Fixed Points

  • Published on Sep 28, 2016
  • My video on Sesame Studios:
    The Curiosity Box by Vsauce:
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    Moon Museum:
    Brouwer’s fixed point theorem:
    Excellent interactive wolfram demo of Brouwer:
    Online graphing calculator used was:
    fixed points more generally:
    Babylonian method:
    Iterated equation solver you can use to run the Babylonian method:
    aleph fixed point:
    My video on counting past infinity:
    map projections:
    Pacific antipode image:
    “four” is the cosmic number:
    Standupmaths video about how four has four letters. So bummed I only found this AFTER I made this vid, check it out!!

    protocol_7’s comment:
    Other topology pages:
    wiki images:
    Globe is from Ballerby & Co. Globemakers
    music from
    Any VFX that actually look cool are by -- I did the rest the best I could :)
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  • ToiletMorphGaming
    ToiletMorphGaming 7 hours ago

    Shoutout to iDubbbzTV 12:15

  • Andromeda Planet
    Andromeda Planet Day ago +1

    "That's on the moon right now"
    God, I prayed to have a clean mind

  • GamerBoy
    GamerBoy Day ago

    2:00 thats a penis

  • XEliteSoldierX9 H

    His face at 1:56 when there's a penis on the moon 😂

  • Pablo Ramirez
    Pablo Ramirez 2 days ago

    Uninteresting numbers, gives the message "Footage not found" lol!! 13:05

  • Dipti Pancholy MD FACP


  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey 2 days ago

    FOUR score and seven years ago

  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey 2 days ago

    looks like something like ***** i dont like to cuss...

  • Secret gamer42
    Secret gamer42 3 days ago +1

    0:00 here come that boy, shit wadup

  • Leonardo formusa
    Leonardo formusa 3 days ago

    Aleph, No!

  • Dapson Thehater
    Dapson Thehater 4 days ago


  • Imran Haibat Khan
    Imran Haibat Khan 5 days ago

    This guy is a brain porn superstar!

  • Randominizer
    Randominizer 5 days ago

    Who came here from Idubbbz video with Michael when he mentioned of the "Hey,that's pretty gud" in this video

  • Piper Thomas
    Piper Thomas 6 days ago

    What if you stirred hard enough that you created a vortex and thus a hole?

  • Terrarian
    Terrarian 7 days ago

    *moon pp*

  • destroyer1111122 yt
    destroyer1111122 yt 7 days ago

    if you know how to solve a rubiks cube you will understand this better

  • Coal Creek Defense
    Coal Creek Defense 8 days ago

    The coffee example doesn't work at all. If the coffee was frozen, it would, but the individual molecules in the liquid can move over each other. It's like they're already cut apart.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 8 days ago

    whaaaw the "4" puns were epic. that's why you're my favorite rapper

  • imaperson52
    imaperson52 8 days ago

    7:27 I love how he just keeps going lol

  • Jarjarvideos
    Jarjarvideos 9 days ago

    I can't believe Andy Warhol is the first person to draw a dick on the moon

  • Davis Hatler
    Davis Hatler 9 days ago

    I spell 3 like thr, pronounced three

  • Cukik
    Cukik 9 days ago

    Anyone else watching on mars

  • Eska
    Eska 9 days ago

    3:34 i dont get it... of course its possible

  • Mark M
    Mark M 9 days ago

    2:06 Your map includes Central America.

  • asdf zxcv
    asdf zxcv 10 days ago


  • varietywiarrior
    varietywiarrior 11 days ago

    Hey, that's pretty good.

  • Melissa Barker
    Melissa Barker 11 days ago

    I spent the entire video wondering how in the hell this relates to a dick on the moon. Spoiler: it doesn't

  • Bronson Carder
    Bronson Carder 11 days ago

    Alright, let's try this.
    Three hundred thirty-five thousand, eight hundred Ninety-Six
    Fifty letters (not counting dashes)
    Five letters
    ...Damn. Ok, that's interesting. lol

  • Nick Van Amstel
    Nick Van Amstel 12 days ago

    When you put the spoon into the coffee, and the spoon goes all the way down to the bottom of the cup, aren't you putting a hole in the coffee?

