark :|

    • Blue beast gamer
      Blue beast gamer 2 months ago +1

      He went to buy milk but Rick astley Rick rolled him and he got so triggered he started running and then the truck Kun came..... And I was there watching all this everyone was laughing until truck Kun came.

    • Albert
      Albert 4 months ago

      The Incredibles
      The disappointmenta

    • ZuRechtGefürchtet
      ZuRechtGefürchtet 4 months ago +3


  • ewruu weeddd
    ewruu weeddd Month ago +1


  • ItsThatDude
    ItsThatDude Month ago

    The school security has me dead

  • aldothedogroblox31
    aldothedogroblox31 26 days ago

    My guy really hold the cream just from how crazy it was😂💪

  • Maaya Amatera
    Maaya Amatera Month ago

    i'm too distracted by the way the amazing running works to pay attention to wtf is actually going on

  • Jellycat
    Jellycat Month ago +567

    “Nurse,I’m having a seizure”
    “Have some ice”

    • Sussy
      Sussy Month ago +1

      @Shinro its not a mistake its time for adoption

    • OofyMCDoofy
      OofyMCDoofy Month ago

      Mam,i have a alien disease that will transform me to a demon that will go to a killing spree and wipe out human kind itself...
      **HAVE SOME ICE**

    • Shinro
      Shinro Month ago +1

      It's not a mistake it's a ✨masterpiece✨

    • AyoItzKazu
      AyoItzKazu Month ago +1

      School Ice Fixes Everything

    • Devin Andresen
      Devin Andresen Month ago

      My friend actually had a seizure, and it was scary. I was in class while it happened and we had kind of a mini lockdown and weren’t allowed to leave our classroom

  • Silence Rules
    Silence Rules Month ago

    There was a fight in the girls locket room of my school earlier. Half the damn school crammed in💀

  • val gorup
    val gorup Month ago +1

    I love how there was just no-one for the guard