When they make James Bond Black

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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  • DeAd MeMe
    DeAd MeMe 3 hours ago


  • Naught Pewds
    Naught Pewds 4 hours ago +1

    21 savage would be a good tyrone bond

  • IamJack'sProfile
    IamJack'sProfile 9 hours ago

    They did have a Asian terminator......

  • Ross Moore
    Ross Moore 16 hours ago

    Diversity is to take everything that came from white European culture and replace it with a woman, a black man, a homosexual or something else, while cutting white people out.
    But when it comes to diversity of opinion, that's then racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic.
    Fact is, the left, the media and their schills are the true racists.
    Two hoaxes trying to frame white men in such a short time, first, the covington Catholic school boys, then that gay black nobody from Chicago with the bleach, the noose, and the MAGA country fake story.
    The media jumped on these immediately and ran with them, looking like absolute fake fool for peddling their fake garbage.

  • Frogman XBL
    Frogman XBL 16 hours ago

    lets reboot black panther but its called white panther and instead of wakanda its wall street

  • Jeremy Camacho
    Jeremy Camacho Day ago

    Black Annie😂😂😂

  • StahlenAnjha Wright

    SuperMan is Black for those of you that dont know...

  • Mikoy Fernandez
    Mikoy Fernandez Day ago

    *What in the affirmative action is going on in here?*

  • Fred Middleton
    Fred Middleton 2 days ago

    Lebron Bond

  • magicskyfairy69
    magicskyfairy69 2 days ago

    and Ghostbusters are ladies now!

  • Evans Weekes
    Evans Weekes 2 days ago

    Am dead

  • Abstract Children
    Abstract Children 2 days ago

    Not “if” but “when”

  • IFiguredItOut 999
    IFiguredItOut 999 2 days ago

    Jimmy Bond?

  • Kayenng Thao
    Kayenng Thao 2 days ago

    But there already is an Asian terminator...

  • Rab carn
    Rab carn 2 days ago

    A black bond? That will be the day

  • orbie
    orbie 2 days ago

    Jamal Bond

  • Secret Squirrel
    Secret Squirrel 3 days ago

    Christopher Lee has been cast to remake Blacula.

  • Vampire Berkut
    Vampire Berkut 3 days ago +1

    Frankly I'm up for a black James Bond if it was Idris Elba. He'd be fantastic for the role.

  • Edin Ibranović
    Edin Ibranović 3 days ago

    Heavens no!

  • She took The kids
    She took The kids 5 days ago

    *black superman you say*

  • Brett F.
    Brett F. 5 days ago

    I can't wait to see Jake Gyllenhaal
    play the next Black Panther.

  • swag yolo
    swag yolo 5 days ago

    See if that Annie remake was realistic no one would have adopted the little black girl 🤷‍♀️

  • You a bitch.
    You a bitch. 6 days ago

    We just gone act like this nigga ain’t steal this shit from Donald Glover?

  • Yika Magika
    Yika Magika 7 days ago

    Ngl, black Starfire turned out a lot better then I expected.

  • The Comics Club
    The Comics Club 7 days ago

    So its racist when a black charecter is turbed white but now when a white charecter is turned white

  • jonsprivatelife
    jonsprivatelife 8 days ago

    smeel my fingers

  • Simon Rudbech-jepsen
    Simon Rudbech-jepsen 8 days ago +1

    James Bonds parents is Scottish and Swiss, if anything James Bond should be even whiter.

  • TheOne
    TheOne 8 days ago

    Lets make black panther white

  • Southside Gamer
    Southside Gamer 8 days ago

    Real talk: Of course I'd watch a black james bond, that'd be awesome

  • E. Martinez
    E. Martinez 9 days ago

    I mean can you even imagine a white Micheal Jackson? IT’S ABSURD

  • Candra Restu
    Candra Restu 9 days ago +1

    i bet $1000.000 that holywood will make james bond gay

  • Ioannis Morakis
    Ioannis Morakis 10 days ago

    But we don't need a black James Bond , we already havs something way better: Black Dynamite!!!

