When they make James Bond Black

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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    JJ'sGTLMS 3 days ago

    Coming from a black person, hes got a point

  • keenan Hatfie
    keenan Hatfie 3 days ago

    Bro youre normally cool but youre actually wilding.

  • Egg Water
    Egg Water 3 days ago

    black donald trump

  • Rasputín El Ciego
    Rasputín El Ciego 4 days ago

    Based black man.

  • Villeo Studios
    Villeo Studios 4 days ago +1

    I died when he said "Heavens no!"

  • Txmilx ssi
    Txmilx ssi 6 days ago

    what's next? a white black panther?

  • Waifu
    Waifu 6 days ago

    Let's make dr.who fe...wait.

  • sam tinkler
    sam tinkler 6 days ago

    Django but the slaves are white

  • chrismanmadrid
    chrismanmadrid 6 days ago

    You guys don't need to defend yourselves, people who call you racist for not wanting the race of an iconic character changed are dumb dumb stupid head niggas anyway.

  • へりこかる
    へりこかる 6 days ago

    asian terminator??? how fuck is the world right now??

  • Albert S
    Albert S 6 days ago

    thank you

  • This Particular Boi
    This Particular Boi 7 days ago

    Irrl be backuh

  • Teal'c
    Teal'c 7 days ago

    now we just need a white black panther

  • Whinny McHorseface
    Whinny McHorseface 7 days ago

    Thats the whole fucking point in this ridicolous debate. Smart Video!

  • laserbeamlightning
    laserbeamlightning 7 days ago

    Asian Terminator actually happened LOL

  • madabz81
    madabz81 7 days ago

    Very good point 😂😂 plus if he was black he’d always stand out especially if he’s anywhere in Europe or America but what you probably don’t know is that Hollywood actually did do a reboot on Menace to Society with an all white cast just ask Ed Norton that American History is X for a reason brah

  • TetrisCube 1
    TetrisCube 1 8 days ago

    I want a movie about jimi hendricks where he is played by michael rapaport.

  • Anthony Campbell
    Anthony Campbell 8 days ago

    I gotta number fo yo black ass instead 007 how bout 911 😂😂😂

  • BapTaeZed
    BapTaeZed 8 days ago

    We need a Lee Bond

  • Saint Sponge Man
    Saint Sponge Man 8 days ago

    If Bonds was an anime and they made an Netflix adaptation

  • Josuke Ruins Everything.

    Is no one gonna ask why he's wearing the cowboy hat?

  • Adnane Azami
    Adnane Azami 8 days ago

    your channel would have been taken down for this vid if you were white xD

  • NMB Ale
    NMB Ale 8 days ago +3

    Called out the entire industry for their forced 'Diversity' bs in under 2 mins 😂
    Well done, subbed for life! 👊🏻

  • Michael Hayden
    Michael Hayden 8 days ago

    To the people high fiving Griffy and shit, you do realize you're kinda of being made fun of right? It isn't in favor or in opposition of a Black James Bond. It's parodying in the overreactions. You guys are waaay too eager. Lol

  • Marcus Morish
    Marcus Morish 8 days ago

    On spiritual level

  • Ugaya TV
    Ugaya TV 8 days ago

    Does anybody remember how everyone freaked out when Daniel Craig was announced as the new bond because his hair was the wrong color? Lol like don't get me wrong I think everyone would get over it by the second movie but still, it's weird to change characters even when they look simular.

  • Thida Blog
    Thida Blog 8 days ago

    Tyrone bond 😂😂😂

  • Ian
    Ian 8 days ago

    Well um, we have a Mexican Superman

  • isthis myrealname
    isthis myrealname 8 days ago

    jerome bond is a dope movie name

  • NutzernameKP
    NutzernameKP 8 days ago

    BBBut the new bad boys movie gonna have a white cast

  • W S
    W S 8 days ago

    I'm triggered!

  • TheBasicHeim
    TheBasicHeim 8 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant haha

  • Thom Coe
    Thom Coe 8 days ago

    Boyz In Tha Hood with an all white cast? I've seen t shirts that depicted the KKK in full ceremony garb which read BOYS IN THE HOOD.