  • Edvinas Sungur
    Edvinas Sungur 14 days ago

    Thx 4 watching

  • CHill TACtics
    CHill TACtics 14 days ago

    2:00 nah he did that shit on purpose 😂

  • Santacruiser
    Santacruiser 15 days ago

    take a shot every time he says 'four'

  • Michael Ibrahim
    Michael Ibrahim 15 days ago

    00:50 How did they take that video? FAKE

  • Tattle Tail
    Tattle Tail 16 days ago

    If I become four eyes then I can say I am infinite or undefined just like god so I must be god

  • Darkfireice
    Darkfireice 17 days ago

    Yah, if you spill your coffee, you lose. The coffee that sticks to the spoon also has you lose

  • Traci Walter
    Traci Walter 17 days ago

    since earth is not perfectly round, and is an oblate spheroid, or oblate ellipsoid, how accurate is the actual antipodal location?

  • Traci Walter
    Traci Walter 17 days ago

    The 9 formula is hot! And it's my lucky number🤩😆

  • densch123
    densch123 18 days ago

    I still struggle with that.
    I see that there must be 2 points with same temperature and stuff.
    But why exactly must they be opposite from each other?
    nothing says that temperature on both sides of the earth increases equally fast or slow.

  • Srijan Das
    Srijan Das 18 days ago

    So according to the aleph fixed point theory, there are infinite number of infinities

  • Cortana anal
    Cortana anal 18 days ago

    They weren’t broken?

  • Ken
    Ken 18 days ago

    The nine trick works for any base. In Hex you end up with F, in Octal you will always get 7. It's always the last number before the 10 value.

  • Ben Carson
    Ben Carson 19 days ago

    Sneaky Idddubz reference

  • Zayed Rayhan
    Zayed Rayhan 19 days ago

    it says gullible in the description

  • TheCaptainButterNoodles

    00:49 they left the camera guy!!

  • Bad Lets Player
    Bad Lets Player 20 days ago


  • Felix L.
    Felix L. 20 days ago

    If you take 99 as the number:
    1. 99-18= 81
    2. 81-8=72
    3. 72-9=63
    4. 63-9=54
    5. 54-9=45
    6. 45-9=36
    7. 36-9=27
    8. 27-9=18
    *_9_* . 18-9=9

  • Felix L.
    Felix L. 20 days ago

    What if I flip the little checkerboard and make it so small it is only on the blue and the while square and the move it so that the white tile is in the blue and the blue in the white?

  • subs to pewdiepie lol
    subs to pewdiepie lol 20 days ago

    Hey that's pretty good

  • Decinoge
    Decinoge 21 day ago

    These Initials werde a dick move

  • Little Skittle
    Little Skittle 21 day ago

    It's all cyclic

  • Little Skittle
    Little Skittle 21 day ago

    The number 9 algorithm simply simplifies the concept of the number nine being the last one digit number possible, it is us expecting more than that, that causes us to have our minds burnt to a crisp, stammering at the very sight of it.

  • jacksrandomadventures

    IV =4 =four =⚃

  • Logan Fort
    Logan Fort 21 day ago

    I learn more with these videos then 9+ years with school

  • CharlesIsPi
    CharlesIsPi 22 days ago


  • people LikeMe
    people LikeMe 22 days ago

    a video about fixed points waits 3 minutes to actually fixpoints

    * ding *

  • roxana breban
    roxana breban 22 days ago

    In my language is 5 (cinci)

  • FuZZy_M4n_ B00b
    FuZZy_M4n_ B00b 22 days ago

    We all just gonna ignore the idubbbz quote at 12:14?

  • negge
    negge 22 days ago

    3:50 isn't true. If you resize it by even a third, then rotate it 180 degrees, and line up any the middle four squares with the grid, none of them touch.
    I already tried it with photoshop.

  • Matthew Stuckenbruck
    Matthew Stuckenbruck 22 days ago

    The number of letters in "seven plus seven" is equal to seven plus seven.