  • James 4:8
    James 4:8 11 days ago

    James Bond is a guy that happens to be white. He doesn't do anything that specifically identifies with some type of European culture or belief system, that is esoteric and belongs to white people only.
    Boys in the Hood has characters that are rooted in cultural blackness.
    Characters that don't do anything specifically around a culture have complete freedom to be multi-racial in identity. You could flip blade and make him a white character (though I'd be sad because you're replacing freakin WELSEY SNIPES!!) and not really lose the character.
    iirc, Cyborg from DC doesn't have anything that specifically expresses his blackness. So, he could get a race swap and not miss a beat.
    Black Panther is a complete red flag.
    When it comes to diversity, we shouldn't just be swapping characters, but rewriting the character a bit to fit the new actor or whatever. Making Boys in the Hood an all white cast, should reflect the new identities (can't bump G Funk, unless it's from a different angle. Maybe with the frustration of trying to fit into a group they like, but can't due to prejudice or looking unauthentic, or w/e. Maybe they do have a great friendship with black folks, but their parents are frustrated by their actions and have racist positions towards their black friends, idk). But, this only deals with characters that are rooted in some cultural atmosphere.

  • Christopher Ramsey
    Christopher Ramsey 11 days ago +2

    Jack Black as a White Black Panther.

  • Vinicius Francisco
    Vinicius Francisco 11 days ago

    mexican Harry Potter

  • Phantorange Channel
    Phantorange Channel 11 days ago

    Johnson Bond with permission to Slam the Jam!

  • Branden Edwards
    Branden Edwards 12 days ago

    The difference is being black is part of the character for Boys in the hood, Foxy Brown and especially shaft. James Bonds race has zero impact on any of the movies. You could make James Bond a Chinese man and the story would remain the same

  • Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle 12 days ago

    What in the affirmative action... 😂

  • Nylen Johnson
    Nylen Johnson 12 days ago

    The life and Career of DMX played by Caitlyn Jenner ..her first lead

    SHADYCOCK 12 days ago

    "Let's reboot Boys n da Hood but with all white people" 🤣

  • ianciti
    ianciti 12 days ago

    Asian Terminator doesn't sound THAT BAD!

  • James Bentley
    James Bentley 12 days ago

    Does this count as cultural appropriation?

  • Isaiah colville watson

    You the man long beach

  • Jeremy W
    Jeremy W 13 days ago

    Lets reboot "Boys in tha hood" with an all white crew lol

    CADLER 13 days ago +5

    Lucky he is black or internet will kill him

  • WCE4Eva!
    WCE4Eva! 13 days ago

    This sums up what I think of a black James Bond so perfectly...

  • McreeO'Clock
    McreeO'Clock 13 days ago

    I'd watch a black 007 movie if it was like a parody.

  • Duddy Nutty
    Duddy Nutty 13 days ago

    "asian terminator" lmfao

  • Lance Villarosa
    Lance Villarosa 13 days ago

    "What in the affirmative action"

  • TheCracka31
    TheCracka31 14 days ago

    “There’s no need for micro aggressions” 😂😂😂😂

  • Prince Jbeast
    Prince Jbeast 14 days ago

    Not trying to be a smartass but there was a black Superman

  • Josiah Molina
    Josiah Molina 14 days ago

    Let’s make Shaft white hahahaha shout out Donald Glover

  • Dieter Valcke
    Dieter Valcke 14 days ago

    Imagine the outrage if black panther became white panther.

  • Steven Frost
    Steven Frost 15 days ago

    Finally someone splitting some Sense

  • dragonrushruler
    dragonrushruler 16 days ago

    He had to find the blackest names

    FIRE SIGN 16 days ago

    IDRIS ELBA....❤
    Is up for THAT Role!
    But FUNNY!😀😀😀

  • Patero2012
    Patero2012 16 days ago

    Hindu wonder woman

  • yafavourite
    yafavourite 17 days ago +2

    Make planets of the apes cast all white

  • Frost
    Frost 17 days ago

    Jequan LeBrond

  • Hashida Tackey
    Hashida Tackey 18 days ago

    T-1000 had a Asia terminator

  • SkeletonMan84
    SkeletonMan84 19 days ago

    More like Foxy WHITE

  • SkeletonMan84
    SkeletonMan84 19 days ago

    I'm drunk af and this was mad goofy

  • Lotfi Adam
    Lotfi Adam 20 days ago

    Idris Elba as James Bond? That's a terrific idea, and I'm not sure why you don't see that. I mean, James Bond has always been an English spy. His color hasn't mattered, his nationality has. Idris Elba is as English as they come, except for that one little thing about being black.
    Griffy, I appreciate most of your jokes, but really, you gotta pull your head out of your ass for a change.

  • Cerated Sign
    Cerated Sign 20 days ago

    White Martin Luther King.

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 21 day ago

    female doctor who in a nutshell

  • discount potato
    discount potato 21 day ago

    the two black dudes looks similar, twins?

