When they make James Bond Black

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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  • cynthia rivers
    cynthia rivers 9 hours ago

    There is a black Superman

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 17 hours ago +1

    Let's be honest black people wouldn't want their characters to be white so why would white characters to be black?

  • Rãhêêm boi
    Rãhêêm boi Day ago +1

    There's a Mexican terminator tho... just saying 😂😂😂😂

  • Athony Nesbitt
    Athony Nesbitt 2 days ago

    Griffy i always saying why wont they make a movie were james bond is a black guy i would watch the shit out that movie & buy it on dvd as well😂😂😂😂
    Who are you?
    Me: "the name's Bond...James Bond"😂😂😂😂

  • MrKaws
    MrKaws 2 days ago

    Mexican Harry Potter? I think you mean Otzdarva

  • Broken Sword
    Broken Sword 2 days ago

    01:37 when you realise its already happening took far less than 50 years

  • Patd 7862
    Patd 7862 3 days ago +1

    Why do people hate on having a black 007
    I think it would have been great

  • Aryan Sood
    Aryan Sood 5 days ago +1

    James Bond : Iam going home, Iam going home

  • Schutzstaffel Agent
    Schutzstaffel Agent 5 days ago

    Everything is good until the Liberals and their Zionist bosses try to start a worldwide cultural and social revolution that will make the future and the past worlds apart

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 5 days ago

    the sad part is they are actually doing this but they are turning him into a black female

  • Tevon M
    Tevon M 5 days ago

    James bond is a White Jamaican who moved to England.
    Thats why he's a badass and a top player with the ladies

  • Oscar Torta
    Oscar Torta 6 days ago

    Asian Terminator would be lit

  • StahlenAnjha Wright
    StahlenAnjha Wright 8 days ago

    Black super man is the original Superman of course !

  • Cadarrius Brown
    Cadarrius Brown 8 days ago

    God damn he was accurate 😂💀😂💀.

    • Carlos Gómez
      Carlos Gómez 5 days ago +1

      Actually he wasn't, he said 50 years. It took less than 50 hours.

    NLEBABYMEXICO HITTA 8 days ago +2

    Instead of Boys in the Hood, We got Men in the Suburbs.

  • John Mista
    John Mista 8 days ago

    I'd watch Asianator

  • OmniscientWarrior
    OmniscientWarrior 8 days ago

    Not like MI-6 isn't a large agency and can't have another badass, that could even be part of a sister agency, that does completely unique things, and that badass character can be whatever they want it to be. Nope. Gotta take the name of a preexisting character... diversity with no imagination.

  • Joe Doss
    Joe Doss 8 days ago

    You're more of a Jerome Bond, shawn Bond, Tyrone Bond😭😭😭 bruh

  • Jon Slow
    Jon Slow 9 days ago

    "Mexican Harry Potter " 😂😂 pls Warner Bros make this happen 😂😂

  • David Eng
    David Eng 9 days ago

    Tyron Bond would be good.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 days ago

    Lol 007 is now a black woman, and the terminator is now asian. Wtf

  • Spectacz16 Family and Gaming

    "De'Sean Bond"

  • s
    s 11 days ago +1

    What if the actor identified as a white straight male? HMMMMMM?????!!!!!!

  • GaleZ
    GaleZ 11 days ago

    Bond, tyrone bond

  • LeAndre McCoy
    LeAndre McCoy 11 days ago

    Well, "James Bond" isn't a person...

  • national buzz
    national buzz 11 days ago

    Well Asian terminator is going to be true 😂

  • Tumblr Trash
    Tumblr Trash 11 days ago

    Honestly don't think it's that bad in this case since James Bond has never really been a specific person so I think that's why it has the potential to be good in different ways in the future and we can expand on it. Honestly should just go to the actor that fits the role best regardless 🙂

    • Tumblr Trash
      Tumblr Trash 11 days ago

      @Kn Maheri Jaya Tp I know he's always been a white male I just don't get why it's a big deal if he's not. I honestly don't give a shit tho cause no I've never seen the books or movies but I know the gist of the story and I've never been interested in seeing or reading the books/movies because it's not the kind of genre I like

    • Kn Maheri Jaya Tp
      Kn Maheri Jaya Tp 11 days ago

      james bond always been a WHITE MALE! did you read the novels or at least saw its movies???! ffs!

