Sony Themselves JUST Revealed Some Major PS5 News

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Sony Just Revealed Some Major Details About The PlayStation 5 (Or PS5). The Revealed The Release Date, Dualshock 5 Features, and Some Changes To The Console's UI compared to the PlayStation 4. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA For More Great Content.
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Comments • 783

  • mjames7759
    mjames7759 3 months ago +77

    I love the Fear game. They should make a reboot of Fear and Dead Space.

    • sinkiy
      sinkiy 3 months ago

      Could you imagine if sony made a half life new exclusive game for ps5? Not even half life 3, but a new half life IP. Too bad valve owns it because they will never remake it.

    • Mitsurugi Nobukawa
      Mitsurugi Nobukawa 3 months ago

      Clock Tower game Remake would be cool

    • the letimeno effect
      the letimeno effect 3 months ago

      Loved the space dead series every time I played unlimited jump scares

    • AlmostOn TimeHero
      AlmostOn TimeHero 3 months ago

      NO THANK YOU, those devs and studios are long gone. You would get freedium games and dlc out the buttass.

    • Icon of Sin
      Icon of Sin 3 months ago

      Yes bring back dead space!!

  • M J
    M J 2 months ago

    I think Gran Turismo, Ape Escape, and Killzone are going to be the launch titles. Maybe Ghost of Tsushima will be cross-gen and be one too. Demon Souls remake from Bluepoint and a new Ratchet and Clank might be launch window too.
    Studio Japan has been teasing Ape Escape. It's not random. That's probably the next PSOne series that's getting a remake. Guerrilla is supposedly working on two games, one of which is almost certainly Horizon 2. I have hopes that they'll use their FPS talents to bring back Resistance, but Killzone is just more likely. It's their IP and it's always sold better.

  • Zachary Dye
    Zachary Dye 3 months ago

    I wish they would reboot the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver series.

  • Zombie Killa
    Zombie Killa 3 months ago

    all usb2 have to die

  • Zeronimo Tilton
    Zeronimo Tilton 3 months ago

    Playstation Luscious, I would buy it

  • Elbaz8
    Elbaz8 3 months ago +1

    Hello Rich. You got skinny! You look so different. Congratulations on the weight loss. You look good.

  • O. K.
    O. K. 3 months ago

    I hope that the PS5 has backwards compatibility with ALL previous PlayStation consoles, not just PS4.

  • Adam Hughes
    Adam Hughes 3 months ago

    They said you could install seperate parts of games before the Ps4 came out, lol. Am I the only one who remembers this?

  • Val Alvarez
    Val Alvarez 3 months ago

    Dam Microsoft is gonna get crushed on release!

  • DawnOfTheOzz
    DawnOfTheOzz 3 months ago +1

    I would kill for a Killzone collection on PS5. Can you imagine the original Killzone remade with a modern engine, faster and smoother gameplay, better controls and better looking cutscenes? I'm creaming just thinking about it!

  • deonte hawkins
    deonte hawkins 3 months ago +1

    "Ok you can lick the top of my head later" 😂😂😂

  • alex monzon
    alex monzon 3 months ago

    All i want is 1080p at 120-144 fps gaming. 60 fps in 2020 ... come on now

  • ADE Marc Alexander
    ADE Marc Alexander 3 months ago

    H2/3/Reach and FEAR had the best enemy AI in a shooter period. I think devs and publishers nowadays are underestimating how complex AI routines can enhance the gameplay. I was so disappointed when F2 and H4 dropped the ball in this regard and I still have to find another game with such fun and variegated enemy encounters!

  • Barcode731
    Barcode731 3 months ago

    PlayStation 5 to use the same cellular phone buying method.

  • Pate Gaming
    Pate Gaming 3 months ago

    Go on spawncast?

  • Cheri Miss
    Cheri Miss 3 months ago

    I'm not a tech guy. Does anyone know what the effect of PS5 using an SSD will have on using an external HD? Will it have to be an SSD also, and if so what it the current highest space external SSD?

