When they make James Bond Black

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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  • Subzerouh
    Subzerouh 3 hours ago

    white blade guys :)

  • Ken San
    Ken San 10 hours ago

    008 can be black...

  • SeoulfredRay
    SeoulfredRay 14 hours ago

    *make black panther black*

  • Aaron Formanekgibson
    Aaron Formanekgibson 17 hours ago

    Black james bond will be wearing a trackie insteed of a tux

  • mc nasty
    mc nasty Day ago

    Thank you

  • Leandro Escobar
    Leandro Escobar Day ago

    Just perpetuate that ghetto name stereotype.

    SEE MAN Day ago

    This video is a step up from the usual stuff posted. Good shit.

  • 3ASY Beast
    3ASY Beast Day ago

    Lets make Ciri black.

  • David Green
    David Green Day ago

    So i guess a white remake of Blacula is out of the question?

  • carlos bowser
    carlos bowser Day ago

    there is a black superman, and in his universe he is president, hes actually pretty cool

  • Thoroughly Wet
    Thoroughly Wet Day ago

    James bond is a code name...

  • V M E X
    V M E X Day ago

    Funny Stuff !

  • Kim Vohkaru
    Kim Vohkaru Day ago

    I remember when liberals were the ones who were easily offended. How times have changed.

  • GoldenBadger
    GoldenBadger Day ago

    Jesus Gonzalez and the Philosophers Taco

  • President C4
    President C4 Day ago

    Make everybody black. Fuck them crackas

  • Colestache 101
    Colestache 101 Day ago

    This needs to be spread

  • Thej Yhome
    Thej Yhome Day ago +1

    Meh, it's all gonna happen. Now, later, 100 years in the future when we're all dead after having lived our meaningless lives. Chill.

  • keiichimorisato98

    I would be so down with a 006 film starring Idris Elba.

  • Terry Crews
    Terry Crews Day ago +1

    I'd watch Asian terminator

  • Jarrett Huffin
    Jarrett Huffin Day ago

    "And for the gentleman?"

    "Henny. Shaken, not stirred. "

  • Jarrett Huffin
    Jarrett Huffin Day ago

    50 years from now... at that part I'm just laughing my ass off. How bout we do Boys in Da Hood with a all white cast?! Oh heavens no...
    This was the most funniest skit of the year.

  • Raw som
    Raw som 2 days ago

    >Black James Bond
    >White Black Panther

  • TeK
    TeK 2 days ago


  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 2 days ago

    The fact you called the black Superman and they talking about giving us one

    • Dauragon Zos Scaeva
      Dauragon Zos Scaeva 22 hours ago

      Shoto Todoroki there are two black Superman Val Zod and Calvin Ellis in their own earths( earth 2 and 23 ) Also that thing about Henry Cavil leaving and Michael taking his place was a rumor, Cavil is staying on as Supes. Plus they’d have to set the world up for that and they’re still working on their current stuff.( which really isn’t all that great their animations are better)
      We need Static Shock to return though.

  • Ractii _7
    Ractii _7 2 days ago

    he predicted black superman.

  • Brian W
    Brian W 2 days ago

    Why couldn’t he be 006 or 008 or ANY OTHER NUMBER Agent? If they did that he would be an original character and the movie could be good. Instead they want to erase anything white.

  • Glucose Guardian
    Glucose Guardian 2 days ago

    Jarome Bond: A Madea Story

  • Vertical
    Vertical 2 days ago

    Ciri :(

  • RikXtreme4
    RikXtreme4 2 days ago

    I'm all for diversity and all but people need to understand that changing the race of an already established character is retarded. If anything, its more racist to do that. Cuz it feels like a shitty cop out. How about you actually create an original character and have him exist in that world. Like with Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

  • Aces & Spaces
    Aces & Spaces 2 days ago

    Actually James Bond is a white male with Scottish heritage in the books.

