When they make James Bond Black

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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  • Dante Grim
    Dante Grim 42 seconds ago

    Welp, time to throw the whole character in the trash

  • Andreas Redi Kurniawan
    Andreas Redi Kurniawan 8 minutes ago

    Welp, this aged like fine wine

  • Dabor K
    Dabor K 13 minutes ago

    Lol there was an Asian terminator!!! Lol

  • AzRaeL
    AzRaeL 29 minutes ago

    Tired ofny'all diversity y'all making lil mermaid black, star fire black, beast boy asain, like bruh stop ducking around the og stuff and make what ever new movies with their new stories and plots with diversity if you want

  • Anthony Vo
    Anthony Vo 29 minutes ago

    after watching this and the new terminator movie ya boii is a future teller.

  • katsupoi
    katsupoi 38 minutes ago +1

    Austin Powers gay lesbian or a ugly straight female

  • CJ Ball
    CJ Ball 59 minutes ago

    Now they turned him into a black woman lol

  • Evil Koala
    Evil Koala Hour ago

    This was posted 2018.
    Recommended today july 22 2019 when a black female Bond/007 got announced.

  • OnThisSideoftheSky

    James Bond is a black woman now, so this video aged well... It just wasn’t progressive enough... but are any of us these days?

  • C T
    C T Hour ago

    😂 I'm subscribed, but why is this in my recommendeds now? She may not be bi-racial but it's on.

  • Dragoner Productions

    I blame you for giving the writers the idea to make James bond black.... (As well as a women)

  • decoraqueen a
    decoraqueen a Hour ago

    Most of Hollywood's diversity plans dont turn out well, but I think idris elba would have made a good 007. But they went and f****d that plan too...

  • Fasting Is Life
    Fasting Is Life Hour ago

    Predicted programming 😂🤣😂🤣🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Nick Loven
    Nick Loven Hour ago

    "Labond James"

  • WhereNextToConquer
    WhereNextToConquer Hour ago +1

    Dude what’s it like to know the future😆

  • Cleverfox Seer
    Cleverfox Seer Hour ago

    50 years happened to fast

  • abdul rehman shaikh
    abdul rehman shaikh 2 hours ago

    Maybe lebron james bond

  • Domere Taylor
    Domere Taylor 2 hours ago

    "What in the affirmative action???" 😂😂😂😂

  • whore for aesthetics
    whore for aesthetics 2 hours ago

    he saw the future lmao

  • Joseph Wheeler
    Joseph Wheeler 3 hours ago

    It didn’t take 50 years 😂

    STR8FL3X1NG 3 hours ago

    He changed the title

  • Luis Gutierrez Rubio
    Luis Gutierrez Rubio 3 hours ago

    Lmao who is here after they confirmed that James Bond is gonna be a black woman?

  • F13RY0N5L4UGHT
    F13RY0N5L4UGHT 3 hours ago

    Maybe if they have diverse film ideas, they will have diverse casts... you know... ORIGINAL CHARACTERS...

  • biggy poppa
    biggy poppa 3 hours ago

    Basically pulp fiction 😂

  • Am. H
    Am. H 3 hours ago

    Welp. Here we are, people.

  • k.yeeters
    k.yeeters 4 hours ago

    well.....he was half right

  • Kaptain Kendrick
    Kaptain Kendrick 5 hours ago +3

    Danm he called it.

  • shyam sundar
    shyam sundar 5 hours ago

    It won’t b a long waiting for a black super man r a Asian terminator.....

  • Brian Trombley
    Brian Trombley 5 hours ago

    where is he hiding the crystal ball! called than shit a while ago man.

  • Larry V
    Larry V 6 hours ago

    Now there is black mermaid!

  • _-Oh Yeah Yeah-_
    _-Oh Yeah Yeah-_ 6 hours ago +1

    Griffy is a time traveler

  • Never mind you’re right

    I hate how this guy is always trying to get cookie points from white folks.. isn’t he such a good little slave

    • Never mind you’re right
      Never mind you’re right 5 hours ago +1

      Robitussin it’s not even about that lol I just feel like he always comes across as trying to get on the good side of white folks. Which is all good but I notice that on a lot of his videos

    • Robitussin
      Robitussin 6 hours ago

      how about original characters?

  • Roaa Abou Yousif
    Roaa Abou Yousif 7 hours ago

    *jumps from a portal out of nowhere*
    im you from the future! you was right.

