OUR LAST NIGHT TOGETHER! (Emotional) w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Andrea

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
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    TFIL somehow for the first time ever... goes camping... Our final night of the road trip and things get emotional.
    Episode 13 of 13 from our TFIL Utah trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Sam Golbach & Colby Brock. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
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  • Anna McKinlay
    Anna McKinlay 17 hours ago +1

    Camping sucks if your an O blood

  • akira kilmartin
    akira kilmartin 20 hours ago

    No one:
    Not a single soul:

  • akira kilmartin
    akira kilmartin 20 hours ago

    I think we all can tell colby doesn't like camping he keeps moaning all the way around 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 saying owwwww owwwww OWWWWW

  • tRiNiTy Dragneel
    tRiNiTy Dragneel 22 hours ago +1

    Colby: "all the skittles love me "
    Me: "I mean he's not wrong"

  • Leah Rowe
    Leah Rowe Day ago

    Couldn't they have just rolled the log?

  • Adventureswithbrittbrat

    Love you Elton❤️❤️ so glad you put these videos together.

  • Adventureswithbrittbrat

    Lol I literally have the same tent as y’all. We go like every 2 weeks

  • Skulls 'N Gacha
    Skulls 'N Gacha 3 days ago

    Where i live... Things don't work out for me but when I started to watch Elton, Sam, Colby and Cory I started to feel better in my life of course my love of my life brings me joy and happiness but I want to know is that you do some stuff that know person wouldn't do. Remember that when have a bad day your going to have a better day than yesterday or today. Leave a like and love y'all! :-)

  • Jonathan Dayao
    Jonathan Dayao 4 days ago

    Iam so happy to see your friend sam and colby im happy because you have friends .My friend is because of cancer

  • yanderezaf
    yanderezaf 5 days ago

    16:36 i love you too uncle elton. thank you for all the videos. and i really wanna be like you. where i can go to my dream places.

  • Tanzim Ahmed Evan
    Tanzim Ahmed Evan 5 days ago

    rest of the video ??????

  • Tanzim Ahmed Evan
    Tanzim Ahmed Evan 5 days ago

    5:15 loved it

  • E Money
    E Money 6 days ago

    When I see people go on thing like this I think that is go to by me and my bffs cuz of them

  • Ky Asimus
    Ky Asimus 6 days ago +1

    Someone please find out and tell me where he got that snake i want one so bad😂🐍🐍

    • Ky Asimus
      Ky Asimus 5 days ago

      @Halen Alexander awww looks like i won't be getting one then 😭 thanks tho

    • Halen Alexander
      Halen Alexander 5 days ago

      At an amusement park idk where I think in Utah

  • Ky Asimus
    Ky Asimus 7 days ago +1

    I really want that snake

  • Wolfboy Tv
    Wolfboy Tv 7 days ago

    #one like to stop abuses to sam

  • Iconic_ Vanessa
    Iconic_ Vanessa 8 days ago

    I’m confused, wut happened to Jake

  • Ayla Murphy
    Ayla Murphy 8 days ago

    Best fall break ever

  • Ayla Murphy
    Ayla Murphy 8 days ago

    I be watching this on fall best videos since I'm out of school

  • Lelia Almakmal
    Lelia Almakmal 8 days ago


  • kadence Hopkins
    kadence Hopkins 9 days ago +1

    They abuse sam
    Poor sam

  • Taylor Sims
    Taylor Sims 9 days ago

    this was just colby talking about mosquitoes for 17 min and 38 sec

  • Ayla Brooke
    Ayla Brooke 10 days ago

    The song at the end, I think um Scotty Sire and some others made that song, i love it ❤😊

  • Ghasty With iron boots

    theres so much going on in this vid idk if I can take it

  • Bob The builder
    Bob The builder 10 days ago +1

    13:13 😏

  • Judy Funes
    Judy Funes 10 days ago

    Me seeing how strong Colby is

  • wrio
    wrio 10 days ago

    666k views lmao

  • Tara Grima
    Tara Grima 11 days ago

    It would be SO FUN to go camping with you guys

  • Carlnet Debrum
    Carlnet Debrum 12 days ago

    Uhh nooo I'm gonna miss ya together 😭😭

  • Gracie Rooks
    Gracie Rooks 12 days ago

    Doesn’t correy say this stuff every time they are inside a tent😂

  • Connor West
    Connor West 12 days ago

    What if like they were the only 4 and,,,,, I don't know,,,,,, Corey was trying to tell them something???