  • Drake
    Drake 2 days ago

    Heavens no

  • Sparkman
    Sparkman 2 days ago

    White Panther when?

  • Mark R
    Mark R 2 days ago

    Thank you so very much....

  • Mac Dan
    Mac Dan 2 days ago

    Hmm, Black Superman tho.

  • My Mom
    My Mom 2 days ago


  • Abdullaah Petersen
    Abdullaah Petersen 2 days ago

    There is an asian terminator in the 5th one😂

  • Harry Dunleavy
    Harry Dunleavy 3 days ago

    White black panther

  • FLiPP
    FLiPP 3 days ago

    Lol on another point; the stereotypes he's summing up is actually a good reason to HAVE a black James Bond.

  • Malone Mantooth
    Malone Mantooth 3 days ago

    "What in the affirmative action" Lol 😂

  • Captain Freedom
    Captain Freedom 3 days ago

    Gap tooth in yo mouth so my dick’s gots ta fit.

  • Lone Wolf NWJ
    Lone Wolf NWJ 3 days ago

    U called it with the black superman

  • I'm Hiding In The Shop

    I could absolutely accept a cool handsome Bond as you portray..

  • waffles waffles
    waffles waffles 3 days ago

    Obama biography starring a white guy

  • Zer0 The Assassin
    Zer0 The Assassin 3 days ago

    Not trying to point out the obvious, but this video goes along _EXTREMELY_ well with the Codename theory.

  • Mr. GETuSUM
    Mr. GETuSUM 3 days ago

    Black superman welllllllll... the way things set up now yeahhh

  • Jamie Marshall
    Jamie Marshall 3 days ago

    black superman could be happening... :/

  • Morals Matter
    Morals Matter 3 days ago

    I'm dead when you mentioned the Annie part I loll'd

  • Kilroy
    Kilroy 3 days ago

    How about “enough body ‘type’ shaming” - let’s get a really obese WOMAN to play 007!!! Of course, it would be a COMEDY - but, hey...

  • OnThatMolly
    OnThatMolly 3 days ago

    steven is staring into my soul

  • Mike Parry
    Mike Parry 3 days ago

    The next Bond should be Tom Hardy.

  • Call Me Gaffer
    Call Me Gaffer 3 days ago

    "Did you driver here in a Cadillac?" LMAO

  • James Bradbury
    James Bradbury 3 days ago

    Dude we already had an Asian Terminator.

  • Mike Tattrie
    Mike Tattrie 3 days ago

    "What in the affirmative actions"
    That is great.

  • unohana Retsu
    unohana Retsu 4 days ago +2

    Black superman... griffy is from the future and tried to warn us.

  • Rupert The Bear
    Rupert The Bear 4 days ago

    Dude, you're awesome! 😂

  • yung neon
    yung neon 4 days ago

    They mad a black Superman

  • Kezia Naomi
    Kezia Naomi 4 days ago

    id watch jerome bond

  • Ethan Farnsworth
    Ethan Farnsworth 4 days ago

    anyone else cry when he touched the lens of the glasses to take em off?

  • It's Raping time
    It's Raping time 4 days ago

    "Asian terminator?"
    DBZ Cell Saga?

  • Alonso Saldivar
    Alonso Saldivar 4 days ago

    "what in the affirmative action is going on here" best line in human history.

  • scissor
    scissor 4 days ago

    Jackie Chan as the terminator

  • AshrafAhmed
    AshrafAhmed 4 days ago +1


  • BaconNuke
    BaconNuke 4 days ago

    Ya, diversity, sure but make diversity with coming up with NEW characters, not just... replacing established characters...

  • First Cooommment
    First Cooommment 4 days ago

    Isn't Jerome Bond? SHAFT?

  • Bill Kuhl
    Bill Kuhl 4 days ago

    A black guy will never play James bond because he's white

  • halfhalo33
    halfhalo33 4 days ago

    Well WB did fire Henry Cavil and want to make him black.