  • Nathanplays The Video game legend

    No the he’ll you ain’t James Bond

  • _ _
    _ _ 7 hours ago

    Agent 13/50

  • ridgedevil09
    ridgedevil09 8 hours ago

    50 years? Try 1...lmfao he's a prophet

  • LX arts
    LX arts 8 hours ago

    Bruh he called but super early

  • BassLikeTheFish
    BassLikeTheFish 8 hours ago

    When you predicted the fuckery 10 months ago 😂

  • Mythical
    Mythical 8 hours ago

    He predicted it

  • Guardian Of The Duat
    Guardian Of The Duat 8 hours ago

    I want to remake roots eccept everyone will be ginger in terrible black face because diversity

  • Yan Yeou Leong
    Yan Yeou Leong 8 hours ago

    Next hollywood movie
    The life of Nelson Mandela
    Primary protagonist is a Japanese

  • mureaper
    mureaper 9 hours ago

    Fucking hell griffy predicted it

  • J D
    J D 9 hours ago +2

    2019: “The name’s Bond... *James* Bond.”
    Everyone: Oh so you’re a woman named James?

    • OnThisSideoftheSky
      OnThisSideoftheSky 57 minutes ago

      J D
      We just assumed her gender identity... maybe she *identifies* as a white male even though she’s clearly a black female?

  • Carl Lazarraga
    Carl Lazarraga 9 hours ago

    Boyz in the hood with an all white cast lmfaoooo

  • Rick Roll Rizal
    Rick Roll Rizal 9 hours ago

    Griffy is psychic. They made bond black and a woman.

  • Guillermo González
    Guillermo González 9 hours ago

    "50 Years from now" poor guy, it only took ten months

  • Green Penguin07
    Green Penguin07 10 hours ago

    This guy predicts the future or he is a time traveler?
    LongBeachGriffy: this is 007?
    Me: yes
    LongBeachGriffy: the one he is black or a woman?
    Me: what
    LongBeachGriffy: Or both
    Me: whuthefuck

  • Kasper
    Kasper 10 hours ago

    This man has the power of premonitions

  • simulator DX5e
    simulator DX5e 11 hours ago

    Boyz N Tha Hood all white cast lmao

  • GMMReviews
    GMMReviews 11 hours ago +1

    He predicted James Bond, but more surprisingly, he predicted Terminator Dark Fate too.

  • Grayson Barbee
    Grayson Barbee 11 hours ago

    You gave them ideas

  • Saint
    Saint 11 hours ago

    Alright I'm seeing a lot of people up in arms about "Bond being a black woman". Seems to be a lot of misinformation being spread to get a rise out of people. The new movie for Bond being produced currently will star Craig but as a "retired" Bond. He gets called back in for help with "the worst criminal yet", we also find that the place of 007 was replaced by a black woman because lo and behold the position was retired by Bond. So no James Bond was not replaced by a black woman, the position of 007 was because he left. James Bond is still Craig and technically the movie is still about him and the black woman 007 is essentially a side character.

  • Sigurd Torvaldsson
    Sigurd Torvaldsson 11 hours ago +1

    What's next a black Hermione? Oh wait

  • Tristan Morales
    Tristan Morales 12 hours ago

    another flop movie...why? You fk'n with adults childhood/teenhood movies with this mental health agenda sh*t.

  • Jeffs Search for Knowledge

    Just so everyone understands James Bond is 007 anyone can be 007 your name could be Billy Humphries but you could also be 007 a black woman can be 007 it’s just a moniker. But when it comes to a lot of the superheroes who have actual backstory is that say they’re all legit certain race and then they go and change that shit that is the reason we’re all going to die because were stupid dumb fat heads

  • Nina Testman
    Nina Testman 12 hours ago

    She's not biracial black, she's just a beautiful black Wo-man 😍😊😍

  • 28282able yu-gi-oh
    28282able yu-gi-oh 12 hours ago +1

    i hate it when they ruin characters like that

  • Ma Heart Ma Soul
    Ma Heart Ma Soul 12 hours ago +1

    LBG: Whats next a black superman?
    Me:coughs* Blue Marvel.

  • Zachary Thompson
    Zachary Thompson 13 hours ago


  • Khairul Ikhwan
    Khairul Ikhwan 13 hours ago

    dude. you just predicted the future! holee crepe...

  • Yehoshua Smith
    Yehoshua Smith 13 hours ago

    If the new 007 doesn't say the phrase "there's no need for microaggressions" during the film, I'm rioting

  • Mugaka Murakumo
    Mugaka Murakumo 13 hours ago

    I have no problem with a black James Bond. I DO have a problem with black Dyke Bond...

