Ryzen 9 3900X VS ThreadrippeR 2920X & 2950X 1080p Benchmark - 7 Games Tested 2019


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  • Mateusz Grudzień
    Mateusz Grudzień 2 months ago +2

    pls do same video but with render power

  • Tony Bennett
    Tony Bennett 3 months ago +1

    Random question time..... Whats the music?

  • julien peralta
    julien peralta 4 months ago +1

    Why tested in 1080p?
    Threadripper is best at more resolution

  • Drone Limousine
    Drone Limousine 4 months ago +2

    Are you stuck in past , why you Buy this processors AMD if you use 1080P bench omg !!! wake up we are in 2019 1440P 2K 4K stay on the page and use and use correctly all the power of these monsters modern times. You're stuck in the past with his useless bench, Modern people are not on 1080p Use 1440P minimum.

    • фњםклאעד џвчшѕасчћтзу
      фњםклאעד џвчшѕасчћтзу Month ago

      duh it's for testing the processor capability dingdong, switching to higher resolution will switch the load to the vga instead of processing unit. that's why when someone want to know the difference of how capable cpu in gaming they do a test on 1080p with same vga card. to see difference in cpu could get higher or lower fps in games.

    • pawellochowski
      pawellochowski 4 months ago

      Drone Limousine Dude, 2k is 1080p. Google before commenting.

  • T Y
    T Y 4 months ago

    no one's make this video cause the price and thanks for making this

  • Sogra Osti
    Sogra Osti 5 months ago +1

    Very little to no info here. Really bad video.

  • Naif Thghost
    Naif Thghost 5 months ago +1

    How you didnt think about the multitasking

  • Boxing and mma
    Boxing and mma 5 months ago

    What to buy؟؟؟؟؟

  • West Texan
    West Texan 5 months ago

    Will I need to replace my motherboard when I upgrade to the ryzen 9 3900x? I have a MSI B450 Tomahawk

  • Tomer Weiss
    Tomer Weiss 6 months ago +2

    games works fine on 2950x what we care is Pro apps

  • MrBorderdown
    MrBorderdown 6 months ago

    That music is ass man.

  • Cristian C.
    Cristian C. 6 months ago +1

    did you overclock any of the CPU's ?

  • J2XG
    J2XG 6 months ago +3

    I can get a brand new 2950x for $400 on Amazon with my prime day deal and I’m seriously debating it. I was gunna get an i9-9900k but for $400 a threadripper I may just have to buy it

  • Leon
    Leon 6 months ago

    do you think the 2920x is a better buy if i can get it for $299.99?

    • KingBenchmark
      KingBenchmark  6 months ago

      Yes, better value if u can get 2920x for $300

  • Nicolas Tines
    Nicolas Tines 6 months ago +9

    Thanks but we don't care game benchmark for 2950 ! Makes serious professional benchmarks !

    • Jens K
      Jens K 4 months ago

      +Nicolas. How do you know what "we" care about? Fuckwit.

    • MrBorderdown
      MrBorderdown 6 months ago +2

      I do. I care about every bit of information available, and so should you.

    • KingBenchmark
      KingBenchmark  6 months ago +4

      Thanks for the suggestion, next I will make benchmarks with focus on productivity apps