  • doublxGamer
    doublxGamer 3 months ago

    Would you be able to do a quick video on the layoffs at Sony in Europe. It seems they did it at the same time releasing this info sort of as a cover up, and it would just be really nice to make people aware of what the situation was to have so many people without a job, thanks Rich and great coverage as always.

  • Yusei255
    Yusei255 3 months ago

    Please get it right
    *release window* not *release date*

  • Leshem Amaya-Mejia
    Leshem Amaya-Mejia 3 months ago

    22:23 after reviewtech turns on the air, i cant stop to think about that background noise from the cooler lol

  • pelonski productions
    pelonski productions 3 months ago

    I wonder if it will have backwards compatibility for digital downloads?

  • Gg Master Guilty Gear
    Gg Master Guilty Gear 3 months ago


  • MazeMaker4Life
    MazeMaker4Life 3 months ago

    nothing happened.

  • TyeDye 622
    TyeDye 622 3 months ago

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the best in the series! Period

  • Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes 3 months ago

    I wish they would go with an offer thumstick like Xbox. It's way more comfortable

  • W0Y4K
    W0Y4K 3 months ago

    Looks definitely matter. People complained incessantly about the Xbone's design. Tbh, it's not ugly, just really basic and kind of big.

  • Rick Dawkins
    Rick Dawkins 3 months ago


  • Greed GrayxJulvia
    Greed GrayxJulvia 3 months ago +1

    And PS5 needs to let you play PS1 PS2 and PS3 games on it the hard cover version cuz if they do the digital version then you won’t be able to play all the games you like I know for me PSnow doesn’t have really any games I’d play and I can’t anyways cuz it makes you have a credit card I don’t have one if I did I’d be homeless

  • Greed GrayxJulvia
    Greed GrayxJulvia 3 months ago +2

    Resident evil 8 continue with the story of ethen and mia

  • marksapollo
    marksapollo 3 months ago

    Pfffftttt hahaha 500 to 600 hahaha... and Sony hasn’t fired anyone!! EVERYONE was totally wrong about the PS4 price so don’t even bother trying to guess it... because you’ll be wrong!

  • marksapollo
    marksapollo 3 months ago

    Nice specs, Sony has already demoed GT Sport running at 8K 120FPS on PS5 hardware, don’t know if it was a dev kit or not, apparently the graphics were kind of at PS3 level but at 8K 120FPS! Don’t know if it was upscale or not, but yeah these are gonna be some powerful consoles :)

  • Julian F
    Julian F 3 months ago

    What’s usbc charging

  • Nic B.
    Nic B. 3 months ago

    52 minute video? Hard pass on that. I'm just going to read the article. I don't know why Rich takes so long to get to the point.

  • Story Time
    Story Time 3 months ago

    No reason to get an Xbox. Xbox games will just be on the PC, and PC's are just better than Xbox (and all consoles). Ps5 for the exclusives.

  • Mr. AC
    Mr. AC 3 months ago

    if it's 16 core minimum i will be ok with a 599 .

  • Zyxerafhymn
    Zyxerafhymn 3 months ago

    Thank You For The Update

  • Sam Porter Bridges
    Sam Porter Bridges 3 months ago

    I LOVE GAMING! I have all the old school games and systems and the new ones and a PC. LOVE PLAYSTATION & NINTENDO. I really liked the very first xbox. Since then not so much. I am so excited to see what Sony has in store for us!!

  • rob z
    rob z 3 months ago

    They're trying to get peeps comfy around a $600 possibility, but it'll probably be $500

    • Yusei255
      Yusei255 3 months ago

      Can't be too high
      Cos they want it to sell before X-mas, and if the price is set too high, it will put people off from buying it.

  • Azure Sea
    Azure Sea 3 months ago +1

    Timestamps plz.

  • Vapor Shield
    Vapor Shield 3 months ago

    I’m hoping for Bloodborne 2 as a ps5 exclusive shortly after release

  • Buck Cake
    Buck Cake 3 months ago

    The PS4 updates are way too slow to dl, and install, and the UI is very laggy when going from the game to the menus, to invite or message friends, at least for my PS4 Pro.