  • 山冊リ廾乇巜巜山

    1:41 he just draw a penis

  • Glitchy
    Glitchy 23 days ago

    The subject of this video went from Space to Math faster than Vsauce can say "hey, Vsauce, Michael here!".

  • drey santillan
    drey santillan 24 days ago

    He blinked four times at the end too, anyone noticed that?

  • BuzZawPlays
    BuzZawPlays 24 days ago +1

    That’s a lunar penis.

  • Zachary A
    Zachary A 24 days ago

    thats on the moon right now

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  • Luuuke
    Luuuke 25 days ago

    hey! thats pretty good

  • vitu zui
    vitu zui 25 days ago

    13:02 If you do this in French, you don't end being stuck with 4. Instead, you end with a loop of four numbers: 4, 6, 3, 5, 4, 6, 3, 5, 4, 6... (quatre, six, trois, cinq).

  • neurological stimulus
    neurological stimulus 26 days ago

    My coffee will never be stirred again :(

  • Isaiah James
    Isaiah James 26 days ago

    Stirring a cup of coffee would mean there's a hole in the system, so long as you keep the spoon in it

  • Mikael Kristiak
    Mikael Kristiak 26 days ago


    continue the rest... any language, any person

  • iDiedOf Laughter
    iDiedOf Laughter 26 days ago

    my boyfriend gets excited when I play with his FOUR skin

  • mere
    mere 26 days ago

    I feel deceived by your squares but I know i'm not

  • Nooby Noob
    Nooby Noob 26 days ago +2

    Pause at 9:35

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 26 days ago

    2:48 Y U DO DIS TO ME D:

  • Mundane
    Mundane 26 days ago

    Spam "3" on your keyboard to make Micheal say *_s u c c_*

  • Mundane
    Mundane 26 days ago

    What the four-k?

  • Anna Larsen
    Anna Larsen 27 days ago

    there is a dick on the moon guys

    a _dick_ on the moon

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    Jhin approves of this video.

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    Feminists are sure to be angry when they hear that there's a penis on the moon 🤣🤣🤣

  • canal mais variado/ most random channel

    "Why 4 is a cosmic number? Well,take every single number in english really anyone
    Positive,negative,irrational,Complex,uninteresting(footage not found),surreal,infinite..."

    * Michael Stevens*


    Did anyone else notice he blinked 4 times at the enf

  • Meno Doma
    Meno Doma 29 days ago

    oh yeah 😎

  • Duke Nauticus
    Duke Nauticus Month ago

    I've rewatched this video so many times, just for the first two minutes.

  • Gabriel Bertram
    Gabriel Bertram Month ago

    3:30 Well, can't I make the checkerboard's size equal to one square, rotate it 270 degrees to the left, and place it on the corner between the squares (A,4) and (A,5), with just 1/5 of it on (A,4)? If I am correct, this should do it...

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    LMFAOOOOO. had to leave a like just cause of his face 😂😂😂

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    Eddi-ka Ochoa Month ago

    We are soooo friggin sick man. We just HAD to put a dick in the moon.SMH 😂

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    A Person Month ago

    Wow, what a completely mature adult

  • me
    me Month ago

    i stan you so much

  • tribj001
    tribj001 Month ago

    I just watched this baked as fuck and it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!

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    Godzilla Month ago

    why is there a p e n i s on the moon

  • MinecraftSurvivalGaming


  • Josef Sen
    Josef Sen Month ago

    Teach a man how to fish and he will never be hungry again. Give a man a pen and he will always throughout the centuries and history draw a penis

  • kilroy987
    kilroy987 Month ago

    So I can't stir every point in a coffee cup away from its original position? What if I stir sideways once and everything on the left moves to the right, and everything on the right is forced to the left by being pushed around the edges, and then all points stop? No point is where it began. So, me confused.

  • LeahDell _04
    LeahDell _04 Month ago

    Alright, lets go.
    S-e-v-e-n, that's 5
    F-i-v-e, that's 4.

  • Turkey Tango Gaming

    _H E L L O P E O P L E_

  • Joni Mogli
    Joni Mogli Month ago

    What's the name of the music in the background?

  • D Bannerman
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    It’s nice to see the globe that your wife gave you

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