  • adibese
    adibese 14 hours ago

    Lol 50 years from now

  • The Duke
    The Duke 14 hours ago

    I love how he didnt bring up the biggest problem with a black James Bond. Hes a spy... in Europe. Predominantly Northern Europe. I mean, black people aren't unheard of in Europe, but you aren't gonna turn a corner, lose the jacket and put on a baseball cap and then magically blend into the crowd. You would still stand out quite a bit.

  • Chris Katko
    Chris Katko 14 hours ago

    Hollywood "We're progressive when we toss black people our second hand, completely used up characters."

  • Black Jesus-kun
    Black Jesus-kun 14 hours ago

    Jamal Bond

  • Thatboy KG
    Thatboy KG 15 hours ago

    Lmao 😂

  • An inspiring animator
    An inspiring animator 15 hours ago

    10 years later: attack helicopter batman, because batman never had a specific gender

  • Abhijay Sharma
    Abhijay Sharma 15 hours ago

    Oh wait....

  • infinite offord
    infinite offord 15 hours ago

    What In the affirmative action 😂😂

  • Connie R
    Connie R 15 hours ago

    Oh my good

  • Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez 15 hours ago

    You finally convinced me to subscribe.

  • Maadsy
    Maadsy 16 hours ago

    Saw this in my recommended just now.
    Well whaddya know.

  • FuckEbonics
    FuckEbonics 16 hours ago

    And now I guess the only thing left to do is throw the whole thing in the trash.

  • Musical Lad
    Musical Lad 16 hours ago


  • 1423 171
    1423 171 16 hours ago

    bruh nah they didn't make james bond black they made 007 a black woman Still goofed

  • Ajinkya Kamble
    Ajinkya Kamble 16 hours ago

    i want asian terminator

  • Succubus
    Succubus 17 hours ago

    We had multi verse :) where you know.. they are not same as you know they are in other universe.

  • Thomas Shacksnovis
    Thomas Shacksnovis 17 hours ago

    This video aged well, welcome to 2019 where James Bond will be a strong independent BLACK WOMAN.

    YEETING 17 hours ago

    Mexican superman xDDDD

  • Sean Irwin
    Sean Irwin 17 hours ago

    What's next?! A black Ariel?

  • killerkaine91
    killerkaine91 17 hours ago

    Wow dude....you guess right!!!!

    RIP 007

  • Maddogetry
    Maddogetry 18 hours ago

    My guy real deal told the future. Griffy is real deal like Family Guy on that Illuminati tip.

  • Vee
    Vee 18 hours ago

    well congratulations on predicting the future

  • Last Life Lost
    Last Life Lost 18 hours ago

    you were half right lol

    ETERNAL FPS 19 hours ago

    Hahahahahaha you jinxed it!!

  • j sk00
    j sk00 19 hours ago

    Dude's prophetic, man!! Lol

  • Thomas Schell
    Thomas Schell 21 hour ago +1

    The thing that's hilarious is that he called it way before it happened griffy knows

  • Kash Scourge
    Kash Scourge 21 hour ago

    By don’t they just make a new agent.... that’s black

  • Martim Xavier
    Martim Xavier 21 hour ago

    I would rather see a black guy Bond (see Idris Elba) than a woman Bond

  • kyle williams
    kyle williams 21 hour ago

    My man's can predict the future, holy fuck lmao

  • Geoffery George
    Geoffery George 22 hours ago

    Get woke, go broke.

  • Peter Gorgioski
    Peter Gorgioski 23 hours ago

    Well he called it black female games bond calling herself 007. Where's the reset button on the world

  • truyng
    truyng 23 hours ago


  • Jake Leach
    Jake Leach 23 hours ago

    Oh yea this use to be a thing glad no one tried that again
    Laughs in Disney

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming 23 hours ago +1

    People think the next bond is gonna be the black woman. She’s just gonna take over the code name 007, she’ll be her own agent. Whether she gets movies of her own or not idrc. So let’s just hope bond stays bond in the future.

  • hunt3rz.pokeng
    hunt3rz.pokeng Day ago

    yea the asian terminator thing. . . .

  • Whited Out
    Whited Out Day ago

    JB got tanned

  • tizlor
    tizlor Day ago


  • Jewel Seng
    Jewel Seng Day ago

    Fuck the black little mermaid 🧜🏿‍♀️ too btw