  • Jafar Ali
    Jafar Ali 8 days ago

    Or a mexican wolverine

  • Hcahtymmot
    Hcahtymmot 8 days ago

    Michael Cera for Shaft.

  • yeaboi55
    yeaboi55 8 days ago

    “It’s wrong to change a characters race!” shouts the white man in his caucasian Jesus shirt.

  • Rene Galindo
    Rene Galindo 9 days ago

    That mexican Harry Potter sounds legit and during those scenes where they have all the food on the tables they would be a whole bunch of sweet bread and tamales

  • girl group central
    girl group central 9 days ago

    Friends n the Suburbs!

  • John Work
    John Work 9 days ago

    I'm not even sure which side of the argument he's on because parody to either side is just actually representing what the other side thinks.

  • SheshmoHiroz
    SheshmoHiroz 9 days ago +1

    This made me die especially since im black and my name is James.

  • Robeless Sam
    Robeless Sam 9 days ago

    Y’all do know Idris Elba would kick ass as Bond, right?

  • Chamong Xiong
    Chamong Xiong 9 days ago

    Huh? There is a asian terminator.

  • Mr Temporal
    Mr Temporal 9 days ago

    just make if Dejames Bond and everyone will be fine with it

  • A A
    A A 9 days ago

    Gadget Rolex LOL

  • Darragh Oshea
    Darragh Oshea 9 days ago

    They already remade Annie black

  • yawn
    yawn 10 days ago

    Asian terminator, lmao

  • Funnel Cake
    Funnel Cake 10 days ago +1

    Jeremy Fornier-Hanlon in the original novels there is illustrations that depict him as white. Just because they don’t say “here comes Caucasian James Bond” dousnt mean he isn’t white. It just means they have eyes and can clearly it without making it a big deal. I believe a characters traits are determined by the creator. Not everyone. He was created as a white Englishmen just like black panther was created as a black African. And people should respect that. By this logic you could say that there are white Africans so why not make black panther white ( as black in the name is representing the suit) but of course we wouldn’t do that as it would cause an uproar. I don’t get why people think differently about bond. He’s white get over it.
    Also love you man made me laugh quite a-bit!

  • Øyi
    Øyi 10 days ago

    Iris Elba should be ashamed of himself

  • Coolguy Coolguy1
    Coolguy Coolguy1 10 days ago


  • DeAndre Alexander
    DeAndre Alexander 10 days ago

    All white boys in the hood.... I feel like that’s been done before but I’d watch it again

    THE SHOCK MONSTER 10 days ago

    I think they should say James Bond is a code name, not one man

  • SuspectedPotato
    SuspectedPotato 10 days ago

    What about an Australian Corleone

  • Fix Six
    Fix Six 10 days ago

    How black you gotta be to be biracial black? +55% at least? Asking for a friend.

  • green knight
    green knight 10 days ago

    White panther

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 10 days ago

    *Black superman*

  • Jonathan Kramer
    Jonathan Kramer 10 days ago

    Oh fuck. Oh fuck indeed.

  • TyranosaurusNUT
    TyranosaurusNUT 10 days ago

    The names Bond... Jamal Bond

  • just a guy a mustache
    just a guy a mustache 10 days ago

    I seen a tik tok meme before this.
    It made me want to die

  • Screen Share
    Screen Share 10 days ago

    Lol. You should add a role when you're talking about rolex watches.
    - So you have a rolex watch too?!
    - I actually do... have a Rolex watch..
    - That you stole from someone!...
    People black don't wear Rolex watch

  • what the frick
    what the frick 10 days ago

    I love you Griffy.

  • Kristhor
    Kristhor 10 days ago

    I mean 007 is a code name it doesn't mean it's the same guy necessarily

  • Mike De Tigre
    Mike De Tigre 10 days ago +1

    Make casper the ghost black...

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E 11 days ago

    This world is screwed

  • Da Thompi
    Da Thompi 11 days ago

    dahm, dude spittin the truth though

  • Mele Baledrokadroka
    Mele Baledrokadroka 11 days ago

    Heavens NO lol

  • Potato Quality
    Potato Quality 11 days ago

    Black Casper the Friendly Ghost

  • danny flint
    danny flint 11 days ago

    Cant have a black james bond he will die first in the movie

  • LeeTheNPC
    LeeTheNPC 11 days ago +1

    This is what the Washington Post wants.