    • Dauragon Zos Scaeva
      Dauragon Zos Scaeva 22 hours ago

      halfhalo33 I found nothing about him being fired. Just that he got a spot in the Witcher series on Netflix

  • eShank
    eShank 4 days ago

    Uncle Tom lookin ass

  • JICM25
    JICM25 4 days ago

    What in the afirmative action is going on dude, what the SJW shit is this?? ^^

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 days ago

    This movie will fail miserably. Casino royale was really good then they kind of went downhill then maybe a little better, but the franchise was failing to live up to expectations, I think anyway. Now they are just Hail Mary going full retard and will undoubtedly destroy the franchise forever. That is until someone comes along and reboots it with a WHITE James Bond.

  • Jon B
    Jon B 4 days ago

    Griffy is great because he speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to do so. The entirety of the world needs to watch this video

  • Fear GX
    Fear GX 4 days ago

    John Wick 3, featuring a strong black man as John Wick

  • BrianTheKilla Bro
    BrianTheKilla Bro 4 days ago +1

    Their might be a black superman now

  • Clueless Pheasant
    Clueless Pheasant 4 days ago

    0:43 he just predicted the future

  • Spiffy Preston
    Spiffy Preston 4 days ago

    Why not.....they've ruined every other character

  • Boston Blooded
    Boston Blooded 4 days ago

    Idris elba though...

  • Teichou Demoniac
    Teichou Demoniac 5 days ago

    So fucking true.

  • Rani likes yorkshire pudding

    "heaven's no"

  • Entertainment Only.
    Entertainment Only. 5 days ago

    James Bond will be busy in commiting crime rather than stoping it.lol

  • aceisking
    aceisking 5 days ago

    What in the affirmative action XD

  • Snake
    Snake 5 days ago

    Remember that movie with black Caesar 😂

  • Patrich Urso
    Patrich Urso 5 days ago +2

    ITT: People who don't get its fucking satire.

  • Blue Nimbus
    Blue Nimbus 5 days ago +1

    I remember when everyone wanted dragon ball evolution. Except I don’t.

  • Jewii
    Jewii 5 days ago


  • Jose Araujo
    Jose Araujo 5 days ago

    Black Superman, coming soon ✊🏽

  • ethrez
    ethrez 5 days ago

    Youve just earned lots of respect!

  • Pokerclown 79
    Pokerclown 79 5 days ago


  • Seījo
    Seījo 5 days ago

    I know it’s a joke. I personally wouldn’t want them to make James Bond black, I am black.

  • Donut Dude
    Donut Dude 5 days ago

    One color change that I actually don't mind is Domino in Deadpool 2. Somehow it just works.

  • Studio Autio
    Studio Autio 5 days ago

    "What's next? A black Superman?"

  • Malik ohyeahmrcrab
    Malik ohyeahmrcrab 5 days ago

    If james bond has a big dick will he be call gold bond in the bed

  • StoneBreakerStudios
    StoneBreakerStudios 5 days ago

    Black Superman's probably gonna happen now

  • TheIntratec9
    TheIntratec9 5 days ago

    You know, there already was an Asian Terminator - the T-1000 from Genisys. And then we have Michael B.Jordan as Superman...

  • Michael Mattis
    Michael Mattis 5 days ago

    Gods of Egypt

  • Branjoe Lye
    Branjoe Lye 5 days ago

    Black superman is actually possible now. Might be Michale b jordan

  • karmaisabitch
    karmaisabitch 5 days ago

    Jamal Bond

  • concho sewing
    concho sewing 6 days ago

    so on poin! :D

  • avr 1h
    avr 1h 6 days ago

    There is already a black James Bond and his name is Black Dynamite.

  • White Sparrow
    White Sparrow 6 days ago

    This guy really be calling Hollywood out on all their bs😂😂😂

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin 6 days ago

    he likes his koolaid shaken not stirred

  • Teezy Frm305
    Teezy Frm305 6 days ago