hasbulla feeding islam machachevs Bengal cat

  • Published on Nov 11, 2021

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  • jameshello38

    That tiger looks so tiny in front of Hasbullah.

  • Uncle D
    Uncle D  +96

    The joy this little fella gives me is incredible

  • Coolnicknameguy

    this guy should be a character you can unlock in the next mortal combat game.

  • Peter Griffin

    "When I was young I wrestled with Bengal cat" -Hasbulla

  • Zed One
    Zed One  +363

    Holy crap hasbullah is really neighbor of Islam mackachev

  • Ariel Olvera

    Hasbullah really is living HIS best life. Good for him & my respects🙏 for ANYONE who goes out & makes it happen RATHER than expecting a hand-out!!👍😎💯%

  • Viral Video
    Viral Video Day ago +1

    Its hilarious how he acts like a child at times even though he's 19. Cool little cats

  • Peggy Elizabeth

    What a happy young man. I know he's 18 but to me thats still young. God bless him

  • anand maurya

    Makhachev's laugh at the end matches how he does UFC interviews - ZERO energy wasted

  • Fred-Jan de Jong

    Breathtaking, I wish I could be like him again. I wish you well and many many years Hasbulla.

  • erika stalkfleet
    erika stalkfleet 21 day ago

    That cat is beautiful. I love the way he jumps from excitement after petting it 🥰

  • Roman Hoax

    It's all coming together nicely, now we have video of Hasbullah wrestling with a bengal cat. Just like how Khabib wrestled with a bear. Like I said, its all coming together nicely

  • Danger Mouse

    Hasbulla taught Islam only 0.000001% of his knowledge of fighting. If Islam was man enough to learn 0.000002% of Hasbulla's knowledge then he'd be undefeated world champion in multiple weight divisions already.

  • Phil9ish
    Phil9ish  +81

    Seems that he is with Islam Makhachev, a dagestanian star of UFC

  • mylobage
    mylobage  +16

    It’s kinda of interesting when you think of the comparable difference here. That is almost like a full grown man feeding a young cougar, or a bob cat. That shits terrifying

  • Tamila Abdul
    Tamila Abdul Day ago +1

    Hasbu is always happy and having fun with family and friends, may Allah bless those who are making happen his happiness, Amen🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥🔥

  • Osama Manan2

    Its thrilling feeding a cat like that lol😂😂. Never bring fingers close to their mouths🤣🤣

  • Danilo Ivanovic
    Danilo Ivanovic 21 day ago +1

    Love to see this guy so exited.. gives me happiness

  • Roman V
    Roman V  +7

    What a nice, big hearted boy he is!

  • Kiko Exteberria
    Kiko Exteberria Day ago

    You can always tell a good person ..they have cats and love them .