  • 715cool
    715cool 11 days ago

    DEAD! lol

  • Jellobiafraandthecrystaldeth 777

    Omg the accent makes him cuter

  • icedcool
    icedcool 11 days ago

    Thank you.

  • Flutura
    Flutura 11 days ago

    Id watch a mexican harry potter movie

  • mongol
    mongol 11 days ago

    Make black phanter white

  • Space Bread
    Space Bread 11 days ago

    I'd love to be the asian terminator

    • Chad
      Chad 10 days ago

      Space Bread no

  • Amu Cheeki
    Amu Cheeki 12 days ago

    So true, so true!!

  • Becker AS
    Becker AS 12 days ago

    Arab Batman
    Indian Thor
    Black Hulk
    White Black Panther
    Mexican superman
    Asian Wonderwoman

  • CenTz
    CenTz 12 days ago +8

    If James Bond is a muslim, he gonna be Jamal Bond

  • Alex C
    Alex C 12 days ago

    Let's make T'Challa Chinese.

  • TheDoubleD
    TheDoubleD 12 days ago +2

    The names bond. Bail Bond.

  • Oblitorix
    Oblitorix 12 days ago

    what in the affirmative action is going on here?

  • Zeke Spears
    Zeke Spears 12 days ago

    What in the affirmative action is going on here?

  • The Official BMJ
    The Official BMJ 12 days ago

    So true.. look what they did to Starfire. SMMFH!!!

  • Herr Starr
    Herr Starr 12 days ago

    Carlos Potter and the Cartel of Azkaban

  • Frankenstec
    Frankenstec 12 days ago

    James gon be doin a drive-by on the villian. Movie will be over in 5 mins

  • Jaylan Mayhew
    Jaylan Mayhew 12 days ago

    Idris is a good actor and could play the part it wouldn't matter if the guy was white if he's a good actor and also sexy As f u c k then hell I don't see a reason why he couldn't be James Bond

  • TheBigBadRedMantis
    TheBigBadRedMantis 12 days ago

    they're actually making Superman Black. that ain't even a joke.

    • Chad
      Chad 10 days ago

      TheBigBadRedMantis and i'm out ✌

  • Aik Salad
    Aik Salad 12 days ago

    White panther

  • Matthew Leman
    Matthew Leman 13 days ago

    Like, i aint even mad cause i think the dude is wrong, this just legit was not really funny. Like, if you dont already think a black Bond is ridiculous this had basically zero comedic value, and i still dont get why anyone cares.

  • Simon Handford
    Simon Handford 13 days ago +1

    Why are we still sticking with old characters anyway? Do blacks have to follow in the footsteps of whites?

  • Khajiit has Silver
    Khajiit has Silver 13 days ago

    Thank. You. Griff

  • Be Great
    Be Great 15 days ago

    Not that I’m a champion for diversity, but I think Idris Elba would be a great James Bond

  • SoCali
    SoCali 15 days ago

    So funny because it's so true.

  • Bastian Gierahn
    Bastian Gierahn 15 days ago

    Moneypenny is already black. Isn’t she?

  • Furor Frisii
    Furor Frisii 15 days ago

    Only if there will be a White Hungarian playing Shaka Zulu.
    Or Jason Statham starring as 'Cleopatra'.

  • Lucas Jordan
    Lucas Jordan 15 days ago

    James Bond is one of the few characters I wouldn’t mind being black.

  • Dimary Rivera santiago

    Jaja. That remind me the dilemma of startfire..

  • ElectrikZ
    ElectrikZ 16 days ago

    *How I feel about the Netflix Witcher casting*

  • Truck Nuts
    Truck Nuts 16 days ago

    They're actually looking for a black superman rn lol

  • Jacob White
    Jacob White 16 days ago

    Let’s make black panther white

  • Ur Mom Gay
    Ur Mom Gay 16 days ago +3

    Diversity is a mistake