  • FlamingLips79
    FlamingLips79 3 months ago

    I dont mind spending a lot on tech, but if the PS5 is really gonna be $800+ then it better do ALL games at 60-120fps, and 1080p at the very least. I swear if any console games are 30fps next gen, it'll be a huge disappointment.

    TONY ISHMEAL 3 months ago

    I’m buying both but not til like 2022 no rush to me I got enough games and game systems to. Last me 5 years honestly

  • beyondthe soul
    beyondthe soul 3 months ago

    Rich the last of us part 2 will be on ps5 as well. so it would not make much sense too delay it. Most people will buy the last of us part 2 twice just like they did for the first.
    Now ghost of Tsushima will be a ps5 launch game

    TONY ISHMEAL 3 months ago

    8k looks just like 4K To me I’ll never get on that train

    • Yusei255
      Yusei255 3 months ago

      I couldn't care less bout 4 or 8k
      Long as a display hooks up and plays it I couldn't care less

  • Jason Negrón
    Jason Negrón 3 months ago +5

    I want the game they are talking about to be a remake of Legend of Dragoon.

    • Yusei255
      Yusei255 3 months ago +1

      Would be nice
      Played the crap out of it years ago

  • Ray l
    Ray l 3 months ago

    I hope the ps5 doesnt look like the devkit. Ots treacherous

  • Swordslinger1999
    Swordslinger1999 3 months ago

    I forgot, I’m only getting the next gen console that has a replaceable/removable hard drive. 1tb ain’t gonna cut it in my book.

  • Swordslinger1999
    Swordslinger1999 3 months ago

    Consider this Rich, Sony learned a valuable lesson with the disastrous launch of the PS3. They won’t over price it causing immense sticker shock as well as a weak line up of launch titles. Microsoft has also Leary’s valuable lesson with its current gen Xbox One. In my opinion the Xbox One launch was even worse than Sony’s ps3 launch. It was overpriced it, it had DRM, it forced the Kinect down out gullets in addition to troll us in not play used games. However, as I stated earlier both companies have learned valuable lessons from those console launches. Microsoft has taken the time to acquire quite a few of top tier developers. And despite the PS4 absolutely dominating this generation Sony is definitely prepared for its PS5 launch with its specs. I just saying this: I hope both companies have successful system launch’s for next gen. Not just Sony but Microsoft. Only when the entire triumpheret of game companies working at their absolute apogee can we have a healthy market in the gaming community.

  • Franker Z
    Franker Z 3 months ago

    does anyone if the ps5's ssd is prioprietary

  • Mastered UItony
    Mastered UItony 3 months ago

    I hope we can use a PS4 controllers on the PS5 console. That'll be cool.

  • Jarrod Lamp
    Jarrod Lamp 3 months ago

    I'm not felling the PS5 at all, with the censorship,crapy moive games,VR. Not for me i'm ready to see what MS up to next gen. So next xbox im getting

  • Mark Drakan
    Mark Drakan 3 months ago

    Am I the only person that wants a Tombi / Tomba 1&2 remake?

  • Michael1984
    Michael1984 3 months ago

    Wow what a scoop

  • W D
    W D 3 months ago +1

    Next years E3 should be big for Xbox and Sony.

    • Yusei255
      Yusei255 3 months ago

      More or so for Sony, since they skipped out on E3 this year

  • Husam M
    Husam M 3 months ago

    50 mins?

  • georgiiii1000
    georgiiii1000 3 months ago

    I think what they’ll do is release last of us part 2 on ps4 (which makes the most financial sense given the install base of ps4) then rerelease on ps5 as launch exclusive.

  • ZeNeo
    ZeNeo 3 months ago

    I don’t think they revealed anything substantial at all beyond what we already know about the capabilities of the Hardware going into Next Gen Consoles.
    1. Refined Controller Haptics
    2. Games can be installed with more Modularity l.

  • TheHonestjbone
    TheHonestjbone 3 months ago

    Calling it now, rocksteady new game gonna have ps5 first deal

  • ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ
    ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ 3 months ago +1

    Its going to be $499, mark my words

  • Show Stopper
    Show Stopper 3 months ago

    Can’t wait for the ps5 and ff7