  • Sawyer Dale
    Sawyer Dale 11 days ago

    Might as well make Mario some black crippled transvestite now. Seriously, if industries keep doing this sorta sjw righteous crap, they are gonna receive serious backlash, and no one will EVER want to watch their movies or play their games or anything like it! James Bond is a straight white male, whether the industry chooses to present him that way or not...

  • seb tingz
    seb tingz 12 days ago +1

    Lmfaooo imagine if they change another iconic character into another race but this time it's Ariel and she's black...

    Oh wait.

  • Brian Dinwiddie
    Brian Dinwiddie 12 days ago

    Just like explaining Jesus is white.

  • René Gado
    René Gado 12 days ago

    Daamn no sad song? Im going home.

  • Nick X
    Nick X 12 days ago

    Pierce Brosnan will always be James Bond.

  • Neha Dhurwey
    Neha Dhurwey 12 days ago

    Black panther enters the chat .

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno 13 days ago +2

    😂😂😂 Mexican Harry Potter 😂😂😂

  • Alvaro Guzman
    Alvaro Guzman 13 days ago

    Stacey's with the tux .. prom all over again 😁😁😁

  • Pawell294
    Pawell294 13 days ago

    Dam this is good. “What in the affirmative action is going on!” Lol 😂

  • Mhd Amayri
    Mhd Amayri 13 days ago

    Maxican Harry Potter? SI!

  • ChaosKnight HD
    ChaosKnight HD 13 days ago

    If you want diversity for a casted movie, then make up your own one instead of ruining already good movies.

  • Vlad Miziuk
    Vlad Miziuk 14 days ago +1

    Tyron is like the big boy in our school🤣🤣🤣

  • TheRealSaint
    TheRealSaint 14 days ago

    If idris elba was 007 that would be amazing

  • Uzumaki_Naruto
    Uzumaki_Naruto 14 days ago


  • Dauda András
    Dauda András 14 days ago

    Asian Terminator? Well they had that in Genysis
    Black Superman? Well they have latino Supes in Gods&Monsters

  • Dauda András
    Dauda András 14 days ago

    "What affermative action is going here!"
    I am rolling on the floor! :D

  • Vision
    Vision 15 days ago

    I personally think if the character (white, black, whatever) had no ties or any reasoning for the movie to be cultural in any way then it's fine. James bond could be a black man, no where in the movie does it showcase or point out that he's white.. black panther has to be black people because, and stick with me.. the movie was about black people.

  • grownChILd -
    grownChILd - 15 days ago

    💀💀"Mexican Harry Potter"

  • Mister Black
    Mister Black 15 days ago

    I would watch mexican harry potter

  • Luka Khim
    Luka Khim 15 days ago

    There was an Asian terminator wasn't there?

  • David McCauley
    David McCauley 15 days ago

    Holy fuck, just checked the date on this. This is some next level clairvoyant shit!

  • Jared Moore
    Jared Moore 15 days ago

    Funny. Now 007 is a black female.

  • Benjamin Benjamin
    Benjamin Benjamin 15 days ago

    hey dude what should be the lotory numbers for me.
    could you maybe next time put some edris elba in it.
    they dudes voice makes me.

  • swanurine
    swanurine 15 days ago

    I mean....I don't see a problem with Asian terminator

  • Richard Duncan
    Richard Duncan 15 days ago

    Love your stuff, you rock!
    what about white black panther reboot... white panther... who can't sneak at night...

  • Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Person 15 days ago +2

    Funny thing there has been 2 different black superman in the comics

  • markalejandrox
    markalejandrox 15 days ago

    Asian terminator doesnt sound too bad..... Jackie chan.....

  • Kent Stark
    Kent Stark 15 days ago

    Yoooo, didn't even took 50 years...

  • Jim Nixon
    Jim Nixon 16 days ago

    There is a black Superman and an Asian Terminator. Dude, you're Nostradamus.

    • Dauda András
      Dauda András 14 days ago

      Where is black Superman? We only have latino Superman so far!

  • Lengenr
    Lengenr 16 days ago +1

    Do this for John wick

  • H
    H 16 days ago

    don't worry people we still have the same white james bond, but was close hu?

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 16 days ago

    There actually a black Superman