  • Danny 9876
    Danny 9876 21 day ago

    The next James Bond is transgender. You predicted this mate

  • Danny 9876
    Danny 9876 21 day ago

    Mexican Harry Potter

  • hevquip
    hevquip 22 days ago

    Oh you black? You James "Bond My Ass Outta Jail" maybe. The only Moneypenny your broke-ass knows is the 3 cents in yo pocket. What gadget Q give you? A new Obama phone or something? Shiiit, you know they gonna pull yo ass over in that Aston Martin, right?

  • Johnny Rocket
    Johnny Rocket 23 days ago

    More like James Black.

  • Matt Britzius
    Matt Britzius 23 days ago

    Ryan Gosling for MLK jr

  • Versace Diaper
    Versace Diaper 23 days ago

    😂😂asian terminator

  • Versace Diaper
    Versace Diaper 23 days ago

    In all seriousness bruh Idris Elba could be a great James Bond, but these dramatic ass SJWs want a wack ass female James Bond

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 23 days ago

    remake NWA with WWA.
    Whites Wit Attitude. america's whitest rap group

  • Whippie 38
    Whippie 38 24 days ago

    How about a 40 year old white mom Spiderman

    *What have I just done*

  • Alec Bet
    Alec Bet 24 days ago

    Make a movie on MLK Jr and make it a musical. They can cast Justin Timberlake and he can sing the "I Have A Dream" speech. How's that for diversity?

  • James
    James 24 days ago

    Lol subscribed

  • christian Fapiano
    christian Fapiano 25 days ago

    First Annie and now this bullshit...oh mahn that cracked me up...😂😂😂

  • Jave't James
    Jave't James 25 days ago

    Its is a black spiderman

  • Pahricida
    Pahricida 26 days ago

    Nick Fury and Spiderman gone black ... didn't bother people too much.

  • brent willson
    brent willson 26 days ago

    well put

  • TheWilderSide #100
    TheWilderSide #100 26 days ago

    Ummmm dude they have a black superman and he's THE SHIT!!!!

  • Tristan Harley
    Tristan Harley 26 days ago

    Literally whats the issue with having a black James Bond? The last Bond was blond and blue eyed! If you wanna reboot Shaft with a white lead, go for it! Although that is kinda on a different scale since Shafts race is actually an integrated part of his character and world.
    Isn't Sean Connery scottish? And isn't Pierce Brosnan Irish? No one seems to care too much about that

  • B C
    B C 26 days ago

    My man

  • SKCRM114
    SKCRM114 27 days ago

    Depends on the character tho, part of James Bonds character is the fact the Bond name is a pseudonym for a main character MI5 agent with the 007 status. If Idris Elba were to play Bond well I'd watch and enjoy it. Mexican Harry Potter and black starfire are directly retconning the character.

  • Beany 57
    Beany 57 27 days ago

    Bail bond

  • Ashley Wills
    Ashley Wills 27 days ago

    If they ever tried to come out wit a boyz in the hood wit a white cast....smdh

  • Avery Scott
    Avery Scott 27 days ago

    Asian Terminator would be lit

  • Mikayel Alikhanyan
    Mikayel Alikhanyan 28 days ago

    you go griffy im on your side no more forced divercity, just look at the comics

  • plainlogic
    plainlogic 28 days ago

    Hillbilly "Mange Bond" in "Octo-mom Pussy"

  • The Can80an
    The Can80an 28 days ago

    You got a new sub because of this video. All this forced diversity is bullshit...

  • Valentino Zangobbo
    Valentino Zangobbo 28 days ago

    Best "F* !" of 2018

  • Xlegacy Zero
    Xlegacy Zero 28 days ago

    Before one of the more recent movies, James Bonds was thought to be a code name. Until that recent movie where they went to his childhood home confirmed his real name.

  • The Scarecrow
    The Scarecrow 28 days ago +2

    Muslim James Bond. *James Bomb*

    • TheSeeker
      TheSeeker 5 days ago

      The Scarecrow that's stupid and racist and not funny

  • Stumbly Bear
    Stumbly Bear 28 days ago

    "What in the affirmative action?"

  • Dvalle
    Dvalle 29 days ago

    *what in the affirmative action*

  • *red*
    *red* 29 days ago

    Those Vans tho

  • rafi ibnul
    rafi ibnul 29 days ago

    Actually James Bond has always been described as an English male.

  • Lord
    Lord 29 days ago

    Well I mean Asian Terminator is a thing, we're just missing Mexican Harry Pottet

  • slipperysloop
    slipperysloop 29 days ago

    Idris Elba would be perfect tho