  • Ky Asimus
    Ky Asimus 12 days ago +1

    My question is where the hell did he get the snake!?😂😂

  • that person max
    that person max 12 days ago

    This is video proof that Alaska is the superior state

  • Connie Moore
    Connie Moore 13 days ago

    Why!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I'm going to die 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Edge Knowl
    Edge Knowl 13 days ago

    When you travel to Pennsylvania you have to try dandelion wine and the dandelion dinners that we make when they are in season.

  • TAENiiFY
    TAENiiFY 13 days ago

    I love your Videos 😍

  • gamerboy 69
    gamerboy 69 15 days ago +2

    Did any one see corey take his phone

  • It’s Aliese
    It’s Aliese 15 days ago +1

    0:48 colby was NOT laughing at Sam getting hit multiple times😂😂

  • Jenna Wolford
    Jenna Wolford 15 days ago

    Well then who the fuck was recording ALL of them walking

  • PeepsAsmr AndMore
    PeepsAsmr AndMore 15 days ago +1

    I was practising my trumpet while watching this

  • Liz Goldhardt
    Liz Goldhardt 15 days ago +1

    how many times did colby scream “ow”

  • Maddy Gaming and stuff

    When you go to Alaska you should go to Anchrage

  • Bob Payne
    Bob Payne 16 days ago

    TFL sucks without Sam and colby

  • All I Need is Popcorn and Gacha

    Literally nobody:
    Corey‘s snake:
    Elton: we can share a sleeping bag

  • Susanna Flores
    Susanna Flores 17 days ago

    Why the last? NOOOOOO

  • Josie Elliott
    Josie Elliott 17 days ago

    Toby is my brother name

  • Spoinked _
    Spoinked _ 17 days ago

    Corey classic 15:13

  • Xplr xedits
    Xplr xedits 18 days ago


  • Katilyn Carson
    Katilyn Carson 18 days ago

    I've never laughed more in one video until now lol

  • Hemi Giles
    Hemi Giles 18 days ago +1

    Corey:"Who's gonna watch over us while we're camping, ? ,wha- what- if a bear trys to come into our tent-and trys to--"
    Colby:"-Elton will wrestle him!"

  • cianna banana
    cianna banana 18 days ago

    Oh my god thats what corey said when the boys were having a sleepover 😂

  • Calista Abrigo
    Calista Abrigo 18 days ago

    you guys are so funny for some reason i keep watching this video over and over

  • Anisa Sharif
    Anisa Sharif 19 days ago

    So sad

  • Ashley Mathews
    Ashley Mathews 19 days ago

    Why is Corey the funniest human alive?

  • Lilium Sullivan
    Lilium Sullivan 20 days ago

    Last night together : first 40 seconds abusing sam 😂

  • mike price
    mike price 21 day ago

    all of you wild and craszy young peoples are super cool and all of you are awsome

  • Emma Woodyard
    Emma Woodyard 21 day ago

    "Would you kiss me?"

  • Princess Zelda [Hylin,Loyal,Kind]

    😢😢 Why The Last Night Together?!?!?!
    Also Can You Tell Me The Song?
    ALSO We All Love You To Elton!! And I Love The Music You Make And I Hope That You Keep Following Your Dream. I Am Trying To Fulfill My Dream As A TheXvidr But I Have Like 35 Suscribers And I'm To Young To Be Going Out And Exploring Places Like You Guys Do.Everyone Including You , Colby , Sam , Aaron , Corey , Jake ... You All Have Taught Me A Lot And I Just Wanted To Thank You Guys For That And I've Been Through A Lot Of Shit That I Shouldn't Have Gone Through , I've Been Nothing But Nice To The World And My Life And People Around Me But I Still Get Treat Like Nothing I'm Sorry If I Sound Like A Shity Person But I'm Really Not , It's Just Hard Being Through So Fucking Much You Can't Handle It And I Finally Gave Up And Shut Off My Emotions But Now I Have You Guys ... You Guys Taught Me What It Was Like To Have Feeling Again And If I Find Good Enough Friends That Maybe Me And My Good Enough Friends Would Share The Same Bond You Guys Share But That Hasn't Happened Yet But When I Watch You Guys I Smile Without It Being Fake I Laugh Without It Being Fake And I Haven't Felt Like That In A While So Thank You So Much ..... And Whenever I'm Sad I Watch You Guys And I Instantly Get Filled With Insperation And Joy And Beliefe So Thank You. And I Hope You Never Give Up TheXvid And You All Fight For What You Believe In. Love You All From The Bottom Of My Black Emo Heart ,
    Princess Zelda {Serenity}

  • SBG bloons
    SBG bloons 22 days ago

    Whi else laughed at campking

  • sheriff benji
    sheriff benji 22 days ago

    Elton laughing LOL so colorfull